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Rin Tohsaka : Come home soon, Father. (0:00:46.92)
Rin Tohsaka : Oh, shut up! Stop ringing! (0:00:56.34)
Rin Tohsaka : Come on, already... (0:01:00.93)
Rin Tohsaka : I was up until late last night,
so just a few more minutes.
Rin Tohsaka : Jeez, you're heartless! (0:01:08.02)
Rin Tohsaka : Oh, right. That pendant... (0:01:37.72)
Rin Tohsaka : It hasn't begun yet, but I can't
be too careful, can I?
EXTRA : #00 Prologue (0:02:07.12)
Rin Tohsaka : What's going on? (0:02:21.35)
Rin Tohsaka : I don't see a single student... (0:02:22.68)
Rin Tohsaka : It's too quiet. (0:02:25.18)
Rin Tohsaka : Well, I guess it's just one of those days. (0:02:33.61)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : Hey, Tohsaka! (0:02:43.54)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : You're early today. (0:02:45.20)
Rin Tohsaka : Ah, so that's it... (0:02:48.21)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : Morning. (0:02:55.96)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : Sure is cold today, huh? (0:02:56.84)
Rin Tohsaka : Good morning, Mitsuzuri-san. (0:02:58.47)
Rin Tohsaka : By the way, do you know what time it is? (0:03:00.59)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : The time? It's just before seven, of course. (0:03:04.85)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : Tohsaka, are you half-asleep? (0:03:07.10)
Rin Tohsaka : Looks like the clocks at home were an hour fast. (0:03:09.81)
Rin Tohsaka : Not only my alarm clock, but the wall
clocks, too. By exactly one hour.
Rin Tohsaka : It happened right after I found the pendant... (0:03:19.53)
Rin Tohsaka : Could Father have caused it? (0:03:22.45)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : Tohsaka? (0:03:26.20)
Rin Tohsaka : Holding morning practice again, Mitsuzuri-san? (0:03:28.58)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : Yeah, I lost one of our best people. (0:03:30.87)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : I have to try to put on a good show
so new students will join our club.
Rin Tohsaka : When you're team captain,
it's always something, huh?
Ayako Mitsuzuri : Hey, since you're here, why not watch our practice? (0:03:41.26)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : You really don't want to watch? (0:03:50.52)
Rin Tohsaka : I don't know anything about archery. (0:03:52.44)
Rin Tohsaka : So watching from a distance will be good enough. (0:03:54.40)
Sakura Matou : Good morning, Captain. (0:04:02.74)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : Ah, good morning, Matou. (0:04:04.95)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : Is it just you this morning? (0:04:07.46)
Sakura Matou : Yes... (0:04:09.00)
Sakura Matou : I'm sorry that I wasn't able to help. (0:04:10.16)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : It's fine, don't worry. (0:04:13.42)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : If someone isn't into it, there's no point
in forcing them to participate.
Rin Tohsaka : I'll be going, then. (0:04:18.92)
Rin Tohsaka : See you later, Mitsuzuri-san. (0:04:20.84)
Ayako Mitsuzuri : Sure. Later, Tohsaka. (0:04:23.05)
Sakura Matou : Thank you for visiting, Tohsaka-senpai. (0:04:26.64)
Rin Tohsaka : Thanks. (0:04:31.69)
Rin Tohsaka : Work hard, Sakura. (0:04:32.94)
Shinji Matou : Hey, Tohsaka! (0:04:40.53)
Shinji Matou : Good morning. (0:04:41.74)
Shinji Matou : I must be lucky, running into
you first thing in the morning.
Rin Tohsaka : Good morning, Matou Shinji-kun. (0:04:47.08)
Rin Tohsaka : You're here early this morning. (0:04:49.12)
Shinji Matou : Of course! (0:04:50.70)
Shinji Matou : I'm team captain, after all. (0:04:51.87)
Rin Tohsaka : Assistant manager, more like... (0:04:54.42)
Rin Tohsaka : See you. (0:04:56.50)
Shinji Matou : Hey, wait up. (0:04:58.04)
Shinji Matou : You should sit in on our morning practice. (0:04:59.17)
Rin Tohsaka : I'll pass. (0:05:01.09)
Rin Tohsaka : I don't want to get in the way of practice. (0:05:02.51)
Shinji Matou : No one will mind. (0:05:05.14)
Rin Tohsaka : My point is that I don't want to be a bother. (0:05:07.39)
Rin Tohsaka : Besides, I'm not all that interested in archery. (0:05:10.60)
Shinji Matou : Really? (0:05:14.94)
Shinji Matou : I thought you were. (0:05:16.69)
Shinji Matou : Guess I had the wrong idea. (0:05:21.15)
Shinji Matou : I thought you kept coming to watch after-school
practices because you were interested.
Shinji Matou : Oh? You were there to watch
something else, huh?
Rin Tohsaka : Stay away from me, will you? (0:05:34.29)
Rin Tohsaka : Let me be clear, Matou-kun. (0:05:38.65)
Rin Tohsaka : Not only am I not interested in archery,
I'm not interested in you.
Rin Tohsaka : The fact is that I only just now noticed
you were on the archery range,
Rin Tohsaka : and I'm certain I won't notice you in the future. (0:05:50.56)
Shinji Matou : Say what? (0:05:53.73)
Shinji Matou : How dare you, Tohsaka?! (0:05:54.93)
Rin Tohsaka : You're welcome to be self-conscious,
but you should tone it down.
