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Introducing Akade

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

EXTRA : Gin Tama (0:00:00.00)
EXTRA : Fight fair... (0:00:13.67)
Gintoki Sakata : Fair? (0:00:16.48)
EXTRA : [Lake Toya] (0:00:17.64)
Gintoki Sakata : Gimme a break! (0:00:23.35)
EXTRA : Ah! He's getting away! He's running for his life! (0:00:24.77)
EXTRA : Get him! (0:00:27.68)
Gintoki Sakata : Since the Sword Ban nobody does this chanbara stuff anymore! (0:00:29.65)
EXTRA : Gintoki Sakata. Trademark: naturally-wavy hair. (0:00:33.09)
EXTRA : Has a sweet tooth and high blood-sugar. And he's kinda the main character. (0:00:37.54)
EXTRA : Stop! (0:00:44.76)
Gintoki Sakata : Sorry, but I have a TV show to watch at four. (0:00:46.23)
Shinpachi Shimura : Gin! (0:00:50.94)
Gintoki Sakata : Shinpachi? (0:00:52.65)
Shinpachi Shimura : Gin, help me! (0:00:53.79)
EXTRA : Shinpachi Shimura. The straight man. (0:00:56.32)
EXTRA : Working for Gintoki in hopes of finding the samurai spirit. (0:00:59.26)
Gintoki Sakata : Hey, why are you letting them chase you like that? (0:01:02.97)
Shinpachi Shimura : I don't know! Nobody wants to be chased! (0:01:06.71)
Gintoki Sakata : Anyway, run for it! (0:01:09.67)
EXTRA : Stop! (0:01:11.34)
EXTRA : We've got you now... Whoa! (0:01:31.98)
Kagura : Gin! There's no one here! (0:01:33.97)
EXTRA : Kagura. Member of the "Yato Clan", the most powerful warrior race in the universe. She's cute but has a sharp tongue. (0:01:36.32)
EXTRA : Um... (0:01:44.23)
EXTRA : What's this? (0:01:46.86)
EXTRA : Sadaharu, Kagura's pet. A mysterious, giant space creature. (0:01:47.84)
Gintoki Sakata : Geez, pay attention! I think they're pissed. (0:01:52.18)
Shinpachi Shimura : K-Kagura. You'd better get out of here! (0:01:56.19)
Kagura : Hurry up, "Lady's Four" is about to start. (0:02:03.95)
Kagura : The host, Toshio Shiba, will wait for us! (0:02:07.19)
EXTRA : After them! (0:02:08.84)
EXTRA : Hold it! (0:02:10.98)
Kagura : No! (0:02:12.53)
Shinpachi Shimura : A dead end... (0:02:20.50)
EXTRA : End of the line for you. (0:02:27.03)
Gintoki Sakata : What are you talking about? We let you catch us. (0:02:28.80)
Kagura : You should be thankful! (0:02:31.90)
EXTRA : What? You losers! (0:02:33.50)
EXTRA : You're the ones running all over town. You should talk! (0:02:35.05)
EXTRA : What group do you belong to? (0:02:37.48)
EXTRA : Anyway, you're the spy who came to find our secret. (0:02:38.91)
EXTRA : Before we cut you down, I'll ask you again. Who are you? (0:02:42.29)
Gintoki Sakata : Who are we? (0:02:47.30)
Gintoki Sakata : Hah... All right, since you asked... (0:02:48.85)
Shinpachi Shimura : We do anything from housework to finding missing persons! (0:02:53.21)
Kagura : If you're in trouble, just come to us! (0:02:56.82)
Gintoki Sakata : We'll take any case. We'll take any kind of job as long as we get paid. (0:02:59.71)
Gintoki Sakata : We're Odd Jobs Gin! (0:03:03.68)
EXTRA : Odd Jobs? You mean, you'll do anything? (0:03:07.26)
EXTRA : I see. That's why you snuck into our factory facility and... (0:03:10.06)
Kagura : There it is! (0:03:19.38)
Shinpachi Shimura : That must be it! (0:03:20.35)
Shinpachi Shimura : That's Kuromi of Yamatoya! (0:03:21.59)
Kagura : Come on. Have some pickled seaweed. (0:03:25.66)
Gintoki Sakata : Hey, you damned cat! Wait! (0:03:29.40)
EXTRA : They were looking for a cat? (0:03:34.03)
