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Tobi : Kuchiyose no Jutsu! (0:00:35.43)
EXTRA : What's that? (0:00:47.69)
EXTRA : That can't be... (0:00:54.78)
EXTRA : It's the Kyūbi! (0:01:00.54)
Tobi : Destroy them, Kyūbi! (0:01:01.54)
Kushina Uzumaki : Why... Minato? (0:01:23.18)
Minato Namikaze : Don't worry. You'll be by Naruto's side. (0:01:29.40)
Kushina Uzumaki : Naruto... (0:01:38.41)
Kushina Uzumaki : Minato... thank you. (0:01:51.21)
Kushina Uzumaki : Come back safe. (0:01:56.17)
Minato Namikaze : I'll be back in a flash. (0:02:01.64)
Minato Namikaze : Your twisted game is over. (0:02:22.24)
Minato Namikaze : So, you've noticed me? (0:02:32.88)
Minato Namikaze : I won't let you destroy this place. (0:02:39.05)
Naruto Uzumaki : "What is a ninja?" (0:03:23.72)
Naruto Uzumaki : People have asked me that. (0:03:25.76)
Naruto Uzumaki : "A ninja is one who stands firm and endures." (0:03:28.98)
Naruto Uzumaki : That's what my master used to say. (0:03:33.02)
Kakashi Hatake : The report was correct. (0:03:48.87)
Kakashi Hatake : There's no mistake. It's Akatsuki. (0:03:50.71)
Sakura Haruno : What's going on? Even the guys we killed are here. (0:03:53.83)
Shikamaru Nara : We can worry about the reasons later. (0:03:58.00)
Shikamaru Nara : Right now, we've got eight enemies to kill. (0:03:59.71)
Shikamaru Nara : To top it off, they've all got scary special powers. (0:04:04.26)
Shikamaru Nara : I've memorized the data on all of them, just in case. (0:04:08.35)
EXTRA : Preparations are complete. Awaiting orders. (0:04:11.52)
Shikamaru Nara : Under- (0:04:14.27)
Naruto Uzumaki : Rasengan! (0:04:14.65)
Shikamaru Nara : What?! (0:04:15.77)
Naruto Uzumaki : Don't expect me to run and hide! (0:04:24.74)
Naruto Uzumaki : Bring it on, you bastards! (0:04:27.13)
Naruto Uzumaki : By the way, my name is... (0:04:29.70)
Naruto Uzumaki : Uzumaki Naruto, the ninja! (0:04:37.67)
Sakura Haruno : What the hell is he doing?! (0:04:41.38)
Sakura Haruno : If you're a ninja, could you at least
try to behave like one?
Kakashi Hatake : At least he's serving as a perfect distraction. (0:04:48.72)
Kakashi Hatake : Shikamaru! (0:04:53.56)
Shikamaru Nara : Group combat is no good for us. (0:04:55.65)
Shikamaru Nara : The logical thing to do would be to split them up and take them out one by one. (0:04:58.02)
Shikamaru Nara : Given that... (0:05:00.69)
Naruto Uzumaki : What the- (0:05:06.78)
Choji Akimichi : Geez, stop making us do your work for you. (0:05:10.12)
Ino Yamanaka : You really never think before you act. (0:05:13.25)
Naruto Uzumaki : What'd ya say?! (0:05:15.50)
Choji Akimichi : We could've done with more, but we might as well get this thing rolling. (0:05:18.29)
Choji Akimichi : Baika no Jutsu! (0:05:20.75)
Choji Akimichi : Nikudan Sensha! (0:05:24.13)
Ino Yamanaka : You get back to the rendezvous point, too. (0:05:27.05)
Shino Aburame : I won't give you time to act. (0:05:31.26)
Shino Aburame : Why? Because your techniques are too dangerous. (0:05:33.22)
Kiba Inuzuka : Did you see that? We pulled off a sweet combo. (0:05:39.90)
Naruto Uzumaki : Give her hell, Hinata! (0:05:44.11)
Hinata Hyuga : Naruto-kun! (0:05:46.99)
Rock Lee : Double Dynamic Entry! (0:05:49.87)
Might Guy : Double Dynamic Entry! (0:05:49.87)
Rock Lee : You gave me a hard time before, (0:05:57.96)
Rock Lee : but I'm not the man I used to be! (0:06:00.13)
Rock Lee : There's no power on Earth greater than that of hard work!{I can't find a good saying or expression for this - the original is "there is no way of doing things that can beat hard work"} (0:06:02.50)
Might Guy : Well said, Lee. (0:06:05.01)
EXTRA : Come, this time we will show them
the true shining power of our youth!
TenTen : We're not letting you get away! (0:06:15.85)
Neji Hyuga : Not for a second! (0:06:17.52)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm pretty sure the Cavern of Discipline that Dad and Ero-Sennin used for training is over there. (0:06:32.62)
Naruto Uzumaki : Sorry for the wai- (0:06:44.59)
Sakura Haruno : Next time, don't just run off on your own! (0:06:46.42)
Kakashi Hatake : Doton: Doryūheki! (0:06:49.47)
Sai : Ninpō: Chōjū Giga! (0:06:54.76)
Naruto Uzumaki : Damn! If that's how it is, then I'll- (0:07:03.90)
Naruto Uzumaki : What the hell?! (0:07:09.03)
Naruto Uzumaki : It's a hand! A hand! (0:07:10.82)
Naruto Uzumaki : A hand! (0:07:13.49)
Sai : It's the Earth Element. The enemy uses it. (0:07:15.70)
Hinata Hyuga : I can't sense them anymore. (0:07:34.39)
Ino Yamanaka : We did it! (0:07:36.68)
Kiba Inuzuka : Guess we can call this one a win? (0:07:38.18)
Shikamaru Nara : Kakashi-sensei. (0:07:44.36)
Kakashi Hatake : I know. Something doesn't feel right. (0:07:46.90)
Tsunade : An assault from Akatsuki members
that are supposed to have been dead?
Tsunade : How's that possible? (0:07:59.20)
Kakashi Hatake : I don't know. (0:08:01.62)
Kakashi Hatake : They retreated after barely offering any resistance at all. (0:08:03.21)
Tsunade : Simple intimidation tactics. (0:08:06.09)
Tsunade : Or did they have a greater objective? (0:08:08.09)
Shizune : We should increase the guard while reinforcing the village defenses. (0:08:10.80)
Tsunade : Yeah. (0:08:13.97)
Tsunade : And we do still have the sample from that corpse. (0:08:16.97)
Tsunade : Research the organization and compile a report at once! (0:08:21.23)
Shizune : Understood! (0:08:23.69)
Tsume Inuzuka : We've all heard. (0:08:30.78)
Tsume Inuzuka : Apparently you guys drove off Akatsuki! (0:08:32.40)
Kiba Inuzuka : Well, yeah. (0:08:35.53)
Kiba Inuzuka : It was kind of a letdown though. (0:08:37.28)
Tsume Inuzuka : Oh, nonsense! (0:08:39.33)
Tsume Inuzuka : That's my boy, always coming through when it counts! (0:08:40.83)
Inoichi Yamanaka : Akatsuki, huh? (0:08:45.50)
Inoichi Yamanaka : Every single one of them has incredible strength and combat skill. (0:08:47.29)
Chouza Akimichi : If you managed to repel them, that means you've got Jōnin-level skills. (0:08:50.84)
Choji Akimichi : I'm not so sure... (0:08:56.97)
Inoichi Yamanaka : It's true! (0:08:58.80)
Inoichi Yamanaka : So we all had a talk. (0:09:00.10)
Inoichi Yamanaka : We decided to submit Jōnin applications to Hokage-sama for you. (0:09:02.18)
Ino Yamanaka : We're going to be Jōnin?! (0:09:07.19)
Tsume Inuzuka : Have a bit of confidence. (0:09:09.52)
Tsume Inuzuka : We all decided this unanimously. (0:09:11.03)
Tsume Inuzuka : Right? (0:09:13.74)
EXTRA : Yeah. (0:09:14.45)
EXTRA : That's right. (0:09:15.61)
EXTRA : That was it. (0:09:16.24)
Naruto Uzumaki : Hey, does that also mean I'm- (0:09:18.62)
Mebuki Haruno : Oh, I'm sorry, dear. (0:09:20.87)
Mebuki Haruno : It's not like we're one of those great lineages anyway. (0:09:22.62)
Sakura Haruno : M-Mom! (0:09:26.71)
Mebuki Haruno : Besides, you're a bit of a pig compared to most girls. (0:09:27.71)
Mebuki Haruno : I mean, you throw your shoes all over the place, you don't fold laundry, and you hate to clean. (0:09:30.46)
Mebuki Haruno : Even if you get promoted, won't you just get in the way of the top brass? (0:09:35.58)
Sakura Haruno : You didn't have to tell the whole village... (0:09:41.22)
Ino Yamanaka : Even the great Sakura can get embarrassed by her parents. (0:09:45.18)
Kizashi Haruno : Don't worry, honey. (0:09:48.02)
Kizashi Haruno : Sakura's got herself a great master. (0:09:50.06)
Kizashi Haruno : Like they say, "Having a master prevents disaster." (0:09:53.03)
Mebuki Haruno : Oh, you old rascal! (0:09:58.45)
Sakura Haruno : Mom, Dad, back off already! (0:10:00.49)
Sakura Haruno : You're annoying and your jokes suck! You sound like idiots! (0:10:03.41)
Mebuki Haruno : What did you just say?! (0:10:05.83)
Naruto Uzumaki : Sakura-chan, you don't have to be so- (0:10:07.96)
Sakura Haruno : Shut up! (0:10:10.67)
Sakura Haruno : Don't stick your nose in my business! (0:10:11.29)
Naruto Uzumaki : Looks like everyone's getting recommended by their parents. (0:10:18.93)
Naruto Uzumaki : What are you gonna do? (0:10:22.89)
Sai : I used to belong to Root. (0:10:24.64)
Sai : It has a different system for promotion to begin with. (0:10:27.27)
EXTRA : Whoa, now. (0:10:44.95)
EXTRA : Are you sure we should have bought such a huge cake? (0:10:46.45)
EXTRA : I can eat it! (0:10:48.58)
EXTRA : Are you sure? (0:10:49.96)
EXTRA : You left so much last time. (0:10:50.75)
EXTRA : Come on, let's go home. (0:11:10.69)
EXTRA : Okay! (0:11:12.61)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm home! (0:12:06.95)
Naruto Uzumaki : As if... (0:12:20.17)
Iruka Umino : So what did you want to talk to me about? (0:12:28.56)
Naruto Uzumaki : So, um, Iruka-sensei, would you
mind writing me a Jōnin application?
