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Subaru Natsuki : And now for the final exercise! (0:00:13.11)
Subaru Natsuki : Swing your arms out wide, (0:00:15.71)
Subaru Natsuki : then cross them in front of you
as you take slow, deep breaths.
Subaru Natsuki : In... And out... (0:00:21.54)
Ram : I came to check on you since
break time's almost over.
Subaru Natsuki : In... And out... (0:00:24.33)
Rem : Things are quite lively. (0:00:25.67)
Subaru Natsuki : Okay, finally... (0:00:27.75)
Subaru Natsuki : Victory! (0:00:29.21)
EXTRA : Victory! (0:00:30.90)
Subaru Natsuki : All right! (0:00:35.38)
EXTRA : Yeah! (0:00:36.42)
EXTRA : I feel so much younger. (0:00:39.77)
Subaru Natsuki : Okay, everyone has touched me now. (0:00:48.79)
Ram : Barusu... (0:00:51.87)
Ram : What sort of game is this? (0:00:53.60)
Subaru Natsuki : Radio calisthenics. (0:00:55.10)
Subaru Natsuki : I think the fact that everyone,
young and old, can enjoy it
Subaru Natsuki : is the secret to its many long years of success! (0:01:00.45)
Ram : Who cares? (0:01:03.24)
EXTRA : Ram-chi, that was cold. (0:01:04.75)
EXTRA : Ram-chi, that was mean. (0:01:06.28)
EXTRA : Ram-chi, you're scary. (0:01:07.54)
Ram : Did you teach these children to call me that? (0:01:11.45)
Subaru Natsuki : Well, it was more like... (0:01:13.83)
Subaru Natsuki : I wanted to spread some friendliness around? (0:01:15.65)
Ram : I don't mind, but what about Rem? (0:01:19.56)
EXTRA : Rem-rin? (0:01:23.02)
EXTRA : Rem-rin? (0:01:24.00)
EXTRA : Rem-rin-rin? (0:01:24.90)
Ram : And? Did you enjoy the village
trip you wanted so much?
Subaru Natsuki : Nothing to worry about there. (0:01:32.26)
Subaru Natsuki : When Muraosa patted my shoulder at
the end, my trip was complete.
Subaru Natsuki : What's up? (0:01:39.95)
Subaru Natsuki : If you wanna say something, out with it. (0:01:41.12)
EXTRA : U-Um... (0:01:43.12)
EXTRA : Over there. (0:01:45.31)
Ram : Have your way a bit longer. (0:01:51.54)
Rem : If you say so, Sister. (0:01:53.78)
Subaru Natsuki : All right! I owe you both, Senpai! (0:01:55.77)
Subaru Natsuki : That's right, there was an event like this, too. (0:02:09.31)
Subaru Natsuki : And this still happens? (0:02:14.97)
EXTRA : She's usually so tame. (0:02:16.80)
EXTRA : She only gets mad at Subaru. (0:02:18.62)
EXTRA : What'd you do to her, Subaru? (0:02:20.68)
Subaru Natsuki : That's what I'd like to know. (0:02:22.79)
Subaru Natsuki : If it's happened three times,
I guess we're just incompatible...
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, now's my chance! (0:02:29.60)
Subaru Natsuki : If you'll excuse me... (0:02:30.99)
Subaru Natsuki : There's the sensation I've longed to feel! (0:02:35.73)
Subaru Natsuki : Nice! For a stray, this is great! (0:02:37.66)
Subaru Natsuki : Hey, you have a bald spot on your head. (0:02:40.94)
Subaru Natsuki : A scar? What did you walk int— (0:02:43.87)
Subaru Natsuki : Yow! (0:02:45.93)
Subaru Natsuki : You even bit me in nearly the same spot... (0:02:48.15)
Subaru Natsuki : Are you a time traveler? (0:02:50.58)
EXTRA : You got carried away! (0:02:54.16)
EXTRA : It's what you get for touching her so much. (0:02:55.78)
EXTRA : She is a girl, after all. (0:02:57.83)
EXTRA : I don't think that's quite the problem here. (0:02:59.57)
Subaru Natsuki : Also, no one's worried about me? (0:03:02.23)
Subaru Natsuki : I'm gonna cry! (0:03:04.38)
Subaru Natsuki : I made it... I made it! (0:03:08.54)
Subaru Natsuki : Well done, me! Good job! (0:03:10.88)
Subaru Natsuki : Seriously, good job! (0:03:12.38)
Rem : Yes, yes, well done. (0:03:14.05)
Ram : Yes, yes, good work. (0:03:15.83)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Ah, I see the three of you are together. (0:03:17.51)
Roswaal L. Mathers : That will save me some time. (0:03:21.44)
Rem : Roswaal-sama. (0:03:23.98)
Ram : Roswaal-sama. (0:03:23.98)
Subaru Natsuki : Formal clothes? (0:03:25.56)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Well spotted. (0:03:28.24)
Roswaal L. Mathers : I'm seeing someone who's a hassle
to deal with in normal attire,
Roswaal L. Mathers : so I had no choice but to wear dress clothes. (0:03:34.32)
Rem : A visitor? (0:03:37.68)
Ram : You're going out? (0:03:38.99)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Ram is correct. I'm going out. (0:03:40.31)
Roswaal L. Mathers : I received a message that
was a tad troublesome...