EXTRA : [Hi, nice to meet you. Welcome to the anime series, Gin Tama.] (0:05:07.57)
EXTRA : [It's written as "Gin" for silver and "Tama" for soul.] (0:05:12.57)
EXTRA : [Don't write "Kin Tama" by accident, because that means "testicles"!] (0:05:17.58)
EXTRA : [We're gonna kick off with a one hour special!] (0:05:22.58)
EXTRA : [The Plot Thus Far] (0:05:27.59)
Shinpachi Shimura : The land of the samurai. There was a time, long ago, when our country was called by that name. (0:05:29.49)
Shinpachi Shimura : With the arrival of the "Amanto" from outer space and the Sword Ban twenty years ago, (0:05:35.49)
Shinpachi Shimura : the samurai class fell into decline. (0:05:41.60)
Shinpachi Shimura : In such hard times, there was one man left with the spirit of the samurai. His name is Gintoki Sakata. (0:05:44.81)
Shinpachi Shimura : Kagura and I, Shinpachi Shimura, work at Odd Jobs Gin, which is coincidentally run by this guy. (0:05:52.37)
Shinpachi Shimura : Which reminds me, we've been working for him for about a year now, but I don't think he's paid us yet. (0:05:59.86)
EXTRA : ["You Jerks! And You Claim to Have Gin Tama?!"] (0:06:07.93)
EXTRA : Mr. Kariya has arrived! (0:06:15.31)
Kariya : Yo! (0:06:18.52)
Shimomoto : Yo! (0:06:20.49)
Kariya : I can't hear you! Again! (0:06:22.69)
Kariya : Yo! (0:06:25.07)
Shimomoto : Yo! (0:06:26.66)
Kariya : Still not enough! Care to try it again? (0:06:27.77)
EXTRA : No, there's no time. (0:06:30.84)
Kariya : I see... (0:06:33.93)
EXTRA : Today's guest characters. (0:06:35.55)
EXTRA : They're definitely not regulars. (0:06:39.00)
Shimomoto : Oh, hi, Mr. Kariya. (0:06:41.29)
EXTRA : Thank you for coming all this way. (0:06:43.32)
Kariya : Dispense with the intros... So, how is that matter we talked about going? (0:06:46.19)
Shimomoto : Fine. Everything is going very well. (0:06:50.18)
Shimomoto : First, please take a look at this proposal. (0:06:53.25)
Kariya : The goal of the project... (0:06:57.09)
Kariya : "This project is... " (0:06:59.31)
Kariya : I have no idea what this means! (0:07:00.50)
Kariya : Is this a presentation for the spring anime season or what?! (0:07:03.84)
Shimomoto : Please forgive me. (0:07:08.99)
Sagaru Yamazaki : There. (0:07:19.19)
EXTRA : The Shinsengumi. A special government police force. (0:07:24.38)
EXTRA : Hijikata. Vice-chief of Shinsengumi. He's the brains. (0:07:28.33)
EXTRA : Okita. One of the Shinsengumi's best swordsmen. (0:07:31.71)
Toushirou Hijikata : Yamazaki, sit-rep? (0:07:34.92)
Sagaru Yamazaki : They're in a private meeting in the back room on the second floor. (0:07:37.31)
Sagaru Yamazaki : Four of them: one Amanto, two businessmen and one tough-looking ronin... (0:07:39.58)
Toushirou Hijikata : Great... (0:07:45.33)
Toushirou Hijikata : Let's go! (0:07:46.78)
Shimomoto : Speaking of the Amanto device, which we obtained with Mr. Kariya's support... (0:07:48.51)
Shimomoto : We just finished assembling it at our secret factory. All we need to do is get it into position. (0:07:51.00)
Kariya : If this project succeeds, all of Edo will fall under my control. (0:07:59.56)
Shimomoto : That's right, Mr. Kariya. (0:08:03.32)
Toushirou Hijikata : This is a raid! (0:08:11.01)
EXTRA : It's the Shinsengumi! (0:08:12.51)
EXTRA : Everyone stay still! (0:08:13.36)
Toushirou Hijikata : Sogo! Come on! (0:08:14.38)
Sougo Okita : Okay! (0:08:15.54)
Toushirou Hijikata : Freeze, Shinsengumi! (0:08:21.85)
Sougo Okita : Good-bye, Vice-chief. Hope you enjoy sucking on mayonnaise in the next world. (0:08:28.75)