Taiga Fujimura : Hey, if it isn't Tohsaka-san! Morning! (0:06:03.11)
Rin Tohsaka : Good morning, Fujimura-sensei. (0:06:05.82)
Issei Ryuudou : Tohsaka... (0:06:15.83)
Rin Tohsaka : Well, if it isn't the student council president. (0:06:17.62)
Rin Tohsaka : Patrolling the campus so early in the morning? (0:06:19.63)
Rin Tohsaka : Or are you making maintenance
rounds of the club rooms?
Rin Tohsaka : Not that I care either way.
Still, you're the diligent student as always.
Issei Ryuudou : And what do you have up your sleeve? (0:06:29.30)
Issei Ryuudou : Why are you here so early,
when you aren't in any clubs?
Rin Tohsaka : I just felt like it. (0:06:36.43)
Shirou Emiya : I fixed it, Issei. (0:06:40.52)
Issei Ryuudou : Oh, sorry. (0:06:42.44)
Issei Ryuudou : I asked you for help, but you
did it all, Emiya. My bad.
Shirou Emiya : Where's the next one? (0:06:48.28)
Shirou Emiya : I don't have a lot of time. (0:06:49.91)
Issei Ryuudou : The next one's in the A/V room. (0:06:52.05)
Issei Ryuudou : They say it's been acting up lately, but it's
finally exhausted its lifespan.
Shirou Emiya : If it's dead, I can't fix that.
Buying a new one would be faster.
Issei Ryuudou : That's true, but I'd appreciate it if you
could take a look at it anyway.
Issei Ryuudou : It looked dead to me, but you may be able
to see if it's just faking or really dead.
Shirou Emiya : Okay, I'll try... (0:07:12.26)
Shirou Emiya : You're here early, Tohsaka. (0:07:18.85)
Rin Tohsaka : Was that his way of saying hello? (0:07:25.07)
Yukika Saegusa : E-Excuse me, Tohsaka-san? (0:07:47.13)
Yukika Saegusa : If you don't mind, would you
like to eat lunch together?
Rin Tohsaka : Thank you, Saegusa-san. (0:07:53.26)
Rin Tohsaka : I'm sorry, but I'm going to the cafeteria today. (0:07:55.31)
Rin Tohsaka : I overslept this morning. (0:07:58.87)
Yukika Saegusa : Oh, you did? (0:08:01.52)
Yukika Saegusa : I didn't know. I'm sorry for stopping you. (0:08:03.48)
Rin Tohsaka : Don't let this discourage you.
Feel free to ask me again.
Yukika Saegusa : I will. (0:08:10.95)
Yukika Saegusa : Wow, I had no idea that you were
capable of oversleeping.
Rin Tohsaka : Actually, I oversleep all the time. (0:08:15.58)
Rin Tohsaka : I'm not in any clubs because
I can't get out of bed.
Rin Tohsaka : Well, enjoy your lunch, Saegusa-san. (0:08:22.04)
Yukika Saegusa : I will. You, too, Tohsaka-san. (0:08:24.38)
Kaede Makidera : Looks like you got shot down, Yukicchi. (0:08:27.75)
Kaede Makidera : Didn't I tell you? (0:08:30.09)
Kaede Makidera : Tohsaka never brings a boxed lunch. (0:08:31.55)
Kane Himuro : Maki, all we need to do is eat
lunch in the cafeteria, right?
Kaede Makidera : No way! (0:08:39.68)
Kaede Makidera : Try sitting with Tohsaka sometime! (0:08:41.06)
Kaede Makidera : It's so annoying, the way
you can feel guys staring!
Kaede Makidera : When she and I went out last weekend,
she reaped all the benefits!
Kane Himuro : Makinoji, it looks like Tohsaka can hear
you talking about her behind her back.
Kaede Makidera : She's glaring daggers at me! (0:09:01.71)
Yukika Saegusa : I don't think she's glaring at you. (0:09:04.75)
Kaede Makidera : No, that's a hateful glare! (0:09:08.84)
Kaede Makidera : When she's smiling, she's at her scariest. (0:09:10.34)
Kaede Makidera : It was only a little smack talk! Let it slide! (0:09:13.38)
Kaede Makidera : I treated you to a taiyaki, didn't I? (0:09:16.43)
Rin Tohsaka : I had such high hopes in Father's will... (0:09:31.36)
Rin Tohsaka : Last night, after solving an annoying puzzle
he left, I found a box of his effects.
Rin Tohsaka : When I finally got it open, (0:09:41.58)
Rin Tohsaka : all it contained was what looked like a
smashed-up catalyst and this pendant.
Rin Tohsaka : Plus, all the clocks in the house went crazy... (0:09:49.46)
Rin Tohsaka : That's amazing in its own right, (0:09:57.09)
Rin Tohsaka : but it won't help me summon Saber,
the most powerful Servant.
Rin Tohsaka : According to that dubious priest's information,
only two more Masters are left.
Rin Tohsaka : I guess I don't have time to mope and worry. (0:10:10.32)
EXTRA : You have one message, recorded on
January 31, 3:21 PM.
Kirei Kotomine : It's me. (0:10:43.56)
Kirei Kotomine : As I'm sure you are aware,
tomorrow is the deadline, Rin.
Kirei Kotomine : I insist that you start taking this seriously. (0:10:50.36)
Kirei Kotomine : Only two slots remain, (0:10:53.78)
Kirei Kotomine : the Archer and the Saber classes. (0:10:56.11)
Kirei Kotomine : The ranks of the Masters must
be filled without delay.
Kirei Kotomine : Summon your Servant, and establish
your Command Seals immediately.
Kirei Kotomine : Of course, if you are not participating in the
Holy Grail War, that is a different matter.
