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Miho Nishizumi : Four Matilda IIs and one Churchill are on the move. (0:00:05.40)
Yukari Akiyama : They're in such a pretty formation! (0:00:08.93)
Miho Nishizumi : Yeah! It's impressive how they're maintaining
their near-perfect formation while in motion.
Yukari Akiyama : Our AP shells won't be able to
penetrate their front armor.
Miho Nishizumi : It'll take some strategy and skill. (0:00:21.83)
Yukari Akiyama : All right! (0:00:26.17)
Miho Nishizumi : Mako-san, wake up. (0:00:34.18)
Miho Nishizumi : Let's get moving. Try to keep the engine noise down. (0:00:35.59)
Miho Nishizumi : There are five enemy vehicles advancing. (0:02:02.47)
Miho Nishizumi : As planned out earlier, (0:02:04.64)
Miho Nishizumi : we'll be the decoy. (0:02:06.14)
Miho Nishizumi : So, the rest of you remain on standby at the ridge. (0:02:08.56)
Miho Nishizumi : Operation Sneaky begins now! (0:02:11.23)
EXTRA : Roger! (0:02:13.73)
Hana Isuzu : Um, what are we going to do again? (0:02:21.82)
Miho Nishizumi : We'll be launching attacks on the
enemy and luring them in.
Miho Nishizumi : I'm not sure if it'll go well. (0:02:27.37)
Saori Takebe : We don't want to lose and have to perform the Ankou dance.{ , } (0:02:29.04)
Hana Isuzu : This is our first engagement.{This girl (black hair) talks a bit more formally than other characters, as should become obvious later - xity} (0:02:31.92)
Hana Isuzu : It's all about doing our best. (0:02:34.50)
Hana Isuzu : Let's give it our best. (0:02:37.63)
Saori Takebe : You're right. (0:02:39.13)
Saori Takebe : We've got to do it! (0:02:40.34)
Miho Nishizumi : Yeah. (0:02:42.80)
Yukari Akiyama : I'm happy enough just seeing
those British tanks in action!
Saori Takebe : You actually look really happy. (0:02:48.89)
Hana Isuzu : I'm sorry! (0:03:00.66)
Miho Nishizumi : It's okay; our job isn't to destroy them. (0:03:01.78)
Miho Nishizumi : Move in a zigzag as much as you're able! (0:03:14.09)
Miho Nishizumi : Our armor is thin. If they land a
good shot on us, it's game over.
Mako Reizei : Roger. (0:03:19.84)
Miho Nishizumi : Strawberry sponge cakes are the best. (0:03:54.71)
Miho Nishizumi : Oh, right. (0:04:19.78)
Miho Nishizumi : I'm not at home! (0:04:22.45)
Miho Nishizumi : Good. (0:04:36.92)
Miho Nishizumi : I smell delicious, freshly baked bread! (0:05:00.82)
Miho Nishizumi : There's no Sunkus near my home— (0:05:06.07)
Miho Nishizumi : It's so annoying, yet cute! (0:05:11.29)
EXTRA : What should we get? (0:05:13.66)
EXTRA : I want... (0:05:16.21)
EXTRA : I wonder what they have for lunch today. (0:05:27.80)
EXTRA : Let's go buy bread and eat on the rooftop. (0:05:29.80)
Saori Takebe : Hey, girl! (0:06:00.04)
Saori Takebe : Wanna eat lunch together? (0:06:01.13)
Hana Isuzu : Ahem, Saori-san, (0:06:08.59)
Hana Isuzu : you startled Nishizumi-san. (0:06:10.39)
Saori Takebe : Oh, sorry about that. (0:06:13.35)
Hana Isuzu : Let me ask again: (0:06:15.47)
Hana Isuzu : Would you like to have lunch with us? (0:06:17.02)
Miho Nishizumi : With me!? (0:06:20.40)
Saori Takebe : We hooked up with ya! (0:06:24.48)
Hana Isuzu : We wanted to have a conversation with you. (0:06:25.78)
Miho Nishizumi : Oh, you did? (0:06:30.03)
Saori Takebe : You always being a scatterbrain is interesting! (0:06:31.57)
Miho Nishizumi : "Interesting," huh? (0:06:35.49)
Hana Isuzu : Yes! (0:06:36.25)
Saori Takebe : Yes! (0:06:36.25)
Saori Takebe : Oh, I'm... (0:06:37.29)
Miho Nishizumi : Takebe Saori-san. (0:06:38.46)
Miho Nishizumi : Birthday: June 22. (0:06:39.92)
Miho Nishizumi : Isuzu Hana-san. (0:06:42.92)
Miho Nishizumi : Birthday: December 16. (0:06:44.30)
Hana Isuzu : That's right! (0:06:46.30)
Saori Takebe : Oh, you even know our birthdays? (0:06:47.42)
Miho Nishizumi : Yes. (0:06:50.13)
Miho Nishizumi : I memorized all the birthdays on the class roster so
that I could become friends with anyone anytime.