Toushirou Hijikata : Hey, Sogo, what are you doing here? (0:08:35.60)
Sougo Okita : Hey, were you trying to kill me?! (0:08:39.95)
Sougo Okita : No way, it was a joke. A joke, you know? (0:08:42.97)
Sougo Okita : I'm always doing that. (0:08:46.00)
Toushirou Hijikata : You mean you're always trying to kill me?! (0:08:48.00)
Sougo Okita : Anyway, Hijikata, it seems that all our efforts end in failure. (0:08:51.52)
Toushirou Hijikata : Well... (0:08:57.57)
Toushirou Hijikata : Not really... (0:08:58.59)
EXTRA : [Odd Jobs Gin] (0:09:01.37)
Gintoki Sakata : Ah... (0:09:04.67)
Gintoki Sakata : I'm too old to be reading JUMP. But I just bought it. (0:09:06.59)
Kagura : That's right, Gin. (0:09:13.14)
Kagura : Reading manga like that won't fill your stomach. Your blood-sugar level will remain the same. (0:09:14.84)
Gintoki Sakata : I know, but I'm addicted to it. (0:09:20.24)
Gintoki Sakata : I keep thinking I won't buy the next one, but... (0:09:23.85)
Shinpachi Shimura : Gin, this doesn't look good. (0:09:26.49)
Gintoki Sakata : I know. Someone my age shouldn't be reading JUMP. (0:09:28.75)
Kagura : Yeah, and your onigiri taste terrible. (0:09:32.60)
Shinpachi Shimura : That's not what I'm talking about! (0:09:35.95)
Shinpachi Shimura : Look at this! (0:09:37.63)
Gintoki Sakata : A bankbook? (0:09:39.60)
Kagura : Hah, you can't fool me. You can't eat that. (0:09:41.31)
Shinpachi Shimura : We won't be able to eat anything, not even rice! (0:09:45.74)
Shinpachi Shimura : Our balance is almost zero, so I feel really blue! (0:09:47.95)
Shinpachi Shimura : We failed to catch the missing cat yesterday, so it was all for nothing! (0:09:51.69)
Gintoki Sakata : Calm down. You're the little punk who failed to buy JUMP, are you? (0:09:55.53)
Gintoki Sakata : Having no money is just a condition, like chronic nasal infection, you know? (0:09:59.80)
Gintoki Sakata : Get used to it. Having no money is our destiny. (0:10:03.09)
Shinpachi Shimura : You think you're being defiant? I'm not talking about JUMP! I said we're in a pinch! (0:10:08.78)
Shinpachi Shimura : Even bread crust would be like a feast tomorrow! (0:10:14.27)
Gintoki Sakata : This is... (0:10:18.31)
Kagura : A nasal infection? (0:10:19.26)
Shinpachi Shimura : It's an earthquake, moron! (0:10:19.88)
Gintoki Sakata : It stopped. (0:10:24.33)
Shinpachi Shimura : We're having a lot of earthquakes lately. (0:10:25.94)
Gintoki Sakata : Yeah. It's shaking like a high school boy who has to simultaneously confront all five girls who asked him out. (0:10:28.64)
Kagura : As if that ever happens. (0:10:34.37)
Gintoki Sakata : But it could happen in JUMP. (0:10:37.10)
Kagura : Customer? (0:10:40.44)
Gintoki Sakata : It can't be. It's probably a newspaper salesman or something. (0:10:42.05)
Gintoki Sakata : Shinpachi, if he's from anywhere other than the Nikkei, tell him that we subscribe already and send him away. (0:10:44.74)
Kagura : And if he is from Nikkei, send him away gently, like the rising sun. (0:10:49.47)
Shinpachi Shimura : Yes, I'm coming! (0:10:53.99)
Shinpachi Shimura : We're already subscribed to a newspaper. (0:10:56.68)
Shinpachi Shimura : Huh? (0:10:59.23)
Shinpachi Shimura : Um... (0:11:07.14)
Ken Katou : I'm here because I heard you guys will take any job. (0:11:09.36)
Shinpachi Shimura : No... (0:11:14.65)
Kagura : Shinpachi, what are you doing? "Lady's Four" is about to start! (0:11:15.82)
