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Sakura Minamoto : Previously on Zombie Land Saga ! (0:00:01.13)
Sakura Minamoto : Franchouchou is set to do a show with
five hundred people in the audience!
Sakura Minamoto : Plus, when I realized the
venue might have a connection
Sakura Minamoto : to my missing memories,
I reached max hype levels!
Sakura Minamoto : After seeing me like that, Kotaro-san's plan
was training in the mountains, somehow?!
Sakura Minamoto : As I watched everyone focus more
on wilderness survival instead
Sakura Minamoto : of rehearsal, my max hype
had me harrumphing up a storm!
Sakura Minamoto : But then, after I saw how they made
use of their experience in the mountains
Sakura Minamoto : for idol stuff, it made me realize something! (0:00:21.42)
Sakura Minamoto : That I was the one who
had lost sight of things!
Sakura Minamoto : And the moment max-hype
Sakura found her faith
Sakura Minamoto : in her friends again
and decided to look forward,
Sakura Minamoto : she was hit by a max-hype truck
that came in from the side!
EXTRA : Episode 11
A One-Of-A-Kind SAGA
EXTRA : Even if we're dead, we want to
make our dreams come true...
EXTRA : No, even if we're dead, we
will make them come true!
EXTRA : Is that despair? Or is it hope? (0:00:49.37)
EXTRA : We'll overcome a harsh fate, and even if
we don't have a pulse, we'll press on!
EXTRA : Because that is our saga! (0:00:55.42)
Sakura Minamoto : What was I doing...? (0:02:18.53)
Sakura Minamoto : Where am I? (0:02:28.62)
Sakura Minamoto : I'm sorry! (0:03:06.34)
Saki Nikaido : What the hell, man? (0:03:08.06)
Saki Nikaido : Sakura? (0:03:17.84)
Lily Hoshikawa : Sakura-chan! You're awake! (0:03:19.22)
Junko Konno : That's a relief. (0:03:21.34)
Saki Nikaido : Sakura? (0:03:25.31)
Ai Mizuno : Hey! (0:03:26.61)
Saki Nikaido : What's wrong? (0:03:27.52)
Junko Konno : Sakura-san...? (0:03:43.37)
Saki Nikaido : What? Did you lose your marbles again? (0:03:44.42)
Sakura Minamoto : I can't... (0:03:53.67)
Lily Hoshikawa : Sakura-chan? (0:03:56.98)
Sakura Minamoto : It doesn't matter what I try... (0:03:58.90)
Sakura Minamoto : Even trying is pointless. (0:04:02.80)
Saki Nikaido : Man, no telling what's up this time. (0:04:05.27)
Junko Konno : She was afraid of us, wasn't she? (0:04:07.31)
Yuugiri : Shall I try slapping her? (0:04:09.92)
Ai Mizuno : Wait! I think I might know... (0:04:12.06)
Sakura Minamoto : See what I mean? (0:04:25.41)
Sakura Minamoto : I really don't have what it takes. (0:04:28.19)
Sakura Minamoto : What just happened? (0:04:34.62)
Ai Mizuno : Are you okay? (0:04:36.59)
Sakura Minamoto : Ai Mizuno? What? (0:04:38.97)
Sakura Minamoto : What are you doing here?! (0:04:42.27)
Ai Mizuno : Hey, do you remember who you are? (0:04:45.08)
Sakura Minamoto : I'm Sakura Minamoto. (0:04:47.98)
Ai Mizuno : What about your address? Phone number? (0:04:49.93)
Ai Mizuno : Your family? (0:04:52.47)
Sakura Minamoto : Y-Yeah, I do... (0:04:54.16)
Ai Mizuno : It's like I thought. (0:04:56.30)
Sakura Minamoto : Hey! You're... Ai Mizuno-san
from Iron Frill, right?
Ai Mizuno : Sakura... (0:05:02.74)
Sakura Minamoto : Yes?! (0:05:03.69)
Ai Mizuno : I'm going to explain why you're here (0:05:05.03)
Ai Mizuno : and what's happened to you,
so I need you to stay calm.
