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Introducing Akade

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

EXTRA : Fire! (0:00:14.67)
EXTRA : Unit Two... (0:00:27.92)
EXTRA : fire! (0:00:30.23)
EXTRA : Very good. (0:00:49.26)
EXTRA : All units, stand by for the fourth wave! (0:00:50.18)
EXTRA : The southwest has already fallen to enemy aircraft! (0:00:53.50)
EXTRA : Should our ranks crumble here, Shinjuku will be done for! (0:00:57.19)
EXTRA : Do everything in your power to stop them! (0:01:00.29)
EXTRA : Don't make light of the Demon Army, vampire scum! (0:01:03.64)
Lacus Welt : Here comes the airplane! (0:01:16.13)
Lacus Welt : Damn, I'm good. (0:01:52.99)
Lacus Welt : Bullseye! (0:01:54.68)
Rene Simm : This is hardly worth bragging about. (0:01:56.24)
Rene Simm : You were off by ten feet to the right. (0:01:58.36)
Lacus Welt : Don't sweat the small stuff, man. (0:02:00.90)
EXTRA : Where are they?! (0:03:44.41)
EXTRA : West! (0:03:45.27)
EXTRA : Shinjuku is the Japanese Imperial
Demon Army's second-largest foothold!
EXTRA : The city is currently under vampire fire. (0:03:48.66)
EXTRA : How could we allow the vampires to breach it?! (0:03:49.11)
EXTRA : All civilians should quickly evacuate to the east defensive barrier. (0:03:50.63)
EXTRA : What are those damn extermination units doing?! (0:03:51.29)
EXTRA : The city is currently under vampire fire. (0:03:54.29)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : What's going on? (0:03:54.85)
Shinoa Hiiragi : Can't you hear? (0:03:55.76)
Shinoa Hiiragi : The vampires are attacking— (0:03:57.28)
Shihou Kimizuki : Shit, it's all-out war down here! (0:04:22.12)
Mitsuba Sanguu : It's just as Lieutenant Colonel Guren said. (0:04:25.22)
Mitsuba Sanguu : The vampires from the Kansai region are planning to destroy the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. (0:04:27.57)
EXTRA : Fire! (0:04:34.15)
Yoichi Saotome : Are those Infernal Arms like mine? (0:04:39.89)
Shinoa Hiiragi : A much weaker version, yes. (0:04:41.99)
Mitsuba Sanguu : Those are called Runic Arms. (0:04:44.60)
Mitsuba Sanguu : They're simplified Infernal Arms, more or less. (0:04:46.80)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Hey! (0:04:48.55)
Shihou Kimizuki : This way! (0:04:53.64)
EXTRA : All men, arms at the ready! (0:05:10.37)
EXTRA : Sir! (0:05:12.79)
Mitsuba Sanguu : We're moving out! (0:05:14.09)
Mitsuba Sanguu : Yoichi, shoot the chopper down! (0:05:34.78)
Yoichi Saotome : Got it! (0:05:37.17)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : We're done here! (0:06:01.60)
Corporal Nagai : You guys were a huge help. (0:06:04.15)
Corporal Nagai : I appreciate it. (0:06:05.73)
Corporal Nagai : Corporal Nagai of the Shinjuku Security Unit,
Third Platoon, at your service.
Corporal Nagai : You are the vampire extermination unit, correct? (0:06:13.51)
Shinoa Hiiragi : We're from the Moon Demon Company. (0:06:16.54)
Corporal Nagai : The Moon Demon Company? (0:06:18.02)
Corporal Nagai : Seems like there's still hope yet. (0:06:19.89)
Corporal Nagai : Fire her up, boys. (0:06:22.13)
EXTRA : Sir! (0:06:24.42)
Corporal Nagai : I've just received word that the vampires
have broken though the west defensive barrier.
Corporal Nagai : The counter-attack squad is currently barring them from further entry, but they won't last long. (0:06:39.75)
Shinoa Hiiragi : Our tactical situation is worse than I thought. (0:06:45.30)
Corporal Nagai : Yes, it's like something out of a nightmare. (0:06:48.87)
Corporal Nagai : I need you guys to head west
and fend off the vampire onslaught.