Ken Katou : I heard this is Odd Jobs Gin. (0:11:20.87)
Kagura : ...frigging... (0:11:23.72)
Gintoki Sakata : What's wrong? Can't get rid of this guy? (0:11:25.16)
Gintoki Sakata : He's not trying to strongarm you, is he? (0:11:28.65)
Ken Katou : This is Odd Jobs, right? (0:11:31.71)
Gintoki Sakata : ...way! (0:11:33.69)
Shinpachi Shimura : No... (0:11:35.35)
Kagura : ...frigging... (0:11:35.89)
Gintoki Sakata : ...way! (0:11:36.20)
Ken Katou : Hello? Hello? Hey, all three of you. (0:11:38.32)
Gintoki Sakata : You can't be... (0:11:42.16)
Gintoki Sakata : Are you a client?! (0:11:44.13)
EXTRA : Ken Kato. Ronin. This episode's client. (0:11:48.21)
Ken Katou : Let me introduce myself. My name is Ken Kato. I've been a ronin for a few days now. (0:11:52.05)
Gintoki Sakata : Hey, what's going on? (0:11:58.64)
Kagura : We've had clients two days in row?! Must be a special version of the show! (0:12:01.35)
Shinpachi Shimura : H-Here's some tea for you. (0:12:05.83)
Ken Katou : Hot! (0:12:08.90)
Shinpachi Shimura : Oops! (0:12:09.35)
Ken Katou : Um... (0:12:10.49)
Kagura : You're really in for it if this is a joke! (0:12:12.04)
Shinpachi Shimura : What? You're shocked and getting uppity? (0:12:14.38)
Gintoki Sakata : So what can we do for you? (0:12:18.21)
Ken Katou : Well, I... want to get something back that I lost. (0:12:19.71)
Ken Katou : Something very important to me. (0:12:24.79)
Shinpachi Shimura : Well, what did you lose? (0:12:29.48)
Ken Katou : Well... I need about thirty million yen to get it back. (0:12:32.88)
Kagura : Listen, baldy! I said you were in for it if this was a joke, remember?! (0:12:36.27)
Gintoki Sakata : What's an easy way to earn money? Every time I grab it, it runs through my fingers... (0:12:41.06)
Shinpachi Shimura : Ah-ha, that's it! Every time you move your hand, we go further into the red! (0:12:46.66)
Ken Katou : But I heard you would take any kinds of jobs for troubled people. (0:12:50.90)
Kagura : We can't even pay our rent now! (0:12:54.12)
Kagura : There's no way we can take care of someone's business! Don't come here again! (0:12:57.13)
Gintoki Sakata : Calm down, both of you. So, what would you do with the money if you had it? (0:13:00.97)
Ken Katou : A month ago, I ended up as dead weight at the company and got laid off. (0:13:07.88)
Ken Katou : And three weeks ago, I was swindled and lost my house. (0:13:13.69)
Ken Katou : Then two weeks ago, my wife and daughter left me, without even leaving a note. (0:13:20.51)
Ken Katou : And one week ago... (0:13:27.73)
Shinpachi Shimura : Why did you stop?! (0:13:36.90)
Shinpachi Shimura : Spit it out! Do tragedies like this befall you every single week?! (0:13:38.44)
Kagura : Tell us what happened to you last week! (0:13:43.29)
Ken Katou : Would you... like to hear the rest? (0:13:46.66)
Kagura : Why will he tell us the rest only after we complete the job? (0:13:52.80)
Shinpachi Shimura : Whatever, I'm sure we won't be able to complete this job. (0:13:56.85)
Ken Katou : Um... (0:14:00.73)
Ken Katou : Where are we going? (0:14:01.98)
Gintoki Sakata : All right... The point is that we get the money as quickly as possible, right? (0:14:03.79)
Otose : Welcome... Oh, it's you guys. (0:14:09.39)
EXTRA : Otose. Proprietor of Otose Snack House and Gintoki's landlord. (0:14:12.92)
Otose : I see. (0:14:19.82)
Catherine : You guys are such dopes. (0:14:21.52)
Catherine : If you could make money that quickly, there would be no thieves in the world! Idiots! (0:14:23.41)