Kirei Kotomine : If you value your life, seek shelter
with the Church—
Rin Tohsaka : I know what I have to do.
You don't have to tell me.
Rin Tohsaka : Preparations, ready. (0:11:40.99)
Rin Tohsaka : Time, good. (0:11:42.91)
Rin Tohsaka : Wavelength, ideal. (0:11:44.70)
Rin Tohsaka : By performing the summoning at 2 AM,
when my mana's at its peak,
Rin Tohsaka : I'll get Saber, even without a catalyst! (0:11:51.37)
Rin Tohsaka : For the elements, silver and iron. (0:12:02.34)
Rin Tohsaka : For the foundation, stone and
the Archduke of Contracts.
Rin Tohsaka : For the ancestor, my great master, Schweinorg. (0:12:07.52)
Rin Tohsaka : Close the gates of the cardinal directions. (0:12:11.06)
Rin Tohsaka : Come forth from the Crown, and follow
the forked road leading to the Kingdom.
Rin Tohsaka : Fill, fill, fill, fill, fill. (0:12:17.86)
Rin Tohsaka : Repeat five times. (0:12:24.20)
Rin Tohsaka : But when each is filled, destroy it. (0:12:26.41)
Rin Tohsaka : Set. (0:12:29.25)
Rin Tohsaka : Heed my words. (0:12:31.04)
Rin Tohsaka : My will creates your body, and your
sword creates my destiny.
Rin Tohsaka : If you heed the Grail's call and obey my
will and reason, then answer me.
Rin Tohsaka : I hereby swear... (0:12:44.01)
Rin Tohsaka : That I shall be all the good in the world. (0:12:45.76)
Rin Tohsaka : That I shall defeat all evil in the world. (0:12:48.77)
Rin Tohsaka : You seven heavens, clad in the
three great words of power,
Rin Tohsaka : come forth from the circle of binding... (0:12:55.19)
Rin Tohsaka : Guardian of the Scales! (0:12:56.96)
Rin Tohsaka : That was flawless! (0:13:12.08)
Rin Tohsaka : I know I drew the most powerful card! (0:13:13.54)
Rin Tohsaka : Why?! (0:13:21.38)
Rin Tohsaka : The door's broken... (0:13:23.38)
Rin Tohsaka : Damn it! (0:13:25.39)
Rin Tohsaka : Wait, all the clocks in the house
were an hour fast today...
Rin Tohsaka : Which means it's now 1 AM. (0:13:49.91)
Rin Tohsaka : Not 2 AM? (0:13:52.62)
Rin Tohsaka : I did it again! (0:13:54.21)
Rin Tohsaka : What's done is done. (0:13:56.33)
Rin Tohsaka : Why did you give me that task, Father? (0:13:59.17)
Rin Tohsaka : Well? What are you supposed to be? (0:14:03.76)
Archer : That's the first thing you say to me? (0:14:06.38)
Archer : Seems I've been drawn by quite
the unusual little Master.
Archer : Good grief. (0:14:12.56)
Archer : Or was it I who drew the short straw? (0:14:13.77)
Rin Tohsaka : Just to make sure... (0:14:17.44)
Rin Tohsaka : You're my Servant, right? (0:14:19.02)
Archer : And are you my Master? (0:14:22.36)
Archer : When I was summoned, you weren't present. (0:14:25.03)
Rin Tohsaka : You aren't a baby bird. (0:14:27.99)
Rin Tohsaka : Don't joke and make it sound like you imprint on
your Master when you first open your eyes.
Rin Tohsaka : All right, fine. (0:14:34.79)
Rin Tohsaka : I'm simply asking if you really are
my Servant, and no one else's.
Rin Tohsaka : Master-Servant relationships should be
clearly laid out, right off the bat.
Archer : Yes. (0:14:47.03)
Archer : I am in complete agreement with that opinion. (0:14:48.47)
Archer : But where is the evidence that you are my Master? (0:14:50.85)
Rin Tohsaka : Here. This is all the proof you need
that I am your Master, right?
Archer : Oh, dear. (0:15:03.36)
Archer : Do you really mean that? (0:15:04.78)
Archer : It wasn't that meaningless token I wanted to see. (0:15:07.40)
Archer : I wanted to see if you are someone
worthy of my loyalty.
Rin Tohsaka : Excuse me? (0:15:15.54)
Rin Tohsaka : I'm not good enough to be your Master? (0:15:16.54)
Archer : I am utterly dissatisfied, but I do
acknowledge you as my Master.
Archer : But on one condition. (0:15:24.71)
Archer : In the war to come, I will
disregard anything you say.
Archer : I will decide all battle policy. (0:15:30.64)
Archer : I trust you have no objections. (0:15:33.30)
Rin Tohsaka : I see... (0:15:37.35)
Rin Tohsaka : You grudgingly acknowledge me, but you
won't listen to my opinions?
Rin Tohsaka : Why is that? (0:15:43.36)
Rin Tohsaka : You are my Servant, aren't you? (0:15:45.28)
Archer : Yes, but in form alone. (0:15:47.90)
Archer : So I will obey you in form alone. (0:15:50.49)
Archer : But when fighting, I will call my own shots. (0:15:53.74)
Archer : Until this Holy Grail War ends, I suggest
you sit tight in the cellar or something.
Archer : That should keep even one as
inexperienced as you alive.
Archer : Oh, have I made you angry? (0:16:07.01)
Archer : Of course, I have nothing but
respect for your office.
Archer : After all, I was summoned to
win victory for my Master.