Iruka Umino : Huh? (0:12:38.94)
Naruto Uzumaki : All my friends had their parents
write one for them, so, you know...
Iruka Umino : No way. Absolutely not! (0:12:46.03)
Naruto Uzumaki : Why not? (0:12:48.70)
Iruka Umino : You've got to be a Chūnin first. (0:12:50.08)
Iruka Umino : You don't get special treatment just because you saved the village from Pain and everyone calls you a hero.{actually, when you're the only reason there even *is* a village, and you're apparently stronger than everyone else in it put together, they really should award you a rank that reflects high skill and loyalty. Or is that just me? - V} (0:12:53.96)
Iruka Umino : Your father, the Fourth, went from Genin, to
Chūnin, then to Jōnin before ever becoming Hokage.
Iruka Umino : Then he was treated as a hero. (0:13:07.14)
Naruto Uzumaki : That's when he had his likeness chiseled into stone. (0:13:09.14)
Naruto Uzumaki : A stone head can't say "welcome home." (0:13:13.18)
Iruka Umino : You're... (0:13:16.73)
Naruto Uzumaki : I feel like that sometimes. (0:13:18.15)
Naruto Uzumaki : I wish I could tell him to stop being a damn stone head and start being here when I come home... (0:13:22.69)
Naruto Uzumaki : Your parents were also- (0:13:32.70)
Iruka Umino : Snap out of it! (0:13:34.50)
Iruka Umino : What's wrong with you today? (0:13:38.25)
Naruto Uzumaki : Nothing... (0:13:41.34)
Teuchi : Here's your ramen! (0:13:46.23)
Teuchi : Naruto, you wanted the Miso Pork Cutlet, right? (0:13:49.05)
Naruto Uzumaki : Hey, old man, I'm not seeing any naruto slices in here.{Note: Not putting a TL-note. if people don't know what naruto is, what show have they been watching for nearly 600 episodes? -Err} (0:13:57.23)
Teuchi : Oh, we ran out, (0:14:00.94)
Teuchi : but I gave you a huge serving of menma to make up for it. (0:14:03.57)
Naruto Uzumaki : I hate menma! (0:14:14.12)
Naruto Uzumaki : What's it made of anyway? (0:14:16.25)
Naruto Uzumaki : It's way too tough to chew! (0:14:18.83)
Teuchi : Now see here. Menma is made of
fermented bamboo shoots which-
Naruto Uzumaki : So this stuff is rotten bamboo. (0:14:25.80)
Iruka Umino : You're the rotten one here! (0:14:28.97)
Teuchi : Hey, now! (0:14:31.60)
Teuchi : No fighting inside the shop, please! (0:14:32.89)
Naruto Uzumaki : Ramen without naruto ain't ramen! (0:14:35.22)
Iruka Umino : Hey, Naruto! (0:14:41.36)
Teuchi : Did he always hate menma that much? (0:14:44.61)
Teuchi : Hey, he underpaid. (0:14:50.66)
Iruka Umino : I'll cover it. (0:14:53.33)
Naruto Uzumaki : What the hell's up with Iruka-sensei? (0:15:00.46)
Mebuki Haruno : Why must you always fight?! (0:15:04.42)
Naruto Uzumaki : Huh? (0:15:06.67)
Sakura Haruno : You're the one who always picks at every little thing. (0:15:07.34)
Sakura Haruno : I'm not a kid anymore, you know! (0:15:10.09)
Mebuki Haruno : Hey, I'm still talking! (0:15:13.22)
Sakura Haruno : I don't need you meddling in everything I do. (0:15:19.14)
Mebuki Haruno : Sakura! (0:15:21.98)
Naruto Uzumaki : Sakura-chan... (0:15:26.98)
Mebuki Haruno : Get back here, Sakura! (0:15:28.49)
Sakura Haruno : Let's go! (0:15:31.66)
Naruto Uzumaki : Wh-What?! (0:15:32.70)
Sakura Haruno : We're going on a date. (0:15:33.62)
Sakura Haruno : Keep up! (0:15:35.45)
Naruto Uzumaki : Um, I kinda pictured our date being a bit more fun... (0:15:36.33)
Sakura Haruno : Shut up! (0:15:41.58)
Naruto Uzumaki : Ow, ow! (0:15:42.46)
Naruto Uzumaki : I don't think using me as a distraction from your parents is really a date. (0:15:44.54)
Naruto Uzumaki : Right, Sakura- (0:15:47.88)
Naruto Uzumaki : Ow, ow, ow, ow! (0:15:49.51)
Naruto Uzumaki : You sure this is okay, Sakura-chan? (0:15:56.89)
Naruto Uzumaki : Your mom was calling you and all. (0:15:59.14)
Sakura Haruno : Let her do whatever she wants. (0:16:01.10)
Sakura Haruno : She's always like that. (0:16:02.94)
Sakura Haruno : She's always sticking her nose into every little thing, (0:16:05.02)
Sakura Haruno : and she's never happy unless she's giving orders like she's the queen of the world. (0:16:07.90)
Sakura Haruno : My dad's no better. (0:16:10.49)
Sakura Haruno : Would it kill him to take my side once in a while? (0:16:13.16)
Sakura Haruno : But no, he always does as my mom says. (0:16:15.95)
Sakura Haruno : All because he's a failed ninja who never became a Jōnin. (0:16:19.59)
Sakura Haruno : I just wish he'd help me out for once. (0:16:22.50)
Naruto Uzumaki : You know... (0:16:25.08)
Sakura Haruno : I wish I had parents I could respect a bit more, like everyone else. (0:16:26.08)
Sakura Haruno : I'd be way better off without them. (0:16:31.05)
Naruto Uzumaki : Now that's out of line. (0:16:33.84)
Sakura Haruno : What, you're siding with them now? (0:16:37.89)
Naruto Uzumaki : No, I'm just- (0:16:40.22)
Sakura Haruno : Why'd you have to be the one here now? (0:16:42.68)
Sakura Haruno : If it was Sasuke-kun, I know he'd understand... (0:16:48.36)
Naruto Uzumaki : Huh? (0:16:51.40)
Tobi : It's been a long time, Uzumaki Naruto. (0:16:57.03)
Naruto Uzumaki : Madara... it's you! (0:16:59.99)
Naruto Uzumaki : Rasengan! (0:17:08.13)
Tobi : You never change. (0:17:13.76)
Sakura Haruno : Hell yeah! (0:17:15.26)
Sakura Haruno : You're not laying a finger on my village. (0:17:26.10)
Tobi : This is ahead of schedule, but oh well. (0:17:28.90)
Naruto Uzumaki : Wh-What did you- (0:17:42.20)
Naruto Uzumaki : What just happened? (0:17:57.22)
Naruto Uzumaki : That bastard. Where'd he go? (0:18:01.10)
Sakura Haruno : He might still be hiding somewhere nearby. (0:18:04.18)
Sakura Haruno : We gotta let everyone know! (0:18:06.81)
Kiba Inuzuka : Hey. What's up? (0:18:10.61)
Naruto Uzumaki : You guys! Your timing couldn't be better! (0:18:12.86)
Sakura Haruno : We're in trouble! Madara was just here. (0:18:15.61)
Naruto Uzumaki : Hey, you listening? (0:18:19.95)
Kiba Inuzuka : Sure I am. So what's this "madara" thing? (0:18:22.16)
Kiba Inuzuka : Did you mean "murderer"? (0:18:27.12)
Naruto Uzumaki : Oh, come on! This is no time for your stupid jokes! (0:18:28.12)
Kiba Inuzuka : Like I said- (0:18:31.42)
Sakura Haruno : Akamaru? (0:18:37.26)
Kiba Inuzuka : Damn you, Akamaru! (0:18:39.28)
Kiba Inuzuka : You bite me every damn chance you get! (0:18:41.89)
Kiba Inuzuka : What the hell?! (0:18:46.27)
Kiba Inuzuka : It's not like I want to keep seeing your ugly mug, either! (0:18:47.77)
Naruto Uzumaki : Did something happen between you two? (0:18:56.74)
Kiba Inuzuka : Yeah, right. Just business as usual. (0:18:59.82)
Kiba Inuzuka : Geez, I wish I was born as a cat tamer... (0:19:02.53)
Naruto Uzumaki : Cat? (0:19:06.62)
Shino Aburame : Why? Because Kiba belongs to the Cat Side, heart and soul. (0:19:07.54)
Shino Aburame : By the way... (0:19:12.13)
Hinata Hyuga : So... what are you two doing here? (0:19:12.71)
Hinata Hyuga : Don't tell me you're on a date. (0:19:15.96)
Sakura Haruno : Huh? (0:19:17.59)
Sakura Haruno : Oh, Hinata, don't be silly... (0:19:19.17)
Hinata Hyuga : Go after him and I'll gut you! (0:19:22.64)
Sakura Haruno : Huh? (0:19:26.52)
Hinata Hyuga : Tell the truth! (0:19:29.16)
Sakura Haruno : What?! (0:19:31.52)
Naruto Uzumaki : Calm down, you two! (0:19:33.15)
Hinata Hyuga : Hey! Why are you defending this bitch?! (0:19:34.44)
Naruto Uzumaki : What? (0:19:37.82)
Naruto Uzumaki : Sakura-chan, how about we... (0:19:39.44)
Sakura Haruno : Y-Yeah. (0:19:41.95)
Shino Aburame : As I was saying, a man and a woman alone together... (0:19:44.20)
Hinata Hyuga : They ran away! I knew it was a date! (0:19:48.58)
Hinata Hyuga : Get your asses back here! (0:19:51.29)
Shino Aburame : Being ignored is almost as bad as being around bugs.{Suggestion shouldn't be; I hate bugs? original pun: "I hate mushi", "mushi = "ignored/insect"; I can't see any way to preserve the pun AND the meaning - V} (0:19:53.88)
Sakura Haruno : What the hell was that? (0:20:13.35)
Naruto Uzumaki : Were they always like that? (0:20:15.31)
Shikamaru Nara : C'mon, Chōji! (0:20:20.11)
Shikamaru Nara : C'mon, let's eat some barbecue. (0:20:22.53)
Shikamaru Nara : Yakini-Q has an all-you-can-eat deal for one table, and it's only 1,500 ryō! (0:20:25.87)
Shikamaru Nara : If all three of us go and split the cost, that'll be... (0:20:30.54)
Shikamaru Nara : Uh... (0:20:34.29)
Choji Akimichi : 500 ryō. (0:20:35.67)
Choji Akimichi : Anyway, I don't like all-you-can-eat deals. (0:20:37.21)
Choji Akimichi : When your appetite's as small as mine, it's a waste of money. (0:20:40.98)
Shikamaru Nara : What're you saying?! (0:20:44.43)
Shikamaru Nara : Even if you can only eat five servings, you're still saving 500 ryō! (0:20:46.39)
Choji Akimichi : How am I ever gonna eat five servings? (0:20:51.22)
Ino Yamanaka : Come on, boys! Tee hee! (0:20:54.14)
Ino Yamanaka : You two mustn't fight. (0:20:56.94)
Naruto Uzumaki : Did I just hear a "tee hee"? (0:21:00.53)
Ino Yamanaka : Sakura-chan! (0:21:06.62)
Ino Yamanaka : Hey, I have an idea! Why don't you join us? (0:21:08.20)
Naruto Uzumaki : "-chan"? (0:21:11.41)
Ino Yamanaka : Let's go! It's fun to eat together with everyone!{I am disturbed by the fact that part of me actually likes the gentle Ino better; I feel this says bad things about me as a person - V} (0:21:12.50)
Sakura Haruno : Everyone has started behaving
strangely since Madara disappeared.
