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Well, I guess you were able to keep things
from breaking down completely, Steph.

- Sora

Kingdom - Episode 16

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Lu Buwei : Dear, oh dear. It seems he had quite a bit of trouble returning to the capital. Line ID
Lu Buwei : But I suppose it's fine now. Line ID
Lu Buwei : Now I'm interested to see what kind of face the king, that has overcome all of this strife, will greet us with. Line ID
EXTRA : Ancient China. Line ID
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, Line ID
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. Line ID
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars erupted for 500 years... Line ID
EXTRA : until over one hundred states were reduced to merely seven. Line ID
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the State of Qin in the far West. Line ID
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! Line ID
EXTRA : Lü Buwei Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, hey! Line ID
EXTRA : If you carry stuff, little by little, all carefree like that, Line ID
EXTRA : you're never gonna get anywhere. Line ID
Xin : Ow! Line ID
EXTRA : Oh well. Line ID
Xin : I'm back. Line ID
EXTRA : He Liao Diao Line ID
He Liao Diao : Good work! I made us some dinner. Line ID
Xin : Man, I'm stuffed! Line ID
Xin : That sure is satisfying! Line ID
He Liao Diao : That sorta pisses me off. Line ID
He Liao Diao : Anyhow... It sure is peaceful. Line ID
He Liao Diao : It feels like the battle at the Royal Palace a few days ago never happened. Line ID
He Liao Diao : Now you're working and earning a little income Line ID
He Liao Diao : while I go pick edible wild weeds and stuff to help with the food expenses. Line ID
He Liao Diao : Somehow we're carrying on normally. Line ID
He Liao Diao : Yeah. Normally... Line ID
He Liao Diao : It's nice... having things like this... Line ID
Xin : A quick break, I guess. Line ID
He Liao Diao : No, what I'm saying is Line ID
He Liao Diao : what we're doing is normal. Line ID
He Liao Diao : Not a quick break or anything... Line ID
Xin : I'm goin' to sleep. Line ID
Xin : It's just like Diao said. Line ID
Xin : We're living normally. Line ID
Xin : Even I don't think this is so bad. Line ID
Xin : But I can't keep going like this forever. Line ID
Xin : I've got to get on the battlefield, build up achievements, Line ID
Xin : and move forward on my path to general! Line ID
Xin : My shoulder that got hurt by Zuoci... Line ID
Xin : it's still not back to normal...! Line ID
He Liao Diao : Xin! Line ID
Xin : What's wrong, Diao? Line ID
He Liao Diao : I... From Zheng... Line ID
Xin : Zheng?! Line ID
He Liao Diao : I never got the money he promised me! Line ID
Xin : Money... he promised? Line ID
Xin : Don't scare me like that, dammit! Line ID
He Liao Diao : If you're that mad, then why're you coming with me... Xin? Line ID
Xin : Why? Well... You know. Line ID
Xin : You're gonna get lots of money from Zheng, right? Line ID
Xin : So I thought you might need a bodyguard in case you got robbed on the way back. Line ID
Xin : That sorta thing. Line ID
He Liao Diao : So basically you just wanna see Zheng, right? Line ID
Xin : W-Who the hell would wanna see that annoying bastard that does nothing but try to act cool all the time?! Line ID
Xin : Wait, dammit! Line ID
Xin : Man, no matter how many times I look at this thing, it's huge! Line ID
He Liao Diao : That's because it's a gate to the Royal Palace. Line ID
He Liao Diao : It's gotta be this big in order to protect a king... Line ID
Xin : Are you gonna be okay? Line ID
He Liao Diao : What? Line ID
