You Tanwa


we will now go to take back the King of Qin's throne that was unjustly taken!

You Tanwa

Sword Art Online - Episode 9

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Kirito : Ready? Line ID
Kirito : I'm going to open it. Line ID
Kirito : There's nothing in here... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Wait. Line ID
Kirito : It's okay. Line ID
Kirito : I won't go in too far. Line ID
Kirito : And we need to at least see the boss, Line ID
Kirito : or we won't know how to beat it. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Yeah, but... Line ID
EXTRA : The Blue-Eyed Demon Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : That one's gonna be tough. Line ID
Kirito : Yeah... Line ID
Kirito : The only weapon I saw
was that big sword,
Line ID
Kirito : but I'm sure it has special attacks. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : We'll have to put tanks in the front row Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : and keep switching. Line ID
Kirito : Around ten shield users, I'd say. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Shield users, huh? Line ID
Kirito : Wh-What? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : You're hiding something, aren't you? Line ID
Kirito : What are you talking about? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : It makes no sense. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : The biggest advantage of
a one-handed sword
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : is that you can use a shield. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : But I've never seen you with one. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I don't use them because
they slow my rapier.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : And others don't because they
dislike how they look.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : You aren't using the sword you
commissioned from Liz, either.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : It's suspicious... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Well, it doesn't matter! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : It's impolite to ask about people's skills. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Anyway, it's later than
I'd hoped, but let's eat.
Line ID
Kirito : What? Line ID
Kirito : D-Did you make it yourself? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Yes. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Remove your gloves before you eat. Line ID
Kirito : R-Right. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Here you go! Line ID
Kirito : This is good! Line ID
Kirito : But how did you get this taste? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : A year of training and study. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Aincrad has around one
hundred seasonings.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : To make it, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I calculated all the parameters the
flavor-recreation engine uses.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : This uses grogua seed, shugra leaf, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : and calim water. Line ID
Kirito : It's mayonnaise... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : This uses abilba seed,
sag leaves, and ulafish bone.
Line ID
Kirito : I-I know this taste... Line ID
Kirito : It's soy sauce! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I made the sauce for the
sandwich with these.
Line ID
Kirito : Wow. Line ID
Kirito : It's perfect! Line ID
Kirito : If you sold these, you'd make a fortune. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : W-Would I? Line ID
Kirito : N-No, you can't. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Wh-Why? Line ID
Kirito : I want to keep this all for myself. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : You're so greedy... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : If I ever feel like it,
I'll make you another one.
Line ID
Klein : Oh, Kirito! Line ID
Klein : It's been a while! Line ID
Kirito : You're still alive, Klein. Line ID
Klein : You're always such a downer! Line ID
Klein : Wait... Line ID
Klein : Aren't you always solo? Line ID
Klein : Why do you have a girl with you? Line ID
Kirito : Um... Line ID
Kirito : I'm sure you've met him
during boss fights.
Line ID
Kirito : But I'll introduce you anyway. Line ID
Kirito : This is Klein, of the guild FurinKazan. Line ID
Kirito : And this is Asuna, of the
Knights of the Blood Oath.
Line ID
Kirito : Say something... Line ID
Kirito : You lagging? Line ID
Klein : H-Hello, my name is K-Klein! Line ID
Klein : I'm 24, single, and looking for a girlfr— Line ID
EXTRA : Leader! Line ID
EXTRA : Th-That's Asuna-san! Line ID
Kirito : W-Well, they're not really bad... Line ID
Kirito : The leader's face aside. Line ID
Kirito : Hey! Line ID
Klein : Got you back. Line ID
Kirito : K-Klein! Line ID
Klein : What are you doing here with a girl? Line ID
Klein : What's going on, Kirito? Line ID
Kirito : Uh, well... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Hello, there. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I'll be partying with him for a while. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Nice to meet you. Line ID
Klein : Kirito! Why, you... Line ID
Kirito : Wait! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Kirito-kun! Line ID
Kirito : Is that... Line ID
Kirito : the Army? Line ID
Klein : That's the big guild that
runs the first floor.
Line ID
Klein : What are they doing up here? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : They took heavy damage clearing the
25th floor, so they've been focused
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : on strengthening their guild
rather than clearing levels.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : They stopped showing up
on the front lines.
Line ID
EXTRA : At ease! Line ID
EXTRA : I am Lieutenant Colonel Corvatz
of the Aincrad Liberation Army.