Ai Mizuno : You're... already dead. (0:05:12.91)
Ai Mizuno : You're a zombie. (0:05:15.62)
Sakura Minamoto : What? (0:05:19.33)
Sakura Minamoto : What are you talking about? (0:05:20.68)
Ai Mizuno : Ten years ago... (0:05:22.72)
Ai Mizuno : you died, probably in an
accident of some kind.
Sakura Minamoto : What...? (0:05:27.85)
Lily Hoshikawa : You think Sakura-chan is gonna be okay? (0:05:48.59)
Yuugiri : We shouldn't have much to worry
about if Ai-han is dealing with it.
Saki Nikaido : Damn it! Where the hell
is shades at a time like this?
Junko Konno : He left this morning, saying
something about business...
Saki Nikaido : Hey! (0:06:05.35)
Lily Hoshikawa : What about Sakura-chan? How is she? (0:06:06.02)
Ai Mizuno : Well... (0:06:08.41)
Ai Mizuno : I'm not positive, but (0:06:10.01)
Ai Mizuno : it looks like getting hit by that truck yesterday
has brought back her memories of her life.
Saki Nikaido : For real?! (0:06:15.56)
Ai Mizuno : But now she doesn't remember anything since she became a zombie. (0:06:16.23)
Saki Nikaido : No way... (0:06:22.38)
Ai Mizuno : I've explained everything I could for now. (0:06:23.24)
Ai Mizuno : About how we're all zombies,
and about Franchouchou.
Ai Mizuno : These are the members of
the group I was telling you about.
Lily Hoshikawa : Do you really not remember us? (0:06:41.48)
Sakura Minamoto : I-I'm sorry... (0:06:44.34)
Saki Nikaido : So does this mean Sakura
won't be able to do the show?!
Sakura Minamoto : Show...? (0:06:50.68)
Ai Mizuno : We were going to do our first show
with 500 fans in attendance.
Ai Mizuno : It's coming up, at a place called Arpino. (0:06:56.37)
Sakura Minamoto : Arpino...? (0:07:01.11)
Ai Mizuno : It's a really big event for us. (0:07:02.52)
Sakura Minamoto : Arpino... (0:07:07.84)
Ai Mizuno : We've all been practicing
really hard to get ready for it.
Ai Mizuno : Including you. (0:07:17.37)
Ai Mizuno : You might be confused at the moment, (0:07:19.31)
Ai Mizuno : but I know you'll be ready to
get on stage when the time comes.
EXTRA : 1-48-52 Haneda Southwest, Suginami, Tokyo
ZLS Corporation Inc.
New Member Audition Submissions
C/O Audition Office
Sakura Minamoto : I really... (0:07:25.88)
Sakura Minamoto : I really became an idol...? (0:07:28.13)
Sakura Minamoto : No. You can go without me. (0:07:36.72)
Saki Nikaido : Don't sweat it! (0:07:39.61)
Saki Nikaido : You'll remember it all if you rehearse some! (0:07:41.27)
Saki Nikaido : Okay? (0:07:43.43)
Sakura Minamoto : That's not what I mean. I just can't do it. (0:07:44.11)
Saki Nikaido : You don't know that without trying! (0:07:45.96)
Sakura Minamoto : I don't want to! (0:07:47.79)
Sakura Minamoto : Stuff like working towards something... (0:07:50.33)
Sakura Minamoto : I don't have what it takes. (0:07:54.41)
Saki Nikaido : Don't have it? (0:07:57.25)
Saki Nikaido : Don't have what? (0:07:59.00)
Sakura Minamoto : It means that no matter what I do,
it never works out.
Sakura Minamoto : Every time I try, I just
end up suffering for it.
Saki Nikaido : Hey... (0:08:07.66)
Sakura Minamoto : Excuse me. (0:08:09.56)
Saki Nikaido : Hey! (0:08:11.52)
Junko Konno : And right after she was
finally back to normal...
Yuugiri : This makes the trouble from
the mountains look like nothing.
Saki Nikaido : Wait, does this mean Sakura's
quitting Franchouchou?!
EXTRA : Well, how's it going? (0:08:35.70)
Kotaro Tatsumi : Well... we're getting there, I guess. (0:08:38.21)
EXTRA : When you first told me about your little plan, (0:08:40.40)
EXTRA : I thought your damn brains had gone rotten. (0:08:42.64)
EXTRA : What'd you call it again? (0:08:46.45)
EXTRA : "The Original Zombie Village:
Hizen's Highway Dream Project"?
