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Headmaster : I see. So, it's even
beyond your abilities, Kirisu?
Mafuyu Kirisu : I'm sorry, Headmaster. (0:00:07.02)
Mafuyu Kirisu : But I can't take part in having students
make an effort for nothing.
Headmaster : Another failure. (0:00:18.45)
Headmaster : Then, the next step... (0:00:22.45)
Nariyuki Yuiga : There are people in this world
who are labeled "geniuses."
Rizu Ogata : Finished, ma'am. (0:02:14.23)
Fujita : I-It's correct, but what about
showing your work, Ogata?
Rizu Ogata : My work... (0:02:21.99)
Rizu Ogata : Sorry. The moment I saw it, I knew
what the answer was, so I skipped the work.
Nariyuki Yuiga : When it comes to math and physics,
she has no equal.
Nariyuki Yuiga : She's an astonishing 143 centimeters tall. (0:02:34.50)
Nariyuki Yuiga : This is the "Thumbelina Supercomputer." (0:02:37.13)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Rizu Ogata. (0:02:40.18)
Kokubu : Furuhashi! What a...
What a touching, inspiring essay!
Fumino Furuhashi : Um, it's just a normal essay. (0:02:49.35)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I'll say it again. (0:02:52.86)
Nariyuki Yuiga : There are people in this world
who are labeled "geniuses."
EXTRA : Even though Furuhashi was napping
until ten minutes before we had to turn it in...
EXTRA : Geniuses really aren't like us! (0:03:01.91)
EXTRA : On top of that, she's beautiful!
I wish I was like her!
Nariyuki Yuiga : Modern Japanese,
ancient writing, Chinese classics...
Nariyuki Yuiga : She's raced to the top of all three subjects. (0:03:12.71)
Nariyuki Yuiga : That's Fumino Furuhashi. (0:03:15.63)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Of course there are people
who aren't geniuses.
Nariyuki Yuiga : A student slow to understand
ever since he was a kid,
Nariyuki Yuiga : who has to put more effort than others to learn
something. An "ordinary talented student."
Nariyuki Yuiga : That's me. (0:03:32.27)
Haruma Kobayashi : Nari! (0:03:44.66)
Haruma Kobayashi : Are you gonna study
at the school library again?
Nariyuki Yuiga : Yeah. (0:03:48.87)
Kanade Oomori : You should hang out with us
once in a while.
Haruma Kobayashi : You're wasting your time. (0:03:52.16)
Haruma Kobayashi : Nari has his eye on
the special VIP recommendation.
Kanade Oomori : That? They say only an especially
excellent student is chosen.
Nariyuki Yuiga : That's right. (0:04:00.51)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Whoever is chosen
for the special VIP recommendation
Nariyuki Yuiga : gets to go on to our affiliated university
without taking an exam, and all tuition is covered.
Nariyuki Yuiga : It's our academy's dream system! (0:04:07.60)
Kanade Oomori : Oh, I get it.
Yuiga's family is dirt-poor, so...
Nariyuki Yuiga : Hey, choose
your words more carefully!
Nariyuki Yuiga : You could say "suffering
a bit of economic hardship"!
EXTRA : Nariyuki Yuiga from Class 3-B,
please come to the headmaster's office.
EXTRA : I repeat,
Nariyuki Yuiga from Class 3-B...
EXTRA : HEADMASTER (0:04:27.74)
Headmaster : There's no one subject
that you especially excel at,
Headmaster : but you've pretty much maintained
grades of 80% or higher in all subjects.
Headmaster : In terms of behavior,
there are no complaints either.
Nariyuki Yuiga : Wh-Wh-Wh-What is this? (0:04:42.92)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Why was I suddenly called in
for an interview like this?
Headmaster : That's fine. (0:04:47.51)
Headmaster : I would be happy to give you
the special VIP recommendation.
Nariyuki Yuiga : R-Really? (0:04:52.81)
Headmaster : However, there is one condition. (0:04:54.27)
Headmaster : Enter. (0:04:58.61)
Fumino Furuhashi : Excuse me. (0:04:59.86)
Rizu Ogata : Excuse me. (0:04:59.86)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Those two... (0:05:03.07)
Headmaster : I'm sure you know them already, (0:05:05.11)
Headmaster : but they're the geniuses
our school takes so much pride in.
Headmaster : Fumino Furuhashi (0:05:09.53)
Headmaster : and Rizu Ogata. (0:05:11.12)
Headmaster : Nariyuki Yuiga, (0:05:13.41)
Headmaster : as a condition for obtaining
the special VIP recommendation,
Headmaster : I order you to become their tutor (0:05:19.00)
Headmaster : and help them get into the university
of their choice!
