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or a small amount of wheat.

- Horo

Sword Art Online - Episode 2

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Kirito : One month has passed since the game began. Line ID
EXTRA : December 2, 2022 Line ID
Kirito : During that time, two thousand people have died. Line ID
Kirito : However, no one has yet been
able to clear the first floor.
Line ID
Kirito : I was a beta tester, Line ID
Kirito : and even I haven't found the boss room. Line ID
Kirito : And today, Line ID
Kirito : we're finally holding a meeting Line ID
Kirito : on how to defeat the first floor boss. Line ID
EXTRA : Beater Line ID
Diabel : Okay, let's get started, people! Line ID
Diabel : Thank you for coming today. Line ID
Diabel : My name is Diabel. Line ID
Diabel : I like to consider my "job" as Knight. Line ID
EXTRA : There's no job system in this game! Line ID
EXTRA : A knight? Line ID
EXTRA : Then, is the meeting a joke, too? Line ID
EXTRA : You should take this seriously! Line ID
Diabel : Today, our party found Line ID
Diabel : the boss room at the top of the tower. Line ID
EXTRA : Seriously? Line ID
Diabel : We need to defeat the boss,
reach the second floor,
Line ID
Diabel : and tell everyone waiting
in the Town of Beginnings
Line ID
Diabel : that it is possible to beat this game. Line ID
Diabel : Everyone present here shares this duty! Line ID
Diabel : Do you all agree? Line ID
Diabel : All right, Line ID
Diabel : then let us begin our planning. Line ID
Diabel : First, divide into parties of six. Line ID
EXTRA : Of course we'll be in the same party. Line ID
Diabel : An ordinary party has no chance
against a floor boss.
Line ID
EXTRA : I'll be the leader. Line ID
Diabel : We'll need to form a raid group
using multiple parties.
Line ID
EXTRA : Let's do this. Line ID
Kirito : You got left out, too? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I wasn't left out. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I just stayed out of it because everyone
seemed to know each other already.
Line ID
Kirito : A solo player? Line ID
Kirito : Then, want to form a party with me? Line ID
Kirito : He just said we can't beat
the boss on our own.
Line ID
Kirito : So just for this fight? Line ID
Diabel : Okay, have you formed your parties? Line ID
Diabel : Then— Line ID
Kibaou : Just a second! Line ID
Kibaou : My name's Kibaou. Line ID
Kibaou : I wanna say something
before we take on the boss.
Line ID
Kibaou : Some of you here need to apologize Line ID
Kibaou : to the two thousand who have died so far! Line ID
Diabel : Kibaou-san, Line ID
Diabel : are you referring
to the beta testers?
Line ID
Kibaou : Of course I am! Line ID
Kibaou : On the day this stupid game started,
the beta guys ditched us beginners,
Line ID
Kibaou : and they all disappeared. Line ID
Kibaou : They took all the good hunting spots Line ID
Kibaou : and easy quests for themselves, Line ID
Kibaou : so only they could get stronger. Line ID
Kibaou : And then, they just ignored the rest of us. Line ID
Kibaou : I'm sure someone here was in the beta! Line ID
Kibaou : They should get on their knees and apologize, Line ID
Kibaou : and give up all the items and
money they've hoarded.
Line ID
Kibaou : Otherwise, we can't trust them to
protect us as party members,
Line ID
Kibaou : and they shouldn't trust us! Line ID
Agil : May I speak? Line ID
Agil : My name is Egil. Line ID
Agil : Kibaou-san, tell me if I have this right. Line ID
Agil : You're saying that because the beta
testers didn't take care of them,
Line ID
Agil : many beginners died. Line ID
Agil : That they should take responsibility,
apologize, and provide compensation.
Line ID
Agil : Correct? Line ID
Kibaou : Y-Yeah. Line ID
Agil : You got this guide book, didn't you? Line ID
Agil : It was provided for free at the item store. Line ID
Kibaou : Sure, I did... Line ID
Kibaou : Why? Line ID
Agil : It was compiled from information
given by the beta testers.
