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Tokiomi Tohsaka : Everything went splendidly. (0:00:04.36)
Gilgamesh : These games of yours are wasting my time, (0:00:07.59)
Gilgamesh : Tokiomi. (0:00:12.04)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : I am very grateful, king amongst kings... (0:00:14.06)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : King of Heroes, Gilgamesh. (0:00:19.22)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : Your actions will establish your prowess as the King of Heroes, (0:00:23.75)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : and they will reveal which of our foes we must hunt. (0:00:28.16)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : I ask only that you stay your hand (0:00:32.27)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : for just a little while longer. (0:00:35.20)
Gilgamesh : Very well. (0:00:39.09)
Gilgamesh : For the time being, I shall amuse myself with some exploration. (0:00:41.00)
Gilgamesh : This era is fascinating. (0:00:45.65)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : Is the modern world to your liking? (0:00:49.23)
Gilgamesh : It is unspeakably ugly. (0:00:52.61)
Gilgamesh : But that is fine in its own way. (0:00:55.23)
Gilgamesh : What's important is whether or not any treasures in this world are worthy of me. (0:00:58.45)
Gilgamesh : If there is nothing here that deserves my adoration (0:01:05.83)
Gilgamesh : you will pay dearly for summoning me, Tokiomi. (0:01:10.73)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : Don't worry. (0:01:16.30)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : The King of Heroes will surely find the Holy Grail a worthy item. (0:01:17.97)
Gilgamesh : That is for me to decide. (0:01:22.64)
Gilgamesh : But, I'll go along with your plans for now. (0:01:25.77)
Gilgamesh : Everything of value in this world belongs to me. (0:01:30.67)
Gilgamesh : No matter how precious a treasure this Grail of yours may be, (0:01:34.47)
Gilgamesh : I'll never let anyone have it without my permission. (0:01:37.31)
Gilgamesh : Tokiomi, I'll leave the details to you. (0:01:42.88)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : My, my... (0:01:55.47)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : Honestly... (0:01:57.21)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : I'm still amazed that Gilgamesh materialized (0:01:58.69)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : in the Archer class, given their Independent Action skill. (0:02:00.84)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : Well, I can let Kirei handle things from here. (0:02:07.53)
Tokiomi Tohsaka : For now, everything is proceeding according to plans. (0:02:12.57)
Waver Velvet : Assassin was killed? (0:03:52.18)
Waver Velvet : Rider, this is a big deal. (0:03:54.61)
Waver Velvet : One of the Seven has already been knocked out. (0:03:57.35)
Waver Velvet : Hey... (0:04:03.36)
Waver Velvet : Come on! Don't you get it? (0:04:10.32)
Waver Velvet : Assassin was killed! (0:04:12.53)
Waver Velvet : The Holy Grail War has started! (0:04:16.60)
Waver Velvet : I've been out, gathering information, (0:04:19.20)
Waver Velvet : day after day after day, every single day! (0:04:21.51)
Waver Velvet : You just sit around eating cookies and watching stuff on the VCR! (0:04:24.70)
Waver Velvet : You're worse than a familiar! Worse than a rat! (0:04:27.83)
Waver Velvet : And, I told you to take spirit form when I don't need you! (0:04:30.90)
Waver Velvet : I've given you all the necessary mana. (0:04:34.65)
Iskandar : No one cares about Assassin, child. (0:04:37.72)
Iskandar : He is only good at cowering in the shadows, (0:04:42.38)
Iskandar : and could never pose a threat to me. (0:04:45.42)
Iskandar : Anyway, boy, (0:04:47.58)
Iskandar : this is what matters! (0:04:49.23)
Iskandar : This... this big black thing they call a B-2. (0:04:51.71)
Iskandar : It is wonderful! (0:04:55.39)
Iskandar : I might buy ten or so. What do you think? (0:04:56.32)
Waver Velvet : With that much money, it'd be faster to just buy the whole country. (0:05:01.02)
Iskandar : Oh... I see! (0:05:04.90)
Iskandar : So, the question is where to find the money. (0:05:08.22)
