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One Punch Man - Episode 6

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

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Saitama : It's been five days since I debuted
as a professional hero.
Line ID
Saitama : There haven't been
any serious incidents so far.
Line ID
Saitama : However, for some reason Genos
is staying at my house.
Line ID
Saitama : What are you writing over there? Line ID
Genos : I'm recording the details of
your lessons and training regimen.
Line ID
Saitama : Crap. He's raising the bar again… Line ID
Saitama : I can't think of a single thing
I can teach the guy.
Line ID
Saitama : I feel bad, like I'm scamming him
or something.
Line ID
Saitama : Come on, think. Or just make up
some techniques or a spiritual theory.
Line ID
Saitama : Bah, strength training is all I've got! Line ID
Saitama : I know Genos won't be satisfied
with that, plus the dude's a cyborg!
Line ID
Genos : By the way, Line ID
Genos : at the seminar
they said if you're a Class C hero
Line ID
Genos : and you have no hero activity
for a week,
Line ID
Genos : your name will be removed
from the Hero Registry.
Line ID
Genos : Will you be all right, Master? Line ID
Saitama : They said that?! Line ID
Genos : Yes. Line ID
Saitama : But I was watching TV and
there wasn't anything going on.
Line ID
Genos : The news only reports
major incidents,
Line ID
Genos : like natural disasters, terrorism
and dangerous monsters.
Line ID
Genos : You always fight
the most powerful enemies,
Line ID
Genos : so you probably do not know it, Line ID
Genos : but Class C heroes primarily
take care of purse snatchers,
Line ID
Genos : robberies and random attacks. Line ID
Genos : With Class C so full of heroes, Line ID
Genos : to survive they must actively
look for cases to resolve.
Line ID
Genos : I hear many of them get discouraged
and change careers.
Line ID
Genos : Like a salesman doing cold calls, Line ID
Genos : nothing will come your way
without legwork.
Line ID
Saitama : This is no time to be reading manga! Line ID
Genos : So we're going? Line ID
Saitama : You stay here! Line ID
Saitama : If I'm with a Class S hero, Line ID
Saitama : a Class C like me
won't get any credit!
Line ID
Genos : But as your disciple— Line ID
Saitama : Genos, from the beginning
my intense desire to be a hero
Line ID
Saitama : was what drove me
to strength training.
Line ID
Saitama : That's how I made it this far. Line ID
Saitama : For you, perhaps things will change
if you aim higher as a hero.
Line ID
Saitama : Frankly speaking, you're a cyborg,
so training your body won't do.
Line ID
Saitama : Instead, a change in mindset
may lead you to greater strength.
Line ID
Saitama : Damn, I'm just making
all this crap up…
Line ID
Saitama : So…in other words, Line ID