Kagura : So says the ex-thief! (0:14:29.15)
Shinpachi Shimura : Indeed. (0:14:31.48)
EXTRA : Catherine. Works for Snack House Otose. She came to Earth as a migrant worker. (0:14:32.93)
Otose : Well, there might be one way... (0:14:39.77)
EXTRA : So, what'll it be? (0:14:44.94)
Ken Katou : Well... Um... (0:14:47.33)
Otose : You've got two of those, so why don't you sell one? (0:14:48.98)
Otose : You'd sell one if you were a real man! (0:14:52.21)
Shinpachi Shimura : This isn't gonna work. (0:14:54.35)
Gintoki Sakata : So disappointing. You're just a big talker. (0:14:55.97)
Gintoki Sakata : It's not going to happen if you're not prepared, right? (0:14:59.36)
Shinpachi Shimura : Forget it. It won't happen. (0:15:03.03)
Ayame Sarutobi : Oh hello, everyone. Fancy meeting you here! (0:15:11.78)
EXTRA : Ayame Sarutobi. Nickname: Sachan. An elite ninja and a former a member of the Oniwabanshu. (0:15:14.16)
Ayame Sarutobi : What? (0:15:19.73)
Ayame Sarutobi : A way to get money quickly? (0:15:20.84)
Shinpachi Shimura : Sachan, why don't you put your glasses on? (0:15:23.66)
Shinpachi Shimura : You're getting on everyone's nerves. I don't care if your character looks like mine. (0:15:26.69)
Ayame Sarutobi : What are you talking about? (0:15:31.56)
Ayame Sarutobi : I couldn't care less about you. (0:15:33.21)
Ayame Sarutobi : All I care about is... (0:15:37.04)
Ayame Sarutobi :, Gin. (0:15:41.74)
Shinpachi Shimura : See?! I told you it would help to put on your glasses! (0:15:45.80)
Ayame Sarutobi : I see. (0:15:48.71)
Ayame Sarutobi : So the money you were talking about is not for the purchase of our little love nest? (0:15:49.74)
Gintoki Sakata : Our love nest? (0:15:54.38)
Gintoki Sakata : Man, I can't even bear to think about sitting next to you at the diner. (0:15:56.71)
Ayame Sarutobi : Always so cold, as usual. (0:15:59.66)
Ayame Sarutobi : But I don't give up so easily. (0:16:01.50)
Gintoki Sakata : And what's with the natto, anyway? (0:16:04.69)
Gintoki Sakata : Just holding on to it isn't gonna help you you'll lose weight. Seriously. (0:16:07.21)
Ayame Sarutobi : Oh? Do you think that pushing me away is going to make me happy? (0:16:10.40)
Gintoki Sakata : Stop blabbering, and do something with the natto, you natto woman! (0:16:14.71)
Ayame Sarutobi : Here we go! (0:16:15.34)
Ayame Sarutobi : That's it! Just like that! (0:16:19.92)
Ayame Sarutobi : More! More! Just keep blasting away at me! (0:16:22.02)
Ayame Sarutobi : You're really turning me on! (0:16:26.24)
Shinpachi Shimura : What's this? It stinks! (0:16:29.33)
Shinpachi Shimura : What's that smell? (0:16:30.26)
Kagura : Smells like natto and masochism. (0:16:31.36)
Shimomoto : Kato. (0:16:36.10)
EXTRA : Yo, Kato. How's it going? (0:16:41.40)
Ken Katou : Well, uh... (0:16:43.96)
Shimomoto : I bet that was hard on you, huh?! (0:16:48.33)
Shimomoto : You put your seal on a contract like that? You'd better be more careful as to what you agree to. (0:16:50.35)
EXTRA : Too bad. We know you're hard up. (0:16:54.97)
Ken Katou : Huh? How did you know? (0:16:59.78)
Shimomoto : Anyway, what have you been doing lately? (0:17:03.12)
Ken Katou : Well, I'm trying to work hard and buy my house back... (0:17:05.23)
EXTRA : Buy it back? That'll never happen. (0:17:08.65)
Shimomoto : Because... (0:17:11.87)
EXTRA : Hey... (0:17:13.53)
Shimomoto : W-Well... That's right... (0:17:14.99)
