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EXTRA : This show contains scenes that some viewers may
find disturbing.​ Viewer discretion ​is ​advised.
Priestess : The others should've come with me. (0:00:09.95)
High Elf Archer : I'll pass. (0:00:13.16)
High Elf Archer : Baths feel like the spirits
of fire, water, and air
High Elf Archer : are all mixed up together.
That kind of bugs me.
Dwarf Shaman : We'd much rather have some food and wine. (0:00:22.00)
Lizard : I cannot think of anything better
for fatigue than some cheese.
Priestess : What about you, Goblin Slayer? (0:00:29.84)
Goblin Slayer : I'm going to send a letter. (0:00:32.10)
Priestess : A letter? (0:00:33.79)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:00:35.96)
Priestess : I really have no idea what he's thinking. (0:00:39.68)
Priestess : I guess that's natural. (0:00:44.17)
Priestess : It's only been a few months since we met. (0:00:46.07)
Priestess : If I hadn't met him... (0:00:55.65)
Priestess : I... (0:01:00.63)
Sword Maiden : Oh. (0:01:02.05)
Sword Maiden : Do you mind if I join you? (0:01:10.83)
Sword Maiden : I'm sorry for startling you. (0:02:46.23)
Sword Maiden : My duties kept me a bit late. (0:02:49.40)
Priestess : I-It's fine... (0:02:58.53)
Priestess : Um... Those scars... (0:03:01.69)
Sword Maiden : Oh, these? I made a slight mistake. (0:03:04.54)
Sword Maiden : They got me right in the back of the head. (0:03:09.18)
Sword Maiden : It happened more than ten years ago, though. (0:03:11.82)
Priestess : Well, um... (0:03:14.18)
Priestess : Are you okay now? (0:03:17.85)
Sword Maiden : You're a kind person. (0:03:20.76)
Sword Maiden : When I tell most people,
they just say, "I'm sorry."
Priestess : But that's... (0:03:28.63)
Sword Maiden : You needn't worry about it. (0:03:32.48)
Sword Maiden : With these eyes, (0:03:36.22)
Sword Maiden : I have seen many, many things. (0:03:38.85)
Sword Maiden : Things you couldn't even imagine. (0:03:42.34)
Sword Maiden : That gentleman... (0:03:47.93)
Sword Maiden : Goblin Slayer, was it? (0:03:51.92)
Sword Maiden : He seems like quite a dependable fellow. (0:03:54.94)
Priestess : Oh, um... Yes, he really is. (0:03:57.53)
Sword Maiden : It seems your search is going well. (0:04:02.02)
Sword Maiden : But someday... (0:04:05.99)
Sword Maiden : I'm sure he will disappear. (0:04:09.62)
Priestess : U-Um, I-I... (0:04:18.89)
Sword Maiden : Yes. Make sure you don't stay
too long, or you may get dizzy.
Priestess : She knows... (0:04:26.39)
Priestess : She knows (0:04:28.64)
Priestess : what the goblins are like. (0:04:32.16)
EXTRA : Onward Unto Death (0:04:37.67)
EXTRA : Hey, look. It's a high elf. (0:04:42.65)
EXTRA : Seriously? I've never seen one before. (0:04:45.70)
EXTRA : And she's a looker, too. Nice. (0:04:49.54)
High Elf Archer : Well, that's rather unpleasant. (0:04:52.70)
High Elf Archer : Sorry to keep you waiting.
So, did you send your letter?
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:04:58.70)
Goblin Slayer : There was an adventurer heading to town,
so I formally requested that he take it.
High Elf Archer : Come to think of it,
I've never written a letter.
High Elf Archer : What do you write in one?
Do you just report that you're okay?
Goblin Slayer : You're not wrong on the reporting part. (0:05:11.49)
High Elf Archer : Which would mean he's sending
them to the farm girl.
High Elf Archer : Well, well, Orcbolg, looks like you're
capable of caring about others now.
Goblin Slayer : Something's wrong. (0:05:22.38)
High Elf Archer : Wrong? What do you mean? (0:05:23.37)
Goblin Slayer : Despite how large their sewers are,
there isn't a single quest to slay giant rats.
EXTRA : What a hick. (0:05:31.38)
EXTRA : Why would those things
even exist in this town?
