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Black Clover - Episode 1

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EXTRA : A Village Out in the Boonies: Hage Line ID
Father : Here we go again... Line ID
Father : There, there... Line ID
Father : There you are. Line ID
Father : Those two finally calmed down. Line ID
Father : Are they brothers... or perhaps twins? Line ID
Father : No, they're not. Line ID
Father : This one is rather calm, but this one... Line ID
Father : seems like he has a lot of spunk. Line ID
Father : First of all, they don't look a thing alike. Line ID
Father : Hm? "Yuno"... Line ID
Father : Let's see. And the spunky one over here is— Line ID
Father : Hey! You're a bit too spunky... Line ID
Father : "Asta," eh? Line ID
Father : Right! You two don't need to
worry about a thing anymore.
Line ID
Father : Starting today, this is your new home... Line ID
Father : Asta, Yuno. Line ID
EXTRA : 15 Years Later Line ID
EXTRA : Hopefully, we'll have a
great harvest this year.
Line ID
EXTRA : Yeah. Line ID
EXTRA : Hup. Line ID
Asta : Sister Lily! Line ID
EXTRA : What the... Line ID
EXTRA : Must be that runt from the church again. Line ID
Asta : I'll become the Wizard King
someday and make you happy!
Line ID
Asta : So please marry me! Line ID
Sister Lily : I'm sorry, Asta, but I'm everyone's sister. Line ID
Asta : Not yet! Line ID
Sister Lily : Um... I'm sorry. Line ID
Asta : I'm not giving up yet! Line ID
Sister Lily : Er, um... But... Line ID
Asta : I'm not giving up! Line ID
Sister Lily : I'm really sorry! Line ID
Asta : One more time, Sister Lily! Line ID
Sister Lily : Stop pestering me! Line ID
Sister Lily : Water Creation Magic: Holy Fist of Love! Line ID
Sister Lily : I-I'm sorry, Asta. Line ID
Sister Lily : I used magic from my
grimoire without thinking...
Line ID
Rekka : Well done, sister. Line ID
Nash : No mercy whatsoever. Line ID
Sister Lily : I-I... It just happened.. Line ID
Asta : I'm not done yet! Line ID
Rekka : Sheesh. Line ID
Nash : How many times does she have to dump you? Line ID
Asta : Why are you getting in my way too, Yuno?! Line ID
Yuno : Why? Line ID
Yuno : Because you're loud, short, Line ID
Yuno : obnoxious, and immature. Line ID
Yuno : Basically, you're not appealing
to women in any way.
Line ID
Asta : Hey! Is that what you say to
someone you've grown up with
Line ID
Asta : for the past fifteen years,
you handsome jerk?!
Line ID
Yuno : Let me give you a hand. Line ID
Sister Lily : Thanks. Line ID
Asta : Don't ignore me, damn it! Line ID
Yuno : Asta, Sister Lily is a woman of the cloth,
so she can't get married.
Line ID
Yuno : Also, you're only fifteen,
so you can't get married anyway.
Line ID
Asta : Shut up! Yuno, you jerk... I oughta... Line ID
Asta : I challenge you to a fight, Yuno! Line ID
Yuno : And I decline. Line ID
Asta : Why the hell not?! Line ID
Yuno : Because it's a waste of time. Line ID
Asta : What'd you say?! Line ID
Nash : Give it a rest, Asta.
There's no way you can beat Yuno.
Line ID
Asta : Take this... Line ID
Asta : My ultimate... Line ID
Nash : Hold up, Asta. Line ID
Asta : Attack! Line ID
Nash : I mean, you can't even use magic. Line ID
Asta : Nothing came out! Line ID
Asta : I'm not done yet! Line ID
Arlu : You're funny, Asta! Line ID
Nash : You have zero sense. Line ID
Nash : It's hard to believe someone
your age can't use magic yet.
Line ID
Asta : The hell's your problem?! How dare
you speak to your elders that way?!
Line ID
Nash : Shut up. Line ID
Nash : Magic is everything in this world. Line ID
Nash : It's only natural to be able to use magic. Line ID
Nash : You're the only one I've ever
seen who can't use it, Asta.
Line ID
Asta : G-Guess I don't have a choice... Line ID
Asta : I'll have to show you what
I'm really made of...
Line ID
Rekka : What you're really made of? Line ID
Asta : How you like that?! I know you
can't do sit-ups this fast!
Line ID
Nash : What's your point, you idiot? Line ID
Arlu : You're funny, Asta! Line ID
Arlu : Yuno's so cool! Line ID
Nash : That's Yuno for you. Line ID
Sister Lily : He's such a great help. Line ID
Asta : Then leave... the wood-chopping... Line ID
Asta : to me! Line ID
Nash : I still can't believe you
two are the same age.