Kotaro Tatsumi : The Zombie Land Saga Project. (0:08:52.62)
EXTRA : Yeah, that. (0:08:55.45)
EXTRA : "To manifest great compassion,
and to act for the sake of man," huh?
Kotaro Tatsumi : Jocho Yamamoto's Hagakure . (0:09:01.60)
Kotaro Tatsumi : I wouldn't say it's anything that noble. (0:09:05.10)
EXTRA : Just keep your hands off Yugiri. (0:09:06.93)
EXTRA : I owe that girl a hell of a lot. (0:09:09.52)
Kotaro Tatsumi : And how long ago are you talking? (0:09:11.74)
EXTRA : Those were some good times. Real interesting. (0:09:13.84)
Kotaro Tatsumi : You realize how uncool adults who don't (0:09:17.39)
Kotaro Tatsumi : stop talking about the good
old days are, don't you?
EXTRA : That's rich, coming from you. (0:09:21.85)
Saki Nikaido : Damn it, man. (0:09:28.58)
Saki Nikaido : I just can't get into it. (0:09:29.96)
Junko Konno : It'd be crazy to expect anyone
to be able to focus, considering.
Lily Hoshikawa : Do you think she's gonna forget me forever? (0:09:36.02)
Ai Mizuno : I understand how you all feel... (0:09:41.25)
Ai Mizuno : but we have to hang in there,
or this show is going to fall apart.
Ai Mizuno : The people coming to see us
don't know what our troubles are.
Saki Nikaido : Yeah, but... (0:09:52.69)
Ai Mizuno : It'll be okay. (0:09:53.98)
Ai Mizuno : Let's trust her and wait. (0:09:55.65)
Saki Nikaido : Damn, I'm all sweaty. (0:10:19.75)
Saki Nikaido : Gonna go wash off again. (0:10:23.46)
EXTRA : No Unauthorized Access

Absolutely None

No Contact Allowed

Stay Out
Sakura Minamoto : You can keep asking me,
but my answer won't change.
Saki Nikaido : You were seriously fired up for this! (0:10:30.47)
Sakura Minamoto : Something must've been wrong with me, then. (0:10:32.85)
Sakura Minamoto : Just forget about it. (0:10:35.97)
Saki Nikaido : You think I can do that?! (0:10:37.08)
Saki Nikaido : You wanna die?! (0:10:38.54)
Sakura Minamoto : Arguing isn't going to make a difference. (0:10:39.61)
Sakura Minamoto : I have nothing else to say. (0:10:41.90)
Sakura Minamoto : You can yell at me all you want. (0:10:44.38)
Saki Nikaido : Damn it, you stupid little— (0:10:46.26)
Saki Nikaido : Stop that. (0:10:54.13)
Saki Nikaido : Enough already! (0:10:56.89)
Saki Nikaido : Damn it! Damn it! (0:11:02.00)
Junko Konno : I think I'll go listen to the sound
of waves in a seashell.
Junko Konno : Sakura-san... (0:11:13.23)
Sakura Minamoto : If you have something to say,
please get on with it.
Junko Konno : Um... I... (0:11:17.00)
Lily Hoshikawa : Huh? The stars are calling me! (0:11:25.33)
Lily Hoshikawa : I'm gonna go look at the sky! (0:11:29.06)
Lily Hoshikawa : Sakura-chan... you still don't remember me? (0:11:32.85)
Sakura Minamoto : How old are you? (0:11:36.87)
Lily Hoshikawa : I'm twelve years old forever! (0:11:38.53)
Lily Hoshikawa : Magically! (0:11:40.71)
Sakura Minamoto : It must be nice. Since you're cute. (0:11:41.92)
Sakura Minamoto : Like that star you were wearing. (0:11:44.52)
Lily Hoshikawa : That's right! (0:11:46.55)
Lily Hoshikawa : Before you said you thought that
star and my smile were cute!
Lily Hoshikawa : I really loved it when
you were doing idol stuff!
Lily Hoshikawa : And I think you're really cute! (0:11:55.34)
Sakura Minamoto : Well? (0:11:59.55)
Sakura Minamoto : Do I look cute wearing this? (0:12:00.86)
Lily Hoshikawa : That's not where it goes. (0:12:03.57)
Sakura Minamoto : If you're cute, it'll look cute
no matter where you put it.