High Elf Archer : Now that you mention it, you're right. (0:05:36.05)
High Elf Archer : Where are you going, Orcbolg? (0:05:42.64)
Goblin Slayer : There's something I need to get. (0:05:45.33)
High Elf Archer : Ooh, what are you going to buy? (0:05:47.29)
High Elf Archer : What is that? (0:05:57.47)
Goblin Slayer : You don't know what a bird is? (0:05:58.90)
High Elf Archer : Of course I do! (0:06:00.52)
Goblin Slayer : It's a canary. (0:06:02.24)
High Elf Archer : I told you, I know what it is! (0:06:03.36)
Goblin Slayer : I see. (0:06:05.53)
High Elf Archer : It's not gonna cause some huge disaster
if we touch it, like that scroll, is it?
Goblin Slayer : Do you think a canary could kill people? (0:06:13.60)
Priestess : G-Goblin Slayer, that's not what she meant. (0:06:16.98)
Priestess : She's wondering why you brought a canary. (0:06:20.44)
Goblin Slayer : When canaries sense even the slightest
hint of poison gas, they panic.
Priestess : Poison gas? (0:06:27.38)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah. (0:06:29.42)
Goblin Slayer : The goblins in the nest
here have been educated.
Goblin Slayer : It wouldn't surprise me if they could
use the mechanisms in these ruins.
Lizard : Sir Goblin Slayer, where did
you acquire such knowledge?
Goblin Slayer : Miners. (0:06:42.21)
Goblin Slayer : Most people in this world have
more knowledge than I do.
Dwarf Shaman : Beard-cutter, where are we headed today? (0:06:48.30)
Goblin Slayer : We're going upstream. (0:06:51.66)
Goblin Slayer : Their boat came from upstream. (0:06:53.41)
Dwarf Shaman : I see. (0:06:57.35)
Goblin Slayer : We'll do everything we can
to avoid running into goblins.
High Elf Archer : Wow, that's unusual coming from you. (0:07:02.66)
High Elf Archer : You're actually letting the goblins go? (0:07:04.91)
Goblin Slayer : I'm not letting them go. (0:07:07.44)
Goblin Slayer : I'm going take down their
leader and crush them,
Goblin Slayer : then I'll slaughter them all. (0:07:13.23)
Priestess : Do you think it could be another
shaman, or maybe an ogre?
Goblin Slayer : I don't know. (0:07:19.26)
Sword Maiden : I'm sure he will disappear. (0:07:25.03)
Lizard : It appears this is where the map ends. (0:07:37.05)
High Elf Archer : Th-This is... (0:07:43.84)
Goblin Slayer : There are traces of soot. (0:07:48.68)
High Elf Archer : Does that mean there was a light up there? (0:07:50.86)
Goblin Slayer : A very long time ago. (0:07:54.46)
Goblin Slayer : Goblins have very good night
vision. They don't use lights.
Lizard : Warriors or guards... No, it would
seem they are adventurers.
Dwarf Shaman : I heard there were quite a few
battles in this area back then.
Dwarf Shaman : This painting is probably from
four or five hundred years ago.
Priestess : Oh, could this actually be a grave? (0:08:16.48)
Priestess : For those who had fought on the side
of order in the Age of the Gods.
High Elf Archer : And now it's just a nest for goblins... (0:08:27.60)
High Elf Archer : "Even the brave are at
last brought low," huh?
Goblin Slayer : That doesn't matter right now. (0:08:35.85)
Dwarf Shaman : You're so impatient, Beard-cutter. (0:08:37.87)
Dwarf Shaman : I'm sure the goblins will go
running when they see you.
Goblin Slayer : That would be a problem.
It'd be a hassle if they ran away.
High Elf Archer : The path is getting more complicated. (0:08:50.05)
Dwarf Shaman : They must've built it this way so that
monsters wandering in would get confused,
Dwarf Shaman : to keep them from disturbing
the dead warriors.
Dwarf Shaman : Having to wander around this place as
a lost spirit would be a cruel fate.
Lizard : It would also remove one from
the circle of death and rebirth.
Lizard : But this place already
belongs to the goblins.
Lizard : The drawing of the map cannot
be done half-heartedly.