Line ID
Father : Yuno is the hope of this church! Line ID
Nash : I won't be surprised if you end up joining Line ID
Nash : the Magic Knights who serve
the Wizard King, Yuno!
Line ID
Sister Lily : The awarding ceremony is coming up, Asta. Line ID
Sister Lily : Once you receive your grimoire, Line ID
Sister Lily : it should trigger something within you,
and you should be able to use magic, too.
Line ID
Asta : Sister... Line ID
Sister Lily : At least, I think so. Line ID
Asta : I'll get my grimoire soon... Line ID
Asta : Finally... Finally! Line ID
Asta : I'll get a grimoire that's more
amazing than anyone else's,
Line ID
Asta : get into the Magic Knights,
follow in your footsteps,
Line ID
Asta : and become the Wizard King! Line ID
Nash : There he goes again. Line ID
Asta : And I'll fix up this shabby, ugly church! Line ID
Father : Well, I'm sorry it's so shabby and ugly! Line ID
Asta : Right, Yuno? Line ID
Asta : Right? Line ID
Asta : Just you wait... Line ID
Asta : Just you wait, damn it! Line ID
Sister Lily : Asta, wait! Line ID
Nash : Is he really older than me? Line ID
Sister Lily : Say, Yuno... Couldn't you
be a bit nicer to Asta?
Line ID
Sister Lily : Like you used to be. Remember how you two
were always together when you were little?
Line ID
Sister Lily : Yuno used to be such a crybaby, Line ID
Sister Lily : but ever since the day he brought
Asta back with those terrible injuries,
Line ID
Sister Lily : Yuno hasn't cried at all. Line ID
Yuno : I can't be nicer to him. Line ID
Sister Lily : Come to think of it, Asta has come home
covered in mud ever since that day, too.
Line ID
Sister Lily : I wonder what he's doing out there... Line ID
Asta : 994... 995, 996, Line ID
Asta : 997, 998, 999... 1,000! Line ID
Asta : And now for this moguro leaf juice,
which is supposed to be
Line ID
Asta : good for increasing magical powers! Line ID
Asta : I'm going to become the Wizard King. Line ID
Asta : That's the one thing I'll never give up on! Line ID
Asta : But before that, I need to build myself up! Line ID
EXTRA : March... When firefly dandelion fluff
starts to dance through the air.
Line ID
EXTRA : Once a year, all around the Clover Kingdom,
all of the 15-year-olds are gathered,
Line ID
EXTRA : Grimoire Tower Line ID
EXTRA : and an awarding ceremony
is held, where they receive
Line ID
EXTRA : their own grimoires, which
enhance their magical powers.
Line ID
Asta : Wow! Line ID
Asta : A-Are all of these grimoires? Line ID
Asta : Which one is mine? Line ID
Asta : Once I get my grimoire, I'm sure
I'll be able to use magic, too.
Line ID
Asta : I'll catch up to Yuno in no time! Line ID
EXTRA : Hmph. I guess today's the day
I become a full-fledged mage.
Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, look over there. Line ID
EXTRA : Pathetic, isn't it? They shouldn't have
to give grimoires to dregs like that.
Line ID
EXTRA : You said it. Line ID
EXTRA : Don't tell me they're Line ID
EXTRA : actually planning on taking the
Magic Knights' entrance exams, too.
Line ID
EXTRA : Only nobles born with immense magical power
or ties to the royal family ever get in.
Line ID
EXTRA : Besides, I heard that shrimp
can't even use magic!
Line ID
EXTRA : Wow... Then we need to take good care of him. Line ID
EXTRA : He's like a national treasure,
since he's probably
Line ID
EXTRA : the only one in this whole
kingdom who can't use magic.
Line ID
Tower Master : Welcome, young men and women. Line ID
Tower Master : You all begin a new journey today. Line ID
Tower Master : I wish you all faith, hope, and love. Line ID
Tower Master : I am the master of this grimoire tower. Line ID
Tower Master : We've never had a Wizard King from this area, Line ID
Tower Master : nor anyone who's actually achieved
greatness in the Magic Knights.
Line ID
Tower Master : I sincerely hope that one of you
will become the Wizard King someday.
Line ID
Tower Master : No, really! Seriously! Line ID
Tower Master : Ahem. Line ID
Tower Master : Now it's time Line ID
Tower Master : for the awarding... of the grimoires! Line ID
EXTRA : This is my grimoire? Line ID
EXTRA : Check it out! Mine's bigger! Line ID
EXTRA : Mine's thicker, though. Line ID
EXTRA : All right! Now I can leave
this town and go to the city.