Sakura Minamoto : But the more cute I try to be,
the less cute I am.
Sakura Minamoto : Because I don't have what it takes! (0:12:13.18)
Sakura Minamoto : How many times do I have to say it? (0:12:19.79)
Sakura Minamoto : I am not going to be an idol! (0:12:22.83)
Yuugiri : I suppose it's time to get the room ready. (0:12:33.93)
Yuugiri : Sakura-han... (0:12:53.81)
Yuugiri : The greatest courtesan
of the city is entering.
Yuugiri : Huh? She's gone. (0:13:04.60)
EXTRA : Zombie Land Saga (0:13:10.97)
EXTRA : Zombie Land Saga (0:13:15.98)
EXTRA : Ai (0:13:20.98)
EXTRA : Sakura (0:13:20.98b)
Saki Nikaido : Where the hell has that idiot gone? (0:13:23.20)
Yuugiri : This is troubling... (0:13:25.13)
Saki Nikaido : What was the pup doing?! (0:13:26.77)
Ai Mizuno : Romero-chan couldn't have known
what was going on with Sakura-san.
Kotaro Tatsumi : Wh-What?! Wh-Wh-Why's
everyone up to greet me?!
Sakura Minamoto : They all might think otherwise,
but this is for the best.
Sakura Minamoto : If I was around, it'd just ruin everything. (0:13:48.83)
EXTRA : Snow White: Sakura Minamoto (0:13:52.06)
Sakura Minamoto : The school play we were
doing in third grade...
Sakura Minamoto : I was picked to be the star. (0:13:56.53)
Sakura Minamoto : It was a title that was pretty
tough for a grade schooler,
Sakura Minamoto : but I practiced until late every night (0:14:02.47)
Sakura Minamoto : until I could recite the entire
thing with no mistakes.
Sakura Minamoto : But the day of the show... (0:14:10.09)
Sakura Minamoto : I got sick despite having
my shots, and missed the play.
Sakura Minamoto : Bad memories. (0:14:19.50)
EXTRA : Relay Team: Sakura Minamoto (0:14:20.88)
Sakura Minamoto : When I was in fourth grade, I was picked
to be on the relay team for our field day.
EXTRA : Minamoto (0:14:27.30)
Sakura Minamoto : I trained until late every night,
until I had the best time in our school.
Sakura Minamoto : But the day of the race... (0:14:33.94)
Sakura Minamoto : I managed to pull a muscle during
the opening ceremony, and had to forfeit.
EXTRA : Relay Team - Sakura Minamoto (0:14:41.77)
Sakura Minamoto : I kept training so I could make a comeback... (0:14:43.66)
Sakura Minamoto : And was on the relay team
in fifth and sixth grade, too.
EXTRA : Relay Team: Sakura Minamoto (0:14:48.90)
Sakura Minamoto : But... every time, I would pull a
muscle during the opening ceremony.
Sakura Minamoto : More bad memories. (0:14:57.01)
Sakura Minamoto : The first year of middle school... (0:14:59.58)
Sakura Minamoto : That summer, I started focusing
on my high school entrance exams.
Sakura Minamoto : I wanted to wipe away all the
misfortune my life had been full of,
Sakura Minamoto : so I tried to get into the best
school in the prefecture...
Sakura Minamoto : I didn't keep up with the music, TV shows, (0:15:11.89)
Sakura Minamoto : friends, and other things that I loved. (0:15:15.30)
EXTRA : Where There's A Will, There's A Way! (0:15:17.85)
Sakura Minamoto : I dedicated my entire middle
school life to studying.
Sakura Minamoto : And as a result, I got an A rating
on the mock exam before the real deal!
Sakura Minamoto : And then, on the day of the actual exam... (0:15:28.96)
Sakura Minamoto : While I was on my way from the hotel I
was staying at to be close to the exam location,
Sakura Minamoto : I ran into multiple old
ladies who were in trouble.
Sakura Minamoto : I just made it in time
for the start of the exam,
Sakura Minamoto : but I was in a panic as I took
the test and kept making mistakes.