Naruto Uzumaki : No kidding... (0:21:22.55)
Ino Yamanaka : Hey, come on! (0:21:23.84)
Naruto Uzumaki : Guys, we were attacked by Madara earlier! (0:21:26.55)
Ino Yamanaka : Sorry, what? A "madara"? (0:21:32.14)
Shikamaru Nara : Oh, you know. (0:21:34.64)
Shikamaru Nara : It's that thing you put in a hotpot. (0:21:36.48)
Ino Yamanaka : Oh! (0:21:37.81)
Naruto Uzumaki : Uh, he's not a fish. (0:21:39.02)
Sakura Haruno : You really don't know what we're talking about? (0:21:41.19)
Ino Yamanaka : What's wrong? You two are acting a little funny today. (0:21:43.57)
Sakura Haruno : No, it's you that- (0:21:48.03)
Choji Akimichi : Sakura, you're the daughter of heroes. You've got to set a good example. (0:21:59.33)
Sakura Haruno : Heroes? (0:22:08.01)
Choji Akimichi : Up there. (0:22:09.72)
Sakura Haruno : D-Dad! (0:22:22.40)
Naruto Uzumaki : What... the hell? (0:22:28.82)
Sasuke Uchiha : What's all the fuss about? (0:22:34.58)
Sakura Haruno : Sasuke-kun! (0:22:43.25)
Naruto Uzumaki : What are you doing in the village?! (0:22:44.96)
Sasuke Uchiha : Something wrong with me being in my own village? (0:22:50.64)
Naruto Uzumaki : Well, no, not exactly... (0:22:53.39)
Sasuke Uchiha : You look like you've seen a ghost. (0:22:56.60)
Sasuke Uchiha : Sakura, Menma. (0:23:00.35)
Naruto Uzumaki : Uh, Menma? You mean... (0:23:02.06)
TenTen : I know I did this to myself, but man, that smarts! (0:23:11.74)
Ino Yamanaka : Ten-Ten-chan, you really should give up on ninja tools. (0:23:14.70)
Ino Yamanaka : They're so dangerous.{New Ino approval rating goes down again for being an airhead rather than just terminally nice like Nezumi - V} (0:23:19.66)
Sakura Haruno : The baths, huh? (0:23:20.67)
Sakura Haruno : Everyone said they were going, so I figured I'd
tag along and try to gauge the situation, but...
Hinata Hyuga : I see you're still the Queen of Flat. (0:23:29.55)
Sakura Haruno : Flat?! Did you seriously just say that? (0:23:32.34)
Hinata Hyuga : Menma's my man. (0:23:35.10)
Hinata Hyuga : Don't you forget it, Flat Tits. (0:23:37.22)
Sakura Haruno : F-Flat Tits?! (0:23:39.98)
Sakura Haruno : Hinata's really holding a grudge. (0:23:41.73)
Naruto Uzumaki : So, Fuzzy Brows is the only one who didn't make it? (0:23:50.40)
Shino Aburame : He never does. (0:23:53.57)
Shino Aburame : Why? It's because he's a busy bee. (0:23:55.83)
Shino Aburame : I hate bugs like that! (0:23:58.70)
Naruto Uzumaki : I see your patience isn't the only little thing around here. (0:24:00.41)
Kiba Inuzuka : Menma, look at me! I've got kitty ears! (0:24:04.38)
Kiba Inuzuka : Meow, meow! (0:24:08.09)
Naruto Uzumaki : Uh, right... (0:24:10.88)
Kiba Inuzuka : Geez, way to rain on my parade. (0:24:12.34)
Kiba Inuzuka : Fine, then I'm a lion! Roar, roar! (0:24:16.05)
Naruto Uzumaki : Uh, if I had to pick, I think I'd rather you went "woof, woof." (0:24:20.64)
Shikamaru Nara : Strike! (0:24:33.24)
Choji Akimichi : Pull yourself together, Shikamaru. (0:24:45.00)
Choji Akimichi : You're not a child anymore. (0:24:47.54)
Choji Akimichi : You've spilled all the hot water. (0:24:49.50)
Shikamaru Nara : Oops, my bad. (0:24:52.72)
Choji Akimichi : No helping it, I guess. (0:24:54.18)
Choji Akimichi : Baika no Jutsu! (0:24:56.18)
Shikamaru Nara : Whoa! (0:24:59.60)
Shikamaru Nara : There's more water all of a sudden! How come? (0:25:00.73)
Naruto Uzumaki : Kiba's obsessed with cats, and Shikamaru's a retard.
Just looking at them pisses me off!
Sasuke Uchiha : Quit reacting to everything already. It's getting tiring. (0:25:09.69)
Naruto Uzumaki : I see you haven't changed. (0:25:13.57)
Naruto Uzumaki : Everyone's different somehow, but are there people who've stayed the same? (0:25:16.49)
Neji Hyuga : No, over here! Turn a bit more this way! (0:25:21.58)
Sakura Haruno : I told you, there's nothing going on! (0:25:25.87)
Hinata Hyuga : Liar! (0:25:27.92)
Hinata Hyuga : I know you're after Menma! (0:25:28.67)
Hinata Hyuga : This aura... no way! (0:25:32.17)
Neji Hyuga : Aw, crap!{he said this exactly as the website went down last night - V} (0:25:33.88)
Hinata Hyuga : Neji-nii, you bastard, I'll tear your guts out! (0:25:35.34)
Naruto Uzumaki : What was that?! (0:25:47.27)
Rock Lee : Ouch, that smarts... (0:25:48.10)
Sakura Haruno : What's Lee-san doing here? (0:25:50.57)
Hinata Hyuga : So that's it, Rock Lee! (0:25:52.82)
Hinata Hyuga : You said you were training, but you were really peeping on us all along! (0:25:54.82)
Rock Lee : You've got it all wrong! (0:25:57.99)
Rock Lee : I was passing by while doing an exercise, but then I got caught on something. (0:25:59.28)
Rock Lee : It's all a complete accident! (0:26:03.29)
TenTen : You were passing by the bathhouse roof? (0:26:05.29)
Hinata Hyuga : Neji-nii can get in line. I'm slaughtering you first. (0:26:07.00)
Naruto Uzumaki : Hey, what happened? (0:26:10.25)
TenTen : Lee was peeping on the girls' bath! (0:26:13.42)
Neji Hyuga : What?! That's outrageous! (0:26:14.96)
Hinata Hyuga : You shut the hell up! (0:26:18.47)
Neji Hyuga : P-Please, Hinata-sama! (0:26:20.47)
Hinata Hyuga : That son of a bitch is getting away! (0:26:21.64)
TenTen : After him, everyone! (0:26:24.22)
Sakura Haruno : Seriously, what's going on? (0:26:29.27)
Naruto Uzumaki : Everyone's personalities are backwards!{"personality traits" and "distinguishing features" both sound too high-register for Naruto - V} (0:26:31.11)
Sakura Haruno : Everyone? Including Sasuke-kun? (0:26:35.03)
Naruto Uzumaki : Actually, he hasn't changed a bit. (0:26:37.74)
Naruto Uzumaki : He's the same bundle of charm we all know and love. (0:26:40.82)
Sakura Haruno : Phew. (0:26:44.70)
Sakura Haruno : If Lee-san hasn't changed either, (0:26:46.20)
Sakura Haruno : maybe the whole peeping thing is just a misunderstanding? (0:26:49.33)
Naruto Uzumaki : Gotcha. We'd better head out, too! (0:26:51.88)
TenTen : Did you think you could get away
when you can't even use ninjutsu?