Line ID
EXTRA : I'm gonna take over the family business. Line ID
EXTRA : This is my grimoire? Line ID
EXTRA : Mine's like... Line ID
EXTRA : I'll... think about my future more once
my grimoire has more pages filled in.
Line ID
EXTRA : We'll be taking the Magic Knights'
entrance exams in six months.
Line ID
EXTRA : We'll be sure to get in. Line ID
Tower Master : Good, good. I look forward to it. Line ID
Asta : Um... Line ID
Asta : My grimoire's not coming. Line ID
Asta : Um... Line ID
Asta : My grimoire's not coming. Line ID
Tower Master : Er... Line ID
Tower Master : Try again next year. Line ID
Asta : What?! Line ID
EXTRA : What the heck?! Line ID
EXTRA : That's actually amazing! Line ID
EXTRA : That's way too funny! Line ID
Nash : Seriously? Line ID
Rekka : I can't believe it. Line ID
EXTRA : If we competed to see who was most pathetic,
we'd be no match for that guy.
Line ID
Tower Master : A four-leaf clover... Line ID
EXTRA : A four-leaf? You mean the legendary... Line ID
EXTRA : H-Hey... Line ID
Father : The one that the first Wizard King received? Line ID
Sister Lily : The grimoire said to be filled
with immense power and good luck?
Line ID
EXTRA : Him? Line ID
EXTRA : That peasant? Line ID
EXTRA : Wow! Line ID
Yuno : I'm going to become the Wizard King. Line ID
EXTRA : Awesome! Line ID
Father : He's the shining star of Hage! Line ID
Arlu : You're amazing, Yuno! Line ID
Rekka : He's so cool. Line ID
Asta : Yuno... Line ID
Asta : Just you wait. Line ID
Asta : I'll catch up to you in no time. Line ID
Asta : Because I'm your rival! Line ID
EXTRA : Did he just say "rival"? Line ID
EXTRA : He didn't even get a grimoire.
What is he thinking?
Line ID
Yuno : Not possible. Line ID
Father : All right, kids! We're heading
home to prepare for the feast!
Line ID
Father : You can each have three tatoes today! Line ID
Arlu : Yay! Line ID
Rekka : I sure would like to eat something
else once in a while.
Line ID
Revchi : What an amazing thing to find
in a crummy little town like this.
Line ID
Asta : I thought that once I got my grimoire, Line ID
Asta : I'd be able to use magic, but... Line ID
Asta : I never thought I wouldn't even get one. Line ID
Asta : But... like hell I'm gonna give up! Line ID
Asta : Don't you dare underestimate me, fate! Line ID
Asta : I'll show you! Line ID
Asta : Even if it takes one, two,
ten, or a hundred years!
Line ID
Asta : I'll keep working hard
until I get my grimoire!
Line ID
Asta : I'll become the Wizard King, and prove
to everyone that anyone can be awesome,
Line ID
Asta : even if they're poor or just some orphan! Line ID
Asta : You jerk! Line ID
Asta : Just you wait, Yuno! Line ID
EXTRA : H-Hey, you don't have to go that far. Line ID
EXTRA : We should've been the stars today. Line ID
EXTRA : And yet... this peasant receives
a four-leaf clover?!
Line ID
EXTRA : I'll just... Line ID
EXTRA : Hey! Line ID
EXTRA : I'll just have to turn it into ash! Line ID
EXTRA : He held back my flames without
even using his grimoire?!
Line ID
EXTRA : D-Do something! Line ID
EXTRA : But... Line ID
EXTRA : Do it! Line ID
Revchi : I can't let you go and burn that. Line ID
Revchi : Don't bother to resist. Line ID
Revchi : My Creation Magic: Binding Iron Chain Line ID
Revchi : restricts the magic and movements
of the one it captures.
Line ID
Yuno : Who are you? Line ID
Revchi : Until recently, I was a pretty well-known
Magic Knight called Revchi of Chain Magic.
Line ID
Revchi : But I got kicked out, so now
I'm just a wretched thief.
Line ID
Revchi : And I'll be taking that grimoire. Line ID
Yuno : Revchi, was it? It's pointless
for you to steal that.
Line ID
Yuno : The only one— Line ID
Revchi : The only one who can use a
grimoire is the one it chose.
Line ID
Revchi : However, underground collectors
are buying grimoires
Line ID
Revchi : with four-leaf clovers for insane prices. Line ID
Revchi : A four-leaf clover may have chosen you, Line ID
Revchi : but you only just received it.
You're still just a little chick.
Line ID
Revchi : How unfortunate for you that
I happened to be here.
Line ID
Revchi : Your legend is going to end
before it even begins.