Roswaal L. Mathers : So I'm off to make the rounds outside. (0:03:47.52)
Roswaal L. Mathers : I do not expect to be home tonight. (0:03:49.87)
Roswaal L. Mathers : So, Ram and Rem, take care of things. (0:03:53.64)
Ram : Yes, sir. As you command. (0:03:56.24)
Rem : Yes, sir. Even if it costs our lives. (0:03:58.13)
Subaru Natsuki : Roswaal didn't leave the mansion before... (0:04:00.96)
Roswaal L. Mathers : I'll also be counting on you, Subaru-kun. (0:04:05.27)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Take good care of Emilia-sama. (0:04:08.34)
Subaru Natsuki : Sure, you can definitely count on me for that! (0:04:12.79)
Roswaal L. Mathers : Then, look after things while I'm away. (0:04:15.80)
Subaru Natsuki : H-He can fly? (0:04:19.84)
Subaru Natsuki : Magic is incredible... (0:04:26.12)
Subaru Natsuki : The difference in circumstances (0:04:30.03)
Subaru Natsuki : must have been triggered
by my visit to the village.
Subaru Natsuki : That means my strategy of acting
as a decoy is working as planned.
Subaru Natsuki : And that's why I'm here for my
long-awaited Beako time!
Beatrice : Your face looks quite different
than it did half a day ago.
Beatrice : You've been busy, I suppose. (0:04:49.90)
Subaru Natsuki : I'd love to take it easy for a change, you know... (0:04:51.52)
Subaru Natsuki : But there's something I want
you to check out for me.
Subaru Natsuki : I think I've been cursed.
Could you find out for sure?
Beatrice : What are you talking about? (0:05:02.88)
Subaru Natsuki : I think I've been cursed.
Could you find out for sure?
Beatrice : No one asked you to repeat yourself, I suppose! (0:05:07.66)
Beatrice : It's only been half a day since
I told you about shamans.
Beatrice : You're far too impressionabl— (0:05:14.63)
Beatrice : Traces of a curse... (0:05:17.10)
Beatrice : You really have been cursed, I suppose? (0:05:19.32)
Subaru Natsuki : So the shaman was one
of the villagers, after all.
Subaru Natsuki : Can you tell what kind of curse it is? (0:05:25.95)
Beatrice : I can't say just from looking at the curse. (0:05:28.32)
Beatrice : But as I told you, once it's activated, (0:05:31.58)
Beatrice : chances are you'll die, I suppose. (0:05:34.98)
Beatrice : You don't seem to be afraid of dying at all. (0:05:38.91)
Subaru Natsuki : Huh? Are you nuts? (0:05:42.93)
Subaru Natsuki : I'm insanely scared of dying! (0:05:44.63)
Subaru Natsuki : There's nothing in the world that
scares me more than dying.
Subaru Natsuki : I wish people who say "I'd rather die"
would actually die before they say it.