Neji Hyuga : I thought you were better than this, Lee! (0:27:00.43)
Hinata Hyuga : You don't get the damn moral high ground on this one! (0:27:02.39)
Rock Lee : I-It's all a mistake! (0:27:04.89)
Rock Lee : I was practicing my jumps along rooftops, but then I got caught on something, (0:27:06.89)
Rock Lee : and accidentally fell into the girls' changing room. (0:27:11.65)
Hinata Hyuga : Bullshit! (0:27:13.52)
Naruto Uzumaki : Hold it, guys! (0:27:15.53)
TenTen : Menma! (0:27:17.07)
Sakura Haruno : Cool down, everyone. (0:27:18.65)
Sakura Haruno : Maybe it really was an accident! (0:27:20.57)
Rock Lee : S-Sakura-san... (0:27:23.03)
Hinata Hyuga : Shut up! (0:27:25.99)
Hinata Hyuga : If he's acting suspicious, I'll beat the truth out of him! (0:27:27.45)
Sakura Haruno : Wait! Lee-san isn't that kind of guy. (0:27:29.33)
Sakura Haruno : I'll- (0:27:32.50)
TenTen : Wait, that's my underwear! (0:27:36.75)
Hinata Hyuga : He must've stolen it from the girls' changing room. (0:27:40.97)
Sakura Haruno : Not you too, Lee-san! (0:27:46.64)
Naruto Uzumaki : I feel like I'm going crazy. (0:27:54.90)
Naruto Uzumaki : I tried dispelling genjutsu, but it didn't make a difference. (0:27:59.49)
Naruto Uzumaki : Sasuke's here. I'm Menma. (0:28:02.78)
Naruto Uzumaki : What the hell is up with this place?! (0:28:06.20)
Sakura Haruno : That technique Madara used must have sent us to another world. (0:28:11.40)
Sakura Haruno : That's the only possible explanation. (0:28:16.59)
Naruto Uzumaki : What kind of other world? (0:28:18.68)
Sakura Haruno : I don't know. (0:28:21.01)
Sakura Haruno : We just don't have enough information right now. (0:28:22.63)
Naruto Uzumaki : I guess there's nothing we can do
for now, except try to find out more.
Sakura Haruno : You're right. (0:28:29.89)
Sakura Haruno : In that case, we can't use your real name in public for the time being. (0:28:31.56)
Naruto Uzumaki : Wh-Wh-What?! How come? (0:28:36.02)
Sakura Haruno : Well, the local version of you is called Menma. (0:28:38.36)
Sakura Haruno : Would you be a sport and help me
gather some more intel, "Menma"?
Naruto Uzumaki : Even Sakura-chan's doing it... (0:28:48.16)
EXTRA : Oh, Sakura-chan! (0:29:19.48)
EXTRA : Here you go! (0:29:23.24)
Sakura Haruno : Uh, are you sure about this? (0:29:24.70)
EXTRA : It's fine! (0:29:26.32)
EXTRA : I mean, your parents saved our village, after all. (0:29:27.95)
EXTRA : Think of it as payback from us. (0:29:32.54)
Sakura Haruno : Is that how it is? Heroes, huh? (0:29:38.71)
Mebuki Haruno : Sakura! (0:29:48.85)
Mebuki Haruno : Make sure you leave your shoes tidy when you take them off! (0:29:51.06)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm still Uzumaki Naruto though... (0:30:08.45)
Naruto Uzumaki : Wait! (0:30:16.29)
Naruto Uzumaki : If Sakura's dad became a hero, then... (0:30:17.79)
Naruto Uzumaki : Mom! Dad! (0:30:53.91)
EXTRA : What do you think you're doing?! (0:31:00.25)
Naruto Uzumaki : Uh, well, I kinda live here, so... (0:31:02.21)
Naruto Uzumaki : Huh?! (0:31:05.63)
EXTRA : This is my house! (0:31:06.67)
EXTRA : Get out! I'll call the neighbors! (0:31:09.05)
Naruto Uzumaki : My house isn't even mine anymore. (0:31:18.39)
Naruto Uzumaki : What's up with this stupid world?! (0:31:21.73)
Naruto Uzumaki : This isn't funny, damn it! (0:31:24.88)
EXTRA : Quit yelling! (0:31:27.53)
Zetsu : Good work. (0:31:46.50)
Zetsu : Thanks to you, we managed to send them off without a problem. (0:31:48.17)
Tobi : That was the trial version of Eternal Tsukuyomi: Limited Tsukuyomi. (0:31:58.02)
Tobi : That world is like a reflection in a pool of water. (0:32:02.40)
Tobi : Using the power of seven Bijū, I throw the target, body
and mind, into an alternate reality that reflects this one,
Zetsu : but it doesn't seem that this world and the other world are exactly the same at all. (0:32:17.16)
Tobi : If I were to use a metaphor, those two are like pebbles. (0:32:24.04)
Tobi : If alien matter is thrown in from the outside, there will necessarily be ripples. (0:32:32.22)
Zetsu : I see. (0:32:36.89)
Tobi : Now, we have a bit of work ahead of us. (0:32:38.18)
Zetsu : One thing's strange. (0:32:42.52)
Zetsu : You created that other world, (0:32:44.56)
Zetsu : but the events within it aren't exactly as you had planned. (0:32:47.11)
Tobi : As I told you, this technique is ultimately a prototype, (0:32:50.78)
Tobi : but I will not surrender my rule of it to anyone. (0:32:55.41)
Tobi : Collecting secret techniques, as well as Bloodline Limits... (0:33:16.09)
Tobi : I see that you wish to obtain more power in order to control the shinobi world. (0:33:21.72)
Tobi : Your ambitions are quite clear. (0:33:26.85)
Menma Uzumaki : You're quite assertive for a ghost. (0:33:30.62)
Menma Uzumaki : What are you? (0:33:33.82)
Tobi : Does it matter? (0:33:35.32)
Tobi : I wish to lend you my power. (0:33:37.16)
Sakura Haruno : Isn't that... (0:34:03.72)
Sakura Haruno : S-Sasuke-kun! (0:34:13.65)
Sakura Haruno : What are you doing here first thing in the morning? (0:34:19.49)
Sasuke Uchiha : The way you were acting last night caught my attention. (0:34:21.91)
Sakura Haruno : Don't tell me you were worried about me! (0:34:25.33)
Sasuke Uchiha : If something's bothering you, feel free to tell me. (0:34:28.42)
Sasuke Uchiha : I'm always here for you. (0:34:30.92)
Sakura Haruno : Sasuke-kun! (0:34:33.63)
Naruto Uzumaki : Having to sleep rough in the middle
of the damn village makes no sense...
Sakura Haruno : Wow. That must've sucked. (0:34:47.85)
Naruto Uzumaki : Hey! Don't talk like it's someone else's problem! (0:34:50.65)
Naruto Uzumaki : Didn't the same thing happen to you? (0:34:53.27)
Sakura Haruno : Actually, if I had to describe it in a word, it would be "comfy." (0:34:56.88)
Naruto Uzumaki : "Comfy"?! How come you're fine while I'm drawing the short straw here?! (0:34:59.82)
Sakura Haruno : Um, never mind. (0:35:06.56)
Sakura Haruno : Anyway, we should put together everything we know. (0:35:07.96)
Sakura Haruno : Madara's technique brought us here, but
I don't sense any hostility from the villagers.
Naruto Uzumaki : There's a lot we don't know about this place, but the locals
don't seem bothered, and they're fine with being around us.
Naruto Uzumaki : On top of that... (0:35:25.43)
Sai : What captivating scenery! (0:35:27.98)
Sakura Haruno : That's incredibly lame by Sai's standards, isn't it? (0:35:31.19)
Naruto Uzumaki : I don't really know much about art. (0:35:33.94)
Sakura Haruno : Is that a landscape? (0:35:36.73)
Naruto Uzumaki : Like I said, I don't know much about art. (0:35:38.32)
Sakura Haruno : Everyone's different, even if it's only subtle. (0:35:42.07)
Shino Aburame : You two! (0:35:54.42)
Naruto Uzumaki : Oh, crap! (0:35:55.59)
Sakura Haruno : Let's go, Naruto! (0:35:56.30)
Shino Aburame : Like I said, being ignored is almost as bad as being around bugs. (0:36:00.30)
EXTRA : Look, look, it's Sakura-chan! (0:36:03.37)
EXTRA : Look, over there! (0:36:06.14)
EXTRA : So pretty! (0:36:08.68)
Naruto Uzumaki : The biggest difference is how
everyone's treating Sakura-chan.
EXTRA : It's Sakura-chan, the daughter of heroes!
Can I shake your hand?