Saori Takebe : You're really interesting, Nishizumi-san. (0:06:55.76)
Saori Takebe : Oh yeah, can we call you by your first name? (0:06:58.10)
Miho Nishizumi : Huh? (0:06:59.98)
Hana Isuzu : Like, "Miho." (0:07:00.77)
Miho Nishizumi : That'd be great! (0:07:02.81)
Miho Nishizumi : I really feel like we're friends! (0:07:03.98)
Miho Nishizumi : I'm so happy I made some friends. (0:07:10.40)
Miho Nishizumi : I came to Oarai alone, you know. (0:07:13.07)
Saori Takebe : I see. (0:07:16.29)
Saori Takebe : Well, life's not just roses and sunshine. (0:07:17.29)
Saori Takebe : There's stuff like messed up love triangles, (0:07:19.37)
Saori Takebe : getting shot down before you can say a peep, (0:07:21.33)
Saori Takebe : and finding out your boyfriend was five-timing. (0:07:23.08)
Miho Nishizumi : Um... (0:07:24.67)
Hana Isuzu : Did something unfortunate befall your family? (0:07:26.55)
Hana Isuzu : Family feud? Perhaps an inheritance quarrel? (0:07:29.05)
Miho Nishizumi : It's nothing like that. (0:07:32.18)
Saori Takebe : Oh, then maybe your dad had to move for his job? (0:07:33.68)
Hana Isuzu : Let's eat before the food gets cold. (0:07:41.85)
Miho Nishizumi : Oh, yeah! (0:07:43.69)
EXTRA : Wouldn't that be considered tampering with information? (0:07:45.90)
EXTRA : It's all right. (0:07:49.07)
EXTRA : Understood. (0:07:50.78)
EXTRA : I'll get on it immediately. (0:07:52.07)
EXTRA : Why don't we stop by a café on our way home? (0:07:54.16)
EXTRA : A café? (0:07:56.08)
EXTRA : It's as if we were girls in high school! (0:07:56.99)
EXTRA : We are in high school. (0:07:58.54)
Saori Takebe : I wanted to talk to you about something. (0:08:00.87)
Saori Takebe : I'm in a strange situation right now. (0:08:04.00)
Saori Takebe : I must be so wickedly charming. (0:08:05.67)
Hana Isuzu : That again? (0:08:07.67)
Saori Takebe : So many guys have been hitting on me lately. (0:08:09.67)
Saori Takebe : I'm not sure what to do. (0:08:13.97)
Miho Nishizumi : Many guys? (0:08:15.84)
Saori Takebe : You see, they're people living nearby. (0:08:16.97)
Saori Takebe : Every day, they're like "Good morning!" (0:08:19.47)
Saori Takebe : Or "You look cheerful as ever this morning!" (0:08:21.27)
Hana Isuzu : As I said, I believe they were merely greeting you. (0:08:22.77)
Saori Takebe : But it's obvious they're in love with me! (0:08:25.35)
Hana Isuzu : Yeah, yeah. (0:08:27.61)
Miho Nishizumi : Takebe-san, you're very cheerful and sociable. (0:08:28.69)
Miho Nishizumi : That's probably why everyone
wants to be your friend.
Miho Nishizumi : I think it's great that you get along
with everyone so naturally!
Miho Nishizumi : You know, I was very happy
when you talked to me today!
Miho Nishizumi : I knew right away you'd be a wonderful friend! (0:08:46.83)
Hana Isuzu : You're just as wonderful, Nishizumi-san. (0:08:50.96)
Miho Nishizumi : What? I'm not! Not at all! (0:08:52.88)
Miho Nishizumi : Isuzu-san, you seem amazingly
calm and strong-willed.