Yuichiro Hyakuya : You don't need to ask. (0:06:57.77)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : That's what we're here for, after all. (0:06:59.44)
Corporal Nagai : Good to hear. (0:07:02.04)
EXTRA : Corporal Nagai! (0:07:04.10)
EXTRA : Preparations have been completed. (0:07:05.46)
Corporal Nagai : Right. (0:07:07.13)
Corporal Nagai : I'll be taking them to the defense line. (0:07:08.17)
Corporal Nagai : Hold the fort for me. (0:07:11.14)
EXTRA : Sir! (0:07:12.44)
Corporal Nagai : All right, everyone hop in. (0:07:16.69)
Guren Ichinose : Well, well. So it's begun. (0:07:21.72)
Guren Ichinose : They're seriously coming at us. (0:07:24.07)
Guren Ichinose : Let's see... The commander should be nearby. (0:07:29.76)
Guren Ichinose : Whoa there. He can sense me from this far away? (0:07:46.34)
Sayuri Hanayori : Um, Lieutenant Colonel Guren? (0:07:51.15)
Sayuri Hanayori : Now's not really the time to be making idle observations. (0:07:53.70)
Guren Ichinose : Well, it's not like I'm sitting here for fun or anything. (0:07:56.95)
Guren Ichinose : We need to post lookouts for our defense, right? (0:08:01.37)
Guren Ichinose : I figured the vampires would target here as— (0:08:03.87)
Guren Ichinose : Ah, right on cue. (0:08:07.79)
Guren Ichinose : Sayuri! (0:08:10.00)
Sayuri Hanayori : What? (0:08:10.59)
Guren Ichinose : Fashionably late, aren't you, Mito? (0:08:22.05)
Mito Jujo : Late, you say? (0:08:24.73)
Mito Jujo : Hardly the attitude I'd expect from someone who summoned me on such short notice. (0:08:27.06)
Shigure Yukimi : We've returned, Lieutenant Colonel Guren. (0:08:31.06)
Norito Goshi : Sounds like there's something big going on. (0:08:34.42)
Norito Goshi : What's the plan? (0:08:37.62)
Norito Goshi : The extermination unit sure
doesn't seem to be holding up.
Guren Ichinose : All right, looks like we're all here. (0:08:44.10)
Guren Ichinose : Shigure, how are Yuu and friends doing? (0:08:47.00)
Shigure Yukimi : They've successfully rescued the civilians and have entered Shinjuku. (0:08:50.20)
Guren Ichinose : Oh? That was fast. (0:08:54.22)
Guren Ichinose : They're ready for this war, then. (0:08:56.40)
Guren Ichinose : On the battlefield, what doesn't kill you
makes you stronger.
Guren Ichinose : All right. (0:09:05.82)
Guren Ichinose : We're heading out, guys. (0:09:07.37)
Guren Ichinose : The commander's at the fifth district's
main intersection.
Guren Ichinose : Lop his damn head off,
and we just might see some progress.
Ferid Bathory : Someone's taken an interest in us. (0:09:19.56)
Mikaela Hyakuya : Interest? (0:09:22.94)
Ferid Bathory : It's nothing. I'm just rambling to myself. (0:09:24.37)
Ferid Bathory : How are you finding Tokyo? (0:09:27.23)
Ferid Bathory : It's been a while, no? (0:09:28.79)
Ferid Bathory : You may have some rather
unpleasant memories about the place,
Kureto Hiiragi : but doesn't being here in person
just touch your heart?
Ferid Bathory : Especially since you have the chance to see your beloved Hyakuya Yuu. (0:09:39.28)
Ferid Bathory : Aren't you parched, Mika? (0:09:48.46)
Ferid Bathory : It'd be best to drink now, on the battlefield, (0:09:55.42)
Ferid Bathory : since our city forbids
directly feeding on humans within its limits.
Mikaela Hyakuya : That's funny coming from someone
who broke that very law and drank my blood,
Mikaela Hyakuya : Ferid Bathory. (0:10:06.46)
Ferid Bathory : Don't say such scandalous things.
You'll damage my reputation, Mika.
Ferid Bathory : It was you who came to me and offered your blood, (0:10:12.80)
Ferid Bathory : only to steal my gun and map from my mansion. (0:10:16.20)
Ferid Bathory : Am I wrong? (0:10:20.54)
Mikaela Hyakuya : I unwittingly played right into your dirty hands. (0:10:23.07)
Ferid Bathory : Indeed. (0:10:28.64)
Mikaela Hyakuya : And now my family's dead,
all for your sickening amusement.
Ferid Bathory : Aw, you're still rattling on
about that ancient history, even now?
Mikaela Hyakuya : No. I'm simply upset at myself for being powerless to protect my family. (0:10:46.92)
Ferid Bathory : A chivalrous knight as always. (0:10:55.41)
Ferid Bathory : And what of your last family member? (0:10:57.77)
Ferid Bathory : Are you going to defend your precious Hyakuya Yuu's honor? (0:11:00.61)
Ferid Bathory : That's love for you. (0:11:05.48)
Ferid Bathory : Oh, but do keep in mind, Mika. (0:11:08.25)
Ferid Bathory : Refusing to drink human blood won't do you any favors. (0:11:10.46)
Ferid Bathory : You know what happens to vampires
who don't get proper nutrition, don't you?
