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with no room for anything else.

- Ochako Uraraka

Sword Art Online - Episode 1

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

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EXTRA : In 2022, humanity has finally Line ID
EXTRA : created a complete virtual environment. Line ID
EXTRA : It's time for this week's MMO Stream. Line ID
EXTRA : We began with a promotional video. Line ID
EXTRA : Was this the day of last week's launch? Line ID
EXTRA : End of Line Line ID
EXTRA : What were all these people waiting in line for? Line ID
EXTRA : Sword Art Online. Line ID
EXTRA : The one at the front of the line waited
for three days prior to launch.
Line ID
EXTRA : Amazing! Line ID
EXTRA : Or is this just what any real gamer would do? Line ID
EXTRA : Sword Art Online
Project Director
Kayaba Akihiko
Line ID
EXTRA : On today's MMO Stream, we'll be covering the Line ID
EXTRA : internationally famous Sword Art Online, AKA SAO! Line ID
EXTRA : To be honest, Line ID
EXTRA : none of the NerveGear software released so far Line ID
EXTRA : has really taken advantage of the hardware. Line ID
EXTRA : Brother... Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah, it's all sucked. Line ID
EXTRA : But SAO was made by the NerveGear inventor, Line ID
EXTRA : I'm off to practice. Line ID
EXTRA : Kayaba Akihiko, Line ID
EXTRA : and it's a long-awaited VR MMORPG. Line ID
EXTRA : I can't wait! Line ID
EXTRA : The beta testers all said it was incredible. Line ID
EXTRA : I wanted a copy... Line ID
EXTRA : Only ten thousand copies were
sold in its first printing.
Line ID
EXTRA : It sold out online in seconds. Line ID
EXTRA : And as you saw, Line ID
EXTRA : hardcore fans bought all the store copies. Line ID
Kirito : Link start! Line ID
EXTRA : Character Creation

Beta test data still available.
Would you like to use it?
Line ID
Kirito : I'm back in this world! Line ID
EXTRA : The World of Swords Line ID
EXTRA : Floor 1: Town of Beginnings Line ID
EXTRA : So like I told him... Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, let's make a party. Line ID
EXTRA : Hmm, maybe... Line ID
EXTRA : Oh, come on! Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, you there! Line ID
Kirito : Me? Line ID
Klein : You move like you've been here before. Line ID
Klein : You were in the beta test, right? Line ID
Kirito : Y-Yeah. Line ID
Klein : Today's my first day. Line ID
Klein : Show me the basics, okay? Line ID
Kirito : U-Uh... Line ID
Klein : I'm begging you! Line ID
Klein : My name's Klein.
Nice to meet you.
Line ID
Kirito : I'm Kirito. Line ID
EXTRA : Floor 1: Town of Beginnings, West Field Line ID
Klein : Right in the crotch... Line ID
Kirito : Give me a break. Line ID
Kirito : You don't feel any pain, right? Line ID
Klein : Oh, yeah. Line ID
Klein : Just habit, I guess. Line ID
Kirito : I told you. Line ID
Kirito : What's important is your
initial motion input.
Line ID
Klein : Sure, I get that... Line ID
Klein : But he keeps moving around. Line ID
Kirito : If you do the motion input right, Line ID
Kirito : and activate a sword skill, Line ID
Kirito : the system will ensure that
the technique connects.
Line ID
Klein : Motion input... Motion input... Line ID
Kirito : How should I put it? Line ID
Kirito : Add a slight pause, and when you
feel the skill begin to activate,
Line ID
Kirito : let it explode. Line ID
Klein : Explode? Line ID
Klein : All right! Line ID
Kirito : Congrats. Line ID
Kirito : However... Line ID
Kirito : That boar's about as weak as
slimes in other games.
Line ID
Klein : Seriously? Line ID
Klein : I thought it was a mid-level
boss or something.
Line ID
Kirito : Of course not. Line ID
Kirito : Pretty exciting, isn't it? Line ID
Klein : Yeah! Line ID
Klein : There are lots of skills, right? Line ID
Klein : Like blacksmithing and stuff? Line ID
Kirito : Yeah. Line ID
Kirito : I've heard there are an unlimited number of skills. Line ID
Kirito : However, there's no magic. Line ID
Klein : An RPG without magic? Line ID
Klein : That's a pretty bold decision. Line ID
Kirito : Isn't it more fun to move
your body as you fight?