Miho Nishizumi : You act really mature too. (0:08:58.64)
Miho Nishizumi : I admire you. (0:09:00.81)
Hana Isuzu : Oh, no. (0:09:02.68)
Hana Isuzu : Everyone tells me I'm far too stiff and formal. (0:09:04.60)
Miho Nishizumi : Do they? (0:09:07.10)
Miho Nishizumi : Where I used to go to school, people yelled
at me for being unreliable all the time.
Miho Nishizumi : I wonder how I could become more like you. (0:09:13.40)
Hana Isuzu : It could be because I've been making
flower arrangements for a long time.
Miho Nishizumi : That's awesome! I always wanted to give that a try. (0:09:19.71)
Miho Nishizumi : Having a fun time with pretty
flowers! It's perfect for girls!
Miho Nishizumi : Thank you for becoming my friends! (0:09:29.04)
Hana Isuzu : No, thank you . (0:09:34.38)
EXTRA : President? (0:09:44.43)
EXTRA : Why's the student council here? (0:09:45.27)
Anzu Kadotani : What's up, Nishizumi-chan? (0:09:49.23)
Miho Nishizumi : Me? (0:09:50.94)
Miho Nishizumi : Um, who's... (0:09:51.90)
Saori Takebe : She's the Student Council President! (0:09:52.69)
Saori Takebe : The other two are the PR Manager and the VP! (0:09:53.90)
Momo Kawashima : We have something to tell you. (0:09:57.40)
Miho Nishizumi : What? (0:09:59.87)
Anzu Kadotani : When you're choosing your elective, (0:10:00.99)
Anzu Kadotani : make sure you sign up for tankwondo. (0:10:03.70)
Anzu Kadotani : Got it? (0:10:05.29)
Miho Nishizumi : Um... (0:10:07.16)
Miho Nishizumi : I thought this school had no tankwondo class. (0:10:08.12)
Momo Kawashima : It's coming back this year. (0:10:11.84)
Miho Nishizumi : I transferred here because I heard
this place didn't have tankwondo.
Anzu Kadotani : It must be your fate! (0:10:19.76)
Miho Nishizumi : Aren't I allowed to choose any elective I want? (0:10:22.10)
Anzu Kadotani : Just sign up for it, okay? (0:10:24.85)
EXTRA : Let's look at the next problem. (0:10:33.11)
EXTRA : Nishizumi-san? (0:10:34.82)
Saori Takebe : Miho! (0:10:40.07)
EXTRA : What's the matter? (0:10:42.41)
EXTRA : Are you feeling sick? (0:10:43.41)
EXTRA : Then go to the infirmary. (0:10:44.87)
Saori Takebe : Teacher, I think I have an upset stomach! (0:10:56.00)
EXTRA : There are quite a few sick people today. (0:11:00.88)
EXTRA : Get a good rest! (0:11:04.05)
Saori Takebe : Miho! (0:11:12.65)
Hana Isuzu : Are you feeling all right? (0:11:13.65)
Saori Takebe : Just stay here. (0:11:15.15)
Hana Isuzu : If you'd like to leave school early, (0:11:16.23)
Hana Isuzu : I can bring your backpack. (0:11:17.78)
Miho Nishizumi : Thank you. (0:11:19.61)
Saori Takebe : What on earth did the Student
Council President say to you?
Hana Isuzu : Do you mind telling us? (0:11:23.49)
Miho Nishizumi : They said tankwondo is coming back this year. (0:11:26.45)
Hana Isuzu : Tankwondo as in that traditional martial art for girls? (0:11:30.29)
Saori Takebe : What does that have to do with you? (0:11:34.92)
Miho Nishizumi : She told me to choose tankwondo as my elective. (0:11:37.59)
Saori Takebe : Huh? How come? (0:11:41.68)
Miho Nishizumi : Um, that's... (0:11:42.76)
Saori Takebe : Are they trying to harass you? (0:11:45.05)
Saori Takebe : Oh, I know! You're in a love triangle
with a member of the student council.
Saori Takebe : An entangled relationship!? (0:11:49.52)
Miho Nishizumi : No, it's— (0:11:50.77)
Hana Isuzu : Seeing how they personally asked
you to register for tankwondo,
Hana Isuzu : could it be that you're a master warrior
who has prevailed in countless battles?
Hana Isuzu : Fighting duels, going on rampages,
and taking over everything!