Subaru Natsuki : That's why, this time, I'll find a way out... (0:05:54.50)
Subaru Natsuki : of this fate. (0:05:58.78)
Subaru Natsuki : Okay, so get rid of this curse for me, would you? (0:06:00.81)
Subaru Natsuki : I don't have much time. (0:06:03.68)
Beatrice : Why should I have to save your life, I suppose? (0:06:05.10)
Subaru Natsuki : I expected an unlovable response like that, (0:06:08.83)
Subaru Natsuki : so I came prepared to convince you. (0:06:11.37)
Subaru Natsuki : If I die, Puck is bound to be sad. (0:06:14.13)
Beatrice : Huh? (0:06:17.87)
Beatrice : Bubby wouldn't be all that disturbed if you died. (0:06:18.95)
Subaru Natsuki : Oh, no... (0:06:23.49)
Subaru Natsuki : If I were to die, Emilia would
be at least a little shocked.
Subaru Natsuki : When Emilia feels shock,
Puck takes damage, too.
Subaru Natsuki : And if you could have stopped it,
but didn't, what would he think of you?
Beatrice : I'll go along with your smooth
talk this time, I suppose!
Beatrice : But after this, I'll have nothing
more to do with you again.
Subaru Natsuki : Sure. (0:06:42.91)
Subaru Natsuki : But when I'm in trouble,
I'll always come to ask for your help.
Beatrice : I'll destroy the spell used in
the curse now, I suppose.
Beatrice : The spell is burned into you on the
spot that the shaman touched,
Beatrice : so that's our reference. (0:06:57.94)
Subaru Natsuki : I prepared for this. Don't worry. (0:06:59.42)
Subaru Natsuki : The young men's leader with the crew cut... (0:07:02.92)
Subaru Natsuki : The old lady who felt so much younger
that she patted my butt...
Subaru Natsuki : And Muraosa, the fake village head. (0:07:07.24)
Subaru Natsuki : I made sure all the suspects
touched different parts of me.
Subaru Natsuki : A black mist? (0:07:24.65)
Beatrice : How abhorrent, I suppose. (0:07:26.94)
Beatrice : All done. You'll be fine now, I suppose. (0:07:31.36)
Subaru Natsuki : So the place that the black mist came from (0:07:36.99)
Subaru Natsuki : is where the shaman touched me, right? (0:07:39.76)
Subaru Natsuki : Could that puppy actually be... (0:07:46.40)
Subaru Natsuki : I have to get to the village. (0:07:49.98)
Subaru Natsuki : They just keep messing with me! (0:07:51.92)
Ram : The village? What for? (0:07:57.76)
Subaru Natsuki : Beatrice said the one who gave me this
wound is responsible for cursing me.
Subaru Natsuki : It was the dog that the kids were playing with! (0:08:05.33)
Subaru Natsuki : That dog-looking thing cursed everyone it bit! (0:08:09.35)
Subaru Natsuki : If I do nothing, they'll be in danger. (0:08:13.18)
Subaru Natsuki : If you don't trust me, you can come along. (0:08:16.78)
Subaru Natsuki : But we can't leave Emilia alone here. (0:08:19.45)
Subaru Natsuki : Only one of you can come! (0:08:22.40)
Rem : You're making up your own rules... (0:08:24.69)
Rem : And if we are to obey Roswaal-sama's orders, (0:08:26.54)
Rem : there is no reason for either
of us to go with you.
Subaru Natsuki : No, there's not. (0:08:32.44)
Subaru Natsuki : But was that the only order Roswaal gave me? (0:08:34.08)
Ram : Very well, Barusu. (0:08:39.33)
Ram : I'll allow you to act on your judgment. (0:08:41.21)
Rem : Sister... (0:08:43.43)
Ram : Rem will accompany you. (0:08:44.80)
Subaru Natsuki : Just what I wanted to hear! (0:08:46.45)
Ram : Rem, that's my decision, so please go. (0:08:48.60)
Ram : I'll confirm with Beatrice-sama
and protect Emilia-sama.
Ram : I'll keep an eye on that, too. (0:08:55.72)
Rem : Sister, you shouldn't... (0:08:57.98)
Emilia : Subaru, are you going somewhere? (0:08:59.90)
Emilia : I heard loud voices, so I came down
to see what was going on...
Emilia : What happened? (0:09:05.50)
Subaru Natsuki : Something might be happening. (0:09:06.64)
Subaru Natsuki : But you don't need to worry. (0:09:09.15)
Emilia : You look like you're going to do
something dangerous again!
Subaru Natsuki : We were just wrapping up a dispute
on that particular topic.
Emilia : I can't stop you, can I? (0:09:18.20)
Subaru Natsuki : I guess not, no. (0:09:19.87)
Subaru Natsuki : In fact, if you do, it'd be a
hindrance in several ways...