Sakura Haruno : Sure. (0:36:18.57)
EXTRA : I want to be just like you when I grow up. (0:36:19.90)
EXTRA : How do I do it? (0:36:23.57)
Sakura Haruno : How? Well, you've got to work hard, make sure you train a lot, (0:36:25.83)
Sakura Haruno : and if you've got passion and fighting spirit, you'll do just fine! (0:36:30.00)
EXTRA : Wow! (0:36:34.96)
EXTRA : I'm going to work hard, too! (0:36:36.79)
EXTRA : Bye-bye! (0:36:38.09)
EXTRA : See ya! (0:36:38.59)
Sakura Haruno : Go for it! (0:36:39.42)
Naruto Uzumaki : Hey, are you actually enjoying this? (0:36:42.17)
Sakura Haruno : Certainly not. (0:36:47.10)
Sakura Haruno : I'm just playing to their expectations of the "child of heroes" in order to blend in here. (0:36:48.97)
Naruto Uzumaki : Are you sure? (0:36:52.94)
Sakura Haruno : Well, maybe a little. (0:36:55.15)
Sakura Haruno : I mean, it doesn't seem like we're in any danger right now. (0:36:58.07)
Sakura Haruno : This place isn't all bad, right? (0:37:02.11)
Naruto Uzumaki : Tell me you haven't forgotten! (0:37:05.53)
Naruto Uzumaki : We're in a fake world created by Madara! (0:37:07.62)
Sakura Haruno : I know that. (0:37:13.21)
Sakura Haruno : I just felt like saying it. (0:37:15.12)
Naruto Uzumaki : I've had enough of this place! (0:37:16.67)
Sakura Haruno : Hey, where are you going? (0:37:20.34)
Naruto Uzumaki : To gather some intel, what else? (0:37:22.26)
Naruto Uzumaki : Like hell I'm gonna hang around in a place like this! (0:37:23.88)
Sakura Haruno : Hey, wait up! (0:37:29.01)
Tobi : Now that I've got it locked inside the Limited Tsukuyomi, (0:37:49.12)
Tobi : I'm more than halfway to actually taking the Kyūbi for myself. (0:37:52.29)
Zetsu : You can make a meal of it any time you like. (0:37:56.46)
Tobi : There is no need to rush. (0:38:00.92)
Tobi : Events have a certain natural order to follow. (0:38:03.51)
Tobi : I will dispose of Uzumaki Naruto and take the Kyūbi without fail. (0:38:06.55)
Naruto Uzumaki : When it comes to getting intel,
nothing beats asking Granny.
Tsunade : That's impossible! (0:38:18.44)
Tsunade : How could the Thunder Nation's Bijū get stolen?! (0:38:19.90)
Naruto Uzumaki : What did you just say?! (0:38:25.11)
Shizune : Menma! (0:38:27.40)
Sakura Haruno : You said the Bijū has been stolen! (0:38:28.07)
Naruto Uzumaki : Has something happened to Octopops? (0:38:29.70)
Tsunade : Calm down. (0:38:31.20)
Tsunade : As I heard it, the kidnapped Jinchūriki was a woman. (0:38:32.87)
Shizune : Tsunade-sama! (0:38:36.62)
Tsunade : We may soon have a fight on our hands. (0:38:38.33)
Tsunade : There is no point in hiding it. (0:38:41.21)
Sakura Haruno : A fight? With who? (0:38:43.30)
Tsunade : Do you know of the masked man who's been causing a stir within many other nations in recent years, (0:38:46.51)
Tsunade : indiscriminately gathering rare techniques and Bloodline Limits? (0:38:50.89)
Naruto Uzumaki : A masked man? (0:38:55.14)
Shizune : An S-rank criminal in the International Bingo Book. (0:38:57.18)
Shizune : Who would have ever thought that he'd be after a Bijū? (0:39:00.90)
Naruto Uzumaki : A masked man after Bijū... (0:39:04.11)
Naruto Uzumaki : Sakura-chan, you don't think it's... (0:39:06.69)
Sakura Haruno : It's possible. (0:39:09.49)
Sakura Haruno : We know there's no Madara in this world,
but it may be similar to how you're Menma.
Sakura Haruno : There may be a Madara here with a different name. (0:39:15.74)
Naruto Uzumaki : Where is he right now? (0:39:18.54)
Shizune : Give it up. (0:39:21.21)
Shizune : He's not an opponent you can fight at your level. (0:39:22.50)
Shizune : All the shinobi villages, ours included,
have tried to take him down time after time.
Shizune : However, even the great Jiraiya-sama never made it back. (0:39:29.84)
Naruto Uzumaki : Ero-Sennin... is dead? (0:39:34.35)
Tsunade : Before he died, Jiraiya said there was
just one way to defeat the masked man.
Minato Namikaze : Use a sealing scroll: the Tome of the Vermilion Moon. (0:39:46.07)
Tsunade : Welcome back. (0:39:59.32)
Minato Namikaze : We've just returned. (0:40:01.42)
Sakura Haruno : Huh? (0:40:05.38)
Naruto Uzumaki : Mom and Dad... are alive! (0:40:07.67)
Kushina Uzumaki : What's with acting all surprised just
'cause we came back from a mission?!
Sakura Haruno : Oh, right. In this world... (0:40:19.77)
Sakura Haruno : Please continue with what you were saying! (0:40:22.56)
Minato Namikaze : Before he died, Jiraiya-sensei said he had received a prophecy on Mount Myōboku. (0:40:25.52)
Minato Namikaze : It said the masked man would be defeated with the Tome of the Vermilion Moon that Jiraiya-sensei brought back. (0:40:30.78)
Minato Namikaze : The Great Toad Sage's prophecies are infallible. (0:40:36.08)
Minato Namikaze : In order to follow the prophecy, Jiraiya-sensei risked his life to obtain the Tome of the Vermilion Moon. (0:40:39.79)
Minato Namikaze : However, he succumbed to his wounds and never made it back to the village. (0:40:47.25)
Minato Namikaze : He lost his life. (0:40:51.28)
Sakura Haruno : So where is the Tome now? (0:40:53.55)
Tsunade : It's probably hidden near the border of Kusa. (0:40:56.97)
Minato Namikaze : Does this mean you cracked the code? (0:41:00.64)
Tsunade : It took a great deal of time and effort, but... (0:41:03.35)
Tsunade : Minato, Kushina, (0:41:06.81)
Tsunade : wait for Kakashi and Gai to return from their mission, (0:41:08.90)
Tsunade : then set out with them to retrieve the Tome. (0:41:12.19)
Naruto Uzumaki : Please let me go with them! (0:41:14.95)
Sakura Haruno : Hold on, Naruto. What are you saying?! (0:41:17.04)
Naruto Uzumaki : This isn't something I can leave to other people! (0:41:19.08)
Naruto Uzumaki : If you take down the user, the technique gets dispelled. (0:41:21.83)
Naruto Uzumaki : We've finally found a clue on how to get back to our world! (0:41:23.96)
Sakura Haruno : That's true. (0:41:27.54)
Naruto Uzumaki : Granny! (0:41:29.09)
Tsunade : There's no reason for you to get involved. (0:41:30.88)
Minato Namikaze : I'd like to second that request. (0:41:34.68)
Tsunade : Minato! (0:41:37.23)
Minato Namikaze : Please don't worry. We will definitely bring back the Tome. (0:41:38.72)
Tsunade : Very well. (0:41:43.81)
Minato Namikaze : Thank you very much! (0:41:45.44)
Sakura Haruno : I never saw that coming. (0:42:10.13)
Sakura Haruno : I mean, your parents being... (0:42:11.75)
Naruto Uzumaki : Damn you, Madara! (0:42:15.97)
Naruto Uzumaki : Making fake versions of them , of all things! (0:42:19.22)
Sakura Haruno : I know... (0:42:23.35)
Naruto Uzumaki : We can't waste a single second! (0:42:27.98)
Naruto Uzumaki : We're going to get the Tome or whatever, (0:42:29.65)
Naruto Uzumaki : kick the other Madara's ass, and get the hell out of this world as soon as we can! (0:42:31.94)
Sakura Haruno : Dead people are alive again. (0:42:51.46)
Sakura Haruno : People who shouldn't be here still are.{recast if you must, but I will personally eviscerate anyone who thinks the way to improve this sentence is by putting a comma before "are" - V} (0:42:53.75)
Sakura Haruno : Just what kind of world is this? (0:42:55.96)
Sakura Haruno : Naruto's parents are alive, too. (0:43:07.60)
Sakura Haruno : I wonder what he's doing right now. (0:43:11.23)
Kushina Uzumaki : Come out, Menma. I keep telling you dinner's ready. (0:43:17.57)
Naruto Uzumaki : And I keep telling you to leave me alone! (0:43:21.57)
Naruto Uzumaki : Like hell I'm gonna get friendly with a bunch of fakes. (0:43:25.41)
Kushina Uzumaki : You're a hundred years too young to even think about arguing with me!{anyone else get a "just a housewife who happened to be passing by" vibe here? - V} (0:43:41.47)
Minato Namikaze : Quit while you're ahead, Menma! (0:43:46.68)
Minato Namikaze : They don't call your mom the Red-Blooded Habanero for nothing! (0:43:49.06)
Kushina Uzumaki : You will eat your dinner now, won't you? (0:43:53.31)
Kushina Uzumaki : Won't you?! (0:43:55.77)
Naruto Uzumaki : Yes, ma'am! (0:43:56.48)
Naruto Uzumaki : Thanks. (0:44:01.95)
Minato Namikaze : Menma, would you mind taking care of the dirty dishes? (0:44:03.53)
Naruto Uzumaki : Do it yourself. (0:44:06.45)
Minato Namikaze : You're certainly in a bad mood. (0:44:09.12)
Minato Namikaze : Did you have a fight with Sakura? (0:44:10.91)
Minato Namikaze : It's unusual to see you taking that album out. (0:45:00.59)
Naruto Uzumaki : So what if I am? (0:45:04.80)
Naruto Uzumaki : About that conversation earlier... (0:45:08.10)
Naruto Uzumaki : How come you got Granny to let me come along? (0:45:09.97)