Miho Nishizumi : That's not it either. (0:12:04.41)
Saori Takebe : Then what's the reason? (0:12:05.74)
Miho Nishizumi : Well... (0:12:06.95)
Miho Nishizumi : The thing is, my family... (0:12:12.83)
Miho Nishizumi : has operated tanks for generations.{not sure if "tank crew" would be right. a little more liberal option would be "tankwondo practitioner" - xity} (0:12:15.83)
Hana Isuzu : Oh! (0:12:18.21)
Saori Takebe : Wow! (0:12:19.21)
Miho Nishizumi : But I only have bad memories of tanks. (0:12:20.63)
Miho Nishizumi : I came to this school so that I
wouldn't have to deal with them.
Hana Isuzu : So that was why. (0:12:30.35)
Saori Takebe : I see. (0:12:32.14)
Saori Takebe : Then don't force yourself! (0:12:33.69)
Miho Nishizumi : Huh? (0:12:35.65)
Saori Takebe : Most high school girls don't practice
tankwondo these days anyway!
Hana Isuzu : If you want to tell the student council that
you'll take another elective, we'll come along.
Miho Nishizumi : Thanks. (0:12:47.95)
Hana Isuzu : Classes are over. (0:12:52.75)
Hana Isuzu : I just got comfortable here. (0:12:54.87)
Saori Takebe : Only homeroom's left! (0:12:57.04)
Miho Nishizumi : What's that? (0:13:00.71)
EXTRA : Attention, all students. (0:13:03.22)
EXTRA : Assemble at the gym. (0:13:04.93)
Miho Nishizumi : Um, what are we here for? (0:13:11.64)
Saori Takebe : Who knows? (0:13:13.43)
Hana Isuzu : We never know what our student council is up to. (0:13:14.18)
Miho Nishizumi : You're all used to it, huh? (0:13:17.23)
Momo Kawashima : Quiet, please. (0:13:18.56)
Momo Kawashima : We'll now begin the orientation
for one of our elective programs.
EXTRA : Tankwondo... (0:13:37.83)
EXTRA : Throughout its long history (0:13:39.75)
EXTRA : it has been used all over the world as a way to train girls.{Lit: that has been practiced all over the world as a way to train girls.} (0:13:42.50)
EXTRA : It's a martial art that strives to nurture polite,
graceful, humble, and brave women.
EXTRA : Learning tankwondo will give
an edge to your femininity.
EXTRA : You'll become as hot and tough as steel, (0:14:06.61)
EXTRA : as robust and lovely as caterpillar tracks, (0:14:09.36)
EXTRA : and as passionate and accurate as a cannon. (0:14:12.58)
EXTRA : If you learn tankwondo, you will
without a doubt become a great wife,
EXTRA : a great mother, and a great career woman. (0:14:26.59)
EXTRA : You will be a healthy, kind, and dependable
woman who will appeal to many men.
EXTRA : Now, let's all learn tankwondo (0:14:42.06)
EXTRA : and become sound and beautiful
women, in both mind and body.
Saori Takebe : Wow! (0:14:58.33)
Hana Isuzu : That sounds wonderful. (0:14:59.29)
Momo Kawashima : The World Tankwondo Contest is scheduled to be held in Japan in a few years. (0:15:00.29)
Momo Kawashima : In preparation, the Ministry of Education and Culture
requested that all high schools and colleges
Momo Kawashima : bolster their tankwondo program. (0:15:09.97)
Anzu Kadotani : So we decided to bring back tankwondo class! (0:15:13.18)
Anzu Kadotani : There are many advantages to signing up. (0:15:17.89)
Anzu Kadotani : VP! (0:15:21.52)
Yuzu Koyama : Those who perform well will get (0:15:22.48)
Yuzu Koyama : a hundred food vouchers for the school cafeteria, (0:15:24.56)
Yuzu Koyama : two hundred tardiness excuses, (0:15:26.65)
Yuzu Koyama : and triple credits for this course! (0:15:28.90)
Anzu Kadotani : Sign up now, girls! (0:15:33.41)
Saori Takebe : I'm gonna do it! (0:15:36.62)
Miho Nishizumi : Huh? (0:15:38.04)
Saori Takebe : I hear guys nowadays like tough
girls they can depend on.
Saori Takebe : You get popular if you practice tankwondo, right? (0:15:42.50)
Saori Takebe : Miho, you should too! You said
you're from a tankwondo family!