Archer : My victory is your victory, and I will
yield any spoils of battle to you.
Archer : Surely that will be agreeable? (0:16:22.77)
Archer : Anyway, leave everything to me,
and see to your own wellbeing.
Archer : I don't expect (0:16:31.24)
Archer : anything from you. (0:16:32.53)
Rin Tohsaka : Now I'm mad! (0:16:35.03)
Rin Tohsaka : Fine! If that's how you're going
to be, I'll use one on you!
Rin Tohsaka : Anfang! (0:16:41.46)
Archer : You wouldn't... (0:16:42.71)
Rin Tohsaka : I would! (0:16:43.58)
Rin Tohsaka : You lousy ingrate! (0:16:45.21)
Rin Tohsaka : Vertrag... Ein neuer Nagel... (0:16:47.21)
Rin Tohsaka : Ein neues Gesetz... Ein neues Gesetz... (0:16:49.76)
Archer : Wait, are you crazy, Master? (0:16:50.09)
Archer : Who would use a Command
Seal on something so...
Rin Tohsaka : Ein neues Verbrechen! (0:16:52.63)
Rin Tohsaka : Shut up! (0:16:54.68)
Rin Tohsaka : You're my Servant, got it? (0:16:56.01)
Rin Tohsaka : That means absolute obedience
to everything I say!
Archer : Are you that impulsive, girl? (0:17:10.19)
Archer : You would use a Command Seal
with so broad an order?
Rin Tohsaka : L-Let's take this elsewhere. (0:17:16.66)
Rin Tohsaka : Come with me. (0:17:19.49)
Archer : I believe I have a fair understanding
of your disposition now, Master.
Archer : Just to be sure, you do realize how precious
the Command Seals are, don't you?
Rin Tohsaka : What's with his superior tone? (0:17:44.35)
Rin Tohsaka : "Absolute obedience," my butt... (0:17:46.52)
Rin Tohsaka : They symbolize our power to compel
our Servants three times.
Rin Tohsaka : What about it? (0:17:53.15)
Archer : Listen... (0:17:55.62)
Archer : Command Seals compel a Servant
to perform an action.
Archer : For example, I am incapable of
teleporting far from here.
Archer : However, if you were to use a
Command Seal and say, "Go,"
Archer : it would use mana from both of us, to accomplish it. (0:18:09.90)
Archer : The three Command Seals are (0:18:12.92)
Archer : the crystallization of high magic and can
overcome the limits of flesh and blood.
Archer : Well, I suppose the number has
now been reduced to two.
Rin Tohsaka : I know all that. (0:18:22.27)
Rin Tohsaka : So what? I still have two. (0:18:24.60)
Rin Tohsaka : The rule I ordered you to obey wasn't a waste. (0:18:27.48)
Archer : I admit that I miscalculated. (0:18:31.65)
Archer : When the order is vaguely worded,
Command Seals are less effective.
Archer : Which is exactly what happened
with your earlier order.
Archer : Even a hundred Command Seals could not compel (0:18:42.87)
Archer : true, absolute obedience in every word and deed. (0:18:45.52)
Rin Tohsaka : Then you're saying the Command
Seal I used earlier was pointless?
Archer : Normally, that would be the case. (0:18:53.80)
Archer : But it would seem your skill
as a mage is extraordinary.
Rin Tohsaka : Extraordinary? (0:19:01.14)
Archer : Yes, that is what I meant by "miscalculated." (0:19:02.72)
Archer : Your words now carry a powerful
compulsion for me.
Archer : How annoying. (0:19:09.79)
Rin Tohsaka : What are you getting at? (0:19:11.48)
Archer : I take back what I said, Master. (0:19:14.53)
Archer : You may be young in years, but you
are an outstanding mage.
Archer : I was mistaken in looking down on you as a
child and trying to keep you from fighting.
Archer : I apologize for both that and my poor manners. (0:19:28.92)
Rin Tohsaka : Then you acknowledge me as your Master,
even without my using a Command Seal?
Archer : Of course. (0:19:37.59)
Archer : I'd just been summoned, so I
wasn't yet fully acclimated.
Archer : But now, we are completely connected. (0:19:42.85)
Archer : As a mage, you should be able to sense the
bond between us through our pact.
Rin Tohsaka : Our pact... (0:19:57.61)
Rin Tohsaka : Oh, right. (0:19:59.32)
Rin Tohsaka : Servants are summoned by the Holy Grail,
but what anchors them to this world is...
Archer : Yes. (0:20:05.47)
Archer : A Master's power. (0:20:06.54)
Archer : A Servant is anchored to this world by
the mana supplied by his Master.
Archer : My mana from you is more than satisfactory. (0:20:13.50)
Archer : You are a first-rate mage, no doubt about it. (0:20:16.88)
Rin Tohsaka : It's too late to score any points with flattery. (0:20:22.41)
Rin Tohsaka : Wait... (0:20:28.35)
Rin Tohsaka : You aren't Saber? (0:20:29.27)
Archer : I hate to disappoint, but I have no sword. (0:20:31.60)
Rin Tohsaka : Which makes you Archer. (0:20:34.40)
Rin Tohsaka : Boy, I blew it... (0:20:36.48)
Rin Tohsaka : I used all those gems, and I
still didn't get the Saber.
Archer : Well, pardon me for not being the Saber. (0:20:41.72)
Rin Tohsaka : It was a regrettable mistake, but I'm to blame. (0:20:45.91)
Archer : I'll make you rue those words. (0:20:52.08)
Archer : And when the day comes, apologize all
you want. I won't forgive you.