Emilia : Fine, fine, I get it. (0:09:28.30)
Emilia : I won't stop you. (0:09:30.85)
Emilia : It's probably no use telling you not
to be rash or reckless, too, right?
Subaru Natsuki : Depending on what happens... (0:09:36.14)
Subaru Natsuki : I mean, it's not like I want to do any of that. (0:09:38.37)
Emilia : May the blessing of the spirits be with you. (0:09:43.51)
Subaru Natsuki : Eh? Say what? (0:09:47.33)
Emilia : It's a prayer to send you off.
It means "come back safely."
Subaru Natsuki : Got it, Emilia-tan. (0:09:55.05)
Subaru Natsuki : Okay, I'm off. (0:09:58.96)
Emilia : Take care. (0:10:00.56)
Rem : Has something happened? (0:10:16.21)
EXTRA : Y-Yeah... Several of the village
children have gone missing.
EXTRA : All the adults are looking for them. (0:10:21.52)
Subaru Natsuki : Was I too late? (0:10:24.18)
Subaru Natsuki : There! (0:10:28.69)
Rem : Subaru-kun? (0:10:30.26)
Rem : The barrier is broken. (0:10:45.89)
Subaru Natsuki : What happens when the barrier's broken? (0:10:48.34)
Rem : Mabeasts can cross the boundary. (0:10:50.86)
Subaru Natsuki : Mabeasts? (0:10:53.42)
Rem : Mabeasts are creatures of the witch's creation. (0:10:54.78)
Rem : They're enemies of humanity
that have magic powers.
Rem : They live gregariously in the forest. (0:11:00.64)
Subaru Natsuki : Gregariously? (0:11:03.10)
Subaru Natsuki : You mean tons more dogs
like that one are out there?
Subaru Natsuki : The kids are in the forest. (0:11:11.74)
Subaru Natsuki : Tell everyone! (0:11:14.05)
EXTRA : Right! (0:11:16.06)
Rem : Subaru-kun, what are you... (0:11:20.42)
Subaru Natsuki : I have to go save those kids! (0:11:22.31)
Rem : Wait! You can't make that decision on your own. (0:11:24.26)
Rem : With Roswaal-sama away from home, (0:11:27.67)
Rem : can you be sure that this isn't a ruse to
divert attention from the mansion?
Subaru Natsuki : What do we do, then? (0:11:34.06)
Subaru Natsuki : Ignore kids who are in trouble right now, (0:11:35.84)
Subaru Natsuki : go back to the mansion, and tighten security? (0:11:38.55)
Subaru Natsuki : If you won't care when all the
villagers are dead tomorrow,
Subaru Natsuki : I guess that's an option. (0:11:43.92)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem, let's go. We're the only ones
who can do something about this.
Rem : Why go so far? (0:11:51.35)
Rem : Why should this village matter to you? (0:11:53.75)
Subaru Natsuki : You know, Petra... (0:11:56.16)
Subaru Natsuki : When she grows up, she wants to
make clothes in the capital.
Rem : Huh? (0:12:01.40)
Subaru Natsuki : Lucas wants to succeed the
village's best woodcutter.
Subaru Natsuki : Mildo wants to make a crown
from the flowers in the fields,
Subaru Natsuki : and give it to his mother. (0:12:10.35)
Subaru Natsuki : Meina is going to have a baby sister soon. (0:12:13.35)
Subaru Natsuki : And the brothers, Dyne and Cain, are
always fighting over who'll marry Petra.
Subaru Natsuki : They do matter to me. (0:12:26.16)
Subaru Natsuki : I know their names, their faces, (0:12:28.41)
Subaru Natsuki : and what they want to do in the future. (0:12:30.76)
Subaru Natsuki : And I promised them we'd do radio
calisthenics again tomorrow.
Subaru Natsuki : I keep my promises, and I make
sure others keep theirs.
Subaru Natsuki : I'm going to do radio calisthenics
with those kids again.