Miho Nishizumi : I'm... (0:15:50.30)
Miho Nishizumi : still not... (0:15:51.84)
Hana Isuzu : I know. (0:15:52.68)
Hana Isuzu : I can sympathize with your feelings. (0:15:53.93)
Hana Isuzu : I'm from a family of florists, after all.{Flower arrangers... it sounds a bit like power rangers! GO GO FLOWER aRRANGERS! - Fibi} (0:15:59.10)
Miho Nishizumi : I see. (0:16:01.77)
Hana Isuzu : But tankwondo seems absolutely wonderful! (0:16:03.40)
Miho Nishizumi : Huh? (0:16:06.48)
Hana Isuzu : I have always wanted to engage in something
more active than flower arrangement.
Hana Isuzu : I'll sign up for tankwondo as well! (0:16:18.20)
Miho Nishizumi : What!? (0:16:20.70)
Hana Isuzu : Nishizumi-san, please join us and be our mentor. (0:16:21.46)
Miho Nishizumi : Um... (0:16:26.46)
Saori Takebe : We'll get top grades if you're with us! (0:16:27.38)
Miho Nishizumi : Sorry. (0:16:59.08)
Miho Nishizumi : I just can't. (0:17:01.33)
Miho Nishizumi : I came here because I really
didn't want to do tankwondo.
Saori Takebe : We understand. (0:17:10.34)
Hana Isuzu : Sorry for making you worry. (0:17:11.42)
Saori Takebe : We'll sign up for the same elective! (0:17:18.05)
Miho Nishizumi : Don't do that! (0:17:19.76)
Miho Nishizumi : You two should sign up for tankwondo! (0:17:20.93)
Saori Takebe : Don't worry! It's better to be together! (0:17:22.31)
Hana Isuzu : And if we're in tankwondo, you might start
remembering things you'd rather not recall.
Miho Nishizumi : I can handle it! (0:17:33.57)
Hana Isuzu : Making a friend suffer is the last thing I want to do. (0:17:35.20)
Saori Takebe : I do what the guy I'm dating wants
from me anyway, so it's no problem!
EXTRA : What did you choose? (0:17:44.66)
EXTRA : I had a hard time settling on one,
but I signed up for tankwondo!
EXTRA : Wow! Me too! (0:17:48.25)
EXTRA : I wonder what tanks are like! (0:17:49.92)
EXTRA : They said it's perfect training for girls! (0:17:51.96)
EXTRA : Guys and tanks don't really go well together. (0:17:56.17)
EXTRA : My boyfriend said he couldn't wait
to see me in a military uniform!
EXTRA : I really wanna shoot those cannons! (0:18:01.93)
EXTRA : Kaboom! (0:18:04.52)
EXTRA : Apparently tankwondo classes used
to be offered here a long time ago.
Saori Takebe : Oh yeah, should we go get some sweet
potato ice cream on the way home?
Hana Isuzu : Oarai is famous for its sweet potatoes. (0:18:11.11)
Miho Nishizumi : Oh, I heard about that. The dried
sweet potatoes are also famous.
Saori Takebe : Apparently some people call them
dehydrated sweet potatoes!{it's just two words for the same thing, one is more usual than the other - xity}
Miho Nishizumi : I didn't know that! (0:18:18.74)
Momo Kawashima : Regular-I, Class 2-A, Nishizumi Miho! (0:18:22.91)
Momo Kawashima : Report to the student council room immediately. (0:18:26.50)
Momo Kawashima : That is all. (0:18:28.83)
Miho Nishizumi : What should I do? (0:18:30.63)
Saori Takebe : We'll go with you! (0:18:31.71)
Hana Isuzu : Calm down. (0:18:33.34)
Momo Kawashima : What is the meaning of this? (0:18:36.72)
Anzu Kadotani : Was signing up to hard for you? (0:18:38.55)
Momo Kawashima : None of our other students
have experience with tanks.