Rin Tohsaka : See to it that I regret my words, Archer. (0:21:07.81)
Rin Tohsaka : When you do, I'll make you let me apologize. (0:21:12.19)
Archer : Very well. Don't forget that, Master. (0:21:15.81)
Rin Tohsaka : Oh, that's right. (0:21:35.25)
Rin Tohsaka : I forgot to ask you. (0:21:36.50)
Rin Tohsaka : Which Heroic Spirit are you? (0:21:38.04)
Rin Tohsaka : Archer? (0:21:42.49)
Archer : I cannot give you any answers
regarding my identity.
Archer : For the simple reason that I do not know. (0:21:49.64)
Rin Tohsaka : What's that supposed to mean?
Are you messing with me?
Archer : I don't mean to insult you, Master, (0:21:57.61)
Archer : but it's the result of your imperfect summoning. (0:22:00.11)
Archer : My memories are a jumble. (0:22:02.99)
Archer : My name and origin are hazy, as well. (0:22:05.16)
Archer : Admittedly, those aren't important details, (0:22:07.70)
Archer : so it's nothing to be concerned about. (0:22:10.70)
Rin Tohsaka : I'm very concerned about it! (0:22:13.25)
Rin Tohsaka : If I don't know what Heroic Spirit you are,
I don't know how powerful you are!
Archer : That is a trivial matter. (0:22:19.38)
Rin Tohsaka : You call that "trivial"? (0:22:21.42)
Rin Tohsaka : If I don't know how powerful my partner is,
I can't formulate a strategy, can I?
Archer : What are you saying? (0:22:28.05)
Archer : I am a Servant who was summoned by you. (0:22:29.30)
Archer : I could not be anything but the most powerful. (0:22:32.10)
Rin Tohsaka : Oh, well. (0:22:37.48)
Rin Tohsaka : It won't change the fact that no one
else knows his true identity...
Rin Tohsaka : For the time being, we'll overlook
the issue of your identity.
Rin Tohsaka : And now, Archer, your first job. (0:22:47.11)
Archer : Right down to business, then. (0:22:50.20)
Archer : My Master is belligerent. (0:22:51.74)
Archer : And who is my enemy— (0:22:53.87)
Rin Tohsaka : Clean the living room. (0:22:57.79)
Rin Tohsaka : You made that mess, so I expect
you to make it spotless.
Archer : Wait. (0:23:03.34)
Archer : What do you think Servants are? (0:23:04.38)
Rin Tohsaka : Familiars, right? (0:23:06.72)
Rin Tohsaka : These talk back and are unruly, though. (0:23:08.05)
Archer : As you wish. (0:23:12.72)
Archer : And you can go to hell, Master. (0:23:14.20)
Rin Tohsaka : Father... (0:23:28.24)
Rin Tohsaka : The battle I've been awaiting for
ten years is about to begin.
Rin Tohsaka : My Holy Grail War... (0:23:37.08)
Rin Tohsaka : This is way beyond running late. (0:23:53.97)
Rin Tohsaka : I'll just skip school today. (0:23:56.73)
Rin Tohsaka : Right, it was Archer I summoned, not Saber. (0:24:04.52)
Rin Tohsaka : With the added bonus that
he doesn't know who he is.
Rin Tohsaka : I've got a headache, all of a sudden. (0:24:14.95)
Rin Tohsaka : I'm exhausted. (0:24:21.25)
Rin Tohsaka : Did the summoning drain all my mana? (0:24:22.79)
Rin Tohsaka : Maybe he isn't so bad. (0:24:34.14)
Archer : The sun came up long ago. (0:24:36.60)
Archer : You're quite the slob, aren't you, girl? (0:24:39.77)
Rin Tohsaka : This is good. (0:24:52.32)
Rin Tohsaka : What are you smirking at? (0:24:55.31)
Rin Tohsaka : More importantly, have you
remembered who you are?
Archer : No. (0:25:01.29)
Rin Tohsaka : Fine. (0:25:02.46)
Rin Tohsaka : I'll think of what to do about
your amnesia in due time.
Rin Tohsaka : Get ready to go out, Archer. (0:25:07.84)
Rin Tohsaka : I'll show you around the city. (0:25:09.96)
Archer : Before that, Master, aren't you
forgetting something important?
Rin Tohsaka : Something important? (0:25:19.02)
Archer : Good grief... (0:25:20.98)
Archer : We have yet to carry out the most
important exchange of our pact.
Rin Tohsaka : The most important exchange of our pact? (0:25:27.61)
Archer : Girl... You really aren't a
morning person, are you?
Rin Tohsaka : Who do you think you are,
"girl" this and "girl" that?!
Rin Tohsaka : I... (0:25:36.64)
Rin Tohsaka : Darn. (0:25:39.20)
Rin Tohsaka : Our names. (0:25:40.41)
Archer : It finally clicked? (0:25:41.58)
Archer : So, Master... From now on,
what shall I call you?
Rin Tohsaka : I'm Tohsaka Rin. (0:25:47.92)
Rin Tohsaka : Call me whatever you want. (0:25:50.63)
Archer : I will call you "Rin," then. (0:25:53.76)
Archer : Yes, the sound of it suits you. (0:25:55.76)
Rin Tohsaka : What do you think? Doesn't this place
have a great view of the city?
Archer : If we'd come here in the first place,
we wouldn't have had to walk around all day.
Rin Tohsaka : What are you talking about? (0:26:55.40)
Rin Tohsaka : All you get from up here is a
panoramic view of the city.
Rin Tohsaka : You can't get a feel for how a city is
laid out unless you go places in person.
