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- Tornado of Terror

Sword Art Online - Episode 3

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EXTRA : April 8, 2023 Floor 11: Taft Line ID
Ducker : Here's to us, the Moonlit Black Cats! Line ID
Ducker : Cheers! Line ID
Ducker : And here's to Kirito-san,
the man who saved our lives!
Line ID
Ducker : Cheers! Line ID
Kirito : C-Cheers... Line ID
EXTRA : Thanks. Line ID
EXTRA : Thanks! Line ID
EXTRA : You saved us. Line ID
EXTRA : Thank you. Line ID
Sachi : Thank you so much. Line ID
Kirito : It was nothing. Line ID
Sachi : I was really scared. Line ID
Sachi : Then when you came
to save me, I was so happy.
Line ID
Kirito : S-Sure... Line ID
Keita : Um, Kirito-san... Line ID
Keita : I know this is really rude to ask, Line ID
Keita : but what level are you? Line ID
Kirito : Level 20 or so. Line ID
EXTRA : That isn't too different than ours. Line ID
EXTRA : It's really amazing that
you're a solo player.
Line ID
Kirito : Keita, you don't need to be so polite. Line ID
Kirito : Solo players just target isolated enemies. Line ID
Kirito : It isn't that efficient. Line ID
Keita : Oh... Oh, I see. Line ID
Keita : In that case, Kirito, what would you think Line ID
Keita : about joining our guild? Line ID
Keita : The only one we have who can occupy
the vanguard is Tetsuo, a mace user.
Line ID
Keita : Her name is Sachi. Line ID
Keita : I'd planned to have her switch
to sword and shield use,
Line ID
Keita : so she could fight in the front. Line ID
Keita : But she says that she isn't really sure how. Line ID
Keita : Do you think you could show her the ropes? Line ID
Sachi : Don't talk about me like I'm useless. Line ID
Sachi : I can't go out and fight in the front rank. Line ID
Sachi : I'd be scared. Line ID
EXTRA : Just hide behind your shield. Line ID
Keita : You've always been a scaredy-cat. Line ID
Keita : Everyone in our guild Line ID
Keita : is from our school's PC Research Club. Line ID
Keita : Ah, but don't worry... Line ID
Keita : You'll fit in soon. Line ID
Keita : Right? Line ID
Kirito : Okay. Line ID
Kirito : Then I will join, after all... Line ID
Kirito : Thanks. Line ID
EXTRA : Let's all do our best! Line ID
EXTRA : The Red-Nosed Reindeer Line ID
EXTRA : May 9, 2023 Floor 20: Sunlit Forest Line ID
Kirito : Sachi, Line ID
Kirito : get back. Line ID
Kirito : Tetsuo, switch! Line ID
Tetsuo : Right! Line ID
Tetsuo : All right! Line ID
EXTRA : You did it! Line ID
Keita : So the lead group made it
through Floor 28...
Line ID
Keita : Amazing. Line ID
Keita : Hey, Kirito. Line ID
Keita : What's the difference between
the lead groups and us?
Line ID
Kirito : They know all the fastest ways to get EXP, Line ID
Kirito : and they don't share them. Line ID
Keita : I'm sure that's part of it. Line ID
Keita : But I think it's willpower. Line ID
Kirito : Willpower? Line ID
Keita : I suppose you might say it's a determination
to protect one's friends... No, everyone.
Line ID
Keita : Right now, they're still protecting us. Line ID
Keita : But I'd like to think my will is just as strong. Line ID
Keita : Naturally, Line ID
Keita : our first priority is our friends' safety. Line ID
Keita : But someday, we want to make it up
there, to the top, with the rest.
Line ID
Kirito : I see. Line ID
Kirito : You're right. Line ID
Keita : Heh, maybe... Line ID
Ducker : Hey, leader, Line ID
Ducker : looking good! Line ID
Keita : Come on... Line ID
Tetsuo : So, we're going to be Line ID
Tetsuo : up there with the Holy Dragon Alliance
and the Knights of the Blood Oath?