it's not about having
raw power or technique;
Line ID

it's about training your mind.
Line ID

To do that,
Line ID
Saitama : you must first fight your way through
the professional hero industry.
Line ID
Saitama : Aim to break into the top ten
of the Class S heroes.
Line ID
Saitama : That will be your goal for now. Line ID
Genos : I understand. I will try! Line ID
Saitama : He bought it… Sweet. Line ID
Saitama : After that, I sped around town. Line ID
Saitama : While frantically looking
for bad guys…
Line ID
Saitama : I ran. Line ID
Saitama : And ran. Line ID
Saitama : And ran. Line ID
Saitama : But! Line ID
Saitama : The city was quiet! Line ID
Saitama : I give up… Line ID
Saitama : Just one more day left. Line ID
Saitama : Guess I'll head home. Line ID
Saitama : I'll leave tomorrow's problems
to tomorrow's me.
Line ID
Line ID
Saitama : It's quiet today too! Line ID
Saitama : There's nothing to do! Line ID
Saitama : I'm gonna lose my registration! Line ID
Saitama : Hey! You're that guy… Line ID
Saitama : What was it? Line ID
Saitama : "Seed-on-the-Ground…"? Line ID
Saitama : No wait, "Lost-and-found…"? Line ID
Saitama : Jack-o'-lantern Panic! Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : It's Speed-o'-Sound Sonic. Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : I've finally found you, Saitama. Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : Today is the day we— Line ID
Saitama : Hey sorry, I'm busy. See you 'round.. Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : Huh? Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : You think… Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : …you can run from me?! Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : What the—?
I didn't see what happened.
Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : His face should have been
sliced open, but the blade…
Line ID
Saitama : I told you…I'm busy. Line ID
Saitama : Plus I'm pissed,
so anyone in my way…
Line ID
Saitama : …gets punched. Line ID
EXTRA : That's him! Line ID
EXTRA : He's very, very dangerous. Line ID
EXTRA : Please stop him. Line ID
Tanktop Tiger : So you're the offender, eh?! Line ID
Tanktop Tiger : Well, the hero Tank-Top Tiger
is here now!
Line ID
Saitama : Hero? Line ID
Saitama : Sonic, they think you're
some sort of criminal.
Line ID
Saitama : Maybe getting tossed in a cell
will cool off your hot—
Line ID
Tanktop Tiger : She means you, cue ball. Line ID
Saitama : Huh? Line ID
EXTRA : He's been running around town Line ID
EXTRA : with this scary look on his face
since yesterday!
Line ID
Saitama : But I'm a hero too! Line ID
Tanktop Tiger : I've never heard of a hero like you. Line ID
Saitama : So what? I just started! Line ID
Tanktop Tiger : In any case, you're causing
problems for everyone.
Line ID
Tanktop Tiger : If you're really a hero, then don't
go around frightening people.
Line ID
Tanktop Tiger : You're hurting
all the other heroes' reputation.
Line ID
EXTRA : Hey isn't that Tank-Top Tiger? Line ID
EXTRA : Oh yeah, it is Tank-Top Tiger. Line ID
EXTRA : No way! Line ID
EXTRA : Awesome, he's the real deal! Line ID
Tanktop Tiger : Even Class C heroes get recognized
if they're in the top 10.
Line ID
Tanktop Tiger : So how ‘bout it, new guy? Line ID
Tanktop Tiger : Wanna go a little wild here
and make me look good?
Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : Exploding Shuriken. Line ID
Line ID
EXTRA : Tank-Top Tiger?! Line ID
EXTRA : Is this really happening? Line ID
Saitama : What are you doing, Sonic? Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : He was interfering,
so I put him to sleep.
Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, call a hero! Line ID
EXTRA : A hero! Line ID
EXTRA : Run! Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : Saitama… Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : So you too have become one of
these worthless "heroes?"
Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : Then all I have to do
is create a situation
Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : where you have no choice
but to fight me, Saitama the Hero!
Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : Hail of Carnage! Line ID
Saitama : Huh? Line ID
Saitama : Hey! Cut it out! Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : Saitama, come stop me! Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : You're a hero! Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : I'll kill them all! Line ID
Saitama : Damn it. Line ID
Saitama : Can't everyone
just let me do my job?
Line ID
Saitama : I don't have time for this! Line ID
Saitama : I gotta find a bad guy to take down. Line ID
Saitama : A bad guy? Line ID
Speed of Sound Sonic : If you're not coming, I'll go to you! Line ID
Saitama : I'm right here. Line ID
Saitama : I wonder if this will count as work? Line ID
EXTRA : The man apprehended in City Z
by the Class C hero
Line ID
EXTRA : is suspected of being involved in
several heinous crimes,
Line ID
EXTRA : including assassination. Line ID
EXTRA : City Z… Line ID
EXTRA : What's the status of
the investigation I requested?
Line ID
EXTRA : The one for the ghost town? Line ID
EXTRA : Yes. Line ID
EXTRA : Let's see… Line ID
EXTRA : We've submitted an official request. Line ID
Tornado of Terror : Well now,
doesn't that sound interesting.
Line ID
Tornado of Terror : Want me to go? Line ID
EXTRA : Tornado? Line ID
EXTRA : Where'd you come from? Line ID
Tornado of Terror : Why? Aren't I allowed in here? Line ID
EXTRA : Of course. Line ID
EXTRA : But for City Z,
the investigation is just a formality.
Line ID
Tornado of Terror : What? Line ID
Tornado of Terror : You think I'm not good enough? Line ID
EXTRA : Not at all. Line ID
EXTRA : The Association decided that
this was not a Class S matter.
Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, exactly right. Line ID
Tornado of Terror : You'd better tell me if you find
anything that looks like it can fight.
Line ID
Tornado of Terror : It'd be so much faster
if I just went myself.
Line ID
Tornado of Terror : You're such an idiot. Line ID