EXTRA : Well, let us know when you find a house. (0:17:16.80)
EXTRA : We'll at least send a New Year's card when you do, Kato. (0:17:19.91)
Shimomoto : Take a bath! (0:17:23.82)
EXTRA : Brush your teeth! (0:17:24.87)
Shimomoto : See you next week! (0:17:26.00)
Ayame Sarutobi : Hey, you... (0:17:28.54)
Ken Katou : Yes? (0:17:29.93)
Ayame Sarutobi : Maybe you oughta rethink your request. (0:17:31.37)
Ayame Sarutobi : I'm available for assassination jobs since I'm a professional killer. (0:17:33.39)
Kagura : Let's kill them! (0:17:37.13)
Kagura : Why don't we roll them up and throw 'em into the ditch now?! (0:17:38.53)
Ken Katou : No, wait. (0:17:41.39)
Ken Katou : I'm changing my request. (0:17:43.92)
Ken Katou : But it's not going to be assassination. (0:17:46.74)
Ken Katou : I... want to be stronger! (0:17:50.90)
Shinpachi Shimura : We got it! (0:17:54.63)
Gintoki Sakata : Hey, everyone... (0:17:56.31)
Gintoki Sakata : Well, at any rate, we can jack up his hit points another hundred or so. (0:17:58.94)
Shinpachi Shimura : So where are you going, Gin? (0:18:04.04)
Gintoki Sakata : I have something to take care of. (0:18:07.25)
Toushirou Hijikata : That's all. (0:18:13.45)
Isao Kondo : I see. (0:18:15.25)
Isao Kondo : Oh, so this is a blueprint... (0:18:16.57)
EXTRA : Isao Kondo. Commander of the Shinsengumi. Strikes fear in the hearts of others. (0:18:20.44)
Isao Kondo : By the way, Hijikata... (0:18:24.68)
Isao Kondo : I have no idea what this says... (0:18:27.33)
Toushirou Hijikata : I've been trying to explain that this is a blueprint for an Amanto device, Kondo! (0:18:30.57)
Isao Kondo : I see. Some sort of device... (0:18:36.28)
Toushirou Hijikata : Yes, and someone seems to be planning to use that device for some heinous deed here in Edo. (0:18:40.08)
Isao Kondo : Toshi... (0:18:47.31)
Isao Kondo : What does "heinous deed" mean? (0:18:52.04)
Toushirou Hijikata : You haven't heard a word I said! (0:18:54.99)
EXTRA : [Drift Star Embassy] (0:19:10.94)
Gintoki Sakata : An embassy? (0:19:17.69)
Kotarou Katsura : Gintoki. (0:19:19.25)
Gintoki Sakata : Zura? (0:19:20.90)
Kotarou Katsura : It's not Zura. It's Katsura. (0:19:22.19)
EXTRA : Kotaro Katsura. Member of the exclusionist rebels. An activist trying to rid Edo of aliens called Amanto. (0:19:25.48)
EXTRA : Elizabeth. What the hell is this? (0:19:33.37)
Kotarou Katsura : Gintoki, what are you doing here? (0:19:36.16)
Gintoki Sakata : Well... you know, jogging, taking a walk, something like that... I'm not really sure, you know... (0:19:39.19)
Kotarou Katsura : Very well. (0:19:46.03)
Gintoki Sakata : What do you mean? (0:19:49.03)
Kotarou Katsura : I heard some dangerous rumors around here. (0:19:50.78)
Gintoki Sakata : Rumors? (0:19:54.19)
Kotarou Katsura : I've heard about an Amanto who's plotting to destroy all of Edo. (0:19:55.29)
Gintoki Sakata : Why would an Amanto do something like that? (0:20:00.81)
Kotarou Katsura : I don't know... But if it's true, we must punish them. (0:20:04.30)
Kotarou Katsura : Gintoki, I don't know what you're going to do, but you'd better be careful. (0:20:10.27)
Kotarou Katsura : The Embassy is considered foreign soil. (0:20:14.91)
Gintoki Sakata : Foreign soil... (0:20:18.43)
Gintoki Sakata : I should be careful, then. (0:20:21.37)
Gintoki Sakata : Later, Zura. (0:20:23.57)
Kotarou Katsura : It's not Zura. It's Katsura. (0:20:26.06)
Gintoki Sakata : That hat is so out of style. (0:20:40.73)
