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No, I made it into a strong Quirk.

- Mirio Togata

Sword Art Online - Episode 4

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

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Rosalia : What? Line ID
Rosalia : You've got that lizard to heal you. Line ID
EXTRA : February 23, 2024 Floor 35: Lost Forest Line ID
Rosalia : You don't need any heal crystals. Line ID
Silica : What about you? Line ID
Silica : You never fight from the front. Line ID
Silica : So do you need crystals? Line ID
Rosalia : Of course I do... Line ID
Rosalia : I'm not a child idol like you, Silica-chan, Line ID
Rosalia : so boys won't heal me. Line ID
EXTRA : C-Come on, you two... Line ID
Silica : Fine! Line ID
Silica : I don't need the items. Line ID
Silica : I won't be partying with you anymore. Line ID
Silica : There are plenty of parties that want me. Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, Silica-chan! Line ID
EXTRA : The Black Swordsman Line ID
Silica : I don't have any healing items?! Line ID
Silica : Pina! Line ID
Silica : Pina... Pina! Line ID
Silica : Pina. Line ID
Silica : Pina... Line ID
Silica : Pina... Line ID
Silica : Pina! Line ID
Silica : Pina... Pina! Line ID
Silica : Pina... Line ID
Silica : Don't leave me alone. Line ID
Silica : Pina! Line ID
Kirito : What's that feather? Line ID
Silica : It's Pina. Line ID
Silica : My partner... Line ID
Kirito : You're a beast tamer? Line ID
Kirito : I'm sorry... Line ID
Kirito : I wasn't able to save your friend. Line ID
Silica : No... Line ID
Silica : I was being stupid. Line ID
Silica : I was stupid to think I could make it
through the forest on my own.
Line ID
Silica : Thank you for saving me. Line ID
Kirito : Does that feather Line ID
Kirito : happen to have an item name? Line ID
EXTRA : Pina's Heart Line ID
Kirito : Don't cry. Line ID
Kirito : If Pina's heart is still here,
you can revive her.
Line ID
Silica : Really? Line ID
Kirito : On the south side of Floor 47, Line ID
Kirito : there's a field dungeon
called the Hill of Memories.
Line ID
Kirito : I've heard that the flower that
blooms at its top can revive a pet.
Line ID
Silica : Floor 47... Line ID
Kirito : If you gave me the GP, I'd go for you... Line ID
Kirito : But if the pet's owner isn't there,
the flower won't bloom.
Line ID
Silica : That information is enough. Line ID
Silica : If I work hard to raise my level,
then someday...
Line ID
Kirito : They can only be revived for
three days after death.
Line ID
Silica : No... Line ID
Silica : It's my fault. Line ID
Silica : I'm so sorry, Pina. Line ID
Kirito : Don't worry. Line ID
Kirito : You have three days. Line ID
Kirito : This equipment should be worth
a good five or six levels.
Line ID
Kirito : If I go with you, it'll work out. Line ID
Silica : Why would you do all this for me? Line ID
Kirito : If you promise not to laugh, I'll tell you. Line ID
Silica : I promise. Line ID
Kirito : It's because you look like my little sister... Line ID
Silica : I'm sorry. Line ID
Silica : Um, I'm sure this isn't anywhere
near enough to pay, but...
Line ID
Kirito : No, it's okay. Line ID
Kirito : This isn't entirely incompatible
with my reason for being here.
Line ID
Silica : I'm Silica. Line ID
Kirito : I'm Kirito. Line ID
Kirito : We won't be together long, Line ID
Kirito : but it's nice to meet you. Line ID
EXTRA : Floor 35: Mishe Line ID
EXTRA : There's Silica-chan! Line ID
EXTRA : You're late! Line ID
EXTRA : We were worried! Line ID
Silica : U-Um... Line ID
EXTRA : Let's party up sometime! Line ID
EXTRA : We can go wherever you want. Line ID
Silica : That's very kind of you, but... Line ID
Silica : I'll be in a party with him for a while. Line ID
Silica : Sorry. Line ID
Silica : I apologize for that. Line ID
Kirito : Your fans? Line ID
Kirito : You must be popular. Line ID
Silica : No... Line ID
Silica : They just want me along as a mascot. Line ID
Silica : But I got full of myself when
they began to call me
Line ID
Silica : Dragon Tamer Silica... Line ID
Kirito : Don't worry. Line ID
Kirito : We'll make it in time. Line ID
Silica : Right! Line ID
Silica : Where do you live? Line ID
Kirito : On Floor 50. Line ID
Kirito : But that's pretty far.