EXTRA : KUSUMOTO PARK (0:05:25.76)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Tutor? These geniuses?
Me? Tutor them in what?
Rizu Ogata : How many tutors does this make? (0:05:33.60)
Rizu Ogata : Of course it's the first time
a student is the tutor,
Rizu Ogata : but I'm sure you'll desert us
and hand us off to someone else
Rizu Ogata : just like all the other teachers. (0:05:42.73)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Why the abandoned puppy dog eyes? (0:05:49.07)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I won't desert you
or hand you off to anyone else.
Nariyuki Yuiga : After all, the special VIP
recommendation is on the line for me.
Fumino Furuhashi : Really? That's a relief, right, Ri? (0:05:57.96)
Nariyuki Yuiga : What's with them? (0:06:02.92)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Anyway, I guess we'll get started. (0:06:05.17)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Let me ask you
what the school of your choice is.
Rizu Ogata : I haven't narrowed it down
to just one yet, but...
Rizu Ogata : - Liberal arts.
- Science.
Fumino Furuhashi : - Liberal arts.
- Science.
Rizu Ogata : - A university known for that.
- A university known for that.
Fumino Furuhashi : - A university known for that.
- A university known for that.
Nariyuki Yuiga : That's the opposite, you dumbasses! (0:06:16.93)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Why? (0:06:19.10)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Don't they understand
the allotment of their status points?
Nariyuki Yuiga : They're geniuses. (0:06:23.48)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Even if it's outside their field of expertise, (0:06:25.36)
Nariyuki Yuiga : they could be great at that, too! (0:06:28.07)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Would you do some of these problems? (0:06:32.66)
EXTRA : MATHEMATICS (0:06:32.66b)
Rizu Ogata : Yes, I don't mind. (0:06:35.08)
Fumino Furuhashi : All right! I'll do my best! (0:06:36.54)
Rizu Ogata : - I don't get it at all!
- I don't get it at all!
Fumino Furuhashi : - I don't get it at all!
- I don't get it at all!
Rizu Ogata : The problem itself is wrong! (0:06:58.56)
Rizu Ogata : "Explain the protagonist's feelings" (0:07:00.52)
Rizu Ogata : is like commanding a decoding
of the brain's entire structure,
Rizu Ogata : which even science
hasn't been able to do yet!
Fumino Furuhashi : No! Don't look at me! (0:07:08.40)
Fumino Furuhashi : When I see numerical formulas,
my mind goes blank, so don't look at me!
Fumino Furuhashi : I know I'm lowlier
than the lowliest worm!
Nariyuki Yuiga : Okay, okay, Nariyuki Yuiga... (0:07:21.37)
Nariyuki Yuiga : At least now you know why you were
charged with being their tutor.
Nariyuki Yuiga : The crux is just improving
on their weak points.
Nariyuki Yuiga : We'll stop here for today. (0:07:32.89)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I'm going to give each of you
an assignment,
Nariyuki Yuiga : so get it done by tomorrow. (0:07:38.47)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I'll test you on it then! (0:07:40.23)
EXTRA : NEXT DAY (0:07:42.77)
Nariyuki Yuiga : This is just the beginning. (0:07:47.69)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Today we'll focus on what you missed, (0:07:49.86)
Nariyuki Yuiga : and I'll challenge you again tomorrow. (0:07:53.16)
EXTRA : A FEW DAYS LATER (0:07:54.78)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Th-This is fine. As long as
you don't make the same mistakes,
Nariyuki Yuiga : your score will definitely increase. (0:07:59.75)
Nariyuki Yuiga : One point every day is progress, right? (0:08:04.46)
EXTRA : ONE WEEK LATER (0:08:07.88)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Why are your scores getting worse?
I don't understand!
Nariyuki Yuiga : You've been doing the same test
every day for a week!
Fumino Furuhashi : I'm just a water flea!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Rizu Ogata : Th-There's something wrong with the test. (0:08:17.85)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I never would've thought (0:08:20.52)
Nariyuki Yuiga : these two geniuses could be
so awful with their weak subject.
Nariyuki Yuiga : I can see why they've been
handed off like hot potatoes.
Nariyuki Yuiga : Oh, I know! (0:08:28.40)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Take out the workbooks you're using. (0:08:29.69)
EXTRA : MATHEMATICS (0:08:32.70)
Nariyuki Yuiga : You're both experts in the field
the other wants to study,
Nariyuki Yuiga : so why don't you try
teaching each other?
Fumino Furuhashi : That's... (0:08:41.75)
Rizu Ogata : ...impossible. (0:08:42.75)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Why? (0:08:44.37)
Fumino Furuhashi : - I don't know what I don't know.
- I don't know what I don't know.
Rizu Ogata : - I don't know what I don't know.