Xin : The Mountain People were running wild in the middle of the Royal Palace just the other day, Line ID
Xin : do you really think they'll let you in dressed like that? Line ID
He Liao Diao : You're one to talk! Line ID
EXTRA : Halt! Line ID
Xin : See? Geez... Line ID
EXTRA : Who the hell are you?! Line ID
He Liao Diao : Who am I? Line ID
He Liao Diao : M-My name is... Line ID
He Liao Diao : He Liao Diao! Line ID
He Liao Diao : Ao... ao... ao.. Line ID
Xin : Are you an idiot? Line ID
Xin : They're not gonna let you into the Royal Palace because you're doing somethin' like- Line ID
EXTRA : You may enter! Line ID
He Liao Diao : Thanks! Line ID
Xin : What's with that?! Line ID
Xin : Hey, you! Do a better job gate guarding! Line ID
Xin : They're not gonna let you off the hook if somethin' happens to Zheng! Line ID
He Liao Diao : Thanks. Line ID
EXTRA : Well, regardless... Line ID
EXTRA : His highness specifically gave me the order "There is such and such a person you should allow into the Royal Palace. Line ID
EXTRA : That their name is He Liao Diao". Line ID
EXTRA : And I have this description which doesn't seem like it could be a person... Line ID
Xin : Is... Is that right? Line ID
Xin : Hey, Zheng! Line ID
Xin : Doin' okay? Line ID
Xin : Huh? What's... goin' on? Line ID
Ying Zheng : He has returned. Line ID
Xin : Who did? Line ID
Ying Zheng : The ruler of this country from the shadows. Line ID
EXTRA : King of Qin Ying Zheng Line ID
Ying Zheng : The chancellor, Lü Buwei. Line ID
Xin : Lü Buwei...? Line ID
Xin : Lü Buwei, the man who took advantage of Zheng's young age to do whatever he wanted Line ID
Xin : and then tried to leave him to die when he really needed him? Line ID
Xin : That guy pisses me off more than anyone else! Line ID
Xin : I guess this is perfect timing... Line ID
Xin : It's an indisputable fact that that guy didn't come to help Zheng. Line ID
Xin : As punishment for that, Line ID
Xin : Zheng is gonna be the fair-and-square official king of this country. Line ID
Bi : If we could do that, there would be no problem. Line ID
Xin : What... do you mean? Line ID
EXTRA : Bi Line ID
Bi : Even though some of Jie Shi's faction that had opposed him still exists, Line ID
Bi : their power has diminished. Line ID
Bi : The Imperial Court is now almost uniformly behind Lü Buwei. Line ID
Bi : In that environment, it is not possible for even the king to judge Lü Buwei. Line ID
Bi : If Lü Buwei seriously starts a rebellion, Line ID
Bi : it would be incomparable to Ying Zheng's supporters. Line ID
Bi : And our forces are exceedingly small. Line ID
Bi : It would be like 10 people standing against an army of 10,000. Line ID
Xin : It ain't the numbers! Line ID
Xin : A battle ain't about the numbers. Line ID
Xin : It's the people! Line ID
Changwenjun : You do indeed have a point. Line ID
Changwenjun : Having fought with you once to regain the throne, Line ID
Changwenjun : with you having realized that, I believe your intuition is not bad. Line ID
Changwenjun : But Xin... Line ID
EXTRA : Changwenjun Line ID
Changwenjun : The other side has distantly higher human talent than us as well! Line ID
Xin : What?! Line ID
Ying Zheng : I cannot just sit here and whine! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Because the war between Lü Buwei and I has already begun! Line ID
EXTRA : Chancellor, Lord Lü Buwei has arrived! Line ID
Xin : So that Lü Buwei guy's finally showing up? Line ID
Xin : After trying to leave Zheng to die, Line ID
Xin : I'd like to see how he can dare show his face here. Line ID
Xin : Who are these guys...? Line ID
Xin : I can feel an incredible pressure coming from them. Line ID
Xin : I don't believe it. Line ID
Xin : Each one of these guys Line ID