Archer : That isn't quite true. (0:27:04.08)
Archer : My class isn't called "Archer" for nothing. (0:27:06.12)
Archer : Without excellent eyesight,
bowmen aren't much use.
Archer : Let's see. (0:27:12.09)
Archer : I can make out how many
tiles are on that bridge.
Rin Tohsaka : I'm amazed. (0:27:16.80)
Rin Tohsaka : The Archer class really is made up of archers! (0:27:18.13)
Archer : Rin... (0:27:21.43)
Archer : Could it be that you're mocking me? (0:27:22.76)
Rin Tohsaka : Of course not. (0:27:27.23)
Rin Tohsaka : It's him. I know it. (0:27:34.78)
Archer : Have you spotted our enemy? (0:27:36.74)
Rin Tohsaka : No, just an acquaintance. (0:27:39.03)
Rin Tohsaka : An ordinary person who has nothing to do with this. (0:27:41.49)
Archer : I neglected to ask you something. (0:27:44.37)
Rin Tohsaka : Which is? (0:27:46.41)
Archer : Rin, were you trained from an
early age to be a Master?
Archer : And did you go along with that? (0:27:52.00)
Rin Tohsaka : That's right. (0:27:54.71)
Rin Tohsaka : For generations, winning the Grail
has been the Tohsaka dream.
Archer : Then I expect that you know your goal. (0:28:01.01)
Archer : Unless I know your wish, I cannot
entrust my blades to you.
Archer : Rin, what is your wish? (0:28:08.69)
Rin Tohsaka : Wish? (0:28:11.48)
Rin Tohsaka : I don't really have one. (0:28:12.56)
Archer : What? (0:28:14.32)
Archer : That isn't possible. (0:28:15.82)
Archer : The Grail is an omnipotent cup
that can grant any wish.
Archer : It has the power to conquer
the real world for you.
Rin Tohsaka : Conquering the world seems
like a pain in the butt,
Rin Tohsaka : and there's no point in wishing
for dumb things like that.
Archer : I fail to understand. (0:28:30.46)
Archer : Why, then, are you fighting? (0:28:32.63)
Rin Tohsaka : Because there's a battle to be fought, Archer. (0:28:35.71)
Archer : Then you are... (0:28:38.92)
Rin Tohsaka : Yes, I'm fighting to win. That's all. (0:28:41.38)
Archer : All right... (0:28:46.35)
Archer : You are indeed my ideal Master. (0:28:47.77)
Archer : There can be no doubt that you
are the perfect Master for me.
Archer : There is no one else whom I could hope to serve. (0:28:54.40)
Rin Tohsaka : Hey— (0:28:58.07)
Archer : Rin? Why are you hiding? (0:29:22.84)
Rin Tohsaka : It's someone I know. (0:29:24.97)
Rin Tohsaka : I skipped school today, so I don't
want to run into anyone.
Rin Tohsaka : Kirei? It's me. (0:29:54.67)
Rin Tohsaka : I made a pact with Archer last night,
so please list me officially as a Master.
Kirei Kotomine : Very well. (0:30:02.13)
Kirei Kotomine : Then, what are your plans? (0:30:03.43)
Kirei Kotomine : Would you care to stop by? (0:30:05.09)
Kirei Kotomine : I have something for you that
your parents left in my care.
Rin Tohsaka : You mean Father's will? (0:30:11.52)
Rin Tohsaka : I already deciphered it and found
what he left, so that's fine.
Rin Tohsaka : I'll stop by if I'm ever in the mood,
so I'll see you then.
Kirei Kotomine : Wait, Rin— (0:30:21.36)
Archer : Are you going to school? (0:30:25.20)
Rin Tohsaka : Yes. (0:30:26.74)
Rin Tohsaka : Is that a problem? (0:30:27.66)
Archer : No, but isn't a school (0:30:29.87)
Archer : a location where it would be difficult
to prepare for surprise attacks?
Rin Tohsaka : We avoid public battles with
other Masters, don't we?
Rin Tohsaka : So I think if we're somewhere as public as a school, (0:30:39.13)
Rin Tohsaka : there's little chance of a sneak attack. (0:30:41.66)
Archer : Purely hypothetically, (0:30:44.47)
Archer : if there is an enemy in this haven,
what will you do?
Rin Tohsaka : That won't happen. (0:30:49.89)
Rin Tohsaka : There's only one mage family in
this city besides the Tohsaka.
Rin Tohsaka : That family is a shadow of its former self. (0:30:56.64)
Rin Tohsaka : They could never produce a Master. (0:30:59.48)
Archer : Then what you're saying is that there is
indeed another mage at your school.
Archer : But this person possesses insufficient
mana to ever become a Master.
Rin Tohsaka : Exactly. (0:31:10.95)
Archer : Nevertheless, Rin, there is an
exception to everything.
Archer : If a mage you're unaware of is at the school... (0:31:16.54)
Rin Tohsaka : This is more than just stale air... (0:31:34.10)
Rin Tohsaka : Has a magical barrier already been established? (0:31:36.94)
Archer : Not fully. (0:31:39.98)
Archer : But preparations seem to be well underway. (0:31:41.56)
Archer : To act so boldly, this person
is either a heavy hitter...
Rin Tohsaka : Or a complete novice. (0:31:48.45)
Rin Tohsaka : If a bounded field can be sensed by
others, that's a third-rate hack.
Rin Tohsaka : A first-rate mage stays hidden
until they're ready to strike.
Archer : What is your plan, Rin? (0:31:58.67)
Rin Tohsaka : I don't give a damn whether this
person's first-rate or third-rate.