Sakura Minamoto : I didn't make it into my school of choice... (0:15:49.83)
Sakura Minamoto : Bad memories. (0:15:53.58)
Sakura Minamoto : All I can remember is bad stuff. (0:15:57.64)
Sakura Minamoto : They're being ridiculous. (0:15:59.87)
Sakura Minamoto : Even if she is the real Ai Mizuno... (0:16:01.77)
Sakura Minamoto : There's no way I could be an idol. (0:16:05.82)
EXTRA : It seems like such a waste
for you to go straight home.
EXTRA : I mean, you're really good
at sports and other physical stuff!
Sakura Minamoto : I told you, I'm not gonna bother anymore. (0:16:16.50)
Sakura Minamoto : Even if I try, it's a waste of time. (0:16:18.79)
Sakura Minamoto : The harder I try, the worse things turn out. (0:16:21.26)
Sakura Minamoto : I just don't have what it takes. (0:16:24.50)
Sakura Minamoto : I'd be stupid to keep
trying to just fail again.
EXTRA : Q: How do you work so hard? (0:16:36.14)
Ai Mizuno : I guess it's because I don't think
mistakes or failures are a bad thing.
EXTRA : Because I don't think mistakes or failures are a bad thing (0:16:39.81)
EXTRA : They always end up helping with what happens next (0:16:44.10)
Ai Mizuno : Because they always end up helping
with whatever happens next.
Ai Mizuno : And I really believe I'll only be the best
version of me once I overcome it all.
EXTRA : I'll be the best version of me once I overcome it all (0:16:47.56)
EXTRA : Iron Frill's first performance at the Budokan (0:16:58.95)
EXTRA : Ai Mizuno flawlessly performs
her role as the group's center
EXTRA : How do you work so hard? (0:17:08.88)
Sakura Minamoto : "It's because I don't think mistakes
or failures are a bad thing."
EXTRA : Why can't you try your best? (0:17:15.97)
Sakura Minamoto : Hey, I did try. (0:17:18.92)
Sakura Minamoto : And when I was sure it was going to
work out this time, I got into an accident...
Sakura Minamoto : And now I'm a freaking zombie. (0:17:26.38)
Sakura Minamoto : How little luck can one person have? (0:17:29.42)
Police Officer A : Hey, what's got you out so late? (0:17:32.01)
Police Officer A : You wanna get arrested? (0:17:35.20)
Police Officer A : You want me to arrest you, huh? (0:17:36.57)
Police Officer A : You run away from home? (0:17:37.91)
Police Officer A : Fight with the boyfriend? (0:17:38.91)
Police Officer A : Teenage angst? (0:17:40.50)
Sakura Minamoto : I don't care anymore. (0:17:41.99)
Police Officer A : Well, for now, come with me to the... (0:17:43.70)
Police Officer A : Another one! (0:17:52.28)
Kotaro Tatsumi : This isn't where you belong right now, (0:18:02.74)
Kotaro Tatsumi : Sakura Minamoto. (0:18:06.79)
Sakura Minamoto : Who're you? (0:18:13.35)
Kotaro Tatsumi : I'm Kotaro Tatsumi, damn it! (0:18:13.98)
EXTRA : Genkai Quasi-National Park

Kagamiyama Observatory
Sakura Minamoto : Why exactly did you bring me out here? (0:18:20.64)
Kotaro Tatsumi : That's Nijinomatsubara Forest. (0:18:24.50)
Sakura Minamoto : I know. (0:18:25.77)
Sakura Minamoto : It's too dark to see anything, though. (0:18:27.97)
Kotaro Tatsumi : That's you right now. (0:18:31.78)
Kotaro Tatsumi : But there are points of light all around you. (0:18:34.24)
Kotaro Tatsumi : Even in Saga, there's a person
for every one of the lights you see.
Sakura Minamoto : What are you getting at, exactly? (0:18:41.17)
Kotaro Tatsumi : There are people among those lights
waiting for Nijinomatsubara to shine...
Kotaro Tatsumi : Waiting for you to shine, as an idol. (0:18:46.72)
Kotaro Tatsumi : I mean, there's gotta be two or three. (0:18:51.79)
Sakura Minamoto : Look, just do your show without me. (0:18:53.95)
Sakura Minamoto : I'm sure it'll be better if I'm not there. (0:18:56.60)
Sakura Minamoto : I just don't have what it takes. (0:19:00.79)
Kotaro Tatsumi : You seriously don't want to be an idol? (0:19:07.73)
Kotaro Tatsumi : Can you tell me that you honestly
don't feel that way, at all?