Line ID
Keita : What? Line ID
Keita : There's nothing with setting big goals. Line ID
Keita : First, we'll all hit level 30. Line ID
Sachi : That's impossible! Line ID
Kirito : If the Black Cats ever do grow up
and make it to the front lines,
Line ID
Kirito : Keita's ideals could change the
insular atmosphere up there.
Line ID
Keita : I have an announcement for you. Line ID
Keita : As of our last hunt, we've saved 200,000 Cor! Line ID
Tetsuo : Before too long, we'll be able
to buy our own house.
Line ID
Sasamaru : Hey, why don't we get
more equipment for Sachi?
Line ID
Keita : Yeah. Line ID
Sachi : No, I'm fine as I am. Line ID
Sasamaru : Don't worry about it. Line ID
Sasamaru : We can't make Kirito protect us forever. Line ID
Sachi : I'm sorry. Line ID
Kirito : I don't mind. Line ID
Kirito : Don't worry about it. Line ID
Sachi : Sorry, Kirito... Line ID
Keita : Sachi, I know it's hard to switch jobs. Line ID
Keita : But you're almost there. Line ID
Keita : Let's all do our best! Line ID
Sachi : Yeah. Line ID
EXTRA : May 16, 2023 Floor 28: Wolf Plains Line ID
Kirito : Klein... Line ID
Klein : Hey, it's Kirito! Line ID
Klein : You guys, clean up the
rest of the trash mobs.
Line ID
EXTRA : Sure. Line ID
Klein : I was thinking I hadn't seen you for a while. Line ID
Klein : You're out leveling this late? Line ID
Klein : That mark? Line ID
Klein : Did you join a guild? Line ID
Kirito : Yeah, I guess... Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, we can move on! Line ID
Kirito : Bye. Line ID
Klein : Yeah. Line ID
Klein : Jeez, that's still bugging you? Line ID
Keita : "This is Keita. Line ID
Keita : Sachi left and hasn't returned. Line ID
Keita : We're heading to the dungeon area. Line ID
Keita : If you learn anything, let me know." Line ID
Kirito : Sachi... Line ID
Kirito : Track Line ID
Kirito : Sachi! Line ID
Sachi : Kirito? Line ID
Kirito : Everyone's worried. Line ID
Sachi : Hey, Kirito... Line ID
Sachi : Let's run away together. Line ID
Kirito : Run away from what? Line ID
Sachi : From this town, Line ID
Sachi : the monsters... Line ID
Sachi : From the Black Cats... Line ID
Sachi : From Sword Art Online. Line ID
Kirito : D-Do you mean a double suicide? Line ID
Sachi : That might be okay. Line ID
Sachi : No, Line ID
Sachi : I'm sorry. Line ID
Sachi : That was a lie. Line ID
Sachi : If I had the courage to die, Line ID
Sachi : I wouldn't hide within the
safety of the town, would I?
Line ID
Sachi : Hey, why can't we leave this place? Line ID
Sachi : Why do we have to die,
even though it's a game?
Line ID
Sachi : What's the point of this? Line ID
Kirito : I don't think there is a point. Line ID
Sachi : I'm afraid of dying. Line ID
Kirito : You're afraid of dying? Line ID
Sachi : I'm so scared, I haven't
been able to sleep lately...
Line ID
Kirito : You won't die. Line ID
Sachi : Really? Line ID
Sachi : How can you say for sure? Line ID
Kirito : The Black Cats is a strong guild. Line ID
Kirito : Our margin of safety is well above average. Line ID
Kirito : And Tetsuo and I are both here. Line ID
Kirito : There's no need for you to force
yourself into the front ranks.