Subaru Natsuki : So I'm going in there. (0:12:47.43)
Rem : Very well. (0:12:53.44)
Rem : My orders were to keep an eye on you. (0:12:56.00)
Subaru Natsuki : Yeah, that's right. (0:13:00.55)
Subaru Natsuki : Make sure I don't do anything shady! (0:13:02.29)
Rem : I will. (0:13:08.10)
Subaru Natsuki : Um, Rem-san, is that... (0:13:14.03)
Rem : It's for protection. (0:13:16.05)
Subaru Natsuki : But that's... (0:13:17.17)
Rem : It's for protection. (0:13:18.61)
Rem : We're close. I smell something alive. (0:13:31.87)
Subaru Natsuki : The kids? (0:13:34.62)
Rem : I'm not sure, but it doesn't smell like animals. (0:13:35.71)
Subaru Natsuki : It's the kids! (0:13:50.95)
Subaru Natsuki : She's alive. (0:13:55.98)
Subaru Natsuki : They're alive! (0:13:56.94)
Rem : No, they're still breathing now, (0:13:58.04)
Rem : but they are very weak. (0:14:00.35)
Rem : If left alone... (0:14:02.10)
Subaru Natsuki : Weak... The curse? (0:14:03.20)
Subaru Natsuki : And we finally found them... (0:14:08.07)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem, can't you undo it? (0:14:10.31)
Rem : I lack the skill for this. (0:14:12.51)
Rem : If only my sister were here to see them... (0:14:14.56)
Rem : But I will cast a healing spell to comfort them. (0:14:17.76)
Rem : When they're calm, we'll carry them back. (0:14:21.10)
Subaru Natsuki : Okay, I'll... (0:14:24.97)
Subaru Natsuki : Damn, I'm so useless. (0:14:27.07)
Subaru Natsuki : I'll keep watch— (0:14:29.64)
EXTRA : Subaru? (0:14:30.47)
Subaru Natsuki : You're awake, Petra? (0:14:32.14)
Subaru Natsuki : All right, good. You're a tough girl. (0:14:34.20)
Subaru Natsuki : Don't overdo it, though. (0:14:36.80)
Subaru Natsuki : I'll take you back home, where you
can say goodbye to the pain.
Subaru Natsuki : Just rest for— (0:14:41.90)
EXTRA : One is... (0:14:42.30)
EXTRA : still... in the... (0:14:44.00)
Subaru Natsuki : Hey, what'd you say? Petra! (0:14:48.48)
Subaru Natsuki : Damn it, she's right. I don't
see the little girl with the braid!
Rem : P-Please, wait! It's too dangerous. (0:14:57.97)
Rem : And if the mabeasts took her, it's already... (0:15:00.80)
Subaru Natsuki : I get what you're saying! I do! (0:15:03.28)
Subaru Natsuki : But, Rem... (0:15:06.44)
Subaru Natsuki : Petra says another girl was taken away. (0:15:08.07)
Subaru Natsuki : She showed concern for her friend
before asking for my help.
Subaru Natsuki : She put her friend before herself! (0:15:16.54)
Subaru Natsuki : I want to respect Petra's feelings. (0:15:21.65)
Subaru Natsuki : If you take something on, you should
make the effort to take it all on.
Rem : If you get too greedy, (0:15:27.80)
Rem : you might take on more
than you can carry back.
Subaru Natsuki : That's why you're with me, isn't it? (0:15:33.76)
Rem : What does that have to do with me? (0:15:36.65)
Subaru Natsuki : Those kids need you now. (0:15:38.93)
Subaru Natsuki : When the villagers show up, (0:15:42.29)
Subaru Natsuki : leave the kids with them and follow me. (0:15:43.80)
Rem : We don't know the threat our opponent
presents, or when the villagers will arrive.
Rem : And at worst, there is a chance
I won't be able to find you.
Subaru Natsuki : It'll be fine. You won't lose me. (0:15:55.60)
Rem : What makes you so sure? (0:15:58.97)
Subaru Natsuki : Even if no one else does,
you can pick up my scent.
Subaru Natsuki : The foul odor that hangs on me... (0:16:05.51)
Subaru Natsuki : The smell of the witch. (0:16:07.86)
Subaru Natsuki : Right? (0:16:09.86)
Rem : Subaru-kun, how much do you know about... (0:16:11.34)
Subaru Natsuki : No idea... There's a ton I don't understand. (0:16:13.74)
Subaru Natsuki : So much that no matter how
many times I start over,
Subaru Natsuki : I can't find the answer I'm looking for. (0:16:20.42)
Subaru Natsuki : Just like there are things you want to ask me, (0:16:24.94)
Subaru Natsuki : there are tons of things I want to ask you. (0:16:27.66)
Subaru Natsuki : So when this is all taken care of, let's talk. (0:16:31.08)
Subaru Natsuki : Until our voices are hoarse! Promise? (0:16:33.69)
Subaru Natsuki : I trust you, Rem. (0:16:40.08)
Subaru Natsuki : So I want to act in a way
that makes you trust me.