Sakura Minamoto : I mean... (0:19:15.33)
Sakura Minamoto : I want to be like Ai-chan. (0:19:25.77)
Sakura Minamoto : I want to be strong like her! (0:19:28.42)
Ai Mizuno : Come on everybody! Here we go! (0:19:32.04)
Sakura Minamoto : I wonder if I'll be able to smile
as dazzlingly as that?
EXTRA : 1-48-52 Haneda Southwest, Suginami, Tokyo
ZLS Corporation Inc.
New Member Audition Submissions
C/O Audition Office
EXTRA : I don't think mistakes or failures are a bad thing (0:19:40.20)
Sakura Minamoto : One more time... I'll try one more time! (0:19:43.91)
Sakura Minamoto : I can't be scared of trying my best! (0:19:47.79)
Sakura Minamoto : And this is what happened. (0:19:57.67)
Sakura Minamoto : I should've known that
nothing I try will work...
Sakura Minamoto : and that the right choice is to give up. (0:20:03.93)
Sakura Minamoto : But I got my hopes up, like an idiot,
about being an idol...
Sakura Minamoto : And when I rushed out earlier than usual,
I got hit by a truck and died.
Sakura Minamoto : This is just who I am. (0:20:15.43)
Kotaro Tatsumi : But you came back to life.
As an idol who can save Saga.
Sakura Minamoto : Save Saga? As an idol?! (0:20:21.86)
Sakura Minamoto : Why me? (0:20:24.18)
Sakura Minamoto : I didn't ask to become a zombie! (0:20:25.39)
Kotaro Tatsumi : A time will come when you'll understand. (0:20:27.86)
Sakura Minamoto : There's no way that's true! (0:20:30.12)
Sakura Minamoto : I'm the girl who tried,
and died for her efforts!
Sakura Minamoto : Who else has luck that bad?! (0:20:33.63)
Sakura Minamoto : This idol stuff and saving Saga...
You can all do it just fine without me!
Sakura Minamoto : Please just... don't drag me into this. (0:20:46.66)
Kotaro Tatsumi : All right. I see. (0:20:51.78)
Kotaro Tatsumi : Then go wherever you want! (0:20:53.47)
Kotaro Tatsumi : If that's the limit to how you feel,
you can spend your life feeling this way!
Kotaro Tatsumi : Even if your life's already over! (0:21:00.29)
Sakura Minamoto : You don't have to rub it in...
I know I'm stuck this way.
Sakura Minamoto : I should've never come back. (0:21:13.75)
Kotaro Tatsumi : Yeah, you thought I was done, huh? (0:21:17.95)
Kotaro Tatsumi : But I'm not gonna go along with your
negative spiral that easy, moron!
Sakura Minamoto : Enough already! (0:21:23.27)
Sakura Minamoto : You don't know anything about me! (0:21:24.84)
Sakura Minamoto : You've never even died— (0:21:27.06)
Kotaro Tatsumi : I have what it takes! (0:21:28.02)
Kotaro Tatsumi : Doesn't matter if you don't,
as long as I do have what it takes!
Kotaro Tatsumi : And I've got something... big...
and, like... impressive!
Kotaro Tatsumi : I've got this real big and
impressive... thing!
Kotaro Tatsumi : Listen to me, Sakura! (0:21:40.65)
Kotaro Tatsumi : I'm telling you that I will
never abandon you!
EXTRA : Next Episode Preview (0:23:24.96)
Sakura Minamoto : This is Sakura. (0:23:25.84)
Sakura Minamoto : Why is everyone bothering me
when I don't have what it takes?
Sakura Minamoto : They want me to try and live,
when I'm already a zombie?
Sakura Minamoto : Next time is Zombie Land Saga Episode 12:
Good Morning Again SAGA.
Sakura Minamoto : Episode 12:
Good Morning Again SAGA
Sakura Minamoto : What does it even mean to live...? (0:23:36.63)

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Zombieland Saga

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Yesterday 03:29 pm
Who is this ?
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