Line ID
Klein : You're right! Line ID
Kirito : Okay, let's head to the next one. Line ID
Klein : Yeah, let's keep going! Line ID
Klein : I still can't believe it, no matter
how many times I see it...
Line ID
Klein : That we're in a game. Line ID
Klein : Whoever made it is a genius. Line ID
Klein : It's really amazing... Line ID
Klein : Seriously, I'm glad I was born in this time. Line ID
Kirito : You make a big deal out of everything. Line ID
Klein : It's my first full dive! Line ID
Kirito : Then this is your first time
playing a game with NerveGear?
Line ID
Klein : I rushed out and bought the
hardware to play SAO.
Line ID
Klein : I was really lucky to get one of
the ten thousand copies.
Line ID
Klein : Well, you were ten times as lucky,
getting into the beta test.
Line ID
Klein : Only a thousand people got to do it. Line ID
Kirito : I guess so. Line ID
Klein : How far did you get in the beta? Line ID
Kirito : Over a couple months, only to Floor 8. Line ID
Kirito : This time, it'll only take a month. Line ID
Klein : You're really into this. Line ID
Kirito : To be honest, during the beta test, Line ID
Kirito : SAO was all I thought about, day and night. Line ID
Kirito : In this world, a single blade can take
you anywhere you want to go.
Line ID
Kirito : It's a virtual world, Line ID
Kirito : but I still feel more alive here
than I do in the real one.
Line ID
Kirito : Now then, want to hunt some more? Line ID
Klein : Of course! Line ID
Klein : I'd love to, Line ID
Klein : but I'm really hungry... Line ID
Klein : I'm logging out. Line ID
Kirito : Eating food here only makes you
think you're not hungry.
Line ID
Klein : I already ordered a hot pizza for 5:30. Line ID
Kirito : You're so prepared. Line ID
Klein : Yup! Line ID
Klein : Well, once I've eaten, I'll be back. Line ID
Kirito : I see. Line ID
Klein : Hey, Line ID
Klein : after this, I'm meeting up with some
people I know from another game.
Line ID
Klein : Want to friend them, too? Line ID
Klein : Of course, if you don't want to, that's okay. Line ID
Klein : I'll introduce you another time. Line ID
Kirito : Yeah, sorry. Line ID
Kirito : Thanks. Line ID
Klein : Hey, that's my line. Line ID
Klein : I'll repay you for this sometime... Line ID
Klein : Mentally. Line ID
Klein : Thanks so much, man. Line ID
Klein : I'll see you around. Line ID
Kirito : If there's anything else you
want to know, just tell me.
Line ID
Klein : Yeah, I'll do that! Line ID
Klein : Huh? Line ID
Klein : There's no button to log out. Line ID
Kirito : Look closer. Line ID
Klein : No, it's not there. Line ID
Kirito : At the bottom of the main menu... Line ID
Klein : See? Not there. Line ID
Kirito : No, it isn't. Line ID
Klein : Well, it's the first day out of beta. Line ID
Klein : There are bound to be some bugs. Line ID
Klein : I'm sure the server people are freaking out... Line ID
Kirito : In a second, you will be, too. Line ID
Kirito : It's 5:25. Line ID
Klein : My teriyaki mayo pizza and ginger ale! Line ID
Kirito : Just hurry and call the game master. Line ID
Klein : I tried, but nothing's happening. Line ID
Klein : Is there any other way to log out? Line ID
Kirito : No, if a player wants to log themselves out, Line ID
Kirito : they have to go through the menu. Line ID
Klein : That's nuts. Line ID
Klein : There's gotta be some way. Line ID
Klein : Return! Line ID
Klein : Log out! Line ID
Klein : Escape! Line ID
Kirito : I told you... Line ID
Kirito : There wasn't an emergency logout
in the manual, either.
Line ID
Klein : You're kidding, right? Line ID
Klein : I know. Line ID
Klein : I'll just rip the NerveGear off my head... Line ID
Kirito : You can't. Line ID
Kirito : We can't move our real bodies. Line ID
Kirito : The NerveGear intercepts anything Line ID
Kirito : we tell our bodies to do here. Line ID
Klein : Seriously? Line ID
Klein : So we have to wait for them to fix the bug? Line ID
Kirito : Or for someone in the real world Line ID
Kirito : to remove the NerveGear from us. Line ID
Klein : But I live alone. Line ID
Klein : What about you? Line ID
Kirito : I have a mom and a sister. Line ID
Kirito : So I think they'll notice by dinnertime... Line ID
Klein : H-How old's your little sister? Line ID
Kirito : She's on a sports team, Line ID
Kirito : and she hates games. Line ID
Kirito : She has nothing to do with people like us. Line ID
Klein : That doesn't ma— Line ID
Klein : Right, it doesn't hurt. Line ID
Kirito : More importantly, don't you find this weird? Line ID
Klein : Sure, I do. Line ID
Klein : It's a bug. Line ID
Kirito : It isn't just a bug. Line ID
Kirito : If we can't log out, Line ID
Kirito : that'll pose a serious problem
for the game's future.