Maybe I'll just stay here.
Line ID
Silica : Really? Line ID
Silica : The cheesecake is really good here. Line ID
Rosalia : Oh, if it isn't Silica. Line ID
Rosalia : You made it out of the forest. Line ID
Rosalia : I'm relieved. Line ID
Kirito : Is something wrong? Line ID
Silica : No, nothing. Line ID
Rosalia : Huh? Line ID
Rosalia : What happened to the lizard? Line ID
Rosalia : Could something... Line ID
Silica : Pina died. Line ID
Silica : But I'm definitely bringing her back! Line ID
Rosalia : Then you're going to the
Hill of Memories...
Line ID
Rosalia : But at your level, will you
be able to clear it?
Line ID
Kirito : She will. Line ID
Kirito : It isn't that hard. Line ID
Rosalia : You're another one she's seduced? Line ID
Rosalia : You don't look particularly strong to me. Line ID
Kirito : Let's go. Line ID
Silica : Why is she so mean? Line ID
Kirito : Is SAO your first MMO? Line ID
Silica : Yes. Line ID
Kirito : In any online game, Line ID
Kirito : a lot of people's personalities change. Line ID
Kirito : Some enjoy playing as outright villains. Line ID
Kirito : Our player indicators are green, right? Line ID
Kirito : However, if you commit a crime,
the indicator will turn orange.
Line ID
Kirito : The worst criminals, player killers, Line ID
Kirito : those who've killed someone, Line ID
Kirito : are known as red players. Line ID
Silica : You mean murderers? Line ID
Kirito : In any other game, Line ID
Kirito : they could've had fun while role
playing as the bad guy.
Line ID
Kirito : However, Sword Art Online is different. Line ID
Kirito : This game isn't really a game at all. Line ID
Silica : Kirito-san... Line ID
Kirito : I'm sorry. Line ID
Silica : You're a good person! Line ID
Silica : You saved me! Line ID
Kirito : Seems like you've cheered me up instead. Line ID
Kirito : Thanks, Silica. Line ID
Silica : Our cheesecake is late! Line ID
Silica : Excuse me, our dessert
hasn't arrived yet...
Line ID
Silica : If I told him I wanted to talk a little more, Line ID
Silica : would he laugh at me? Line ID
Kirito : Silica, are you still up? Line ID
Silica : K-Kirito-san? Line ID
Kirito : I forgot that I had more to
tell you about Floor 47...
Line ID
Kirito : Want to go over it tomorrow? Line ID
Silica : It's fine. Line ID
Silica : I was just thinking about that... Line ID
Silica : That was close. Line ID
Kirito : Silica, is something wrong? Line ID
Silica : No, it's nothing. Line ID
Silica : What's that item, Kirito-san? Line ID
Kirito : It's called a mirage sphere. Line ID
Silica : It's so pretty! Line ID
Kirito : Here's Floor 47's town area. Line ID
Kirito : And this is the Hill of Memories. Line ID
Kirito : So we'll be following this route... Line ID
Silica : Kirito— Line ID
Kirito : Who's there? Line ID
Silica : What was that? Line ID
Kirito : They heard us. Line ID
Silica : But unless you've knocked,
you can't hear through a door...
Line ID
Kirito : It's different if your listening
skill is high enough.
Line ID
Kirito : But few people invest
the time to raise it.
Line ID
Silica : Why would they want
to listen in on us?
Line ID
EXTRA : February 24, 2024 Floor 47: Floria Line ID
Silica : It's like a dream! Line ID
Kirito : This floor is known as the Flower Garden. Line ID
Kirito : The entire level is covered in flowers. Line ID
Silica : This is... Line ID
Kirito : Silica? Line ID
Silica : Yes! Line ID
Silica : Sorry to keep you waiting. Line ID
Kirito : What's wrong? Line ID
Silica : Ah, nothing at all... Line ID
Kirito : Let's go. Line ID
Silica : Right... Line ID
Silica : What's this? Line ID
Kirito : If anything unexpected happens,
and I tell you to warp out,
Line ID
Kirito : use this crystal to jump to any town. Line ID
Silica : But... Line ID
Kirito : Promise me. Line ID
Silica : All right. Line ID
Kirito : Okay, let's get going. Line ID
Kirito : This path leads to the Hill of Memories. Line ID
Silica : Um, Kirito-san... Line ID
Kirito : Calm down, Silica! Line ID
Kirito : It's really weak! Line ID
Silica : K-Kirito-san, save me! Line ID
Silica : Don't look, but save me! Line ID
Kirito : That's impossible. Line ID
Silica : S-Stupid thing... Line ID
Silica : That's enough! Line ID
Silica : Did you see? Line ID
Kirito : No, I didn't. Line ID
Silica : Kirito-san, Line ID
Silica : could I ask you about your sister? Line ID
Kirito : Why now, all of a sudden? Line ID
Silica : You said I look like her. Line ID
Silica : I know it's impolite to ask
about the real world.
