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Ki Ou : I haven't felt like this in a while. (0:00:00.00)
EXTRA : (0:00:00.00)
Ten Karyou : X-Xin! (0:00:04.85)
Ten Karyou : Who is this guy? (0:00:06.37)
Shin : Be quiet. (0:00:08.00)
Muta : It was you, wasn't it? (0:00:11.46)
Muta : The one who killed the hooded assassin. (0:00:13.00)
Shin : What if I am?! (0:00:16.47)
Muta : I won't give you an easy death. (0:00:18.24)
Muta : Prepare yourself, youngster. (0:00:21.02)
Shin : I get that you're mad I killed your friend, but you'd better quit. (0:00:28.51)
Shin : You can't beat me, old man. (0:00:32.20)
Muta : You people from the State of Qin know nothing. (0:00:34.41)
Muta : And you're the stupidest of them all by far. (0:00:38.12)
Muta : First, Zhuxiong is not my friend. (0:00:41.85)
Muta : And also, killing you is an extremely easy task for Muta. (0:00:46.40)
Muta : Like this, for example... (0:00:54.90)
Shin : Wh-What the hell?! (0:01:04.82)
EXTRA : Ancient China. (0:01:08.10)
EXTRA : After learning that the era of saints had ended, (0:01:10.43)
EXTRA : human desire was unleashed. (0:01:12.68)
EXTRA : And a storm of violent wars lasting a monumentally long 500 years erupted all across China. (0:01:16.18)
EXTRA : Desire, pleasure, pain, fear. (0:01:26.11)
EXTRA : With that world filled with such relentless despair, it was as though a dragon had invaded. (0:01:30.69)
EXTRA : A dragon called the "era". (0:01:36.28)
EXTRA : And as if burned by the flames of a dragon, (0:01:43.87)
EXTRA : over one hundred states were destroyed one by one until only seven were left standing. (0:01:47.59)
EXTRA : Yan, Qi, Zhao, Wei, Han, Chu... (0:01:55.50)
EXTRA : and Qin. (0:02:00.25)
EXTRA : The seven great powers, in order to devour each other, (0:02:05.39)
EXTRA : took up their swords of desire and continuously pieced the throats of enemy states. (0:02:09.06)
EXTRA : The world knew it as the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. (0:02:13.77)
EXTRA : And now, a wind of great history gusts from the state of Qin in the far West. (0:02:18.40)
EXTRA : This is the tumultuous tale of a nameless boy and a young king who brought the warring era to its end! (0:02:25.05)
EXTRA : Unbreakable Heart (0:04:03.22)
Muta : Mm. You have some talent for war. (0:04:19.23)
Muta : Your body is responding naturally to Muta's poison arrows. (0:04:23.00)
Shin : Poisoned arrows? (0:04:26.24)
Muta : But rest assured. (0:04:28.99)
Muta : Having killed Zhuxiong, Muta will not use a blowgun on you. (0:04:31.41)
Shin : What?! (0:04:34.62)
Muta : Honestly, Zhuxiong was someone who got on Muta's nerves. (0:04:35.87)
Muta : He made fun of Muta, calling Muta's blowgun "cowardly". (0:04:39.30)
Muta : He did not recognize Muta's strength. (0:04:42.96)
Muta : The blowgun is a deadly weapon handed down through the Bessa Tribe of Koshi Province. (0:04:46.46)
Muta : But the people of Qin are stupid, so they don't understand that. (0:04:51.59)
Muta : If you don't understand, Muta can't help you. (0:04:56.81)
Muta : Muta will just teach you his strength without using a blowgun. (0:05:01.32)
Muta : With these axes, Muta will cut you, who was stronger than Zhuxiong, to pieces. (0:05:06.32)