Iskandar : If we were near a major capital, such as Persepolis, (0:05:11.33)
Iskandar : we could simply go ahead and raid it... (0:05:14.68)
Iskandar : For now, it seems our biggest obstacle will be this "Clinton" guy. (0:05:18.17)
Iskandar : He will prove to be a more formidable opponent than even Darius III. (0:05:23.13)
Waver Velvet : R-Regardless... (0:05:26.51)
Waver Velvet : It's good that Assassin was eliminated first. (0:05:29.17)
Waver Velvet : Aren't you the kind of man who always faces the enemy head-on? (0:05:33.35)
Waver Velvet : So it's best for us that the guy who'd use sneak attacks and tricks is out. (0:05:36.89)
Iskandar : We could get some good use from this Tomahawk thing, too! (0:05:43.23)
Waver Velvet : Saber, Lancer, Archer, the three great Knight classes... (0:05:46.44)
Waver Velvet : and Berserker, whose sole purpose is to break things. (0:05:49.92)
Waver Velvet : They're gonna be toast when you use that Noble Phantasm of yours! (0:05:52.54)
Waver Velvet : That just leaves Caster... (0:05:55.83)
Waver Velvet : If only we knew who Caster is— (0:05:58.44)
Iskandar : How did Assassin fall? (0:06:00.58)
Iskandar : Who defeated him? (0:06:03.62)
Iskandar : You saw it, right? (0:06:07.41)
Waver Velvet : I think it was Tohsaka's Servant. (0:06:09.22)
Waver Velvet : His appearance, his attacks, (0:06:13.36)
Waver Velvet : everything was golden and flashy. (0:06:15.81)
Waver Velvet : It all happened so fast, I couldn't tell— (0:06:18.49)
Iskandar : Fool! (0:06:20.59)
Iskandar : If I am to fight someone, it will be for victory! (0:06:23.93)
Iskandar : Why were you not paying attention to him? (0:06:28.90)
Iskandar : Well, it matters not. (0:06:32.21)
Iskandar : Did you observe anything else about the flashy, golden guy? (0:06:34.01)
Waver Velvet : I-It was in the middle of the night... (0:06:39.09)
Waver Velvet : And it ended in a second... (0:06:43.03)
Waver Velvet : Hey, Rider, a Servant only has one Noble Phantasm, right? (0:06:45.79)
Iskandar : That's the rule. (0:06:49.93)
Iskandar : But asking how many isn't the right way to think of a Noble Phantasm. (0:06:52.54)
Iskandar : As you know, a Noble Phantasm (0:06:56.92)
Iskandar : is the physical manifestation of a hero's legend or tale. (0:06:59.13)
Iskandar : Sometimes, it may be a specific ability or method of attack. (0:07:04.60)
Waver Velvet : Then is there a Noble Phantasm (0:07:09.76)
Waver Velvet : that consists of throwing dozens of swords at an opponent? (0:07:11.31)
Iskandar : A sword that splits into infinite copies? (0:07:14.78)
Iskandar : It is possible... (0:07:19.77)
Iskandar : That could still qualify as a single Noble Phantasm. (0:07:21.03)
Waver Velvet : But those weren't copies. Each sword had a different shape. (0:07:25.79)
Iskandar : Ah, forget it. (0:07:32.74)
Iskandar : We shall learn the enemy's identity when we encounter him. (0:07:34.14)
Waver Velvet : I-Is that really wise? (0:07:42.97)
Iskandar : It is! (0:07:44.90)
Iskandar : Actually, it is more fun this way! (0:07:46.00)
Iskandar : Food, sex, sleep, and war... (0:07:48.05)
Iskandar : Whatever you do, enjoy it to the fullest. (0:07:51.67)
Iskandar : That is the secret of life. (0:07:55.04)
Iskandar : Now, let us go find some entertainment outside. (0:07:59.64)
Iskandar : We are heading out, boy! Prepare yourself. (0:08:04.46)
Waver Velvet : H-Heading out? To where? (0:08:06.92)
Iskandar : Somewhere... anywhere. (0:08:09.71)
Waver Velvet : Oh, come on... (0:08:12.42)
Iskandar : You were not the only one watching Tohsaka. (0:08:14.29)
Iskandar : Meaning that everyone else must also know of Assassin's death. (0:08:18.03)
Iskandar : Things are going to start happening all at once. (0:08:22.37)
Iskandar : But we shall crush them as we encounter them. (0:08:27.27)
Waver Velvet : Find and crush them... (0:08:30.23)
Waver Velvet : It won't be that easy. (0:08:32.44)
Iskandar : I am Rider. (0:08:33.90)
Iskandar : My speed far exceeds that of any other Servant. (0:08:36.06)
Waver Velvet : Wait, wait, wait! Not here... (0:08:44.75)
Waver Velvet : You'll blow up the house! (0:08:46.83)
Kirei Kotomine : I have lost my Servant. (0:08:49.30)
Kirei Kotomine : I have forfeited my right as a Master, and can no longer participate in the Holy Grail War. (0:08:51.72)