- I don't know what I don't know.
Nariyuki Yuiga : A couple of geniuses! (0:08:48.38)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Hey, Furuhashi, Ogata... (0:08:52.01)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Instead of forcing it, take
an entrance exam in your specialty.
Nariyuki Yuiga : I hate to say it, (0:08:58.64)
Nariyuki Yuiga : but since it's the first semester,
what you have in mind is really tough.
Nariyuki Yuiga : Besides, you're both incredibly talented
in your own way.
Nariyuki Yuiga : It would be easier
if you used the gifts you have.
Rizu Ogata : I knew it! (0:09:09.19)
Rizu Ogata : You're going to abandon us, aren't you? (0:09:10.36)
Rizu Ogata : Whether I've got talent or not, (0:09:12.94)
Rizu Ogata : I'm sick of people using that word
to decide what my life should be!
Fumino Furuhashi : Ri! (0:09:20.99)
Fumino Furuhashi : You said you wouldn't desert us! (0:09:23.87)
Nariyuki Yuiga : What? I'm not... (0:09:25.66)
Fumino Furuhashi : Still, I'm sure what you're saying is right. (0:09:29.75)
Fumino Furuhashi : That's what our parents
and all the other tutors said, too.
Fumino Furuhashi : But even so, we... (0:09:39.55)
Fumino Furuhashi : Thank you for this week. (0:09:44.23)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Wait, Furuhashi! Hey! (0:09:45.39)
Nariyuki Yuiga : What's to be done? (0:09:56.03)
Nariyuki Yuiga : No matter how you slice it, (0:09:58.20)
Nariyuki Yuiga : they'll just have to change
the school of their choice.
Nariyuki Yuiga : For the sake of my
special VIP recommendation, too,
Nariyuki Yuiga : when I return their workbooks tomorrow,
I'll also try to convince them again.
Nariyuki Yuiga : Looks like both of these workbooks
have taken a beating.
Nariyuki Yuiga : Did they write in them, too? (0:10:15.05)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Furuhashi and Ogata's workbooks
are filled with notes from cover to cover.
Nariyuki Yuiga : But the notes themselves are nonsense. (0:10:27.77)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Ogata tried answering Modern Japanese
problems with calculations.
EXTRA : I don't get this at all
It's frustrating
EXTRA : How can you understand
the main character's feelings?
EXTRA : Whether I've got talent or not, (0:10:41.99)
EXTRA : I'm sick of people using that word
to decide what my life should be!
EXTRA : But even so, we... (0:10:48.54)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I wish I hadn't seen that. (0:10:54.46)
Nariyuki Yuiga : They seriously want to do this. (0:10:56.55)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Dad, it's frustrating! (0:11:04.10)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I tried so hard, but I still failed! (0:11:06.10)
EXTRA : What? Only four right? (0:11:09.39)
EXTRA : Nothing wrong with that. (0:11:12.48)
EXTRA : It shows you've got
a lot of room for growth.
EXTRA : You're better off than somebody
who can do it from the get-go.
EXTRA : Listen, Nariyuki, (0:11:19.61)
EXTRA : just don't forget the frustration
you're feeling right now.
EXTRA : Become a man who's able to understand
people who can't do things.
EXTRA : Because only somebody
who's failed at something
EXTRA : understands the feeling
of not being able to do something.
Nariyuki Yuiga : Oh, Dad... (0:11:35.42)
Nariyuki Yuiga : You always did say the craziest things. (0:11:38.88)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Sorry. (0:11:50.35)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I looked inside! (0:11:51.56)
Rizu Ogata : W-Well, we left them behind,
so we're partially to blame, too.
Rizu Ogata : If there's nothing else,
we'll be on our way.
Nariyuki Yuiga : No, wait! There's something
I need to say!
Rizu Ogata : I have nothing to say to you!
And you're not going to change my mind!
Rizu Ogata : Even if I fail the exam,
it won't change what I want to study!
Nariyuki Yuiga : No matter what? (0:12:13.79)
Nariyuki Yuiga : You may fail several years in a row
and do your best, all for naught.
Rizu Ogata : Are you trying to pick a fight? (0:12:19.00)
Fumino Furuhashi : Yeah, no matter what. (0:12:23.01)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I see. (0:12:26.64)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I thought so. (0:12:28.14)
Nariyuki Yuiga : If you didn't feel that way, (0:12:29.93)
Nariyuki Yuiga : all of this hard work
would be for naught.
Fumino Furuhashi : A notebook? (0:12:33.89)
Rizu Ogata : What for? (0:12:34.98)
EXTRA : If that doesn't work... (0:12:40.32)
EXTRA : The answer is always in the text! (0:12:41.94)
Fumino Furuhashi : D-Don't tell me you filled
each notebook up yourself!