Line ID

Reports have come in from
each location being investigated.
Line ID
EXTRA : Reports have come in from
each location being investigated.
Line ID
EXTRA : First is Watchdog Man,
Class S hero, investigating City Q.
Line ID
EXTRA : "Nothing unusual." Line ID
EXTRA : Nothing unusual? Line ID
EXTRA : – That's right.
– That's hard to believe.
Line ID
EXTRA : We all know City Q is a hot zone Line ID
EXTRA : with more casualties and monsters
than any other area.
Line ID
EXTRA : Knowing him,
I'm sure he's implying that,
Line ID
EXTRA : "Whatever occurs,
I'll be able to take care of it."
Line ID
EXTRA : Though he has focused
his efforts on City Q,
Line ID
EXTRA : his track record at
monster elimination is top-notch.
Line ID
EXTRA : Class S heroes don't
pay much attention to details.
Line ID
EXTRA : They're not cut out
for writing reports.
Line ID
EXTRA : Next, City W. Line ID
EXTRA : Class A hero Heavy Kong reports:
"Nothing unusual."
Line ID
EXTRA : For City H, reports from Mushroom,
Class B, and Horsebone, Class C:
Line ID
EXTRA : "Nothing unusual." Line ID
EXTRA : For City D, Lightning Genji,
Class A:
Line ID
EXTRA : "Slow restoration after
the devastation caused by"
Line ID
EXTRA : "the gigantic creature aside,
nothing unusual."
Line ID
EXTRA : Cities B and D
both sustained extensive damage.
Line ID
EXTRA : The Association took
a lot of heat for that.
Line ID
EXTRA : In order to prevent
more such disasters,
Line ID
EXTRA : we must detect any covert activity
that could threaten the community.
Line ID
EXTRA : Well, this investigation was
requested for that express purpose.
Line ID
EXTRA : But early detection of monsters
is proving difficult.
Line ID
EXTRA : City F, Class A hero,
"Snakebite" Snek.
Line ID
EXTRA : "Hammerhead, former leader
of the Paradiser terrorist group,"
Line ID
EXTRA : "has been spotted
in a suit and tie."
Line ID
EXTRA : "Further investigation
is being conducted."
Line ID
EXTRA : No other reports. Line ID
EXTRA : What of City Z? Line ID
EXTRA : I hear rumblings of
a potential disaster brewing
Line ID
EXTRA : in the abandoned area there. Line ID
EXTRA : No reports available. Line ID
EXTRA : However, two highly capable
Class A heroes
Line ID
EXTRA : have been sent to the area
to investigate.
Line ID
Spring Mustache : Here we are in City Z. Line ID
Spring Mustache : CLASS A, RANK 33 –

Shall we begin our little inquiry?
Line ID
Golden Ball : CLASS A, RANK 29 –

Yeah, let's get on with it.
Line ID
Spring Mustache : City Z is quite expansive,
but further ahead lies
Line ID
Spring Mustache : the uninhabited area
we were told about.
Line ID
Spring Mustache : Compared with other areas, Line ID
Spring Mustache : BEWARE OF MONSTERS!!