Line ID
Kirito : Kirito. I'm solo. Line ID
EXTRA : Have you cleared the area up ahead? Line ID
Kirito : Yes. Line ID
Kirito : We have a map up to the boss room. Line ID
EXTRA : Then I'd like you to give us that map data. Line ID
Klein : For free? Line ID
Klein : Do know how much of a
pain in the ass mapping is?
Line ID
EXTRA : We share information and resources equally Line ID
EXTRA : with civilian players! Line ID
EXTRA : And we maintain order in battle Line ID
EXTRA : to liberate all players from this
game as quickly as possible!
Line ID
EXTRA : Thus, you have a duty to help us! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Listen... Line ID
Klein : You little... Line ID
Kirito : Stop it. Line ID
Kirito : I planned on sharing the data with
everyone when I returned to town.
Line ID
Kirito : I don't mind. Line ID
Klein : Come on... Line ID
Klein : That's being way too nice, Kirito. Line ID
Kirito : I won't make money off map data. Line ID
EXTRA : Thank you for your cooperation. Line ID
Kirito : If you plan to pick a fight with the
boss, I'd recommend against it.
Line ID
EXTRA : That is my decision to make. Line ID
Kirito : I just looked in the room. Line ID
Kirito : You won't get anywhere
with only a few people!
Line ID
Kirito : And your party's exhausted... Line ID
EXTRA : My men aren't so weak as
to give in this easily!
Line ID
EXTRA : Stand up, men! Line ID
Klein : Are they gonna be okay? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I don't think they'd be foolish
enough to rush the boss.
Line ID
Kirito : Still, let's at least go and
keep an eye on them.
Line ID
Kirito : I don't know who's being nicer. Line ID
Klein : Um, well, Asuna-san... Line ID
Klein : You see... Line ID
Klein : He's a gloomy fool, Line ID
Klein : unsociable, and he's addicted to combat. Line ID
Klein : But take care of Kirito for me! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Okay! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I will. Line ID
Klein : The only thing ahead is the boss room... Line ID
Klein : Maybe they used an item to go back? Line ID
Kirito : Asuna! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Right! Line ID
Klein : Hey! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Idiots. Line ID
Kirito : Hey, are you okay?! Line ID
Kirito : What are you doing? Line ID
Kirito : Use your teleport crystals! Line ID
EXTRA : We can't... Line ID
EXTRA : The c-crystals won't work! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : There hasn't been a boss room
with a trap like this before.
Line ID
EXTRA : The Liberation Army never retreats! Line ID
EXTRA : Fight! Fight! Line ID
Kirito : You fools... Line ID
Klein : What's going on? Line ID
Kirito : They can't use teleportation crystals here. Line ID
Kirito : If we go in, Line ID
Kirito : we might be able to get them out, but... Line ID
Klein : Can't we do anything? Line ID
EXTRA : Charge! Line ID
Kirito : Don't! Line ID
Kirito : Hey... Line ID
Kirito : Hang on! Line ID
EXTRA : Impossible. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : No... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : No. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I can't... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : No! Line ID
Kirito : Asuna! Line ID
Klein : Guess I have no choice! Line ID
Kirito : Get back! Line ID
Klein : You okay? Line ID
EXTRA : Thanks. Line ID
Kirito : At this rate... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Kirito-kun! Line ID
Klein : Kirito! Line ID
Kirito : Do I absolutely have to use it? Line ID
Kirito : But... Line ID
Kirito : Damn it, this isn't the
time for uncertainty!
Line ID
Kirito : Asuna, Klein... Line ID
Kirito : I need you to hold him
off for ten seconds!
Line ID
Klein : Got it! Line ID
Kirito : Okay, ready! Line ID
Kirito : Switch! Line ID
Kirito : Starburst Stream! Line ID
Klein : Wh-What is that skill? Line ID
Kirito : Faster... Line ID
Kirito : Even Faster! Line ID
Kirito : Is it... Line ID
Kirito : over? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Kirito-kun! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Kirito-kun! Line ID
Kirito : Ow... Line ID
Kirito : How long was I out? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Just a few seconds. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Dummy! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : That was crazy. Line ID
Kirito : Hold me too tightly, Line ID
Kirito : and I'll lose my last few HP. Line ID
Klein : Corvatz and two others died. Line ID
Kirito : We haven't lost anyone to a
boss fight since floor 67.