Minato Namikaze : You had some special reason, right? (0:45:12.64)
Minato Namikaze : My son's not the type to argue just for the sake of it. (0:45:15.52)
Minato Namikaze : Am I wrong? (0:45:19.15)
Naruto Uzumaki : Oh, come on. (0:45:20.36)
Minato Namikaze : We are family, after all. (0:45:22.44)
Kakashi Hatake : Okay, everyone! Let's go all out! (0:45:42.76)
Might Guy : I'm all out already... (0:45:45.47)
Might Guy : Doing consecutive missions with no time for a break is rough. (0:45:47.47)
Might Guy : The days of my youth are long gone. (0:45:50.47)
Kakashi Hatake : C'mon, don't say that! (0:45:52.98)
Kakashi Hatake : Let's give it our all! (0:45:54.81)
Sakura Haruno : Don't tell me they've swapped places. (0:45:56.02)
Kushina Uzumaki : What're you scowling for? (0:46:03.94)
Kushina Uzumaki : Is someone trying hard to look cool in front of the heroes' daughter? (0:46:06.49)
Naruto Uzumaki : Don't touch me! (0:46:10.41)
Kushina Uzumaki : Wh-What was that for? (0:46:11.95)
Kushina Uzumaki : Has he reached that age already? (0:46:13.95)
Sakura Haruno : You know, that was kinda uncalled- (0:46:19.38)
Naruto Uzumaki : Leave it be! (0:46:21.46)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm not their Menma, anyway. (0:46:23.09)
Sakura Haruno : Naruto... (0:46:26.22)
Menma Uzumaki : You have my gratitude. (0:46:39.10)
Menma Uzumaki : It's thanks to you that I've been able to find the Bijū. (0:46:41.36)
Tobi : Nothing in this world is beyond my knowledge. (0:46:45.65)
Tobi : That is why I'll warn you. (0:46:51.12)
Tobi : You will be in danger soon. (0:46:53.87)
Menma Uzumaki : You mean from the Tome of the Vermilion Moon? (0:46:57.12)
Tobi : Your enemies are already on the move. (0:47:01.04)
Menma Uzumaki : Is that right? (0:47:05.80)
Minato Namikaze : The Tome of the Vermilion Moon should be up ahead. (0:47:11.05)
Minato Namikaze : My master is bound to have set some sort of trap, of course. (0:47:14.62)
Minato Namikaze : Kakashi, please take the lead and use the Sharingan to predict the danger. (0:47:18.23)
Kakashi Hatake : Understood. (0:47:22.15)
Kakashi Hatake : Or so I'd love to say, but... (0:47:23.77)
Kakashi Hatake : I sort of pushed myself too hard from leaving my Sharingan activated this entire time, so... (0:47:25.94)
Minato Namikaze : You have a knack for tiring yourself out right when it counts. (0:47:31.66)
Might Guy : Actually, I need a rest, too. (0:47:35.62)
Might Guy : You can't win against old age. (0:47:38.91)
Minato Namikaze : No choice, then. Let's take a break. (0:47:43.63)
Kushina Uzumaki : Hey, where's Menma? (0:47:46.80)
Sakura Haruno : He would... (0:47:51.68)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm not gonna just sit around! (0:47:58.35)
Naruto Uzumaki : Is that it? (0:48:02.65)
Naruto Uzumaki : Toad Boss! (0:48:16.37)
Minato Namikaze : We're too late! (0:48:20.58)
Kushina Uzumaki : Menma, you're such a nuisance! (0:48:22.25)
Minato Namikaze : It can't be helped now that the technique's activated. (0:48:24.67)
Minato Namikaze : We are Konoha shinobi. (0:48:27.21)
Minato Namikaze : We've come to retrieve the scroll Jiraiya-sensei hid here. (0:48:30.05)
Gamabunta : Don't mean a thing to me. (0:48:33.84)
Gamabunta : We were told to guard it from absolutely everyone. (0:48:36.39)
Naruto Uzumaki : Boss, just hear me- (0:48:41.85)
Gamabunta : Hold your tongue! (0:48:43.81)
Minato Namikaze : Doesn't look like we have room to negotiate. (0:48:48.94)
Minato Namikaze : We've got no choice but to break through! (0:48:51.70)
Kushina Uzumaki : How many did they bring?! (0:49:13.57)
Sakura Haruno : I can't move like this! (0:49:15.64)
EXTRA : Oh, my! (0:49:17.85)
Might Guy : Middle Age Attack... (0:49:19.47)
Minato Namikaze : Try not to hurt them. (0:49:22.39)
Minato Namikaze : These are toads who made a contract with Jiraiya-sensei. (0:49:24.48)
EXTRA : No! (0:49:30.82)
Sakura Haruno : Wait! (0:49:32.57)
Kushina Uzumaki : Menma! (0:49:35.66)
Naruto Uzumaki : Please let us through, Boss! (0:49:38.78)
Gamabunta : Who do you think you're talking to, you little brat?! (0:49:40.49)
Naruto Uzumaki : This world has a different Toad Boss. (0:49:44.33)
Naruto Uzumaki : In that case, I'll use my Frog Fu! (0:49:46.42)
Gamabunta : What's going on? Where did he go? (0:49:52.09)
Gamariki : Love Whip! (0:49:59.80)
Naruto Uzumaki : I was so close! (0:50:02.10)
Gamabunta : Eat this! (0:50:05.60)
Kushina Uzumaki : Menma! (0:50:08.02)
Minato Namikaze : Kushina! (0:50:16.78)
Kushina Uzumaki : Minato... (0:50:20.91)
Naruto Uzumaki : Wh-Why? (0:50:27.33)
Naruto Uzumaki : Why did I have to... (0:50:30.50)
Minato Namikaze : Get down, Menma! (0:50:33.92)
Naruto Uzumaki : But... (0:50:35.26)
Kushina Uzumaki : Don't worry. You'll be by Kushina's side. (0:50:36.17)
Minato Namikaze : I'll take care of the rest. (0:50:38.55)
Gamabunta : Why, you... (0:50:44.27)
Gamabunta : Damn it! (0:50:56.47)
Minato Namikaze : A sealing technique composed of
space-time ninjutsu and a barrier array...
Minato Namikaze : It really would take me or Jiraiya-sensei to dispel this. (0:51:11.96)
Minato Namikaze : Thank you, Master. (0:51:36.69)
Minato Namikaze : I've obtained the Tome of the Vermilion Moon as you wanted. (0:51:38.36)
Sakura Haruno : Are you okay?! (0:51:44.58)
Minato Namikaze : Kushina has light burns, (0:51:56.25)
Minato Namikaze : but you know what I want to say, right? (0:51:58.67)
Naruto Uzumaki : Please leave me alone. (0:52:01.89)
Minato Namikaze : Huh? (0:52:03.18)
Naruto Uzumaki : I don't need you to worry about me! (0:52:03.60)
Naruto Uzumaki : So quit it already! (0:52:06.10)
Naruto Uzumaki : I never asked her to jump in! (0:52:07.68)
Naruto Uzumaki : I never asked her to get hurt! (0:52:09.14)
Naruto Uzumaki : If I was alone, then that attack wouldn't have hurt anyone! (0:52:10.44)
Minato Namikaze : That'll never happen. (0:52:18.19)
Minato Namikaze : We want to protect you every second of every day. (0:52:20.65)
Minato Namikaze : Our bodies move on their own, whether it makes sense or not. (0:52:23.16)
Minato Namikaze : That's what it means to be a parent. (0:52:25.70)
Naruto Uzumaki : Why? Why do you have to say stuff like that? (0:52:29.79)
Minato Namikaze : Is there something strange about it? (0:52:34.42)
Naruto Uzumaki : That's not what I'm saying! (0:52:36.84)
Naruto Uzumaki : Why... (0:52:40.09)
Minato Namikaze : Don't put yourself in unnecessary danger next time. (0:52:45.10)
Minato Namikaze : Kushina and I had a little talk before we set out. (0:52:47.51)
Minato Namikaze : We want to submit a Jōnin application for you once this mission is over.{now I think of it, how can the promotion system rely on parental recommendations in a village where ninja regularly die and leave their children orphaned? - V} (0:52:50.64)
Kushina Uzumaki : Menma! (0:52:56.56)
Minato Namikaze : Oh, Kushina! I've, uh, already taught him the error of his ways! (0:53:04.78)
Kushina Uzumaki : You're a real headache! (0:53:07.62)
Kushina Uzumaki : I'm so glad you didn't get hurt! (0:53:11.87)
Kakashi Hatake : Now that's a loving family. (0:54:00.25)
Tsunade : Jiraiya will be able to rest in peace now. (0:54:09.60)
Kakashi Hatake : Let's put together an extermination squad at once! (0:54:12.22)
Kakashi Hatake : Now we can finally defeat that hateful masked man! (0:54:15.23)
Tsunade : No, we need to wait a little first. (0:54:18.86)
Kakashi Hatake : We do? (0:54:22.36)
Tsunade : The prophecy has another part. (0:54:25.53)
Tsunade : "The Tome will be opened when the moon in the heavens takes on a vermilion hue." (0:54:28.53)
Tsunade : Until that time, it will be kept under heavy guard. (0:54:34.70)
Sakura Haruno : After we finally get the Tome, they tell us that we can't even use it right now. (0:54:51.60)
Naruto Uzumaki : Yeah... (0:54:55.81)
Sakura Haruno : Plus, how are we supposed to know when the moon's going to turn red? (0:54:57.94)
Sakura Haruno : Maybe we should go talk to Tsunade-sama again tomorrow. (0:55:02.15)
Naruto Uzumaki : Sakura-chan, I'm sorry... (0:55:04.23)
Naruto Uzumaki : Today, I need to... (0:55:06.57)
Minato Namikaze : You're home early. (0:56:46.34)
Naruto Uzumaki : Mom, Dad... (0:56:52.09)
Kushina Uzumaki : Welcome home, Menma. (0:56:56.51)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm home. (0:57:05.61)
Tobi : It seems that the Tome of the Vermilion Moon has made its way to Konoha. (0:57:32.72)
Menma Uzumaki : Then, it's time to begin. (0:57:36.55)
Tobi : Limited Tsukuyomi creates the thing that the
target most wanted at the moment they were taken.