Line ID
EXTRA : Seriously? Line ID
Agil : Listen. Line ID
Agil : Everyone had equal access to this information. Line ID
Agil : And even still, many players died. Line ID
Agil : I thought the topic of discussion here Line ID
Agil : was what we could learn from their deaths, Line ID
Agil : and how that can help us defeat the boss. Line ID
Diabel : All right. Line ID
Diabel : Then, can we resume? Line ID
Diabel : The latest edition of that guide book was just issued, Line ID
Diabel : and it contains information on the boss. Line ID
Diabel : According to it, the boss's name
is Illfang the Kobold Lord.
Line ID
Diabel : He is guarded by assistants
known as Ruin Kobold Sentinels.
Line ID
Diabel : He is armed with an axe and a buckler. Line ID
Diabel : He has four health bars,
and when the last one enters the red,
Line ID
Diabel : he switches to a curved
sword-type weapon called a Talwar.
Line ID
Diabel : His attack pattern changes, as well. Line ID
EXTRA : Wow... Line ID
EXTRA : Amazing. Line ID
Diabel : This concludes the briefing. Line ID
Diabel : Lastly, items will be
automatically distributed.
Line ID
Diabel : EXP goes to the party
that defeats the monster.
Line ID
Diabel : And whoever receives an item keeps it. Line ID
Diabel : Any objections? Line ID
Diabel : Okay, we leave tomorrow,
at ten in the morning.
Line ID
Diabel : See you there! Line ID
Kirito : It's pretty tasty, isn't it? Line ID
Kirito : May I sit down? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Do you really think it's good? Line ID
Kirito : Of course. Line ID
Kirito : I've been eating at least one daily,
ever since arriving in this town.
Line ID
Kirito : I do change it up a little, though. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Change it up? Line ID
Kirito : Trying putting some on the bread. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Cream? Line ID
Kirito : It's the reward for a quest called Line ID
Kirito : "The Heifer Strikes Back,"
one village behind us.
Line ID
Kirito : If you want to do it, I'll show you the trick. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I didn't come to this town to eat good food. Line ID
Kirito : Then, why did you? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : So I can still be me. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I'd rather stay myself until the
very end than sit and rot away
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : at an inn, back in the first town. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Even if I get killed by a monster, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I don't want to lose to this game... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : To this world. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : No matter what. Line ID
Kirito : I wouldn't want a party
member dying on me...
Line ID
Kirito : So at the least, don't die tomorrow. Line ID
EXTRA : December 3, 2022 Floor 1: Forest Field Line ID
Kirito : Let's go over it again. Line ID
Kirito : We leftovers are supposed Line ID
Kirito : to target the boss's helpers, Line ID
Kirito : the Ruin Kobold Sentinels. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I know. Line ID
Kirito : I'll use a sword skill to
knock their pole axes up.
Line ID
Kirito : The second I do, switch in. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Switch? Line ID
Kirito : Is this the first time you've
ever been in a party?
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Yes. Line ID
Diabel : Listen up, everyone. Line ID
Diabel : I have only one thing to say. Line ID
Diabel : Let's win! Line ID
Diabel : Let's go! Line ID
Diabel : Commence attack! Line ID
Diabel : Squad A! Squad C! Switch! Line ID
Diabel : Here it comes! Line ID
Diabel : Squad B, block! Line ID
Diabel : Squad C, keep guarding
and prepare to switch.
Line ID
Diabel : Now! Line ID
Diabel : Switch, draw, and prepare
to attack from the side.
Line ID
Diabel : Squads D, E, and F, keep
the sentinels off us!
Line ID
Kirito : Roger! Line ID
Kirito : Switch! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Number three! Line ID
Kirito : I thought she was a beginner. Line ID
Kirito : But she's incredible. Line ID
Kirito : She's so fast, I can't even
follow her blade.
Line ID
Kirito : Good job. Line ID
Kibaou : Looks like that information was right... Line ID
Diabel : Stand back. Line ID
Diabel : I'll go! Line ID
Kirito : We were supposed to surround
it with the entire group.
Line ID
Kirito : That isn't a Talwar! Line ID
Kirito : It's a No-Dachi! Line ID
Kirito : It's not the same as the beta test! Line ID
Kirito : No! Line ID
Kirito : Jump back as fast as you can! Line ID
Kibaou : Diabel! Line ID
Kirito : Diabel! Line ID
Kirito : Why did you try to do it alone? Line ID
Diabel : You were Line ID
Diabel : a beta tester, weren't you? Line ID
Diabel : You know what I was doing. Line ID
Kirito : You were after the last
attack bonus rare item.