Xin : are releasing an incomparably stronger qi than the assassins and soldiers I've fought so far! Line ID
Lu Buwei : First and foremost, Line ID
EXTRA : Right Chancellor of the State of Qin Lü Buwei Line ID
Lu Buwei : I am glad to see that you are safe... your highness. Line ID
Xin : I... can't speak. Line ID
Xin : What is this...? This feeling... Line ID
Xin : It's like I'm being swallowed whole! Line ID
Lu Buwei : I know this is sudden, but your highness... Line ID
Lu Buwei : At the time of this rebellion... Line ID
Lu Buwei : I am sure you are displeased we did not come as reinforcements. Line ID
Lu Buwei : That dissatisfaction is most natural... Line ID
Lu Buwei : But at any rate, Line ID
Lu Buwei : I would not have minded it if you had died, your highness. Line ID
Xin : What's going on? Line ID
Xin : This guy just straight-out admitted Line ID
Xin : he tried to leave Zheng for dead. Line ID
Xin : Is... the whole thing settled now? Line ID
Changwenjun : No... Line ID
Changwenjun : Bi told you this before as well. Line ID
Changwenjun : As we are now, we cannot pass judgement on Lü Buwei. Line ID
Xin : Why...? Line ID
Xin : Able to judge him or not, that guy's after your life, Zheng! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Enough jokes, Chancellor Lu. Line ID
Ying Zheng : You bring reasons, do you not? Line ID
Xin : Wha-?! Line ID
Xin : Is there... that big a difference even there... Zheng? Line ID
Lu Buwei : Indeed, a joke. Line ID
Lu Buwei : I suppose it was quite a rude way to dissolve the tension in the air. Line ID
Lu Buwei : Please forgive me, your highness. Line ID
EXTRA : Though it was the Warring States Period, Line ID
EXTRA : the idea of a retainer seeking to take the life of the king was an abnormal situation. Line ID
EXTRA : Before Lü Buwei whom was trying to pass this over, Line ID
EXTRA : Zheng, Changwenjun and the others could say nothing. Line ID
EXTRA : The difference in power between the two camps Line ID
EXTRA : was displayed vividly in this spectacle. Line ID
Cai Ze : Has this farce ended...? Line ID
Cai Ze : It has been quite a long time, your highness... Line ID
Cai Ze : I am most happy to see you are well. Line ID
Ying Zheng : Cai Ou? It's been quite some time. Line ID
Bi : Cai Ou? That old man is...?! Line ID
Xin : You know him, Brother Bi? Line ID
Bi : Lord Cai Ou served as chancellor in the age of King Zhao. Line ID
Bi : Someone that important is Lü Buwei's subordinate? Line ID
Bi : He has the highest positions of the diplomatic officials. Line ID
Bi : I had heard he was devoting his time to head for the far Eastern tip of China, Yan, but... Line ID
Ying Zheng : When did you return? Line ID
Cai Ze : A few days ago, for an engagement. Line ID
Cai Ze : I will be returning to the East soon. Line ID
Ying Zheng : You worry me... Line ID
Ying Zheng : Please make sure to take care of yourself. Line ID
Cai Ze : I thank you for the sympathy. Line ID
Xin : What's with that old man? Line ID
Xin : He's being awfully endearing. Is he really an enemy? Line ID
Bi : Lord Cai Ou is not someone who looks down on the king, but... Line ID
EXTRA : Cai Ou Line ID
Cai Ze : I hope you grow up soon, my king. Line ID
Cai Ze : I, Cai Ou, Line ID
Cai Ze : only serve the strong. Line ID
Cai Ze : Well then, excuse me. Line ID
Cai Ze : You wish to return soon as well, don't you, Meng Wu? Line ID
Cai Ze : It is written all over your face. Line ID
Meng Wu : Of course! I do not have time to be dealing with a farce such as this! Line ID
Li Si : Watch your tongue, Meng Wu! Line ID
EXTRA : Li Si Line ID
Li Si : For Lord Cai Ou it is a different story, but you do not have the qualifications to speak the word "farce" here! Line ID
EXTRA : Meng Wu Line ID