Kirei Kotomine : In accordance with the treaty, I, Kotomine Kirei, (0:08:56.86)
Kirei Kotomine : request that the Church shelter and protect me. (0:08:59.61)
Risei Kotomine : Your request is granted. (0:09:03.27)
Risei Kotomine : In my role as judge, I, Kotomine Risei, will guarantee your safety. (0:09:05.16)
Risei Kotomine : Enter. (0:09:11.38)
Kirei Kotomine : Father, is anyone watching the church? (0:09:14.56)
Risei Kotomine : No! (0:09:18.62)
Risei Kotomine : This place has been declared a neutral sanctuary. (0:09:19.57)
Risei Kotomine : The Holy Church will censure any Master who defies the decree. (0:09:23.35)
Kirei Kotomine : Then it's safe. (0:09:27.97)
Risei Kotomine : Yes. (0:09:31.06)
Kirei Kotomine : Keep watch, just in case. (0:09:33.34)
Kirei Kotomine : Post one guard here at all times, just to be sure. (0:09:36.08)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : Yes, understood. (0:09:39.44)
Kirei Kotomine : Who was watching the battle? (0:09:43.16)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : I detected the presence of familiars from four separate Masters. (0:09:45.93)
Risei Kotomine : Two days ago I confirmed the summoning of the final Servant, Caster. (0:09:50.91)
Risei Kotomine : All the Holy Grail War Servants have now arrived. (0:09:55.77)
Kirei Kotomine : One is unaccounted for, right? (0:10:01.76)
Kirei Kotomine : I was hoping all the Masters would have been more careful. (0:10:04.23)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : At this point, observing the three main families' estates (0:10:09.26)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : is a Master's obvious course of action. (0:10:13.20)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : If they can't even think to do that, (0:10:16.84)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : they'd never think to worry about Assassin. (0:10:20.57)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : Heroic Spirits of the shadows shall sneak up behind those Masters (0:10:27.56)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : who believe Assassin to be dead. (0:10:33.50)
The Hundred Faced Hassan : And this time, we shall become the true shadow. (0:10:35.96)
Risei Kotomine : The battle has commenced. (0:10:40.95)
Risei Kotomine : It's finally time for the Fourth Holy Grail War to begin. (0:10:44.19)
Risei Kotomine : These old eyes of mine will finally see a miracle incarnate. (0:10:48.32)
Irisviel von Einzbern : So, this is where Kiritsugu was born. (0:11:10.20)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Well, Saber? (0:11:13.98)
Irisviel von Einzbern : How did you enjoy your journey through the sky? (0:11:15.51)
Saber : It was nothing worth talking about. (0:11:18.51)
Saber : Far simpler than I'd anticipated. (0:11:21.06)
Irisviel von Einzbern : I suppose flying is nothing to a hero, right? (0:11:23.87)
Saber : That isn't it. (0:11:28.49)
Saber : Servants receive knowledge of the modern world upon materialization. (0:11:30.61)
Saber : I could even pilot this aircraft if necessary. (0:11:35.38)
Irisviel von Einzbern : You could pilot it? (0:11:40.24)
Saber : My skills as a Servant allow me to command any beast or vehicle, (0:11:43.35)
Saber : anything except the divine. (0:11:47.29)
Saber : Once I mount the saddle and take the reins, intuition does the rest. (0:11:51.62)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Ride on a saddle and hold the reins... (0:11:56.25)
Saber : Did I say something amusing? (0:11:59.65)
Irisviel von Einzbern : No. (0:12:04.12)
Irisviel von Einzbern : This place is so lively... (0:12:09.54)
Saber : Kiritsugu should have arrived already, right? (0:12:11.64)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Yes. Twelve hours before us. (0:12:15.77)
Irisviel von Einzbern : But he'll find us, don't worry. (0:12:18.25)
Irisviel von Einzbern : For the moment, we'll keep an eye on things (0:12:22.06)
Irisviel von Einzbern : so we can act when the time comes. (0:12:24.57)
Irisviel von Einzbern : I don't get many chances to visit Japan, (0:12:27.42)
Irisviel von Einzbern : and I'd like to enjoy it before the fighting starts. (0:12:29.09)
Saber : That's dangerous. (0:12:32.02)