City Z has an abnormally high rate
of monster-related incidents.
Line ID
Spring Mustache : The frequency has been gradually
increasing over the past 10 years,
Line ID
Spring Mustache : while the last few have seen
more and more
Line ID
Spring Mustache : highly advanced monsters appearing. Line ID
Spring Mustache : The residents have entirely fled
for the city center.
Line ID
Golden Ball : I know all that. Line ID
Golden Ball : The place is a real ghost town, Line ID
Golden Ball : just with the water and electricity
still intact, yeah?
Line ID
Spring Mustache : On the lookout for a cheap house? Line ID
Golden Ball : Come off it. Line ID
Golden Ball : People say something
real nasty's living 'round here.
Line ID
Golden Ball : Even you must've heard. Line ID
Spring Mustache : But of course. Line ID
Spring Mustache : I assume that's why we have been
assigned this investigation.
Line ID
Golden Ball : Once we hit the abandoned area,
we better be ready to fight.
Line ID
Spring Mustache : Indeed,
we mustn't let our guard down.
Line ID
Golden Ball : But, why here?
Why the increase in monsters here?
Line ID
Spring Mustache : That's the mystery. Line ID
Spring Mustache : Many theories have been advanced,
but my own is this:
Line ID
Spring Mustache : A colony of monsters here is
naturally producing more of them.
Line ID
Spring Mustache : Or perhaps a queen exists,
birthing more of her kind.
Line ID
Spring Mustache : Of course I have no proof yet, Line ID
Spring Mustache : but there is something
to this ghost town…
Line ID
Spring Mustache : Or rather, something in it. Line ID
Spring Mustache : Of that you can be sure. Line ID
Genos : The proximity alarm? Line ID
Golden Ball : If we can hunt down
this mysterious being,
Line ID
Golden Ball : we'll go straight to
the top of the rankings.
Line ID
Spring Mustache : That's true. Line ID
Spring Mustache : We can't let Mr. Amai Mask
remain first for—
Line ID
Spring Mustache : – Something's there?!
– Something's there?!
Line ID
Golden Ball : – Something's there?!
– Something's there?!
Line ID
Golden Ball : Was that a monster? Line ID
Spring Mustache : No way to be sure… Line ID
Spring Mustache : But it's hard to imagine a human
still living in these conditions.
Line ID
Spring Mustache : Let's pursue it! Line ID
Genos : Seems they are not after us. Line ID
Konbu Infinity : Can this be the place
I heard about?
Line ID
Konbu Infinity : Sure don't seem like it… Line ID
Konbu Infinity : Aw man, I came all this way.
Isn't anyone around?
Line ID
Spring Mustache : A monster.
It popped up out of nowhere.
Line ID
Spring Mustache : Golden Ball, are you ready? Line ID
Golden Ball : Hell yes. Line ID
Golden Ball : Victory to the swift! Line ID
Konbu Infinity : Hey, people! Line ID
Golden Ball : I can blast through
a 20mm steel plate
Line ID
Golden Ball : with one of my shape-memory
golden bullets!
Line ID
Golden Ball : Eat this! Line ID
Golden Ball : He flicked it away like nothing. Line ID
Spring Mustache : Golden Ball! Line ID
Konbu Infinity : Wow! Line ID
Spring Mustache : Tomboy… Line ID
Spring Mustache : …thrust! Line ID
Spring Mustache : It slipped past my Tomboy? Line ID
Konbu Infinity : Not bad. Line ID
Spring Mustache : Those tentacles… Line ID
Spring Mustache : From the way they react,
they're tough as steel.
Line ID
Spring Mustache : A monster that can use
its infinite number of tentacles
Line ID
Spring Mustache : like steel whips… Line ID
Spring Mustache : Such power! Line ID
Spring Mustache : I must call in reinforcements
from the Association.
Line ID
Spring Mustache : May I ask if you were born
in this neighborhood?
Line ID
Konbu Infinity : Nah, I'm from out of town. Line ID
Konbu Infinity : I heard a bunch of crazy strong monsters
were all getting together here.
Line ID
Konbu Infinity : Looks like it was
just a rumor though.
Line ID
Konbu Infinity : But now, Line ID
Konbu Infinity : I feel like it'd be kinda fun to
stick around and make the rumor true.
Line ID
Konbu Infinity : "The Ghost Town Monster…" Line ID
Konbu Infinity : It's got a nice ring to it! Line ID
EXTRA : We have a backup request from
the heroes dispatched to City Z.
Line ID
EXTRA : Class A rank 29, Golden Ball,
has been knocked out.
Line ID
EXTRA : Class A rank 33,
Spring Mustachio, is in trouble.
Line ID
EXTRA : They're in the abandoned city. Line ID
EXTRA : Call in all nearby heroes
for immediate assistance!
Line ID
EXTRA : Class A and above! Line ID
EXTRA : See the monster alert for City Z? Line ID
EXTRA : The threat level seems to be
Tiger or higher.
Line ID
EXTRA : Is it the ghost town monster? Line ID
EXTRA : They're not sure yet. Line ID
EXTRA : I'll go… Line ID
EXTRA : I want to catch the tiger
by its tail.
Line ID
Spring Mustache : Now I see… Line ID
Spring Mustache : If it means running into monsters
like this all the time
Line ID
Spring Mustache : I wouldn't want to
live here either.
Line ID
Konbu Infinity : Man, boring. This is boring me! Line ID
Konbu Infinity : I finally kick a hero's butt
and I don't get even a single scream.
Line ID
Konbu Infinity : Now that I think about it,
even if I start living here,
Line ID
Konbu Infinity : I'll never be famous
if there's no people.
Line ID
Konbu Infinity : Guess I'll keep going.
Gotta find where they live.
Line ID
Konbu Infinity : There's somebody. Line ID
Konbu Infinity : Another hero? Line ID
Konbu Infinity : Or a regular guy? Line ID
Konbu Infinity : I thought all the humans
cleared out.
Line ID
Konbu Infinity : If all those monsters
were really around,
Line ID
Konbu Infinity : there's no way he could live here… Line ID
Konbu Infinity : I guess that means
it was just a rumor.
Line ID
Saitama : Shoot… Line ID
Saitama : I forgot to buy konbu soup stock. Line ID
Genos : Master, I saw a lot of konbu
right outside the door.
Line ID
Saitama : Oh yeah, I just… Line ID
Saitama : just happened…
to get it for cheap.
Line ID
Genos : Yes, people say that konbu
is good for hair growth,
Line ID
Genos : but since there is
no real scientific proof,
Line ID
Genos : its real effects
are yet to be confirmed.
Line ID
Genos : I did some research,
so I am sure, Master.
Line ID
Genos : For example,
according to this site—
Line ID
Saitama : No one said anything about hair! Line ID
EXTRA : City Z Investigative Report. Line ID
EXTRA : "Nothing noteworthy about
the downtown or residential areas."
Line ID
EXTRA : “During our investigation,” Line ID
EXTRA : "we encountered a ferocious monster
in the abandoned area,"
Line ID
EXTRA : "but were unable to
exterminate it."
Line ID
EXTRA : "We escaped death," Line ID
EXTRA : "but the monster
we encountered disappeared"
Line ID
EXTRA : "and it is possible that
it still roams the area."
Line ID
EXTRA : "Also, according to this monster,
there's a rumor that…"
Line ID
EXTRA : "…powerful monsters
already exist in this area."
Line ID
EXTRA : Sounds like it was pretty brutal. Line ID
Blizzard of Hell : A monster? Line ID
EXTRA : Yes. Line ID
Blizzard of Hell : I think I'll pass this time. Line ID
Tornado of Terror : See? I told you I should have gone! Line ID
EXTRA : But… Line ID
EXTRA : faced with this, Line ID
EXTRA : I'm sure even you would
have had a tough time.
Line ID
Tornado of Terror : I would have been fine, idiot! Line ID
EXTRA : The rumor has not been confirmed,
but the reinforcements saw signs
Line ID
EXTRA : that point to the existence
of some horrible monstrosity.
Line ID
EXTRA : Holy crap, what is this? Line ID
EXTRA : What kind of monster could
cause such violence?
Line ID
EXTRA : I'd hate to face off
against this thing.
Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, what's this? Line ID
EXTRA : Is it a part of the monster
Spring Mustachio fought?
Line ID
EXTRA : There may have been
a territorial dispute
Line ID
EXTRA : between the monsters… Line ID
EXTRA : Seems like there's definitely
"something" here.
Line ID
EXTRA : We must continue our investigation
and maintain vigilance over City Z.
Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, did you hear? Line ID
EXTRA : There are monsters living
in the City Z ghost town.
Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah, rumor has it the toughest ones
are secretly plotting something.
Line ID
EXTRA : No, no. Not that rumor.
It's about a more dangerous monster.
Line ID
EXTRA : What's that? Line ID
EXTRA : You didn't hear? Line ID
EXTRA : I hear the place
has now become terrifying
Line ID
EXTRA : for both humans and monsters. Line ID
Line ID
Genos : Master, I filled in the holes
in front of the house.
Line ID
Saitama : Oh, thanks! Line ID
Genos : Also, Line ID