Line ID
Revchi : Hey, that pendant looks like
it's worth something, too.
Line ID
Revchi : I guess I'll be taking that... Line ID
Asta : Hold it! Line ID
Asta : What do you think you're doing?! Line ID
Asta : I've come to save... Line ID
Asta : Huh? Line ID
Asta : Who the hell are you?! Line ID
Asta : That's Yuno's grimoire! Line ID
Asta : Why do you have it? You thief! Line ID
Revchi : Aren't you the pathetic little brat
who wasn't even given a grimoire?
Line ID
Asta : Oh, you remember me! Line ID
Asta : Yeah, I'm that pathetic little brat! Line ID
Asta : A grimoire is precious to
the person who received it!
Line ID
Asta : Give it back to Yuno, you jerk! Line ID
Revchi : The outside world is a place where crooked
deeds like this can be overlooked.
Line ID
Revchi : But you'll be dead before you
find that out for yourself.
Line ID
Yuno : Asta, run! Line ID
Asta : I'm not going to run away Line ID
Asta : from a disgraced loser like him! Line ID
Asta : I'm not done yet! Line ID
Revchi : No... You're finished. Line ID
Revchi : Dance of the Pitless Viper! Line ID
Asta : Wh-What a heavy blow... Line ID
Asta : So this is the power of the mages
from outside this town.
Line ID
Asta : I can't possibly beat him
with just my physical training.
Line ID
Revchi : Thank you for that useless struggle, brat. Line ID
Asta : Not yet. I'm not finished... Line ID
Asta : I'm going to be... the Wizard King. Line ID
Revchi : You? The Wizard King? Line ID
Revchi : I have the ability to find out Line ID
Revchi : just how much magical power
one has with these chains.
Line ID
Revchi : And you have no magic whatsoever. Line ID
Revchi : You must've been born that way.
No wonder you couldn't get a grimoire.
Line ID
Revchi : To think that you lack
even an ounce of magic
Line ID
Revchi : in this world where magic is everything. Line ID
Revchi : What a priceless find! Line ID
Asta : Huh? Line ID
Asta : What the hell? Line ID
Asta : Then no matter how hard I try,
I won't be able to use magic?
Line ID
Revchi : To think that someone so pathetic existed. Line ID
Revchi : You won't even be able to find a job,
let alone become the Wizard King!
Line ID
Revchi : I'm sure your friend, the great
genius over there, mocks you, too.
Line ID
Asta : Yeah, maybe. Line ID
Asta : Yuno's so amazing that he
was chosen by the four-leaf.
Line ID
Asta : I'm just... Line ID
Revchi : You can't do a thing in this world.
Just give up on everything.
Line ID
Revchi : You were born a loser! Line ID
Asta : He's right. Line ID
Asta : No matter how hard I try,
some things just can't be helped.
Line ID
Asta : I'm just going to give... Line ID
Yuno : Hey! Line ID
Yuno : Who are you calling a loser? Line ID
Yuno : Asta, it's true that you won't be
able to become the Wizard King,
Line ID
Yuno : no matter what. Line ID
Revchi : You hear that? Even your little friend
is telling you it's impossible.
Line ID
Yuno : That's because I'm going
to become the Wizard King!
Line ID
Revchi : What? Line ID
Yuno : He's no loser. Line ID
Yuno : He's... Line ID
Yuno : Asta's my rival! Line ID
Revchi : Huh? Line ID
Revchi : Him? Your rival? Line ID
Revchi : This brat who has no
magical power whatsoever?
Line ID
Asta : Not... Not yet. Line ID
Asta : Sorry you had to see me
looking that pathetic, Yuno.
Line ID
Asta : Just a sec... Line ID
Asta : I'm gonna kick this guy's butt! Line ID
Asta : A gri... moire? Line ID
Yuno : I knew it. Line ID
Yuno : There's no way that Asta
wouldn't have been chosen!
Line ID
Revchi : Your magic? Line ID
Revchi : But you didn't have any magic within you! Line ID
Revchi : What in the world is that grimoire?! Line ID
EXTRA : The three leaves of the clover
represent faith, hope, and love.
Line ID
EXTRA : Within a fourth leaf dwells good luck. Line ID
EXTRA : Within a fifth leaf... Line ID
EXTRA : resides a demon. Line ID
EXTRA : Asta and Yuno Line ID
Asta : I'm not going to give up just
because I can't use magic!
Line ID
Asta : It doesn't matter if you're a peasant or
an orphan! Anyone can shine in this world!
Line ID
Asta : Black Clover, Page 2: "The Boys' Promise." Line ID
Asta : Not giving up is my magic! Line ID
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