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Italy Veneziano : Hetalia. (0:00:00.00)
America : All right! This commences the Allied Summit! (0:00:00.33)
America : Hey, China! (0:00:03.92)
America : Aren't you a bit late? (0:00:05.11)
China : I didn't plan on being late, (0:00:06.69)
China : but I was busy making Zui Xie. (0:00:08.91)
China : However, I don't regret what I did. (0:00:11.62)
England : It doesn't matter anymore. Just sit down. (0:00:15.28)
China : Understood. (0:00:17.78)
China : Please wait a moment. (0:00:18.98)
China : Come in, brothers. (0:00:20.55)
England : Christ, is cooking crab more important than the summit? (0:00:26.17)
China : I prioritize eating over everything else. (0:00:29.90)
England : Oh, come on... (0:00:32.50)
England : Fine. Give me one of those crabs then. (0:00:33.90)
EXTRA : It's 30 dollars for one. (0:00:38.55)
England : Don't just build a city in the conference room! (0:00:40.46)
Germany : Your numbers! (0:01:00.88)
Italy Veneziano : One! (0:01:01.79)
Germany : All right, let's begin with the training. (0:01:02.66)
Germany : First of all, Italian Army! Shut your mouths and put your hands in your pockets! (0:01:05.19)
Italy Veneziano : Yes, sir. (0:01:09.16)
Germany : I've got quite the sermon for you today, (0:01:10.61)
Germany : in regards to your attitudes on the battlefield! (0:01:13.86)
Germany : You flee at odd times, and attack at odd times! (0:01:16.36)
Germany : You should learn to adapt to situations. (0:01:20.31)
Italy Veneziano : Someone's here... (0:01:21.45)
Italy Veneziano : It's the English Army! (0:01:23.83)
Germany : Never give up on the battlefield, no
matter how hopeless the situation is!
Germany : Don't just call your mother's name! (0:01:27.31)
Germany : And decide your actions (0:01:29.85)
Germany : with a strong will after you've calmly determined the enemy's movements! (0:01:31.71)
Italy Veneziano : Wow! A puppy! (0:01:35.14)
Italy Veneziano : Good boy, good boy. (0:01:37.85)
America : All right! The middle of the summit has gone perfectly! (0:01:40.64)
America : ... Is what I want to say, but just a moment. (0:01:43.58)
America : Don't you feel like there's something strange going on around here? (0:01:46.61)
England : I feel it. (0:01:50.22)
England : It's like there's someone other than us here. (0:01:51.19)
France : It's probably like a spirit behind his back, or General Frost, or his previous Emperor, or whatever. (0:01:53.58)
Russia : Eh, me? (0:01:58.40)
China : I also feel something strangely uncanny. (0:02:00.34)
China : I'm scared. (0:02:03.30)
America : Jeez! This is too scary! (0:02:05.94)
America : China, you can eat your crab now. (0:02:07.99)
China : Got it! (0:02:09.68)
France : I just counted one more country than there should be in here! (0:02:10.74)
England : You're kidding! Nobody knows who the other country is! (0:02:13.74)
Canada : I wonder when it'll be my turn to say something... (0:02:18.18)
Canada : I'm looking forward to it! (0:02:21.69)
EXTRA : Who're you? (0:02:23.40)
Canada : I'm Canada. (0:02:24.15)
Germany : Your numbers! (0:02:33.34)
Italy Veneziano : One! (0:02:34.36)
Japan : Two! (0:02:35.13)
Germany : All right! This is the middle part of your training. (0:02:35.67)
Germany : Each of you, brace yourselves, and do your best until the end! (0:02:37.67)
Italy Veneziano : Yes, sir! (0:02:40.26)
Japan : Yes, sir! (0:02:40.26)
Germany : Italy! Run properly! (0:02:54.27)
Germany : After this run is over, we're getting lunch! (0:02:57.24)
Germany : Looks like he's catching up. (0:03:03.68)
Germany : With the proper motivation, he could do anything. (0:03:05.57)
Germany : Hey! Don't just run away while I'm praising you! (0:03:10.77)
Italy Veneziano : The English are here! (0:03:14.26)
Germany : Hey, hold it, Italy! (0:03:17.99)
Germany : Why are you only fast when you're running away?! (0:03:19.98)
Japan : They say Italian tanks can advance sixty kilometers a week on the battlefield, (0:03:23.71)
Japan : but after spotting English troops, they can retreat sixty kilometers in a single day. (0:03:28.19)
Germany : That's all for training today! (0:03:34.11)
Germany : Hold it, you bastard! (0:03:36.10)
America : All right, let's dissolve this summit here! (0:03:38.82)
America : Everyone, I'm sure you understand, (0:03:42.86)
America : but since what we discussed is top secret, you should be very careful and not leak anything. (0:03:45.10)
America : That's all! (0:03:49.03)
Italy Veneziano : Hey, hey! Are we eating after this? (0:04:05.18)
Italy Veneziano : We're eating, aren't we? (0:04:08.23)
Italy Veneziano : Food would be great. (0:04:09.99)
Italy Veneziano : Food, right? (0:04:11.96)
Italy Veneziano : If there's pasta, I'll be really happy! (0:04:13.18)
Italy Veneziano : We're having pasta, aren't we? (0:04:16.20)
Italy Veneziano : Pasta would be great. (0:04:17.60)
Italy Veneziano : Pasta, right? (0:04:19.25)
America : Why is Italy sitting at the table!? (0:04:20.39)
America : Hold it! What are the guards here doing!? (0:04:23.09)
Germany : I knew Italy wouldn't make a good spy. (0:04:26.52)

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Hetalia: Axis Powers

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