Muta : And show to those Qin idiots Muta's overwhelming strength! (0:05:12.18)
Shin : He's fast! (0:05:24.21)
Ten Karyou : Xin! (0:05:25.22)
Shin : But not as fast as me! (0:05:27.88)
Ten Karyou : Xin! (0:05:38.23)
Shin : You bastard... (0:05:46.82)
Muta : To not only dodge Muta's attacks, but to even wound him is quite surprising! (0:05:52.65)
Muta : As a warrior of the Bessa Tribe, Muta cannot overlook this. (0:05:57.75)
Muta : On Muta's honor as part of the Bessa Tribe, he will rip out your entrails and kill you, youngster! (0:06:02.72)
Shin : Just try it. (0:06:11.11)
Shin : Square old man! (0:06:13.27)
Muta : You brat! (0:06:15.82)
Muta : All three of the target heads have arrived. (0:06:22.85)
Ten Karyou : Zheng! It's the pursuer! (0:06:26.03)
Ten Karyou : It's Chengjiao's assassin! What're you doing just standing there and spacing out? (0:06:29.66)
Ten Karyou : You've gotta go help him! (0:06:33.37)
Ten Karyou : Xin's gonna get killed! (0:06:35.20)
Ying Zheng : Do you need a hand? (0:06:37.87)
Shin : Like hell I do! (0:06:40.78)
Ten Karyou : Hold on a second! (0:06:43.89)
Ten Karyou : That weird old man is insanely strong! (0:06:45.28)
Ying Zheng : I know. I've been watching. (0:06:48.12)
Ying Zheng : But if he dies in a place like this, (0:06:51.04)
Ying Zheng : for what we'll be facing later, no matter how many lives you have, it won't be enough, (0:06:53.81)
Ying Zheng : Xin! (0:06:56.11)
Ten Karyou : No matter what you say, that guy is seriously dangerous. (0:07:00.78)
Ten Karyou : And is he including me when he says three heads? (0:07:05.67)
Ten Karyou : My poor head! (0:07:09.31)
Muta : What? Are you still making fun of Muta? (0:07:10.57)
Muta : That makes Muta angry! (0:07:15.86)
Shin : He's coming! (0:07:17.58)
Muta : You've got good eyes, youngster! (0:07:32.13)
Shin : What is this?! (0:07:36.50)
Shin : Shit, I can't see! (0:07:38.01)
Muta : Got you! (0:07:46.15)
Ten Karyou : Xin! (0:07:50.65)
Ten Karyou : That had me scared. (0:08:01.85)
Ten Karyou : Somehow, he managed to block it with his sword. (0:08:03.50)
Shin : Ow... (0:08:08.98)
Muta : Are you weak? (0:08:15.58)
Ten Karyou : Huh? Something's odd. (0:08:22.14)
Ten Karyou : Right now, Xin has sort of lost his edge... (0:08:25.65)
Ten Karyou : He kinda seems smaller compared to when he was fighting Zhuxiong. (0:08:29.08)
Muta : That's enough. This has started to get dull. (0:08:38.78)
Muta : Die! (0:08:42.91)
Ying Zheng : Don't step back, Xin! (0:08:49.13)
Shin : Step back? Me? (0:08:52.25)
Shin : Am I scared?! (0:08:55.90)
Ying Zheng : Your weapon is your conviction! (0:08:58.39)
Shin : I know that! (0:09:02.39)
Ten Karyou : They both hit...! (0:09:19.09)
Ten Karyou : But Xin's changed! (0:09:20.75)
Ying Zheng : He's been released from the curse of Muta's killing intent. (0:09:23.08)
Ying Zheng : The real battle will start here. (0:09:33.15)
Shi Shi : I'm sorry for calling you here so early in the morning, (0:09:55.04)
Shi Shi : but there's an worrisome matter at hand, so please understand. (0:09:58.63)
Shi Shi : General Wang Qi, we received from you last night (0:10:11.13)