Line ID
Sachi : I really don't have to die? Line ID
Sachi : I can go back to reality someday? Line ID
Kirito : Yeah. Line ID
Kirito : You aren't going to die. Line ID
Kirito : I'm sure they'll beat this game eventually. Line ID
Kirito : Come in. Line ID
Sachi : I'm sorry. Line ID
Sachi : I just couldn't get to sleep. Line ID
Kirito : If you stay in this guild, you'll be safe. Line ID
Kirito : Someday, you'll go back to reality. Line ID
Kirito : There are lots of players like you
who are afraid of dying.
Line ID
Kirito : But they still laugh, cry, and live,
as best as they can in this world.
Line ID
Kirito : I'd never really thought about it... Line ID
Sachi : Kirito? Line ID
Kirito : It's okay. Line ID
Kirito : You're going to survive. Line ID
Kirito : I'll protect all of you. Line ID
Keita : Okay, see you. Line ID
Keita : Teleport: Town of Beginnings. Line ID
Sasamaru : I didn't know buying your own
home would be so exciting.
Line ID
Ducker : You sound like an old man! Line ID
Tetsuo : Hey, let's go make some cash Line ID
Tetsuo : while Keita's buying the house. Line ID
Sachi : Will we buy furniture? Line ID
Ducker : Want to go up to the dungeon? Line ID
Kirito : Wouldn't our usual hunting
grounds be better?
Line ID
Sasamaru : We can do it faster above. Line ID
Ducker : At our levels, we'll be fine. Line ID
EXTRA : June 12, 2023 Floor 27: Dungeon Line ID
Sasamaru : I told you we'd have no problem. Line ID
Sasamaru : We might be almost at the front lines. Line ID
Ducker : Heck, yeah! Line ID
Kirito : A hidden door here? Line ID
Ducker : A treasure chest! Line ID
Kirito : W-Wait! Line ID
Kirito : It's a trap! Line ID
Kirito : Everyone, let's get out of here! Line ID
Ducker : Teleport: Taft! Line ID
Ducker : Teleport: Taft! Line ID
Sachi : We can't use our crystals! Line ID
Kirito : This is a crystal-nullification area? Line ID
Sasamaru : Tetsuo! Line ID
Sasamaru : Damn it! Line ID
Kirito : Sachi! Line ID
Sachi : Kirito! Line ID
Kirito : Sachi! Line ID
EXTRA : December 24, 2023 Floor 49: Myugen Line ID
Argo : Lately, you've been taking big
risks with your level-raising.
Line ID
Kirito : Did you get any new information? Line ID
Argo : Nothing worth charging money for. Line ID
Kirito : What a useless information broker.
Pretty unusual for you.
Line ID
Argo : This is a first-time event.
It wasn't in the beta test.
Line ID
Argo : There's no way to get information. Line ID
Argo : On Christmas Eve... Line ID
Argo : In other words, late tonight, Line ID
Argo : the event boss, "Nicholas the
Renegade," will appear.
Line ID
Argo : Beneath a certain fir tree. Line ID
Argo : The big guilds are searching pretty hard for it. Line ID
Argo : You have an idea where it is, don't you? Line ID
Kirito : Maybe. Line ID
Argo : You're seriously going to try and solo it? Line ID
Kirito : In this world, the dead won't return. Line ID
Kirito : But there's a rumor that
Nicholas the Renegade
Line ID
Kirito : drops an item that can revive the dead. Line ID
Kirito : If I try and fight him alone, Line ID
Kirito : I'll probably die. Line ID
Kirito : I'll die in a place where no one will see me, Line ID
Kirito : leaving nothing behind. Line ID
Kibaou : You were a beater... Line ID
Kibaou : You never had any right to be with us! Line ID
Kirito : That's right. Line ID
Kirito : I... Line ID
Kirito : My arrogance... Line ID
Kirito : killed you. Line ID
Kirito : If I hadn't hidden my level... Line ID
Kirito : If I can defeat Nicholas, Line ID
EXTRA : Floor 35: Forest Maze Line ID
Kirito : Sachi's soul will return, Line ID
Kirito : and I'll be able to hear her last words. Line ID
Kirito : No matter what words
she uses to curse me,
Line ID
Kirito : I must accept them. Line ID
Klein : Yo. Line ID
Kirito : You followed me? Line ID
Klein : Yeah. Line ID
Klein : You're after the revival item? Line ID
Kirito : Yeah. Line ID
Klein : Don't risk your life on a stupid rumor. Line ID
Klein : If you die in the game, you die for real. Line ID
Klein : The moment our HP drops to zero, Line ID
Klein : our brains in the real world— Line ID
Kirito : Shut up. Line ID
Klein : Fighting solo is crazy.