your rank has gone up
from last place, 388th, to 342nd.
Line ID
Saitama : Oh? Because of that Panic guy? Line ID
Saitama : He boosted my ranking. Line ID
Saitama : So it's been a week now. Line ID
Saitama : Have you done anything? Line ID
Genos : No, not yet. Line ID
Genos : I guess it's only been a week. Line ID
Genos : I'm still ranked last in Class S
for ability…in 17th place.
Line ID
Saitama : Sounds like you've still got
a lot of training to do, Genos.
Line ID
Genos : But in the public polls,
for popularity I rank number six.
Line ID
Saitama : Why?! Line ID
Genos : "A genius who, at the tender age
of 19, made his debut in Class S."
Line ID
Genos : "He'll do great." Line ID
Genos : "He's so handsome." Line ID
Genos : "Love how he refuses to do
media interviews. Very cool."
Line ID
Genos : Those kinds of comments. Line ID
Saitama : You're not embarrassed
to read those out loud?
Line ID
Genos : These comments are based on
impressions from my photo,
Line ID
Genos : not evaluations of me. Line ID
Genos : I think nothing of them. Line ID
Saitama : Oh yeah? Line ID
Genos : They continue. Line ID
Genos : "The Cyborg Prince." Line ID
Genos : "Behind the steely exterior,
I feel his fragile self."
Line ID
Genos : "Among the top five
handsomest heroes."
Line ID
Saitama : Enough already! Line ID
Tornado of Terror : NEXT EPISODE:

This is Blizzard.
Line ID
Tornado of Terror : NEXT EPISODE:

Perhaps you know me better as
"Blizzard from Hell?"
Line ID
Tornado of Terror : Well, I only had a bit part
this episode.
Line ID
Tornado of Terror : Next on One-Punch Man
is episode 7,
Line ID
Tornado of Terror : "The Ultimate Disciple." Line ID
Tornado of Terror : The Blizzard Bunch will
finally make its appearance.
Line ID
EXTRA : Miss Blizzard, we're not scheduled
to go on next week!
Line ID
Tornado of Terror : That can't be right! Line ID

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