Character Voice Actor
Cordelia Glauca

VA : Izumi Kitta

  • Image of Creo Brand
  • Image of Suzu Saotome
  • Image of Cordelia Glauca
  • Image of Kaguya
  • Image of Tomoko Kuroki
Sherlock 'Sheryl' Shellinford

VA : Suzuko Mimori

  • Image of Kourin Tatsunagi
  • Image of Hinae Arimura
  • Image of Sora Takenouchi
  • Image of Himiko
  • Image of Shion Sumeragi
Tsugiko Zenigata

VA : Miyuki Sawashiro

  • Image of Camilla
  • Image of Perrine Clostermann
  • Image of Mirei Mikagura
  • Image of Sinon
  • Image of Elizabeth
Nero Yuzurizaki

VA : Sora Tokui

  • Image of Nico Yazawa
  • Image of Yazawa Cocoa
  • Image of Kurumi Nekomai
  • Image of Hideri Kanzaki
  • Image of Luna Tsukuyomi
Hirano Hasegawa

VA : Ryoko Shintani

  • Image of Rihoko Sakurai
  • Image of Milfeulle Sakuraba
  • Image of Kazuno
  • Image of Almaflora
  • Image of Elsa
Hercule 'Elly' Barton

VA : Mikoi Sasaki

  • Image of Neko
  • Image of Piyo-tan
  • Image of Royal Penguin
  • Image of Hercule 'Elly' Barton
  • Image of Akiko Kondou
Saku Tooyama

VA : Yukari Tamura

  • Image of Jibril
  • Image of Rika Furude
  • Image of Tabane Shinonono
  • Image of Mine
  • Image of Laegjarn
  Go Forward One

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