Line ID
Klein : Corvatz was a dumbass, Line ID
Klein : thinking he could take that thing. Line ID
Klein : There's no point if you die. Line ID
Klein : Anyway, what was that? Line ID
Kirito : Do I have to say? Line ID
Klein : Of course! Line ID
Klein : I've never seen that before. Line ID
Kirito : An extra skill. Line ID
Kirito : Dual-wielding. Line ID
Klein : Wh-What's the prerequisite? Line ID
Kirito : If I knew, I'd have shared it. Line ID
Klein : It isn't on the information broker's skill list. Line ID
Klein : So you're the only one who has it. Line ID
Klein : It's a unique skill? Line ID
Klein : I can't believe you never told me Line ID
Klein : you had a skill like that. Line ID
EXTRA : One-handed Sword
Thrown Sword
Line ID
Kirito : I was looking at my skill window Line ID
Kirito : about six months ago,
and I just found it there.
Line ID
Kirito : But if people knew I had
a skill like this...
Line ID
Klein : MMO gamers are the jealous type... Line ID
Klein : I'm too good a guy to care, Line ID
Klein : but lots of people would
be really envious.
Line ID
Klein : Especially because... Line ID
Klein : Well, suffering builds
character, young man.
Line ID
Kirito : You could help a little... Line ID
Klein : I'm going to trigger the warp gate. Line ID
Klein : You gonna come? Line ID
Kirito : No, I'll leave it to you. Line ID
Kirito : I'm exhausted... Line ID
Klein : Got it. Line ID
Klein : Be careful on your way back. Line ID
Klein : And, well... Line ID
Klein : Kirito... Line ID
Klein : When you ran in to rescue
those Army guys...
Line ID
Kirito : What? Line ID
Klein : Well... Line ID
Klein : I was glad. Line ID
Klein : That's all. Line ID
Klein : See you around. Line ID
Kirito : Hey, Asuna? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I was so scared... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I didn't know what I'd do if you died. Line ID
Kirito : What? Line ID
Kirito : You're the one who jumped in first. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I'm going to take a leave of
absence from the guild.
Line ID
Kirito : A-And do what? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I said I'd party up with you... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Did you already forget? Line ID
EXTRA : Asuna invites you to join her party. Line ID
Kirito : All right. Line ID
EXTRA : October 19, 2024 Floor 50: Algade Line ID
Agil : "A blue demon that annihilated
a large Army squad."
Line ID
Agil : "And a fifty-hit combo from a
dual-wielder who took it out himself."
Line ID
Agil : They're making a really
big deal out of it.
Line ID
Kirito : None of that actually happened. Line ID
Kirito : And because of that, Line ID
Kirito : so many swordsmen and
information brokers
Line ID
Kirito : come to my place, I can't stay there. Line ID
Lisbeth : Isn't that your own fault? Line ID
Lisbeth : You said it was just our secret,
and you let everyone in on it.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : What are we going to do, Kirito-kun? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : We have a big problem! Line ID
EXTRA : October 19, 2024 Floor 55 Grandzam Line ID
Heathcliff : Kirito-kun, outside of boss fights, Line ID
Heathcliff : I believe we've never met. Line ID
Kirito : No. Line ID
Kirito : We spoke shortly at a conference
on the 67th floor,
Line ID
EXTRA : Guild Commander Heathcliff. Line ID
Heathcliff : That was a difficult battle. Line ID
Heathcliff : We almost lost members, as well. Line ID
Heathcliff : Even a top guild never has sufficient
members for the front lines.
Line ID
Heathcliff : And now, Line ID
Heathcliff : you are taking one of our
most important players.
Line ID
Kirito : If she's that important, Line ID
Kirito : you should do a better job
of picking her bodyguard.
Line ID
Heathcliff : I apologize for the trouble
you had with Kuradeel.
Line ID
Heathcliff : But we simply cannot allow our
second-in-command to leave.
Line ID
Heathcliff : Kirito-kun, Line ID
Heathcliff : if you want her, take her with
your blade, your two blades.
Line ID
Heathcliff : If you can defeat me in combat,
you may take Asuna-kun.
Line ID
Heathcliff : But if you lose, Line ID
Heathcliff : you will join the Knights
of the Blood Oath.
Line ID
Kirito : Very well. Line ID
Kirito : If you'd rather settle this with
swords, that's fine with me.
Line ID
Kirito : Let's settle it with a duel. Line ID
Kirito : Next Time:
Crimson Killing Intent
Line ID
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