Line ID
Kirito : You were a beta tester, too? Line ID
Diabel : Please... Line ID
Diabel : Defeat... Line ID
Diabel : Defeat the boss. Line ID
Diabel : For everyone... Line ID
Kirito : When this game started, Line ID
Kirito : the only thing I thought
about was surviving.
Line ID
Kirito : Okay, goodbye, Klein. Line ID
Kirito : However, Diabel, you were a beta tester. Line ID
Kirito : But you never abandoned the other players. Line ID
Kirito : You led everyone,
and you fought brilliantly!
Line ID
Kirito : You tried to do what I could not. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I'll go, too. Line ID
Kirito : Thanks. Line ID
Kirito : We'll do it just like the sentinels. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Got it. Line ID
Kirito : Switch! Line ID
Kirito : Asuna! Line ID
Kirito : He's coming back! Line ID
Kirito : Crap! Line ID
Agil : Go! Line ID
Agil : We'll hold him off till you recover! Line ID
Kirito : You're... Line ID
Kirito : Watch out! Line ID
Kirito : I'll get you first! Line ID
Kirito : Asuna... Line ID
Kirito : One last hit!
We'll do it together!
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Roger! Line ID
EXTRA : W-We did it! Line ID
EXTRA : Coat of Midnight Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Good work. Line ID
Agil : That was splendid swordsmanship. Line ID
Agil : Congratulations. Line ID
Agil : This victory belongs to you. Line ID
Kirito : No... Line ID
Kibaou : Why? Line ID
Kibaou : Why did you let Diabel die? Line ID
Kirito : Let him die? Line ID
Kibaou : Of course! Line ID
Kibaou : You knew that technique the boss used! Line ID
Kibaou : If you'd told us about that up front,
he wouldn't have died!
Line ID
EXTRA : He must be a beta tester! Line ID
EXTRA : That's how he knew all the
boss's attack patterns.
Line ID
EXTRA : He knew, but he didn't tell us! Line ID
EXTRA : Other beta testers are here, too, right? Line ID
EXTRA : Come out! Line ID
Kirito : This is bad. Line ID
Kirito : At this rate... Line ID
Diabel : For everyone... Line ID
Agil : Hey, come on... Line ID
Kirito : A beta tester? Line ID
Kirito : I wish you wouldn't compare
me to those newbies.
Line ID
Kibaou : W-What?! Line ID
Kirito : Most of the thousand beta
testers were beginners
Line ID
Kirito : who didn't even know how to level up. Line ID
Kirito : You guys are better than they are. Line ID
Kirito : But I'm not like them. Line ID
Kirito : I made it higher than anyone
else during the beta test.
Line ID
Kirito : The reason I knew the boss's skills Line ID
Kirito : is because I fought monsters with
katana skills on floors far above us.
Line ID
Kirito : I know a lot more. Line ID
Kirito : Way more than any information broker. Line ID
Kibaou : W-What? Line ID
Kibaou : That's... Line ID
Kibaou : That's way worse than a beta tester! Line ID
Kibaou : You're cheating! A cheater! Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah, a cheater! Line ID
EXTRA : A beta tester and a cheater... Line ID
EXTRA : A beater! Line ID
Kirito : A beater... Line ID
Kirito : I like it. Line ID
Kirito : That's right... Line ID
Kirito : I am a beater. Line ID
Kirito : From now on, don't confuse
me with the other testers.
Line ID
EXTRA : Coat of Midnight Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Wait. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : You called my name when
we were fighting.
Line ID
Kirito : Sorry for using just your first name. Line ID
Kirito : Or did I mess up the pronunciation? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Where did you learn it? Line ID
Kirito : You can see another HP gauge
below yours, around here, right?
Line ID
Kirito : Isn't something written next to it? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Kirito... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Kirito? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Is that your name? Line ID
Kirito : Yeah. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Oh, it's been there all this time! Line ID
Kirito : You'll be really strong. Line ID
Kirito : So if someone you trust ever
invites you to join a guild,
Line ID
Kirito : don't turn them down. Line ID
Kirito : There's a big limit to what you
can do as a solo player.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Then, what about you? Line ID
EXTRA : Will you disband your party? Line ID
EXTRA : Next Time:
The Red-Nosed Reindeer.
Line ID
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