Rin Tohsaka : Whoever started to put up crude garbage
like this in my territory gets taken out!
Rin Tohsaka : Listen, Archer... (0:32:10.26)
Rin Tohsaka : After school, we'll start by examining the barrier. (0:32:11.37)
Rin Tohsaka : Let's decide whether to remove or leave it
once we determine what kind of field it is.
Rin Tohsaka : We'll talk later, Archer. (0:32:23.15)
Rin Tohsaka : Let me help you, Sakura. (0:32:27.24)
Sakura Matou : Tohsaka-senpai! (0:32:29.62)
Sakura Matou : Thank you, Senpai. (0:32:33.66)
Rin Tohsaka : It's no problem. (0:32:36.04)
Rin Tohsaka : So, are you taking these to your class? (0:32:37.87)
Sakura Matou : To Kuzuki-sensei. (0:32:40.42)
Sakura Matou : He said there was a typo, so he
was taking them all back.
Rin Tohsaka : Kuzuki-sensei is a perfectionist, all right. (0:32:45.50)
Rin Tohsaka : This makes seven. (0:33:03.56)
Rin Tohsaka : Anyway, this one seems to be the trigger point. (0:33:05.65)
Rin Tohsaka : I've never seen, or even heard of, writing like this. (0:33:08.53)
Rin Tohsaka : Darn it. (0:33:11.70)
Rin Tohsaka : This is way over my head. (0:33:13.16)
Rin Tohsaka : Archer, you can sense the
barrier's nature, can't you?
Rin Tohsaka : If this barrier is activated, (0:33:19.50)
Rin Tohsaka : it will cause every human inside
it to literally dissolve.
Rin Tohsaka : This is soul-eating. (0:33:25.75)
Rin Tohsaka : A fortress of blood that will dissolve (0:33:27.71)
Rin Tohsaka : any human body within the field,
and harvest the souls oozing out.
Rin Tohsaka : And as for who, or what, might want souls,
the obvious answer is a Servant.
Rin Tohsaka : Archer, would your kind do such a thing? (0:33:39.97)
Archer : You surmise correctly. (0:33:43.56)
Archer : Fundamentally, we are non-corporeal beings. (0:33:45.61)
Archer : Just as your kind partakes of meat as nourishment,
Servants partake of minds and souls.
Archer : In other words, the more ingested,
the greater the mana stores.
Rin Tohsaka : Meaning that they aren't satisfied with
the mana their Master is supplying?
Archer : It's not that they aren't satisfied,
but that more is always better.
Archer : To absorb energy from nearby humans
is a basic stratagem of a Master.
Archer : In that sense, this barrier is highly effective. (0:34:12.30)
Rin Tohsaka : I feel aggravated. (0:34:16.22)
Rin Tohsaka : Never say such a thing again, Archer. (0:34:18.01)
Archer : I agree. (0:34:20.64)
Archer : I would never do something like this. (0:34:22.02)
Rin Tohsaka : Let's erase it, then. (0:34:26.52)
Rin Tohsaka : I may not completely undo it, but I
can throw a wrench in the works.
Lancer : What, you're going to erase it? (0:34:31.44)
Lancer : What a waste. (0:34:33.40)
Rin Tohsaka : Is this your handiwork? (0:34:49.88)
Lancer : Nope. (0:34:52.46)
Lancer : Stooping to dirty tricks is a mage's role. (0:34:53.59)
Lancer : My kind simply fights when and where we're told. (0:34:56.76)
Lancer : Right, my invisible buddy? (0:35:01.47)
Rin Tohsaka : So you can see Archer... (0:35:05.81)
Rin Tohsaka : You're a Servant! (0:35:07.65)
Lancer : And if you know that, little girl,
can I assume you're my enemy?
Rin Tohsaka : Fenced in on four sides...
Fighting here, we're at a disadvantage.
Lancer : Impressive. (0:35:24.45)
Lancer : You seem ignorant, but you have the gist of things. (0:35:26.33)
Lancer : Boy, I really blew it. (0:35:29.75)
Lancer : I shouldn't have let curiosity... (0:35:33.17)
Lancer : ...get the better of me and spoken up. (0:35:37.93)
Rin Tohsaka : Es ist groß. (0:35:49.06)
Rin Tohsaka : Es ist klein! (0:35:50.56)
Rin Tohsaka : Vox Gott Es Atlas! (0:35:53.82)
Rin Tohsaka : Archer, handle the landing. (0:36:01.57)
Rin Tohsaka : Archer! (0:36:26.85)
Lancer : Now that's more like it! (0:36:35.57)
Lancer : I'm okay with people who get
right down to business!
Rin Tohsaka : Lancer-class Servant! (0:36:40.95)
Lancer : Indeed. (0:36:42.95)
Lancer : Your Servant doesn't strike me as a Saber, though. (0:36:44.33)
Lancer : Who are you? (0:36:48.83)
Lancer : You don't seem like the proper,
single-combat type, either.
Lancer : So, an Archer. (0:37:00.76)
Lancer : Go on, take out your bow, Archer. (0:37:04.14)
Lancer : I'll wait for you. (0:37:06.72)
Rin Tohsaka : Archer? (0:37:11.35)
Rin Tohsaka : What's he... (0:37:16.90)
Rin Tohsaka : Archer, you'll get no assistance from me. (0:37:18.69)
Rin Tohsaka : Right here and now, show me what you've got! (0:37:21.65)
Lancer : You fool! (0:37:51.43)
Rin Tohsaka : So this is a battle between Servants... (0:38:19.05)
Lancer : That was stupid. (0:38:34.52)
Rin Tohsaka : Archer! (0:38:37.48)
Lancer : A dual wielder, huh? (0:38:48.37)
Lancer : A mere bowman who thinks
he's a swordsman, eh?