Shi Shi : something in regard to Changwenjun's head, but... (0:10:14.54)
Shi Shi : The injury is brutal. (0:10:24.29)
Shi Shi : We cannot ascertain whether or not this actually Changwenjun. (0:10:25.96)
Shi Shi : So I ask you, could you tell us in detail in what kind of fight and in what way such a cruel event occurred? (0:10:29.14)
Shi Shi : General Wang Qi. (0:10:42.16)
Ki Ou : Oh? (0:10:43.40)
Shi Shi : What? (0:10:44.84)
Ki Ou : Do you doubt me, Shi Shi? (0:10:46.20)
Shi Shi : It is not that I doubt you, (0:10:51.17)
Shi Shi : it is merely my duty to have a firm grasp of the state of affairs. (0:10:53.54)
Ki Ou : Well, if you're going that far... (0:10:58.77)
Ki Ou : all right. (0:11:01.80)
Ki Ou : However, it's not a very interesting tale. (0:11:03.18)
Ki Ou : Wait right there, Changwenjun! (0:11:42.22)
Changwenjun : I'll stop Wang Qi. (0:11:47.72)
Changwenjun : You all, protect the king! (0:11:50.04)
EXTRA : My lord! (0:11:52.05)
Hyou : Changwenjun! (0:11:53.73)
Changwenjun : Forgive me, Piao! (0:11:55.23)
Ki Ou : So you've come, Changwenjun. (0:11:59.74)
Changwenjun : Wang Qi! (0:12:05.13)
Ki Ou : It sure is nostalgic, having our horses lined up side-by-side, Changwenjun. (0:12:18.93)
Changwenjun : We're enemies now! (0:12:23.38)
Changwenjun : There's nothing nostalgic about it! (0:12:25.03)
Changwenjun : Wang Qi! I thought you had no interest in the struggle between Jie Shi and Lü Shi in the first place! (0:12:32.44)
Changwenjun : Why have you suddenly joined the battle? (0:12:37.96)
Ki Ou : I want a fight that will get my blood enflamed and pumping. (0:12:40.89)
Changwenjun : I don't understand you! (0:12:44.65)
Ki Ou : I would think you would understand. (0:12:47.74)
Ki Ou : Since Lü Shi and Jie Shi took control the State of Qin, (0:12:51.75)
Ki Ou : war has become a dreadfully dull affair. (0:12:54.76)
Ki Ou : I couldn't help but feel nostalgic for the age of Zhao. (0:12:58.75)
Ki Ou : Don't you understand those feelings? (0:13:02.67)
Changwenjun : It's true that money and goods in today's battles frequently get moved behind the scenes, directly profiting Lü Shi. (0:13:06.28)
Changwenjun : But that has nothing to do with all of you on the battlefield. (0:13:13.86)
Ki Ou : You jest. (0:13:18.41)
Ki Ou : Do you think my blood would seethe... (0:13:20.02)
Ki Ou : for such an irreverent war? (0:13:21.79)
Ki Ou : My heart is quite delicate. (0:13:24.32)
Changwenjun : So then fighting a civil official like me... (0:13:27.50)
Changwenjun : is what can get your blood seething?! (0:13:31.38)
Ki Ou : There's a possibility. (0:13:35.22)
Ki Ou : Long ago, we ran through the battlefield together. (0:13:37.96)
Ki Ou : So I've recognized you as a soldier with backbone. (0:13:40.85)
Ki Ou : So the idea of fighting to the death with someone like you... (0:13:44.76)
Ki Ou : gets me all fired up. (0:13:49.01)
EXTRA : My lord! (0:13:53.33)
Changwenjun : This is our victory, Wang Qi! (0:14:01.85)
Changwenjun : We've made it! (0:14:04.28)
Changwenjun : The Shuda Hills! (0:14:05.94)
Shi Shi : The Shuda Hills? What are they? (0:14:17.18)
Shi Shi : What happened then?! (0:14:21.26)