Krul Tepes : Go on, Mika. (0:12:02.45)
Krul Tepes : Drink his blood, and your biological growth will come to a halt. (0:12:03.84)
Krul Tepes : Your body will be made immortal,
with strength beyond that of a human.
Krul Tepes : You will be reborn anew as a vampire. (0:12:13.22)
Mikaela Hyakuya : Th-There's no way I'm drinking his blood! (0:12:18.86)
Krul Tepes : Or so you say, but your body is craving it, no? (0:12:25.32)
Krul Tepes : Your whole body must be in agony, (0:12:30.81)
Krul Tepes : your throat searing and parched. (0:12:33.39)
Krul Tepes : Don't resist. (0:12:38.33)
Krul Tepes : Succumb to your desire. (0:12:39.69)
Mikaela Hyakuya : Never! (0:12:43.14)
Krul Tepes : Then will you die? (0:12:45.48)
Mikaela Hyakuya : I'd rather die than turn into a monster! (0:12:47.55)
Krul Tepes : I see. (0:12:53.28)
Krul Tepes : True, transcending the limits of old age and wallowing in boredom may not be the greatest use of your time. (0:12:55.07)
Krul Tepes : But death will no longer come to you
as it would a human.
Krul Tepes : Because I've changed you. (0:13:07.28)
Krul Tepes : Without blood, you'll become an empty, withering demon without will. (0:13:10.01)
Krul Tepes : That's why you must drink— (0:13:15.32)
Mikaela Hyakuya : I won't do it! (0:13:16.50)
Mikaela Hyakuya : I... (0:13:18.46)
Mikaela Hyakuya : I won't become one of your kind! (0:13:20.52)
Krul Tepes : Well, how about I give you another option? (0:13:23.80)
Krul Tepes : Drink my blood. (0:13:38.22)
Krul Tepes : Drink it to stay alive. (0:13:40.17)
Krul Tepes : There's no reason for you to fight it. (0:13:52.23)
Krul Tepes : Come, now. (0:13:56.54)
Mikaela Hyakuya : I-I told you! (0:14:04.96)
Mikaela Hyakuya : I won't turn into a vampire! (0:14:07.24)
Krul Tepes : Oh, was the temptation too strong? (0:14:32.09)
Krul Tepes : You won't be able to leave me now. (0:14:35.38)
Krul Tepes : For all of eternity, (0:14:42.17)
Krul Tepes : you'll be my dog, Hyakuya Mikaela. (0:14:43.94)
Mikaela Hyakuya : Ten days worth of Krul's blood. (0:15:11.56)
Mikaela Hyakuya : Ten days to find Yuu. (0:15:23.34)
EXTRA : We'll be arriving at the defense line in fifteen minutes. (0:15:40.55)
EXTRA : Please be on standby. (0:15:44.01)
Shinoa Hiiragi : Before we grace the front lines, do you have a moment, Yuu? (0:15:47.70)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Yeah? What's up? (0:15:51.41)
Shinoa Hiiragi : This may be rather sudden,
but it's time to kick off your first training lesson!
Yuichiro Hyakuya : What? Training? (0:15:58.83)
Shihou Kimizuki : Have you seen what's going on outside? (0:16:00.77)
Shinoa Hiiragi : I'm saying this because of what's outside. (0:16:02.66)
Shinoa Hiiragi : I'm sure our encounter with that noble has made you aware that even with the Black Demon Series, (0:16:05.64)
Shinoa Hiiragi : there's still a high chance of you dying
within two seconds flat.
Mitsuba Sanguu : None of you will be of use
on the front lines right now.