Line ID
Klein : Come to think of it, you're right. Line ID
Kirito : If they wanted to, Line ID
Kirito : they could just shut down the
server and log everyone out.
Line ID
Kirito : But there isn't even an announcement... Line ID
EXTRA : What's going on? Line ID
EXTRA : I don't know. Line ID
Kirito : A forced teleport? Line ID
EXTRA : Up there. Line ID
Kirito : That's... Line ID
Klein : What is that? Line ID
EXTRA : A game master? Line ID
EXTRA : Why doesn't he have a face? Line ID
EXTRA : Is this an event? Line ID
EXTRA : I'm scared... Line ID
EXTRA : It's fine. Line ID
EXTRA : It's just another part of
the opening ceremony.
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : Attention, players. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : Welcome to my world. Line ID
Kirito : "My world"? Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : My name is Kayaba Akihiko. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : As of this moment, I am the sole person
who can control this world.
Line ID
EXTRA : Is that really him? Line ID
EXTRA : He must've spent a lot of time on this. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : I'm sure you've already noticed Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : that the logout button is
missing from the main menu.
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : But this is not a defect in the game. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : I repeat... Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : This is not a defect in the game. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : It is a feature of Sword Art Online. Line ID
EXTRA : A-A feature? Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : You cannot log out of SAO yourselves. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : And no one on the outside Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : can shut down or remove the NerveGear. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : Should this be attempted, Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : the transmitter inside the NerveGear
will emit a powerful microwave,
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : destroying your brain and
thus ending your life.
Line ID
EXTRA : What? Line ID
EXTRA : Come on, enough already. Line ID
EXTRA : Let's go. Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, I can't get out! Line ID
Klein : What's he talking about? Line ID
Klein : He's gotta be nuts. Line ID
Klein : Right, Kirito? Line ID
Kirito : He's right that the transmitter's signals
work just like microwaves.
Line ID
Kirito : If the safety were disabled,
it could fry a brain.
Line ID
Klein : Then, if we cut the power... Line ID
Kirito : No, the NerveGear has an internal battery. Line ID
Klein : But this is crazy. Line ID
Klein : What's going on?! Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : Unfortunately, several players'
friends and families
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : have ignored this warning, Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : and have attempted to remove the NerveGear. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : As a result, two hundred and thirteen players Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : are gone forever, from both
Aincrad and the real world.
Line ID
Kirito : Two hundred and thirteen? Line ID
Klein : I don't believe it... Line ID
Klein : I don't believe it! Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : As you can see, news organizations
across the world
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : are reporting all of this, including the deaths. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : Thus, you can assume that the danger Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : of a NerveGear being removed is now minimal. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : I hope you will relax and
attempt to clear the game.
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : But I want you to remember this clearly. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : There is no longer any method to
revive someone within the game.
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : If your HP drops to zero, Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : your avatar will be forever lost. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : And simultaneously, Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : the NerveGear will destroy your brain. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : There is only one means of escape. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : To complete the game. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : You are presently on the
lowest floor of Aincrad,
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : Floor 1. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : If you make your way through the dungeon Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : and defeat the Floor Boss,
you may advance to the next level.
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : Defeat the final boss on Floor 100,
and you will clear the game.
Line ID
EXTRA : Clear? Line ID
EXTRA : What's he talking about? Line ID
EXTRA : Y-You're just making that up! Line ID
Klein : Clear all hundred floors? Line ID
Klein : That's impossible. Line ID
Klein : The beta testers never made
it anywhere near that high!
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : Finally, Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : I've added a present from me
to your item storage.