Line ID
Silica : But would it be okay? Line ID
Kirito : I called her my little sister, Line ID
Kirito : but she's actually my cousin. Line ID
Kirito : We grew up together,
so I don't think she knows.
Line ID
Kirito : Maybe that's why... Line ID
Kirito : I've been distancing myself from her. Line ID
Kirito : Our grandfather's really strict. Line ID
Kirito : When I was eight, he made us
attend a local kendo dojo.
Line ID
Kirito : I stopped after two years. Line ID
Kirito : My grandfather beat me up. Line ID
Silica : That's terrible... Line ID
Kirito : So my sister said Line ID
Kirito : that she'd put in enough
effort for both of us,
Line ID
Kirito : and to stop hitting me. Line ID
Kirito : She worked really hard after that, Line ID
Kirito : and made it to the nationals. Line ID
Silica : That's amazing. Line ID
Kirito : But I always felt bad about it. Line ID
Kirito : Like maybe she would rather have been doing something else, Line ID
Kirito : and secretly holds it against me. Line ID
Kirito : So it's possible that I'm helping you because
it feels like a way to atone to my sister.
Line ID
Kirito : I'm sorry. Line ID
Silica : I don't think that your sister hates you. Line ID
Silica : You can't work that hard
for someone who you don't like.
Line ID
Silica : I'm sure that she really loves kendo! Line ID
Kirito : You keep reassuring me. Line ID
Kirito : Maybe you're right. Line ID
Kirito : I hope so. Line ID
Silica : Okay... Line ID
Silica : I'll do my best, too! Line ID
Silica : Kirito-san... Line ID
Silica : Ow! Line ID
Silica : The flower of revival is here? Line ID
Kirito : Yeah, if I remember... Line ID
Kirito : Take it. Line ID
EXTRA : Pneuma Flower Line ID
Silica : This will bring Pina back, right? Line ID
Kirito : Yeah. Line ID
Silica : I'm so glad... Line ID
Kirito : But there are lots of strong
monsters around here.
Line ID
Kirito : Let's revive her after
we get back to town.
Line ID
Kirito : I'm sure Line ID
Kirito : she'd prefer it that way. Line ID
Silica : Yeah. Line ID
Kirito : Kirito-san? Line ID
Kirito : Whoever's behind those trees, Line ID
Kirito : come out. Line ID
Silica : R-Rosalia-san? Line ID
Rosalia : If you can see through my hiding skill, Line ID
Rosalia : your detection skill must be
quite high, Swordsman.
Line ID
Rosalia : It appears you managed to
get the Pneuma Flower.
Line ID
Rosalia : Congratulations. Line ID
Rosalia : Now hand it over. Line ID
Silica : W-What are you talking about? Line ID
Kirito : That isn't going to happen, Rosalia-san. Line ID
Kirito : Or should I say Line ID
Kirito : leader of the orange guild, Titan's Hand. Line ID
Silica : But she's green! Line ID
Kirito : It's a simple trick. Line ID
Kirito : The green members find targets, Line ID
Kirito : and lead them to where the
orange players are waiting.
Line ID
Kirito : That was one of your friends
listening to us last night, right?
Line ID
Silica : Then, the reason we were in the
same party for two weeks...
Line ID
Rosalia : That's right. Line ID
Rosalia : I was assessing its strength, Line ID
Rosalia : while waiting for them to earn
money from adventures.
Line ID
Rosalia : You were the prey I was
most anticipating.
Line ID
Rosalia : It was unfortunate that you left, Line ID
Rosalia : but then you said you were
getting a rare item.
Line ID
Rosalia : However, you knew all that,
but went with her anyway.
Line ID
Rosalia : Are you an idiot? Line ID
Rosalia : Or did she actually really seduce you? Line ID
Kirito : No, neither of the above. Line ID
Kirito : I've also been searching
for you, Rosalia-san.