Tobi : It is a world built upon one's heartfelt wishes. (0:57:58.16)
Tobi : That's why once this world has been created, even I, its maker, cannot recreate it anew. (0:58:00.91)
Tobi : No one would fight against what their own heart desires.{calling it now: Madara's plan will fail because people are dumb on a structural level, and what they want isn't the same as what'll make them happy - V} (0:58:08.29)
Sakura Haruno : Even your favorite food gets boring after you eat enough of it. (0:58:19.00)
Sakura Haruno : "The child of heroes," huh? (0:59:02.43)
Sakura Haruno : Naruto... (0:59:05.35)
Sakura Haruno : Did you feel this way all along? (0:59:07.35)
Sakura Haruno : Sasuke-kun! (0:59:32.09)
EXTRA : Oh, Sasuke-kun, you charmer! (0:59:35.67)
Sasuke Uchiha : I mean it. I'm always here for you. (0:59:38.26)
Sakura Haruno : I'm sorry, Naruto! I was wrong!{you know, the fact that Sasuke says it to all the girls doesn't inherently mean he doesn't mean it - V} (1:00:13.63)
Sakura Haruno : Let's hurry and get back to our world! (1:00:23.56)
Sakura Haruno : I'm sorry, Naruto. Let's go- (1:00:36.52)
Kushina Uzumaki : Then here I go! (1:00:42.16)
Sakura Haruno : What do I do? (1:01:13.98)
Sakura Haruno : Is this because of what I said back in the beginning? (1:01:16.27)
Sakura Haruno : But then, there's his dream... (1:01:21.57)
Naruto Uzumaki : So what's this urgent thing you wanted to talk about? (1:01:53.18)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm kinda busy today. (1:01:55.85)
Sakura Haruno : I'm sure. (1:01:59.44)
Naruto Uzumaki : I mean, you know, since we're
stuck waiting for "that time" anyway,
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm just looking for a way to kill time and stuff. (1:02:05.57)
Sakura Haruno : You really are happy in this world, aren't you? (1:02:08.87)
Naruto Uzumaki : C'mon now, Sakura-chan, what are you saying? (1:02:15.33)
Naruto Uzumaki : It's all here. It's everything I've ever wanted.{a living Jiraiya? A healthy love life? Any sign that Konohamaru exists? - V} (1:02:32.14)
Naruto Uzumaki : Mom and Dad are here, and it's just how I always imagined it. (1:02:44.24)
Naruto Uzumaki : This is my dream. (1:03:02.17)
Sakura Haruno : But this place is... (1:03:05.13)
Naruto Uzumaki : I know it's not real, but I... (1:03:07.59)
Tsunade : It's you!{can't have characters spend too long struggling with actual meaningful problems - quick, throw in some explosions! - V} (1:03:26.82)
Menma Uzumaki : I commend you for retrieving the Tome from within that barrier. (1:03:49.97)
Menma Uzumaki : Now, I'd like you to give me the Tome of the Vermilion Moon. (1:03:55.43)
Minato Namikaze : Hokage-sama! (1:03:59.31)
Minato Namikaze : We won't let you lay a finger on the Tome! (1:04:00.81)
Menma Uzumaki : I have no use for small fry.{"small fry" is plural as well as singular, and death will come to those that attempt to change it to "fries". With nasty big pointy teeth - V} (1:04:02.86)
Kakashi Hatake : Gai! (1:04:08.03)
Minato Namikaze : Hokage-sama! (1:04:26.46)
Minato Namikaze : This is bad! (1:04:39.52)
Menma Uzumaki : Kill them. (1:04:42.31)
Minato Namikaze : That's impossible. He tore out their chakra in one attack?! (1:04:51.36)
Menma Uzumaki : The next one will take your life.
Surrender the Tome without further resistance.
Minato Namikaze : Stay away, Menma! It's the masked man! (1:05:07.09)
Naruto Uzumaki : So that's the guy?! (1:05:09.26)
Sakura Haruno : No way! It's not Madara?! (1:05:11.22)
Menma Uzumaki : Madara? I see. (1:05:14.22)
Menma Uzumaki : So you're acquaintances of his? (1:05:16.18)
Sakura Haruno : You know Madara? (1:05:17.97)
Menma Uzumaki : He is a most useful man. (1:05:20.47)
Sakura Haruno : Tell us! Where is he? (1:05:23.27)
Menma Uzumaki : I see no reason to tell you anything. (1:05:26.48)
Menma Uzumaki : Besides, judging from your tone, I doubt you're his friends. (1:05:29.36)
Sakura Haruno : Then I'll just have to beat it out of you! (1:05:32.95)
Naruto Uzumaki : Sakura-chan! (1:05:39.16)
Menma Uzumaki : Don't bother. You're no threat to me. (1:05:42.58)
Sakura Haruno : Even so, we've got to beat Madara to get out of this world. (1:05:46.54)
Sakura Haruno : I have to fight you! (1:05:52.84)
Sakura Haruno : Real heroes risked their lives to
protect the world and this village!
Sakura Haruno : I refuse to abandon it! (1:06:00.47)
Naruto Uzumaki : Sakura-chan! (1:06:10.36)
Kushina Uzumaki : Run, Menma! (1:06:11.61)
Kushina Uzumaki : I'll never forgive you if you die before we do! (1:06:14.15)
Naruto Uzumaki : Mom! (1:06:17.07)
Menma Uzumaki : Something about you feels wrong. (1:06:21.37)
Menma Uzumaki : The Yellow Flash? (1:06:35.09)
Minato Namikaze : I made sure to carve my seals into the Tome back when I retrieved it. (1:06:40.35)
Minato Namikaze : If I have to, I'll use a kunai that I left outside the village to take it away. (1:06:45.48)
Minato Namikaze : I won't let him have my master's legacy! (1:06:51.36)
Menma Uzumaki : In that case, I'll just have you bring it to me instead.{you know, it would be smarter to just kill everyone who could potentially use the Tome against you, and *then* worry about the item itself - V} (1:06:53.15)
Naruto Uzumaki : Sakura-chan! (1:06:57.45)
Menma Uzumaki : Think of it as a trade for this girl's life. (1:06:58.45)
Naruto Uzumaki : Like I'll let you! (1:07:02.08)
Menma Uzumaki : Here's something to remember me by. (1:07:08.42)
Naruto Uzumaki : What's that? (1:07:14.51)
Minato Namikaze : This is bad! That mass of chakra! (1:07:15.38)
Menma Uzumaki : Dairasen Ringu. (1:07:23.68)
Minato Namikaze : Menma! (1:07:36.11)
Kushina Uzumaki : Menma! (1:07:57.21)
Kushina Uzumaki : Menma! Menma! (1:08:00.01)
Kushina Uzumaki : Menma! (1:08:04.31)
Naruto Uzumaki : Whoa... (1:08:15.69)
Naruto Uzumaki : Where's Sakura-chan?{I'm giving him a break because he might be concussed, but otherwise stupid question of the century - V} (1:08:22.36)
Kushina Uzumaki : She's- (1:08:23.53)
Minato Namikaze : We still have the scroll. (1:08:26.24)
Minato Namikaze : We must recover and wait for the time to strike back. (1:08:28.66)
Naruto Uzumaki : What are you talking about?! (1:08:31.50)
Naruto Uzumaki : Don't just lie back and relax. We've got to rescue her! (1:08:33.54)
Minato Namikaze : We can't, Menma! (1:08:36.50)
Minato Namikaze : We're not heroes like that. (1:08:39.01)
Minato Namikaze : We can't risk our lives for strangers. (1:08:42.51)
Naruto Uzumaki : No... (1:08:47.81)
Minato Namikaze : We may be ninja, but we're still human beings first. (1:08:50.10)
Naruto Uzumaki : But- (1:08:55.98)
Minato Namikaze : What if you die?! (1:08:56.52)
Minato Namikaze : We're worried about you, Menma. (1:08:59.61)
Minato Namikaze : I believe in you. (1:09:04.78)
Minato Namikaze : I'm entrusting Konoha to you, Naruto. (1:09:07.12)
Sakura Haruno : Real heroes risked their lives to
protect the world and this village!
Sakura Haruno : I refuse to abandon it! (1:09:15.33)
Minato Namikaze : I'll be back in a flash. (1:09:20.01)
Minato Namikaze : If I don't take care of him here, (1:09:24.34)
Minato Namikaze : he'll cause even more destruction than the Kyūbi! (1:09:27.26)
Tobi : You people are already doomed! (1:09:33.27)
Minato Namikaze : Rasengan! (1:09:47.91)
Minato Namikaze : I'm sorry, Kushina. (1:10:01.38)
Kushina Uzumaki : I can still do it, Minato. (1:10:05.30)
Kushina Uzumaki : Thank you for everything. (1:10:16.27)
Kushina Uzumaki : Minato, don't look so sad. (1:10:21.61)
Kushina Uzumaki : I'm happy that you loved me. (1:10:25.74)
Kushina Uzumaki : When I think of our future together as a family if I lived, (1:10:33.79)
Kushina Uzumaki : I can only see... a life full of happiness. (1:10:52.81)
Minato Namikaze : I will seal all of your remaining chakra into Naruto, together with the Kyūbi.{this is not the line from the original episode - presumably they condensed it - V} (1:11:05.69)
Kushina Uzumaki : But he's our son! (1:11:13.66)
Kushina Uzumaki : I'd never want him to live carrying such a burden! (1:11:16.12)
Kushina Uzumaki : To maintain the balance between the Bijū? (1:11:23.05)
Kushina Uzumaki : For the sake of the country? The village? (1:11:24.88)
Kushina Uzumaki : There's no reason to sacrifice Naruto for that! (1:11:28.13)
Kushina Uzumaki : There's no reason for you to sacrifice yourself for me! (1:11:31.64)
Minato Namikaze : We're a family... (1:11:42.86)
Minato Namikaze : of shinobi! (1:11:46.11)
Minato Namikaze : It'll be a while before we see him, so say what you want to say. (1:11:59.12)
Kushina Uzumaki : Naruto... (1:12:04.59)
Kushina Uzumaki : Don't be picky about your food. (1:12:06.21)
Kushina Uzumaki : Eat lots so you can grow big. (1:12:07.88)
Kushina Uzumaki : Make friends. (1:12:11.43)
Kushina Uzumaki : You don't need a lot of them. (1:12:14.97)
Kushina Uzumaki : Just a few that you can really trust! (1:12:17.39)
Kushina Uzumaki : Speaking of vices, watch out for Jiraiya-sensei, ya know! (1:12:22.65)
Kushina Uzumaki : Naruto, you will face a lot of pain and suffering in your life. (1:12:33.24)
Kushina Uzumaki : Believe in yourself. (1:12:39.79)
Kushina Uzumaki : Believe in your dreams. (1:12:42.42)
Kushina Uzumaki : Believe that you can make your dreams come true! (1:12:44.59)
Kushina Uzumaki : There's many, many, many, many, many,
many more things I want to share with you!