Lizard : We must all remain vigilant. (0:09:14.38)
Priestess : So we're going into this room first? (0:09:18.43)
High Elf Archer : It's not locked, and it doesn't
look like there are any traps.
High Elf Archer : Not on the door, at least. (0:09:25.28)
High Elf Archer : Also, I'm not an expert at this, so don't
get mad at me if things go wron—
Goblin Slayer : Let's go. (0:09:31.54)
High Elf Archer : Look, over there! (0:09:39.37)
Priestess : How awful! (0:09:42.38)
Priestess : Wh-What is it? (0:09:46.55)
Goblin Slayer : Look. (0:09:48.52)
Lizard : This is not good. They've locked us in. (0:10:03.33)
High Elf Archer : Goblins! (0:10:13.18)
Dwarf Shaman : Looks like they got one over on us. (0:10:14.21)
Priestess : N-No... G-Goblin Slayer... (0:10:16.46)
Goblin Slayer : Calm down. (0:10:20.98)
Goblin Slayer : We're still alive. (0:10:22.01)
High Elf Archer : Poison gas! (0:10:26.39)
Lizard : This is not good. We're trapped like rats. (0:10:43.15)
Dwarf Shaman : The poison gas probably won't kill us, (0:10:47.56)
Dwarf Shaman : but it definitely doesn't make things easier. (0:10:50.36)
High Elf Archer : It's no use. I can't find another exit. (0:10:52.85)
Priestess : Wh-What should we do, Goblin Slayer? (0:10:56.40)
Priestess : I haven't been granted the
miracle to remove poison yet...
Goblin Slayer : Wrap this in a piece of cloth, and
hold it over your nose and mouth.
Priestess : Is that... charcoal? (0:11:07.55)
Goblin Slayer : It'll protect you from the poison. (0:11:10.13)
Goblin Slayer : If you have any herbs on hand,
put those in there, too.
Goblin Slayer : Be quick, or you'll die. (0:11:14.89)
Goblin Slayer : Those are bags of quicklime and volcanic
earth. Mix them up and block the holes.
Dwarf Shaman : Concrete! (0:11:25.68)
Goblin Slayer : It won't dry immediately, but... (0:11:26.96)
Dwarf Shaman : Don't worry. I've got a weathering spell. (0:11:28.80)
High Elf Archer : I'll go around and block all the holes! (0:11:33.86)
High Elf Archer : Dwarf, get going on that spell! (0:11:36.70)
Dwarf Shaman : You got it! (0:11:38.70)
Dwarf Shaman : Tick-tock, tick-tock, spin, spin, O Chronos. (0:11:40.15)
Dwarf Shaman : Let the pendulum swing and move again. (0:11:44.18)
Dwarf Shaman : Weathering! (0:11:46.71)
Lizard : Well, well. It appears that Sir Mage
has many tricks up his sleeve.
Lizard : So, what are you planning to
do next, Sir Goblin Slayer?
Goblin Slayer : We'll move one of these stone coffins
in front of the door to block it.
Goblin Slayer : Once the poison dissipates,
they're going to barge in here.
Lizard : This should take care of things. (0:12:19.93)
High Elf Archer : We've finished plugging all the holes, too. (0:12:23.21)
Dwarf Shaman : That being said, I'm out of spells. (0:12:25.86)
Goblin Slayer : Then take up a weapon. (0:12:28.92)
Lizard : Shall I summon a dragontooth warrior? (0:12:36.42)
Priestess : I-I'll cast Protection! (0:12:39.94)
Goblin Slayer : Thanks. (0:12:42.86)
Lizard : O horns and claws of the father, Iguanodon, (0:12:45.87)
Lizard : be four limbs and walk upon
this earth with two legs...
Priestess : O merciful Earth Mother, (0:12:48.79)
Priestess : please protect us, the weak,
with the powers of the earth.
Lizard : A dragontooth warrior! (0:12:54.87)
Priestess : Protection! (0:12:57.53)
High Elf Archer : It's quiet outside now. (0:13:04.67)
Goblin Slayer : Since we plugged up the holes,
the poison gas will reverse its flow.
Goblin Slayer : I'm sure at least a few of them died. (0:13:11.82)
High Elf Archer : Footsteps... (0:13:27.17)
High Elf Archer : I can't tell how many there are,
but something strange is among them.