Subaru Natsuki : I'll make that promise right now! (0:16:45.72)
Rem : Very well. The promise is made. (0:16:50.02)
Rem : I will ask you many questions, so be ready. (0:16:54.02)
Subaru Natsuki : Sure! (0:16:56.97)
Rem : Once the villagers come for
the kids, I'll come join you.
Rem : Don't do anything reckless. (0:17:01.97)
Subaru Natsuki : Don't worry! I'm fanatical like a demon today! (0:17:04.09)
Rem : Fanatical... like a demon? (0:17:08.96)
Subaru Natsuki : It's the demon version of divine possession. (0:17:10.91)
Subaru Natsuki : It's my favorite phrase lately! (0:17:12.85)
Rem : Please be careful. (0:17:16.32)
Subaru Natsuki : If the one that cursed those kids
really was that dog from today,
Subaru Natsuki : there's no way I can lose, right? (0:17:29.55)
Subaru Natsuki : I smell animals. (0:17:34.09)
Subaru Natsuki : Is it a trap? (0:17:46.82)
Subaru Natsuki : Emilia wouldn't hesitate! (0:17:51.84)
Subaru Natsuki : Thank goodness... (0:18:03.82)
Subaru Natsuki : This is not what we discussed! (0:18:19.39)
Subaru Natsuki : Why is it so huge? (0:18:21.90)
Subaru Natsuki : And was it waiting for me to come for her? (0:18:24.44)
Subaru Natsuki : Nowhere to run... (0:18:29.28)
Subaru Natsuki : Damn it! If you wanna fight, bring it on! (0:18:34.13)
Subaru Natsuki : That... (0:18:48.84)
Subaru Natsuki : doesn't hurt! (0:18:50.08)
Subaru Natsuki : You just bit me, didn't you, you moron?! (0:18:52.94)
Subaru Natsuki : I won... (0:19:14.44)
Subaru Natsuki : You've gotta be kidding me... (0:19:23.74)
Subaru Natsuki : If you wanna fight, bring it on! (0:19:29.62)
Rem : The children have been safely
returned to the village.
Rem : Thank you for buying time. (0:19:44.91)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem, watch ou— (0:19:48.54)
Rem : Shh. (0:19:50.08)
Subaru Natsuki : Y-You're strong! (0:19:54.58)
Rem : I'm not sure if that's a nice thing
to say to a girl, Subaru-kun.
Subaru Natsuki : I have no other words to describe you! (0:20:01.56)
Subaru Natsuki : You're seriously incredible! (0:20:04.65)
Subaru Natsuki : So, Rem, would you be able to take them
all out in one shot, by chance?
Rem : We are outnumbered. With this
many, our situation is dire.
Subaru Natsuki : Yeah, I guess it would be. (0:20:16.40)
Subaru Natsuki : In that case... There! (0:20:18.26)
Rem : Now! (0:20:21.35)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem, I don't know the way! (0:20:41.92)
Rem : Straight ahead. (0:20:43.82)
Rem : Once we cross the barrier, the battle will end. (0:20:45.52)
Rem : Run toward the village bonfire! (0:20:47.79)
Subaru Natsuki : Got it! (0:20:49.34)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem, I see light! (0:21:02.42)
Subaru Natsuki : We're almost to the barrier! (0:21:03.98)
Subaru Natsuki : Rem? (0:21:23.75)
Subaru Natsuki : Damn it... (0:21:41.36)
Rem : Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! (0:22:18.01)
Rem : Witch! (0:22:20.61)
Rem : Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! Mabeast! (0:22:22.08)
Subaru Natsuki : She's a demon... (0:22:33.76)
Rem : Subaru-kun! (0:22:53.76)
Rem : Don't die... (0:22:58.64)
Rem : Don't die! Don't die! (0:23:00.11)
Rem : Don't die! (0:23:02.36)
EXTRA : The Meaning of Courage (0:23:02.36b)

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Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

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