Meng Wu : And who do you think you're speaking to, Li Si?! Line ID
Li Si : This Royal Palace is a place of governing. Line ID
Li Si : And governing is something a man like you cannot possibly understand. Line ID
Li Si : All words contain a deep meaning. Line ID
Meng Wu : Do what you want! The only thing I desire is on the battlefield! Line ID
Li Si : Oh? What do you, someone with no talent, that relies only on power to push themselves forward, Line ID
Li Si : seek on the battlefield? Line ID
Meng Wu : Proof of valor. Line ID
Meng Wu : I, Meng Wu, am the strongest in all of China! Line ID
Meng Wu : I haven't the least bit of interest in anything but proof of that! Line ID
Xin : Strongest... in all of China...! Line ID
Cai Ze : Strongest in all of China, eh...? Line ID
Cai Ze : But it's odd. Line ID
Cai Ze : I do believe there's one man stronger than you right there. Line ID
Cai Ze : Isn't that right, Changpinjun? Line ID
EXTRA : Changpinjun Line ID
Heikun Shou : This has gone beyond joking, Lord Cai Ou. Line ID
Cai Ze : How rude of me... Line ID
Cai Ze : Let us forget that last statement. Line ID
Lu Buwei : Enough jesting, all of you. Line ID
Lu Buwei : I do believe all this idle chat in front of the king Line ID
Lu Buwei : has started to make my legs numb. Line ID
Lu Buwei : Your highness, I beg you forgive the rudeness of my subordinates. Line ID
Lu Buwei : This is because they so firmly walk their own paths. Line ID
Lu Buwei : And one other matter for which I have sought this audience with you today. Line ID
Lu Buwei : With the rebellion of Jie and the others suppressed... Line ID
Lu Buwei : my subordinates will quietly govern and protect this State of Qin. Line ID
Lu Buwei : So please, rest at ease! Line ID
Ying Zheng : I trust that you will. Line ID
Lu Buwei : Well then, your highness, Line ID
Lu Buwei : I take my leave! Line ID
Cai Ze : This seems entertaining, chancellor. Line ID
Lu Buwei : Did it appear so? Line ID
Cai Ze : Internally, the king is surely in a furious rage. Line ID
Cai Ze : It showed on his face. Line ID
Cai Ze : He may be young, but he is still quite a man. Line ID
Cai Ze : We've found an opponent that seems to be worth playing with... Line ID
Cai Ze : Don't you think so? Line ID
Lu Buwei : Seizing the king of a country to play with him... Line ID
Lu Buwei : You speak of something quite tremendous. Line ID
Changwenjun : Your highness, please stop! Line ID
Changwenjun : You'll hurt yourself! Line ID
Xin : Hey. Line ID
Xin : Let's go get a breath of fresh air. Line ID
Xin : That surprised me. Line ID
Xin : You hit things sometimes, too, huh? Line ID
Ying Zheng : Do you think I could stand not to?! Line ID
Xin : In front of an enemy that wants to kill you, Line ID
Xin : you couldn't even say anything. Line ID
Xin : You really lost that one! Pretty crushingly! Line ID
Ying Zheng : If you think it's funny, then go ahead, laugh. Line ID
Ying Zheng : This is reality. Line ID
Xin : That's one huge enemy! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Governor of law, Li Shi. Line ID
Ying Zheng : Governors of the armies, Changpinjun and Meng Wu. Line ID
Ying Zheng : Diplomacy and general advisor, Cai Ou. Line ID
Ying Zheng : These four, known as the Four Pillars, Line ID
Ying Zheng : are great pillars supporting the Lü Buwei faction. Line ID
Xin : Even though there were just four, they were no ordinary people. Line ID
Xin : I could tell just by lookin' at them. Line ID
Xin : But the really dangerous guy was him! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Yes... The man who started the Four Pillars and tied together the subordinates around him... Line ID
Ying Zheng : Chancellor Lü Buwei! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Until 12 or 13 years ago, Lü Buwei was just an ordinary foreign merchant. Line ID