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : Please see for yourselves. Line ID
Kirito : Mirror Line ID
Kirito : Mirror? Line ID
Kirito : Klein? Line ID
Klein : You okay, Kirito? Line ID
Kirito : Y-Yeah... Line ID
Kirito : Who are you? Line ID
Klein : And who are you? Line ID
EXTRA : You're a guy? Line ID
EXTRA : You were lying about being seventeen? Line ID
Kirito : Which means... Line ID
Kirito : You're Kirito? You're Klein? Line ID
Klein : You're Kirito? You're Klein? Line ID
Klein : How? Line ID
Kirito : That scan... Line ID
Kirito : The NerveGear covers your entire head
with a high-density signaling device.
Line ID
Kirito : So it can see what your face looks like. Line ID
Kirito : But our height and body shape... Line ID
Klein : When we first used the NerveGear,
it had us calibrate it, right?
Line ID
Klein : You had to touch your body all over. Line ID
Kirito : O-Oh, right... Line ID
Kirito : That must be where it got the data. Line ID
Klein : But... But... Line ID
Klein : Why? Line ID
Klein : Why do all this, anyway? Line ID
Kirito : I'm sure he'll tell us. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : Right now, you're probably
wondering, "Why?"
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : Why would Kayaba Akihiko, Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : developer of Sword Art Online and
the NerveGear, do all this?
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : My goal has already been achieved. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : I created Sword Art Online for one reason... Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : To create this world and intervene in it. Line ID
Kirito : Kayaba... Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : And now, it is complete. Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : This ends the tutorial for the
official Sword Art Online launch.
Line ID
Kayaba Akihiko : Good luck, players. Line ID
Kirito : This is real... Line ID
Kirito : The genius who created the NerveGear Line ID
Kirito : and created a completely virtual space, Line ID
Kirito : Kayaba Akihiko. Line ID
Kirito : I admired him, so I can tell... Line ID
Kirito : Everything he just said Line ID
EXTRA : is true. Line ID
Kirito : If I'll die in the game, Line ID
Kirito : I will die in real life! Line ID
Silica : No! Line ID
EXTRA : Screw you! Line ID
EXTRA : Let me out! Let me out of here! Line ID
EXTRA : I can't stay here...
I have a meeting after this!
Line ID
EXTRA : What are you thinking? Line ID
EXTRA : Let us go! Line ID
EXTRA : Tell us it's a lie! Line ID
EXTRA : Someone! Line ID
EXTRA : Can't anyone do something? Line ID
Kirito : Come with me, Klein. Line ID
Kirito : Listen to me. Line ID
Kirito : I'm heading to the next village right now. Line ID
Kirito : Come with me. Line ID
Kirito : If what he said is true, Line ID
Kirito : the only way to survive in this world is by
making yourself as strong as possible.
Line ID
Kirito : The resources within a virtual MMORPG, Line ID
Kirito : in other words, the money and
EXP we can earn, are limited.
Line ID
Kirito : The fields surrounding the Town of Beginnings
will soon be hunted clean.
Line ID
Kirito : To do this efficiently, Line ID
Kirito : we should head to the next village now. Line ID
Kirito : I know all the paths and dangerous areas. Line ID
Kirito : Even at level 1, I can get there safely. Line ID
Klein : But... But you know... Line ID
Klein : I spent a whole night in line to buy this
with my friends from the other game.
Line ID
Klein : They're out there, in the plaza. Line ID
Klein : I can't leave them. Line ID
Kirito : If it were just Klein... Line ID
Kirito : But two more... Line ID
Kirito : Or even one more... Line ID
Klein : Sorry. Line ID
Klein : I can hardly ask you for anything else, can I? Line ID
Klein : So don't worry about it.
Go to the next village.
Line ID
Klein : I used to run a guild in my last game. Line ID
Klein : I can use what you taught me to get by! Line ID
Kirito : All right. Line ID
Kirito : Then let's say goodbye here. Line ID
Kirito : If something happens, send me a message. Line ID
Klein : Will do. Line ID
Kirito : Okay, goodbye, Klein. Line ID
Klein : Kirito! Line ID
Klein : Hey... Line ID
Klein : Kirito. Line ID
Klein : You were actually pretty cute. Line ID
Klein : That's my type. Line ID
Kirito : And that unkempt face of yours
suits you ten times better.
Line ID
Kirito : I'm... I'm... Line ID
Kirito : I'm going to survive... Line ID
Kirito : In this world! Line ID
EXTRA : In the game's first month, 2000 died. Line ID
EXTRA : Floor 1 has yet to be cleared.
Line ID
EXTRA : Next Time:
Line ID
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with no room for anything else.

Ochako Uraraka
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