Shinoa Hiiragi : Really, how do I put this... (0:16:18.94)
Shinoa Hiiragi : You all might as well be roadkill. (0:16:21.21)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : What are you even talking about? (0:16:24.06)
Shihou Kimizuki : Save your jokes for later. (0:16:25.68)
Shihou Kimizuki : What did you have in mind? (0:16:27.25)
Shinoa Hiiragi : Well, it's nothing too fancy, but there's a little something that might give you the edge you need. (0:16:29.44)
Shinoa Hiiragi : Simply put: (0:16:34.74)
Shinoa Hiiragi : these. (0:16:36.65)
Yoichi Saotome : Pills? (0:16:38.54)
Mitsuba Sanguu : It's a state-of-the-art training method. (0:16:39.88)
Shinoa Hiiragi : In other words, performance-enhancing drugs. (0:16:42.64)
Shinoa Hiiragi : They allow you to synchronize with the demon more easily, (0:16:46.47)
Shinoa Hiiragi : drawing out your true power. (0:16:48.92)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : So if I take that, the vampire nobles... (0:16:51.58)
Shinoa Hiiragi : ...won't beat you to a pulp, at least. (0:16:54.45)
Shinoa Hiiragi : Theoretically, one pill multiplies your strength by 1.5, (0:16:58.49)
Shinoa Hiiragi : and two should multiply it by 1.8. (0:17:01.49)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Seriously?! (0:17:04.54)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : So if I take, like, ten of them...{'ll be mentioned in a dictionary under the term "naive"} (0:17:06.17)
Shinoa Hiiragi : You'd probably be strong enough to kill a god. (0:17:07.83)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Then let's do this thing— (0:17:11.51)
Shinoa Hiiragi : But your organs will come
spilling out with just three pills.
Yuichiro Hyakuya : What? (0:17:16.00)
Shinoa Hiiragi : Even with two pills, you'll sustain severe trauma and could die of shock. (0:17:16.80)
Shinoa Hiiragi : That's why we usually take just the one. (0:17:21.55)
Mitsuba Sanguu : Plus, it only lasts for fifteen minutes. (0:17:23.98)
Mitsuba Sanguu : Once the pill wears off, you'll be completely vulnerable. (0:17:26.82)
Shinoa Hiiragi : Here you go. (0:17:31.81)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : So where were these when we ran into that noble? (0:17:37.85)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : If we all took these— (0:17:41.81)
Shinoa Hiiragi : We still wouldn't have won. (0:17:42.98)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Huh? (0:17:44.63)
Shinoa Hiiragi : It takes ten seconds for the pill to kick in. (0:17:45.53)
Shinoa Hiiragi : And with those ten seconds, (0:17:49.10)
Shinoa Hiiragi : he could have killed us all. (0:17:51.00)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : One more question. (0:17:57.78)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Is this what you meant by taking
full advantage of an Infernal Arm?
Yuichiro Hyakuya : If I use this, will I be able to draw out
my weapon's power to its true potential?
Shinoa Hiiragi : Not quite. This is only temporary. (0:18:13.19)
Shinoa Hiiragi : Mastering your weapons requires
copious amounts of study and training,
Shinoa Hiiragi : but we don't have time for that right now,
with war just around the corner and whatnot.
Yuichiro Hyakuya : True. (0:18:32.69)
Mitsuba Sanguu : That's life on the battlefield. (0:18:34.21)
Shihou Kimizuki : Don't you have any other lines to say? (0:18:36.35)
Mitsuba Sanguu : What? You wanna go?! (0:18:38.12)
Shinoa Hiiragi : They're on the move! (0:18:54.89)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Corporal! (0:19:12.10)
Shinoa Hiiragi : Yuu! (0:19:13.98)
Shihou Kimizuki : Yoichi! (0:19:34.24)
Yoichi Saotome : Roger that! (0:19:35.36)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Shinoa. (0:20:06.70)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Hey. (0:20:08.32)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Shinoa. (0:20:09.50)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Wake up! (0:20:10.80)
Shinoa Hiiragi : It appears we've landed in the subway. (0:20:22.05)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Yeah. (0:20:23.97)
Shinoa Hiiragi : Where are Mitsu and the guys? (0:20:25.70)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Nowhere to be found. (0:20:27.22)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : But right now, we need to do
something about the corporal.
Shinoa Hiiragi : There should be a temporary base
if we go above ground.
Shinoa Hiiragi : He can be treated there. (0:20:35.15)
Shihou Kimizuki : Hey, dumbass! (0:20:37.69)
Shihou Kimizuki : You there? (0:20:39.86)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Are you guys all right? (0:20:41.65)
Mitsuba Sanguu : Obviously! (0:20:43.57)
Shihou Kimizuki : Like hell we'd die in a place like this, shithead. (0:20:45.74)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Can you guys get out? (0:20:50.44)
Shihou Kimizuki : No problem! (0:20:53.50)
Shinoa Hiiragi : Then you go ahead! (0:20:54.78)
Shinoa Hiiragi : We're going to stop by somewhere. (0:20:57.68)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : We'll meet you at the defense line! (0:21:00.10)
Yoichi Saotome : Um, but... (0:21:04.15)
Shihou Kimizuki : Don't be late! (0:21:05.95)
Yuichiro Hyakuya : Next time, on Seraph of the End : (0:23:33.60)

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