Xin : Foreign merchant? Line ID
Xin : Then why's he a general of the State of Qin now? Line ID
Ying Zheng : When my father wasn't even in contention to inherit the throne, Line ID
Ying Zheng : Lü Buwei spent his money on him. Line ID
Ying Zheng : With Lü Buwei's money and planning, my father became the king of the State of Qin. Line ID
Ying Zheng : And as a reward, he gave Lü Buwei the seat of chancellor. Line ID
Ying Zheng : To put it simply, those were the circumstances that led to him becoming chancellor. Line ID
Ying Zheng : But merely money and shrewdness are not enough to rise Line ID
Ying Zheng : from commoner to one of the most powerful people in a country. Line ID
Ying Zheng : Aiming to become a general as you are, I'm sure you understand, Xin. Line ID
Xin : Yeah. That old man's the real deal. Line ID
Ying Zheng : Even including me, the difference in power between the two factions is too great. Line ID
Xin : Hey! Don't tell me you're ready to give up the fight already, Zheng? Line ID
Ying Zheng : Don't be foolish. Line ID
Ying Zheng : I'm saying that he is a worthy adversary! Line ID
Xin : So you've cleared your head a bit, huh? Line ID
Ying Zheng : Having you be concerned for me... Line ID
Ying Zheng : is as bad as it gets. Line ID
Xin : You told me here, right? Line ID
Ying Zheng : Once I reach age 20 and come of age, I'll definitely wrench power away from Lü Shi. Line ID
Ying Zheng : And... Line ID
Ying Zheng : I will depart for China! Line ID
Xin : Is that right? Line ID
Ying Zheng : Xin, until that time comes, be sure to rise up to meet me. Line ID
Xin : Right. Line ID
Xin : I ain't gonna lose, Zheng. Line ID
Ying Zheng : We've been talking only about me for a while now, Line ID
Ying Zheng : but you need to get started soon. Line ID
Xin : Started...? With what? Line ID
Ying Zheng : With the next war. Line ID
Xin : Really, Zheng?! Line ID
Ying Zheng : Right now, if you include Qin, China is broken into seven states. Line ID
Ying Zheng : It's in a state of ruthless competition. Line ID
Ying Zheng : There are many live coals ready to start fires... Line ID
Ying Zheng : I have also heard that a state has been making some suspicious movements near our state borders. Line ID
Ying Zheng : At this time, it would not be odd to raise the flames of war. Line ID
Xin : Okay, let's head back! Line ID
Xin : C'mon, Diao! Line ID
He Liao Diao : But I... Line ID
He Liao Diao : still haven't gotten my money! Line ID
EXTRA : G-Good work. Line ID
Xin : Thanks! Line ID
Xin : Okay! My shoulder's back to normal, too! Line ID
Xin : And I'm ready to go! Line ID
Xin : Uh... What's written there? Line ID
He Liao Diao : Can't you read? Line ID
He Liao Diao : I can. Line ID
Xin : Oh? So what's written there? Line ID
He Liao Diao : To make it easy to understand... Line ID
He Liao Diao : "The neighboring state, Wei, is attacking. So we're recruiting soldiers." Line ID
Xin : What'd you just say, Diao?! Line ID
Xin : Diao! Line ID
He Liao Diao : You must be glad, Xin! Line ID
He Liao Diao : You'll finally go on your first campaign! Line ID
Xin : All riiiiight! Line ID
EXTRA : Preview Line ID
Xin : This is... Line ID
Xin : my first step to becoming the greatest general under the heavens! Line ID
EXTRA : The atmosphere is heavy... Line ID
EXTRA : but the souls burn! Line ID
EXTRA : First Campaign Line ID
EXTRA : It's a real war! Line ID
EXTRA : End Line ID
EXTRA : First Campaign Line ID
EXTRA : Next time. Line ID
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Well, I guess you were able to keep things
from breaking down completely, Steph.

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