Dwarf Shaman : Here they come! (0:13:32.46)
Goblin Slayer : A hob... No... (0:13:43.56)
Goblin Slayer : A goblin champion. (0:13:47.63)
Goblin Slayer : We'll cut our way through. (0:13:50.55)
Lizard : Indeed. Let my blade assist you. (0:13:51.52)
Priestess : U-Um... (0:14:05.08)
Goblin Slayer : Six. (0:14:18.19)
Goblin Slayer : You can go all-out. (0:14:20.80)
Lizard : Understood. (0:14:22.53)
High Elf Archer : Damn it, there's a lot of them! (0:14:33.45)
Dwarf Shaman : No use complaining about it! (0:14:35.83)
Dwarf Shaman : You holdin' up over there? (0:14:38.33)
Priestess : Some... what... (0:14:39.85)
Goblin Slayer : Seventeen. (0:14:43.65)
Priestess : Goblin Slayer! (0:15:05.02)
High Elf Archer : Orcbolg! Did they get him? (0:15:06.80)
Priestess : No! (0:15:21.44)
High Elf Archer : The Protection... (0:15:26.35)
Lizard : How could this be? (0:15:27.86)
High Elf Archer : Calm down and concentrate! (0:15:30.32)
Dwarf Shaman : Long-ears! (0:15:33.77)
Dwarf Shaman : You stupid goblins! Unhand her! (0:15:38.68)
Priestess : N-No... (0:15:54.03)
High Elf Archer : Let go of me! (0:16:26.49)
Dwarf Shaman : Why, you... (0:16:27.42)
EXTRA : You think you can slay goblins? (0:16:37.60)
EXTRA : You just sat and watched quietly. (0:16:43.22)
EXTRA : You were powerless. You didn't do a thing. (0:16:45.27)
Goblin Slayer : Bullshit. (0:16:57.47)
Goblin Slayer : I heard that assassins like using string
made of human hair as a killing tool.
Goblin Slayer : Apparently it doesn't break
easily or come undone.
High Elf Archer : Go! Hurry up and heal her! (0:18:26.87)
Lizard : Thank you for the assistance. (0:18:30.02)
High Elf Archer : Thanks. (0:18:32.39)
High Elf Archer : To think I'd end up owing a dwarf a favor... (0:18:34.90)
High Elf Archer : But I'd shame all elves if I didn't thank you. (0:18:37.74)
Dwarf Shaman : You were on the verge of tears.
You sure have a lot of spunk.
High Elf Archer : At least I have some! (0:18:45.93)
High Elf Archer : Orcbolg! (0:18:47.85)
High Elf Archer : Kill it! (0:18:51.69)
EXTRA : Onward unto death! (0:18:56.56)
EXTRA : Die like a nail hammered into a coffin! (0:18:58.83)
Goblin Slayer : Hey, take a good look, goblin! (0:19:07.06)
Goblin Slayer : Who's next? (0:19:21.71)
Goblin Slayer : Is it you? (0:19:26.36)
Goblin Slayer : Or you? (0:19:30.86)
High Elf Archer : Orcbolg. (0:20:04.52)
Goblin Slayer : Are you all right? (0:20:07.08)
High Elf Archer : Somewhat. But you're not all right, are you? (0:20:08.24)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah... Where's the girl? (0:20:13.82)
High Elf Archer : Over there. Can you walk? (0:20:17.87)
Goblin Slayer : I'll try... (0:20:20.25)
Dwarf Shaman : Up you go. Come on, get a hold of yourself. (0:20:24.45)
Dwarf Shaman : We still have to get home. (0:20:27.52)
Goblin Slayer : Yeah... (0:20:31.58)
Lizard : Bless the stars... Thank goodness
we somehow made it.
Goblin Slayer : How is she? (0:20:41.34)
Lizard : She will survive. (0:20:42.75)
Lizard : Had the wound been any deeper,
there would've been nothing I could do.
Goblin Slayer : I see. (0:20:50.20)
Priestess : I'm... sorry... (0:20:54.02)
Goblin Slayer : Don't worry about it. (0:21:01.69)
Priestess : Gob... lin... Slay... er... (0:21:03.51)
Goblin Slayer : These things happen... (0:21:10.72)
EXTRA : Next Time (0:25:05.06)

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