Kagura : Okay! Why don't you give it a try? (0:20:48.67)
Shinpachi Shimura : He can't do that! (0:20:50.79)
Kagura : What are you talking about? It's easy! (0:20:52.05)
Kagura : Suppress your inner "self" and even you can look like Antonio Inoki. (0:20:54.88)
Shinpachi Shimura : I have no idea what you're talking about. (0:20:58.04)
Shinpachi Shimura : Okay, you can start any time. (0:21:02.29)
Ken Katou : Right... (0:21:06.14)
Gintoki Sakata : What? Your eyes are bloodshot. Were you up all night playing Tetris? (0:21:14.49)
EXTRA : The game is just about to begin. (0:21:19.67)
Gintoki Sakata : Give it a rest. (0:21:22.39)
Gintoki Sakata : Something bad could happen if you swing that toy around like that. (0:21:23.68)
EXTRA : Did he notice my sword cane? (0:21:27.97)
Gintoki Sakata : Whatever, but can you at least tell me why you're trying to kill me? (0:21:31.61)
EXTRA : Don't play dumb! We already know you're nosing around. (0:21:36.24)
Gintoki Sakata : Wrong. That was Zura. It wasn't me. (0:21:41.45)
EXTRA : No more discussion! (0:21:45.89)
Gintoki Sakata : An earthquake? (0:21:51.96)
Shinpachi Shimura : You're leaving yourself wide open! (0:21:59.07)
Shinpachi Shimura : You think you'll become stronger like that?! Dumbass! (0:22:01.43)
Ayame Sarutobi : You're surprisingly intense. (0:22:07.48)
Shinpachi Shimura : Ah, I'm sorry. Are you all right? (0:22:09.17)
Kagura : Get up! Stand up! Katoken! (0:22:13.58)
Kagura : Listen! Keep your elbows close to your body and strike, strike, and strike! (0:22:16.46)
Shinpachi Shimura : Wait! That's a jab. (0:22:24.60)
Shinpachi Shimura : That won't work for tomorrow, right? It doesn't have anything to do with swordsmanship! (0:22:27.61)
Kagura : Cross Namida Bridge carefully! (0:22:31.39)
Ayame Sarutobi : It looks like it's my turn. (0:22:36.20)
Ayame Sarutobi : I'll make you stronger! (0:22:39.79)
Ayame Sarutobi : Stronger! (0:22:42.69)
Ken Katou : L-Like this? (0:22:44.14)
Ayame Sarutobi : More! More! (0:22:46.38)
Ken Katou : Oh yes! (0:22:48.33)
Ayame Sarutobi : That's it. Good! (0:22:50.09)
Ken Katou : How about this?! (0:22:52.25)
Ayame Sarutobi : You have potential. (0:22:54.41)
Shinpachi Shimura : What is this training for? (0:22:56.82)
Shinpachi Shimura : What kind of potential does he have?! (0:22:58.51)
Ayame Sarutobi : As a dominatrix... (0:23:01.01)
Shinpachi Shimura : He's a man! Anyway, that's not the point! (0:23:02.10)
Kagura : Oh, you're very patient! You'll get another appetizer! (0:23:05.41)
Shinpachi Shimura : Untie me now! (0:23:10.09)
Ken Katou : Um... (0:23:12.12)
Ken Katou : Thank you so much, but that's enough. (0:23:14.15)
Ken Katou : I don't think I'll ever get any stronger. (0:23:18.14)
Ken Katou : I give up... (0:23:21.57)
Shinpachi Shimura : Huh? B-But... (0:23:23.44)
Ken Katou : So I'll just leave. (0:23:25.18)
Kagura : Katoken... (0:23:28.43)
Gintoki Sakata : Boy, my best clothes... ruined. My mom is going to be really mad, you bastard! (0:23:35.54)
EXTRA : You'd better be more worried about your life than your clothes! (0:23:40.31)
EXTRA : Who is Shishimura, Gintoki's mysterious attacker? (0:23:49.87)
EXTRA : And what heinous deed is Kariya the Amanto planning? (0:23:53.20)
EXTRA : Did Kato really give up? (0:23:56.54)
EXTRA : It's time to say good-bye to those who live in a certain area. (0:24:04.56)
EXTRA : For the rest of you, please keep watching! (0:24:08.65)

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