Ki Ou : It was actually a method that seemed quite appropriate for that man. (0:14:24.54)
Ki Ou : The Shuda Hills. It was an excellent place to hide soldiers. (0:14:27.96)
Changwenjun : That's right, Wang Qi! (0:14:35.10)
EXTRA : First unit, second unit, protect the king's coach! (0:14:38.29)
EXTRA : Third unit, fourth unit, assist Lord! (0:14:43.36)
Shi Shi : So Changwenjun had mobilized his personal army there? (0:14:48.36)
Shi Shi : But what did you do in such a situation? (0:14:52.54)
Ki Ou : Is it not obvious? (0:14:55.37)
Ki Ou : The Shuda Hills are an excellent place to hide soldiers. (0:14:58.31)
Ki Ou : So I had my own forces stationed there as well. (0:15:04.65)
Changwenjun : Wh-What?! (0:15:12.38)
Ki Ou : Nooow then, Changwenjun! (0:15:14.64)
Ki Ou : The fighting begins! (0:15:20.14)
Ki Ou : And you and I can fight one-on-one! (0:15:24.15)
Ki Ou : And so... the result of that is what I have given you. (0:15:34.49)
Ki Ou : I'm sorry it was so much that his face became unrecognizable. (0:15:42.14)
Ki Ou : But when you're fighting with me, Wang Qi, your head usually doesn't get out looking unscathed. (0:15:46.79)
Ki Ou : If you think I am lying, (0:15:51.51)
Ki Ou : Shall I test this out on a head around here? (0:15:54.55)
Shi Shi : May I ask one thing? (0:16:00.39)
Ki Ou : As many as you like. (0:16:04.19)
Shi Shi : What is it you desire at this moment, General Wang Qi? (0:16:07.19)
Shi Shi : I cannot imagine that someone of your caliber would assist us merely for Changwenjun's territory. (0:16:11.68)
Ki Ou : A world of seething blood and dancing flesh. (0:16:21.33)
Ki Ou : Or at the least, a battle that gets my blood enflamed and pumping! (0:16:26.33)
Ki Ou : Just kidding. (0:16:34.34)
Ki Ou : Such a world no longer exists. (0:16:37.01)
Ki Ou : But... (0:16:41.73)
Ki Ou : If such a world were to appear in the future, (0:16:45.00)
Ki Ou : I wouldn't be able to resist it. (0:16:51.17)
EXTRA : I found it! (0:17:01.44)
EXTRA : No doubt about it. (0:17:06.15)
EXTRA : This belongs to that man, Muta. (0:17:07.47)
EXTRA : He's close. (0:17:09.33)
EXTRA : Okay, let us continue... (0:17:10.90)
EXTRA : Captain. What is it? (0:17:14.07)
EXTRA : Perhaps my imagination... (0:17:17.04)
EXTRA : Let's go! (0:17:19.06)
EXTRA : Captain! (0:17:25.52)
EXTRA : What?! (0:17:26.98)
EXTRA : Mountain People?! (0:17:29.03)
EXTRA : Enemies! (0:17:30.43)
EXTRA : Where?! (0:17:31.40)
EXTRA : No! (0:17:32.10)
EXTRA : They're soldiers! (0:17:33.25)
EXTRA : Ridiculous! (0:17:35.49)
EXTRA : Enemy soldiers this deep in the mountains...?! (0:17:36.99)
EXTRA : Enemy soldiers? (0:17:39.82)
EXTRA : But we don't have any enemies in the first place... (0:17:41.23)
EXTRA : Y-You're...! (0:17:47.00)
Ten Karyou : Amazing! That Xin suddenly got stronger! (0:18:00.64)
Ying Zheng : When Xin fought Zhuxiong, he lost himself in anger. (0:18:05.13)
Ying Zheng : He probably doesn't remember it that well himself. (0:18:09.94)
Ying Zheng : Therefore, for him right now, (0:18:13.68)
Ying Zheng : this may very well feel like his first serious fight to the death. (0:18:16.84)
Ten Karyou : I get it... (0:18:20.66)
Ten Karyou : This is his true first experience. (0:18:22.25)