Cut it out!
Line ID
Klein : Join us... Line ID
Klein : Whoever gets the revival item drop keeps it,
without hard feelings either way.
Line ID
Klein : That's fair, right? Line ID
Kirito : Then there'd be no point. Line ID
Kirito : I have to do it myself. Line ID
Klein : I can't let you die here, Line ID
Klein : Kirito! Line ID
Kirito : You were followed, too, Klein. Line ID
Klein : Looks that way. Line ID
EXTRA : The Holy Dragon Alliance? Line ID
EXTRA : They'll do anything for a rare item. Line ID
EXTRA : What do we do? Line ID
Kirito : I... Line ID
Klein : Damn it! Line ID
Klein : Go, Kirito! Line ID
Kirito : Klein... Line ID
Klein : Go! Line ID
Klein : We'll hold them off! Line ID
Kirito : Shut up. Line ID
Klein : Kirito! Line ID
Klein : H-Hey... Line ID
Klein : That's the revival item. Line ID
Klein : Let me see. Line ID
Klein : "The target player..." Line ID
Klein : (within ten seconds) Line ID
Klein : "Within ten seconds"? Line ID
Kirito : Use it on the next person you see die. Line ID
Klein : Kirito... Line ID
Klein : Kirito! Line ID
Klein : You have to survive! Line ID
Klein : Survive until the end, please... Line ID
Kirito : Bye. Line ID
Kirito : Sachi? Line ID
Sachi : Merry Christmas, Kirito. Line ID
Sachi : By the time you hear this, Line ID
Sachi : I'm guessing I'll be dead. Line ID
Sachi : How to explain it... Line ID
Sachi : To tell the truth, Line ID
Sachi : I never really wanted to leave
the Town of Beginnings.
Line ID
Sachi : But if I keep feeling like that, Line ID
Sachi : I'll probably die someday. Line ID
Sachi : And it's no one's fault. Line ID
Sachi : It's my own problem. Line ID
Sachi : Ever since that night,
you've continued to tell me
Line ID
Sachi : each night that I won't die. Line ID
Sachi : If I'm killed, you'll probably blame yourself, Line ID
Sachi : so I decided to record this. Line ID
Sachi : And I know your true strength. Line ID
Sachi : I accidentally saw it a while ago. Line ID
Sachi : I thought really hard about why Line ID
Sachi : you would hide your level and join us, Line ID
Sachi : but I never did figure it out. Line ID
Sachi : But when I learned how
strong you really were,
Line ID
Sachi : I felt so relieved. Line ID
Sachi : So even if I die, Line ID
Sachi : you keep living, okay? Line ID
Sachi : Live to see the end of this world, Line ID
Sachi : and to see why it was born... Line ID
Sachi : The reason why a weak girl
like me ended up here...
Line ID
Sachi : And the reason you and I met. Line ID
Sachi : That's what I want you to do. Line ID
Sachi : There's still plenty of time left. Line ID
Sachi : Since it's Christmas, I'll sing a song. Line ID
Sachi : Bye, Kirito. Line ID
Sachi : I'm so glad I met you, Line ID
Sachi : that I could be with you. Line ID
Sachi : Thank you. Line ID
Sachi : Goodbye. Line ID
Kirito : Next Time:
The Black Swordsman
Line ID
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