Saber : We should secure our base of operations, and then discuss plans with Kiritsugu. (0:12:33.54)
Irisviel von Einzbern : I suppose you're right... (0:12:38.73)
Irisviel von Einzbern : But it's such a waste. We've come all this way. (0:12:41.89)
Irisviel von Einzbern : And... (0:12:46.94)
Irisviel von Einzbern : It's my first time. (0:12:49.49)
Saber : Eh? (0:12:52.75)
Irisviel von Einzbern : This is the first time I've ventured into the outside world. (0:12:54.15)
Saber : You've spent your entire life in that castle? (0:12:58.83)
Irisviel von Einzbern : I was a puppet created for the Holy Grail War. (0:13:05.37)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Of course, it isn't as though I was wholly ignorant of it. (0:13:10.41)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Kiritsugu brought me movies and pictures, (0:13:13.51)
Irisviel von Einzbern : and he's taught me all about the outside. (0:13:16.50)
Irisviel von Einzbern : But this is the first time I've seen it for myself. (0:13:21.01)
Irisviel von Einzbern : So, (0:13:25.56)
Irisviel von Einzbern : forgive me. I got overly excited. (0:13:27.23)
Saber : Please stop the car. (0:13:34.24)
Saber : Walking through the city will be a new experience for me, too. (0:13:41.65)
Saber : It is a knight's duty to serve as an escort. (0:13:53.73)
Saber : I shall do my best. (0:13:55.92)
Saber : Come with me. (0:13:59.54)
Maiya Hisau : The equipment you requested has arrived, (0:14:22.40)
Maiya Hisau : along with the mistress and Saber. (0:14:25.97)
Maiya Hisau : The other Masters will likely assume that she is Saber's Master. (0:14:30.59)
Kiritsugu Emiya : Understood. (0:14:35.63)
Maiya Hisau : There was an incident last night at the Tohsaka estate. (0:14:37.13)
Maiya Hisau : Here is the footage I recorded. (0:14:40.34)
Kiritsugu Emiya : What do you make of this? (0:14:46.53)
Maiya Hisau : It seems too good to be true. (0:14:49.13)
Maiya Hisau : The time span between Assassin's attack and the Tohsaka Servant's response is too short. (0:14:51.41)
Maiya Hisau : Assassin has a skill that masks his presence, (0:14:57.69)
Maiya Hisau : making it highly improbable that he was detected in advance. (0:14:59.98)
Maiya Hisau : I believe Tohsaka was expecting an intruder. (0:15:02.93)
Kiritsugu Emiya : In a battle among Servants, learning their identities is critical. (0:15:07.15)
Kiritsugu Emiya : Why would Tohsaka expose his Servant like this? (0:15:12.17)
Maiya Hisau : He must have had a reason to. (0:15:16.54)
Maiya Hisau : I suppose. (0:15:18.86)
Kiritsugu Emiya : Maiya, what became of Assassin's Master? (0:15:21.57)
Maiya Hisau : He escaped to the church last night. (0:15:24.88)
Maiya Hisau : The judge decreed him under their protection. (0:15:27.24)
Maiya Hisau : Assassin's Master is Kotomine Kirei. (0:15:30.91)
Kiritsugu Emiya : Maiya, set a familiar to watch the Fuyuki City church. (0:15:35.48)
Maiya Hisau : Are you certain? (0:15:39.69)
Maiya Hisau : Masters are forbidden to operate (0:15:41.04)
Maiya Hisau : within the neutral zone that surrounds the church. (0:15:44.19)
Kiritsugu Emiya : Keep it far enough away that the priest will not be able to find it. (0:15:46.33)
Maiya Hisau : Very well. Understood. (0:15:51.95)
Kiritsugu Emiya : Where is the thing I gave you? (0:16:11.11)
Maiya Hisau : Right here. (0:16:13.88)
Kiritsugu Emiya : Approximately two seconds, I'd say. (0:16:31.14)
Kiritsugu Emiya : I'm surprised. (0:16:33.26)
Maiya Hisau : Indeed. (0:16:34.73)
Kiritsugu Emiya : Ilya weighs less than that of Walther. (0:16:42.23)
Kiritsugu Emiya : And... (0:16:48.18)
Kiritsugu Emiya : She's eight years old already. (0:16:50.25)
Maiya Hisau : Focus on what matters now. (0:16:58.55)
Maiya Hisau : Think of nothing else... (0:17:08.05)
Irisviel von Einzbern : It's wonderful, like a mirror that reflects the night sky. (0:17:26.40)
Irisviel von Einzbern : It's fun to walk around a new town, accompanied by a gentleman. (0:17:44.12)
Saber : Did I make an acceptable gentleman? (0:17:49.44)
Irisviel von Einzbern : You were perfect. (0:17:52.61)
Irisviel von Einzbern : You were a wonderful knight today. (0:17:55.00)
Saber : Princess, you honor me. (0:17:58.64)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Do you like the sea, Saber? (0:18:05.10)