Ying Zheng : Apparently, he had over one thousand serious bouts with Piao. (0:18:25.21)
Ten Karyou : A thousand...? (0:18:30.02)
Ying Zheng : Thanks to those, he possesses swordsmanship even greater than those military warriors. (0:18:32.59)
Ying Zheng : But there's one area he hasn't cultivated. (0:18:36.32)
Ying Zheng : The emotional strength to repel a killing intent aimed at him. (0:18:39.68)
Ying Zheng : But Xin realized that he was being pressured and stepping back from that killing intent, (0:18:43.68)
Ying Zheng : and stepped forward. (0:18:47.77)
Ying Zheng : That assassin is strong. (0:18:48.68)
Ying Zheng : But as he is now, Xin will give him a run for his money. (0:18:51.19)
Ten Karyou : He can do it? (0:18:53.52)
Ten Karyou : He really can?! (0:18:54.59)
Muta : This youngster... (0:19:07.31)
Muta : even after losing this much blood, (0:19:09.08)
Muta : his spirit still hasn't broken. (0:19:10.91)
Muta : Far from that... (0:19:12.53)
Muta : Far from that, he keeps coming and coming! (0:19:20.33)
Muta : This guy is getting stronger and stronger! (0:19:29.77)
Shin : What...?! (0:19:33.06)
Shin : What is this? (0:19:37.57)
Shin : It feels like... my body's gotten lighter! (0:19:49.70)
Shin : This again? (0:19:57.09)
Shin : Your distractions won't work anymore! (0:19:59.00)
Shin : I can see you perfectly! (0:20:01.21)
Muta : He's getting sharper and sharper! (0:20:07.60)
Muta : This youngster... (0:20:16.48)
Muta : is a menace. (0:20:20.99)
Shin : I did it... (0:20:39.52)
Shin : I did it! (0:20:49.09)
Ten Karyou : He won! (0:20:51.10)
Ten Karyou : Don't push yourself too hard! (0:20:56.41)
Ten Karyou : Let me treat those wounds for you. (0:20:58.03)
Muta : A-As a Bessa Tribe warrior, I cannot let it end this way. (0:21:04.28)
Muta : At the very least, I'll have the king's life. (0:21:09.74)
Shin : Run, Zheng! (0:21:12.99)
Muta : Prepare yourself. (0:21:14.25)
Changwenjun : What are you trying to do to my king?! (0:21:22.09)
Changwenjun : You bastard! (0:21:24.85)
Shin : You're... (0:21:32.76)
Ten Karyou : Xin! (0:21:37.12)
Changwenjun : Even though I said, "the escape plan will work perfectly"... (0:22:02.92)
Changwenjun : I will take full responsibility. (0:22:07.64)
Changwenjun : If you command me to, I will crush my head with these stones and die. (0:22:11.93)
Changwenjun : But... But first and foremost... I'm so glad you're safe! (0:22:17.54)
Ying Zheng : As I am for you. (0:22:33.05)
EXTRA : My king... (0:22:41.68)
Shin : Cut the shit! (0:22:46.98)
Shin : What's there to be "glad" about?! (0:22:53.43)
Shin : You... and you... and you...! (0:22:55.50)
Shin : Are spouting a load of crap! (0:22:57.91)
Shin : Hey, old man! (0:23:02.23)
Shin : Piao is... Piao is... (0:23:05.37)
Shin : Piao is dead! (0:23:11.34)
EXTRA : Voice of soul (0:24:35.45)
EXTRA : Preview (0:24:45.25)
EXTRA : He has wagered his life to move forward. (0:24:49.43)
EXTRA : And he will never forget the vow he made to his friend! (0:24:51.75)
EXTRA : The Path to Great General (0:24:53.55)
EXTRA : Next time, (0:24:55.26)
EXTRA : The Path to Great General (0:24:55.30)
EXTRA : End (0:24:55.43)

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