Kushina Uzumaki : I wish I could stay with you longer! (1:13:01.31)
Kushina Uzumaki : I love you. (1:13:04.81)
Minato Namikaze : Naruto, my advice as your father... (1:13:10.61)
Minato Namikaze : is everything your chatty mother just said. (1:13:14.45)
Naruto Uzumaki : I have to go. (1:13:28.80)
Minato Namikaze : No, you don't! (1:13:31.09)
Minato Namikaze : There's no need to pretend to be a hero! (1:13:32.34)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm not really from around here. (1:13:33.76)
Naruto Uzumaki : My name isn't really Menma. (1:13:37.51)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm sorry I lied to you. (1:13:40.97)
Kushina Uzumaki : What is this all of a sudden? (1:13:43.52)
Naruto Uzumaki : My real dad is the Fourth Hokage, (1:13:46.77)
Naruto Uzumaki : and my mom was the Kyūbi Jinchūriki. (1:13:51.44)
Naruto Uzumaki : The two of them died in the real world to protect everyone. (1:13:55.66)
Naruto Uzumaki : They protected the village, and
they protected me... with their lives.
Kushina Uzumaki : Menma, please don't go! (1:14:12.51)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm going. (1:14:19.10)
Kushina Uzumaki : Menma! (1:14:22.35)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm the child of two heroes, after all! (1:14:35.24)
Sakura Haruno : Where am I? (1:15:00.35)
Tobi : In another reality, one created by the Limited Tsukuyomi. (1:15:02.47)
Tobi : In the original world, this place was called the Cavern of Discipline. (1:15:07.10)
Tobi : This is the place where Jiraiya and
the Fourth Hokage used to train.
Tobi : Though in this world, it seems someone else has come to use it as a hideout. (1:15:19.53)
Sakura Haruno : What is it that you're really after? (1:15:25.00)
Tobi : You'll find out in time. (1:15:27.83)
Tobi : Be grateful. (1:15:29.54)
Tobi : You'll never see anything like this again. (1:15:31.21)
Naruto Uzumaki : I've finally found you, Madara! (1:15:33.92)
Sakura Haruno : Naruto! (1:15:36.63)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'll kick your ass and go back to the real world! (1:15:39.97)
Tobi : I'm afraid I'm not the one you'll be up against. (1:15:46.14)
Menma Uzumaki : Kindly hand over the Tome of the Vermilion Moon. (1:15:57.28)
Naruto Uzumaki : No way! Release Sakura-chan first! (1:15:59.65)
Menma Uzumaki : Then I'll just kill you and take it myself.{or he could let Sakura go - it's not like she has any value for him - V} (1:16:03.62)
Menma Uzumaki : I was going to kill you anyway. (1:16:08.00)
Menma Uzumaki : Something about you feels wrong. (1:16:11.29)
Menma Uzumaki : I can't let you live. (1:16:14.50)
Menma Uzumaki : You just feel wrong. (1:16:16.84)
Naruto Uzumaki : What?! (1:16:19.30)
Naruto Uzumaki : What is this horrible feeling? (1:16:23.72)
Naruto Uzumaki : Again?! (1:16:31.06)
Naruto Uzumaki : Damn! (1:16:36.07)
Naruto Uzumaki : What's going on? (1:16:37.86)
Menma Uzumaki : It makes me feel sick. (1:16:43.16)
Menma Uzumaki : Your very presence, and your chakra!{Hmm, apparently Back To The Future was wrong. You CAN meet yourself} (1:16:45.28)
Naruto Uzumaki : It's like there's something buzzing deep inside my stomach... (1:16:49.20)
Menma Uzumaki : I think it's about time we wrap this up. (1:16:53.04)
Menma Uzumaki : Kumen Sowaka! (1:16:58.26)
Menma Uzumaki : Blue. Hundred. Vermilion. Occult. (1:17:00.92)
Menma Uzumaki : Sky. South. North. Three. Jewel. (1:17:03.80)
Menma Uzumaki : Kumenjū! (1:17:07.68)
Menma Uzumaki : I'll grind you into dust so fine that
they won't find even a single bone!
Naruto Uzumaki : There's too many of them to fight at once! (1:17:20.94)
Naruto Uzumaki : The enemy even gets backup?! (1:17:37.17)
Itachi Uchiha : Stop. (1:17:39.96)
Itachi Uchiha : We came here at the Hokage's request. (1:17:41.38)
Deidara : We're here to back you up so that
you can fight the masked guy, yeah.
Menma Uzumaki : Akatsuki mercenaries?! (1:17:52.98)
Kisame Hoshigaki : A grim reaper's chakra? Sounds like it'll be worth shaving off. (1:18:18.75)
Naruto Uzumaki : Nice! So Akatsuki is on my side? (1:18:25.51)
Menma Uzumaki : Don't get ahead of yourself! (1:18:28.55)
Tobi : I see. So this is another ripple warping this world? (1:18:49.87)
Tobi : To think the Hokage would be directing Akatsuki... (1:18:54.91)
Sakura Haruno : Uchiha Itachi?! (1:18:58.50)
Itachi Uchiha : Your form is strange. (1:19:00.88)
Itachi Uchiha : I take it physical attacks will be
ineffective against one such as you.
Itachi Uchiha : However, I have other cards up my sleeve. (1:19:06.84)
Tobi : If you put your mind to it, you could even set me on fire. (1:19:11.05)
Tobi : You're as dangerous as ever. (1:19:14.98)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm leaving Sakura-chan to you! (1:19:20.69)
Deidara : The swaying of flames, too, is a sort of art. (1:19:45.92)
Deidara : Art really is a blast. (1:19:55.47)
Deidara : So that's the real body. (1:20:03.65)
Naruto Uzumaki : What's this? (1:20:23.08)
Naruto Uzumaki : I get it. This is a training hall. (1:20:34.85)
Naruto Uzumaki : Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (1:20:52.61)
Menma Uzumaki : Only a loser relies on numbers. (1:21:22.60)
Naruto Uzumaki : Is that so? (1:21:25.94)
Naruto Uzumaki : It's over. (1:21:28.78)
Menma Uzumaki : For you, maybe. (1:21:38.49)
Naruto Uzumaki : What are you? (1:22:04.35)
Menma Uzumaki : You make me sick. (1:22:06.56)
Sakura Haruno : Naruto... (1:22:27.63)
Naruto Uzumaki : He managed to survive my Spiraling Shuriken! (1:22:40.31)
Menma Uzumaki : You can feel it buzzing deep in your stomach, can't you? (1:22:46.90)
Menma Uzumaki : Man, you're slow! (1:22:53.40)
Menma Uzumaki : The thing inside you has been getting more and more pissed off. (1:22:55.49)
Naruto Uzumaki : Inside me? (1:22:59.62)
Naruto Uzumaki : How do you know about that?! (1:23:02.08)
Menma Uzumaki : You could call it resonance. (1:23:03.66)
Menma Uzumaki : Honestly... I could never have imagined it either. (1:23:10.59)
Menma Uzumaki : I can't believe there was another one of me in this world.{so where's other Sakura? We know she exists and isn't evil from that one filler episode - V} (1:23:36.44)
Menma Uzumaki : That's why I can't stand it! (1:23:43.28)
Menma Uzumaki : It gives me goosebumps simply knowing that you exist! (1:23:48.46)
Menma Uzumaki : I'm going to erase you!{so was Menma always evil, or did Naruto's arrival somehow retcon him? - V}{Apparently the "masked man" was trouble for awhile, so I'm guessing her always was. -Err} (1:23:54.88)
Menma Uzumaki : Die! (1:24:49.68)
Deidara : Whoa, there. What's going on?! (1:25:02.70)
Sakura Haruno : He looks exactly like Naruto! (1:25:13.04)
Sakura Haruno : Was he this world's Jinchūriki? (1:25:15.21)
Tobi : Of all Bijū, the Kyūbi bears the greatest and purest hatred. (1:25:18.17)
Tobi : If two of them face each other,
they will inevitably fight to the death.
Tobi : Now, how will this play out? (1:25:31.89)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm the one he's after! All of you, please stay away! (1:25:34.85)
Sakura Haruno : Naruto! (1:25:40.78)
Kakuzu : Further action would be outside the limits of our contract. (1:25:43.45)
Kakuzu : We didn't get paid enough for that. (1:25:46.37)
Sakura Haruno : You're kidding! (1:25:48.87)
Naruto Uzumaki : Bigger body, bigger target! (1:26:00.46)
Naruto Uzumaki : Rasen Tarengan!{I swear exactly the same thing happens every single time he uses this move on anyone - V} (1:26:30.91)
Naruto Uzumaki : Damn... (1:26:42.34)
Kurama : How pathetic. (1:26:48.97)
Kurama : To think you'd be defeated by a mere imitation. (1:26:51.10)
Naruto Uzumaki : Shut up! (1:26:54.02)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'm right about to counterattack! (1:26:55.94)
Naruto Uzumaki : I'll unleash Bijū Mode and- (1:26:58.15)

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