Saber : I guess I don't really know. (0:18:08.38)
Saber : In my country and in my time, (0:18:12.24)
Saber : the sea was the place from which the enemy arrived. (0:18:14.91)
Saber : I've hated it, but never once admired it. (0:18:19.03)
Irisviel von Einzbern : I feel kind of bad. (0:18:23.70)
Irisviel von Einzbern : You're a woman, just like me... (0:18:25.91)
Irisviel von Einzbern : But, when you were King Arthur, (0:18:28.79)
Irisviel von Einzbern : you couldn't afford to enjoy something like this. (0:18:31.50)
Saber : What about you? (0:18:36.37)
Saber : Surely, you would have preferred Kiritsugu to escort you, right? (0:18:37.97)
Irisviel von Einzbern : He couldn't... (0:18:43.43)
Irisviel von Einzbern : It would only cause him suffering. (0:18:46.92)
Saber : Does Kiritsugu not enjoy the time he spends with you? (0:18:50.54)
Irisviel von Einzbern : He's someone who feels pain from happiness. (0:18:55.45)
Irisviel von Einzbern : A hostile Servant... (0:19:11.86)
Saber : Yes. (0:19:13.85)
Saber : Making its presence known from the shadows, one hundred meters ahead. (0:19:15.01)
Saber : It appears to be inviting us to go see it. (0:19:19.62)
Irisviel von Einzbern : How thoughtful. (0:19:23.14)
Irisviel von Einzbern : It wishes to determine the battlefield. (0:19:24.96)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Shall we take it up on its invitation? (0:19:27.85)
Saber : We shall. (0:19:31.16)
Waver Velvet : Rider... let's go back down. (0:19:40.65)
Waver Velvet : Right now! (0:19:45.14)
Iskandar : Why? This is the perfect vantage point. (0:19:47.95)
Waver Velvet : I'm gonna fall... (0:19:53.14)
Waver Velvet : Take me back down! (0:19:54.01)
Waver Velvet : I-I can't handle this anymore. (0:19:55.28)
Iskandar : Calm yourself. (0:19:57.12)
Iskandar : Waiting is part of war. (0:19:59.13)
Waver Velvet : I want to go home. I want to return to England. (0:20:01.96)
Iskandar : I told you not to be in such a hurry. (0:20:05.18)
Iskandar : See? It looks like things have begun to unfold. (0:20:08.25)
Iskandar : This will be fun. (0:20:14.49)
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne : Welcome. (0:20:22.38)
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne : I have spent the whole day searching the city. (0:20:24.41)
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne : Yet everyone simply hides away in their little holes. (0:20:28.78)
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne : You alone have accepted my offer. (0:20:33.32)
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne : That pure aura surrounding you... (0:20:38.62)
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne : You are Saber, I presume? (0:20:41.27)
Saber : Indeed. (0:20:44.75)
Saber : And you are Lancer. (0:20:45.90)
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne : It troubles me that, to one I face in combat, I cannot name myself. (0:20:50.41)
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne : I dislike these rules. (0:20:56.74)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Saber, be careful. (0:21:16.78)
Irisviel von Einzbern : I can use healing magic to support you. (0:21:19.63)
Irisviel von Einzbern : More importantly, (0:21:23.35)
Saber : leave Lancer to me. (0:21:25.36)
Saber : But it worries me that the other Master has not yet made an appearance. (0:21:27.29)
Saber : Perhaps they're plotting something. (0:21:31.81)
Saber : Watch yourself. (0:21:34.10)
Saber : Irisviel, please cover my back. (0:21:36.68)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Very well, Saber. (0:21:41.69)
Irisviel von Einzbern : Grant me victory! (0:21:43.58)
Saber : Yes, certain victory. (0:21:45.73)
Kiritsugu Emiya : Let's see what you can do, my adorable King of Knights. (0:23:25.98)
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne : Then the tales of the Saber class's anti-magic abilities were accurate. (0:23:29.71)
Saber : He's impressive! (0:23:32.20)
Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald : That's enough fun for now, Lancer. (0:23:33.48)
Irisviel von Einzbern : What's happening? (0:23:35.41)
EXTRA : I'll go... take me, damn it! (0:23:37.05)

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