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Profile Picture for Hunter Steele

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ID 45778
Role Protagonist
From Spider Riders
Media Type anime
Voiced By Motoko Kumai, 熊井統子, くまい もとこ
Voiced By Julie Lemieux, ,
Tags boots, gloves, uniform, hair bobble, ponytail, mecha, spider, spiky hair

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Hunter Steele is a character from the Anime Spider Riders.

They have been indexed as Male Teen with Green eyes and Red hair that is To Shoulders length.


Voiced by: Motoko Kumai (Japanese), Julie Lemieux (English)
A boy who falls into the subterranean Inner World, and becomes a Spider Rider with his new found battle spider "partner", Shadow. They both argue quite a lot, mainly because of Hunter's cluelessness, ignorance and Shadow's pride and desire to work alone as well as the belief that he doesn't need the help of others. It is unknown whether the prophecy refers to him, thus it is unknown of he is destined to be Arachna's salvation or its destruction. It is also shown in the TV series that he has affections for Corona and admires her good spirit but is too shy to share them. In the episode "Smells Like Team Spider," he unknowingly stares at Corona while she is marveling at the flowers. When they are battling the Invectids, his mind is calmed by the image of Corona's face. Lastly, when Igneous asks what changed Hunter's mind about the flowers, he becomes a bit embarrassed as it was Corona's image that changed him. Also, since Corona was the first person to discover Hunter, he has known her for the longest time, besides Shadow. Hunter may have a romantic relationship with Corona and their spiders might too. He also caught Corona in her sleeping shirt once in which she threw her pillow at him. In order for Hunter to return home, he must become an Arachna master. Hunter's grandfather Digger Steele was also a Spider Rider and an earthen. Digger Steele knew the hero Quake. Hunter's weapon is an Axial Pike. When he gains the power of an oracle key, his left shoulder pad grows larger and can shoot webs and his special attack is electra twist. When he uses 2 oracle keys, his right shoulder pad transforms, gets a larger shield, a long sword, two non-flying wings grow and his special attack is blue bolt. When he uses 3 or 4 keys his wings retract and grow 4 metal spider legs and his special attack is blue wave. His catchphrase and motto is, "Never Give Up!"
Trait Appears (actual)
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Hair Length To Shoulders
Apparent Age Teen
Animal Ears No
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