Lancer : Twenty-seven. (0:39:27.41)
Lancer : To think I've disarmed you twenty-seven
times, yet you still have more.
Archer : What's the matter? This wait-and-see
approach isn't like you.
Archer : Where'd all that spirit go? (0:39:35.37)
Lancer : Trying to provoke me, you sly old man? (0:39:37.96)
Lancer : Fine, I'll ask the question. (0:39:41.42)
Lancer : What land's Heroic Spirit are you? (0:39:43.46)
Lancer : I've never heard of a bowman
who wields two swords.
Archer : You, on the other hand, are easily identifiable. (0:39:48.68)
Archer : They say that only the swiftest heroes
are chosen to be spearmen,
Archer : and you stand head-and-shoulders above them. (0:39:54.52)
Archer : There aren't even three spearmen
of your skill in the world.
Archer : Add in a beast's agility, and that leaves but one. (0:40:00.90)
Lancer : You flatter me, Archer. (0:40:05.99)
Lancer : Then, will you face my mightiest blow? (0:40:15.66)
Archer : I won't stop you. (0:40:20.92)
Archer : You are an enemy I must overcome eventually. (0:40:22.38)
Rin Tohsaka : This is bad... (0:40:24.92)
Rin Tohsaka : That massive amount of mana... (0:40:26.63)
Rin Tohsaka : He's clearly about to use his Noble Phantasm. (0:40:28.80)
Rin Tohsaka : If he attacks... (0:40:32.18)
Lancer : Who's there? (0:40:38.50)
Rin Tohsaka : A student? (0:40:42.12)
Rin Tohsaka : Someone was still in the school building? (0:40:43.15)
Archer : So it would seem. (0:40:45.19)
Archer : It saved my life, actually. (0:40:46.53)
Rin Tohsaka : Wait, where did Lancer go? (0:40:48.57)
Archer : He chased after that person. (0:40:51.07)
Archer : He's a witness, so he probably
went to eliminate him.
Rin Tohsaka : Follow them, Archer! (0:40:58.16)
Rin Tohsaka : I'll catch up! (0:40:59.37)
Rin Tohsaka : Damn it, that was so stupid! (0:41:02.17)
Rin Tohsaka : Eliminating witnesses is the first rule for mages. (0:41:05.05)
Rin Tohsaka : I hated that rule, so I've always been extra careful. (0:41:07.63)
Rin Tohsaka : Archer, follow Lancer. (0:41:45.84)
Rin Tohsaka : If we don't at least learn his Master's face,
none of this will have been worth it.
Rin Tohsaka : Rin, this is your responsibility. (0:41:58.89)
Rin Tohsaka : Lancer pierced him with his spear... (0:42:08.40)
Rin Tohsaka : If his heart was hit, there's no way to save him. (0:42:10.94)
Rin Tohsaka : I'm sorry. (0:42:19.31)
Rin Tohsaka : I'll sit with you until your time comes. (0:42:20.75)
Rin Tohsaka : Don't do this to me... (0:42:35.09)
Rin Tohsaka : Why are you here? (0:42:37.22)
Rin Tohsaka : Why did you have to pick this hour,
on this day, to be here?
Rin Tohsaka : How am I supposed to look
her in the eye tomorrow?
Rin Tohsaka : There's still a way. (0:42:56.28)
Archer : I'm sorry, but I failed. (0:43:18.30)
Archer : This Master is very cautious. (0:43:20.56)
Rin Tohsaka : Oh. (0:43:23.77)
Rin Tohsaka : I guess I shouldn't have expected
it to be that easy.
Rin Tohsaka : You went to get it for me? (0:43:32.69)
Archer : Don't lose it again. (0:43:39.24)
Archer : It doesn't suit anyone but you. (0:43:41.12)
Rin Tohsaka : You think? (0:43:43.66)
Rin Tohsaka : Well, thanks. (0:43:44.95)
Rin Tohsaka : Like I thought, there doesn't seem
to be any mana left in it at all.
Rin Tohsaka : Hang on... (0:43:51.34)
Archer : What is it, Rin? (0:43:52.71)
Rin Tohsaka : When Lancer's Master learns the witness
they thought they'd killed is still alive...
Archer : He'll probably send Lancer back to finish the job. (0:43:59.93)
Archer : This isn't your burden to bear... (0:44:09.73)
Rin Tohsaka : After what it cost me to save him,
I'm not about to let him die!
Rin Tohsaka : He's here... (0:44:18.41)
Rin Tohsaka : The Lancer-class Servant! (0:44:19.20)
Archer : Wait, Rin! (0:44:24.74)
Archer : I'm sensing more than one Servant! (0:44:25.91)
Rin Tohsaka : The Saber-class Servant... (0:44:51.86)
Shirou Emiya : Trace on. (0:47:25.72)
Shirou Emiya : You're an early riser, Tohsaka. (0:47:26.89)
Rin Tohsaka : Still, there should be a way. (0:47:29.01)
Shirou Emiya : I need to live, to fulfill my duties. (0:47:30.35)
Illyasviel von Einzbern : If you don't summon yours soon,
you're gonna die, Onii-chan.
Lancer : Seventh Servant? (0:47:36.00)
EXTRA : Next Time
Winter Days, A Fateful Night
Saber : Are you my Master? (0:47:37.35)

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