Yuzu Koyama : It's over. (0:18:44.47)
Yuzu Koyama : It's all over for our school! (0:18:45.85)
Saori Takebe : Stop being unreasonable! (0:18:47.56)
Hana Isuzu : Indeed! She said she doesn't want to do it. (0:18:49.10)
Hana Isuzu : Are you trying to force her? (0:18:51.69)
Saori Takebe : Miho wants nothing to do with tanks. (0:18:53.44)
Hana Isuzu : Stop coercing Nishizumi-san, please. (0:18:55.23)
Anzu Kadotani : You might want to stop babbling. (0:18:57.65)
Anzu Kadotani : I can get you kicked out of school. (0:19:00.28)
Hana Isuzu : Now you're threatening us? That's dirty! (0:19:03.24)
Momo Kawashima : It's not just a threat. (0:19:04.87)
Momo Kawashima : Our president is always serious. (0:19:06.12)
Yuzu Koyama : Girls, now's your chance to apologize. Come on. (0:19:08.00)
Saori Takebe : You're terrible! (0:19:12.00)
Hana Isuzu : This is tyranny. (0:19:12.63)
EXTRA : Placeholder (0:19:14.17)
Miho Nishizumi : They both want to do tankwondo, (0:19:15.75)
Anzu Kadotani : It's not an issue. (0:19:16.71)
Yuzu Koyama : Yep, it's our privilege! (0:19:18.13)
Miho Nishizumi : but they're taking my side. (0:19:19.17)
Hana Isuzu : You're coercing people and you still
call yourselves the student council!?
Miho Nishizumi : They're standing up for me. (0:19:21.55)
Saori Takebe : Miho said she's not going to do it! (0:19:22.72)
Anzu Kadotani : Hey, calm down. (0:19:25.10)
Miho Nishizumi : All for my sake... (0:19:25.97)
Miho Nishizumi : Um, I...! (0:19:36.82)
Miho Nishizumi : I'll sign up for tankwondo! (0:19:43.45)
Yuzu Koyama : Thank goodness! (0:19:46.49)
Hana Isuzu : Are you happy with your choice? (0:19:51.58)
Miho Nishizumi : Yeah. (0:19:53.75)
Saori Takebe : No need to force yourself, okay? (0:19:54.67)
Miho Nishizumi : I'm fine. (0:19:56.88)
Hana Isuzu : But... (0:19:58.96)
Miho Nishizumi : I... (0:20:00.51)
Miho Nishizumi : was happy. (0:20:02.84)
Miho Nishizumi : You really stood up for... (0:20:04.76)
Miho Nishizumi : You're the first people to do that for me. (0:20:09.31)
Miho Nishizumi : No one else ever cared about how I felt. (0:20:13.10)
Miho Nishizumi : My mom and sister are like, "We all get in
the tank since it's what our family does!"
Miho Nishizumi : Well, those two are talented, so it's okay for them. (0:20:22.15)
Miho Nishizumi : But... (0:20:25.07)
Miho Nishizumi : I'm the helpless one who always... (0:20:28.16)
Saori Takebe : My sweet potato ice cream with chocolate chips! (0:20:40.92)
Hana Isuzu : Mine has mint in it. (0:20:43.84)
Miho Nishizumi : They both taste great! (0:20:48.56)
Saori Takebe : Let us try yours too! (0:20:50.31)
Hana Isuzu : Plain isn't too bad either. (0:20:52.02)
Miho Nishizumi : Don't take everything! (0:20:53.56)
Momo Kawashima : Not as many as we thought. (0:21:03.03)
Yuzu Koyama : 18 in total. (0:21:04.99)
Yuzu Koyama : That makes 21 once you include us. (0:21:06.74)
Anzu Kadotani : Anyhow, we'll manage. (0:21:08.83)
Anzu Kadotani : All's well. (0:21:10.24)
Hana Isuzu : It's finally starting! (0:21:11.62)
Miho Nishizumi : Yeah. (0:21:13.91)
Saori Takebe : I won't know what to do if even
more guys start coming after me!
Momo Kawashima : The tankwondo class will now begin. (0:21:21.42)
EXTRA : Um, are the tanks Tigers or... (0:21:24.42)
Anzu Kadotani : Uh, what were they called again? (0:21:28.18)
EXTRA : What is that? (0:21:36.10)
EXTRA : It looks totally worn out. (0:21:37.02)
EXTRA : No way. (0:21:37.94)
Hana Isuzu : Lets just say it has a transient beauty. (0:21:39.27)
Saori Takebe : This is just a mass of rusted iron. (0:21:41.40)
Miho Nishizumi : The armor and the wheels look all right. (0:21:53.08)
Miho Nishizumi : I think this will work. (0:21:56.21)

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Girls und Panzer

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