Line ID
Kirito : What are you talking about? Line ID
Kirito : Ten days ago, you attacked a
guild called the Silver Flags.
Line ID
Kirito : Four people, all but the leader, died. Line ID
Rosalia : Oh, the ones with no money... Line ID
Kirito : Their leader went from the warp point Line ID
Kirito : to the front lines, from morning until night, Line ID
Kirito : begging someone to avenge them. Line ID
Kirito : But he didn't want you killed. Line ID
Kirito : He wanted someone to jail you. Line ID
Kirito : Can you understand how he felt? Line ID
Rosalia : Nope... Line ID
Rosalia : What kind of idiot would
take this seriously?
Line ID
Rosalia : There's no proof that killing someone
here means they die in real life.
Line ID
Rosalia : Anyway, shouldn't you be more
concerned for yourselves?
Line ID
Silica : Kirito-san, there are too many! Line ID
Silica : We should run! Line ID
Kirito : It's all right. Line ID
Kirito : Until I tell you to run, Line ID
Kirito : just keep the crystal ready.
Stay put and watch.
Line ID
Silica : Okay. Line ID
Silica : B-But... Line ID
Silica : Kirito-san! Line ID
EXTRA : Kirito? Line ID
EXTRA : Black clothes... Line ID
EXTRA : A one-handed, no-shield style. Line ID
EXTRA : That can't be Line ID
EXTRA : the Black Swordsman... Line ID
EXTRA : Rosalia-san, this is the beater
who solos the front lines...
Line ID
EXTRA : He's in the lead group! Line ID
Silica : The lead group? Line ID
Rosalia : Someone from the lead group
wouldn't be down here!
Line ID
Rosalia : Go get him, Line ID
Rosalia : and take everything he owns! Line ID
EXTRA : Die! Line ID
Silica : I have to save Kirito-san... Line ID
Silica : What? Line ID
Rosalia : What are you doing?! Line ID
Rosalia : Kill him! Line ID
Kirito : About 400, in around 10 seconds... Line ID
Kirito : That's the total damage you
seven can do to me.
Line ID
Kirito : I'm level 78. Line ID
Kirito : I have 14,500 HP. Line ID
Kirito : My battle healing skill auto-regenerates Line ID
Kirito : 600 points every 10 seconds. Line ID
Kirito : We could stand here all day,
and you'd never beat me.
Line ID
EXTRA : Is that even possible? Line ID
Kirito : It is. Line ID
Kirito : High enough numbers will
make you invincible.
Line ID
Kirito : MMOs that use a level system
are unfair that way.
Line ID
Kirito : My client spent his entire fortune Line ID
Kirito : to buy this warp crystal. Line ID
Kirito : It's set to take you to the prison. Line ID
Kirito : You're all going there! Line ID
Rosalia : I'm green, so if you hurt me, Line ID
Rosalia : you'll go orange... Line ID
Kirito : Just so we're clear, I'm a solo player. Line ID
Kirito : One or two days of playing while
orange mean nothing to me.
Line ID
Kirito : Sorry, Silica... Line ID
Kirito : I ended up using you as bait. Line ID
Kirito : I thought you'd be scared if
I told you about myself.
Line ID
Silica : You're a good person, Line ID
Silica : so I wouldn't be scared. Line ID
Silica : So you're leaving, then? Line ID
Kirito : Yeah, Line ID
Kirito : I've been away from the
front lines for five days...
Line ID
Kirito : I need to get back. Line ID
Silica : T-The lead group is amazing... Line ID
Silica : I could never be one,
even if I tried for years.
Line ID
Silica : Um... Line ID
Silica : I... Line ID
Kirito : Levels are just numbers. Line ID
Kirito : In this world, strength is just an illusion. Line ID
Kirito : There are more important things. Line ID
Kirito : Next time, let's meet in the real world. Line ID
Kirito : Then we'll be friends,
just like we are now.
Line ID
Silica : Right. Line ID
Silica : I'm sure we will! Line ID
Kirito : Okay, let's revive Pina. Line ID
Silica : Yeah! Line ID
EXTRA : Pina's Heart Line ID
Silica : Pina... Line ID
Silica : I'll talk to you lots and lots, okay? Line ID
Silica : About my amazing adventure today... Line ID
Silica : And about the one day in my life
that I had a big brother.
Line ID
EXTRA : Next Time:
A Crime Within the Walls
Line ID
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No, I made it into a strong Quirk.

Mirio Togata
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