Rizu Ogata : You made these advisory notes for us? (0:12:47.24)
Nariyuki Yuiga : When I looked at the workbooks
you left behind yesterday,
Nariyuki Yuiga : I got a pretty good idea
of where you two easily get tripped up.
Rizu Ogata : Wha... (0:12:56.50)
Rizu Ogata : So you made these overnight? (0:12:57.59)
Rizu Ogata : But why? (0:12:59.75)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I remembered how painful it was
to not understand something,
Nariyuki Yuiga : knowing I wasn't good but trying to force it
which made me understand it even less.
Nariyuki Yuiga : A long time ago,
I was laughably bad in school.
Nariyuki Yuiga : No matter how much I studied,
my grades didn't improve at all.
Nariyuki Yuiga : So, I know all too well how frustrating
it is for you two, not being able to get it.
Nariyuki Yuiga : Geniuses or not,
there's no way you can be happy
Nariyuki Yuiga : when there's something
you really want to do but can't, right?
Nariyuki Yuiga : That's why... (0:13:28.24)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I'll make you both happy! (0:13:30.28)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Believe in me and stick with me,
for better or worse!
Fumino Furuhashi : Y-You're confessing your love
to both of us simultaneously?
Rizu Ogata : That's really low. (0:13:43.26)
Rizu Ogata : I thought you had
more integrity than that.
Nariyuki Yuiga : N-No! I meant it like, "You're not changing
your mind, so let's do our best together!"
Nariyuki Yuiga : I was going to suggest going
to the library now to work on the basics!
Rizu Ogata : That's what you meant? (0:13:54.98)
Fumino Furuhashi : Um, but... (0:13:59.40)
Rizu Ogata : Tha... (0:14:02.27)
Fumino Furuhashi : - Thank you.
- Thank you.
Rizu Ogata : - Thank you.
- Thank you.
Nariyuki Yuiga : While they're studying,
I have to get my own homework done.
Nariyuki Yuiga : After all, I'm gonna get
the special VIP recommendation.
Nariyuki Yuiga : But fat chance of that happening
if my grades drop
Nariyuki Yuiga : because I'm busy with them. (0:14:24.30)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Furuhashi? (0:14:29.39)
Fumino Furuhashi : Sorry, Yuiga! (0:14:31.35)
Fumino Furuhashi : I always get sleepy
when I look at numerical formulas!
Nariyuki Yuiga : No problem. (0:14:35.85)
Nariyuki Yuiga : She smelled so good!
She smelled awesome!
Nariyuki Yuiga : Cool your jets, Nariyuki Yuiga! (0:14:40.31)
Nariyuki Yuiga : You can't lose your head
over a pleasant scent!
Nariyuki Yuiga : - Yuiga...
- Yes?
Rizu Ogata : - Yuiga...
- Yes?
Rizu Ogata : Sorry, but I don't understand
what this question means.
Nariyuki Yuiga : Wh-Which one, Ogata? (0:14:50.32)
Rizu Ogata : This second one. (0:14:52.41)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I think it means to choose
which of the following answers
Nariyuki Yuiga : means the same thing
as the underlined part!
Nariyuki Yuiga : She brushed against me!
Right up against me!
Fumino Furuhashi : H-Huh? Yuiga, you don't look well.
Are you all right?
Nariyuki Yuiga : R-Really? (0:15:08.09)
Fumino Furuhashi : Maybe you have a fever. (0:15:09.63)
Nariyuki Yuiga : That's close! Close! Close! (0:15:10.93)
Rizu Ogata : True, you do seem kind of off. (0:15:12.97)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Because you're so close to me! (0:15:15.26)
Nariyuki Yuiga : The psychological hurdle of being their tutor
is a lot higher than I imagined!
Rizu Ogata : Sorry. I have to go. (0:15:32.91)
Fumino Furuhashi : You have to help
with the restaurant today, Ri?
Nariyuki Yuiga : Restaurant? (0:15:38.50)
Fumino Furuhashi : Ri's family has an udon restaurant. (0:15:39.79)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Come to think of it, (0:15:45.34)
Nariyuki Yuiga : other than the fact
that they're geniuses,
Nariyuki Yuiga : I don't know anything about them. (0:15:49.42)
Fumino Furuhashi : Even though you worked
with me until this late,
Fumino Furuhashi : I once again did no better
than a worm. I'm sorry!
Nariyuki Yuiga : Well, you know, it's better
to have room for growth
Nariyuki Yuiga : than being able to do something
right away. Yeah.
Nariyuki Yuiga : Or so my old man claimed. (0:16:05.86)
Fumino Furuhashi : That's right! You know
just what to say, Yuiga!
Nariyuki Yuiga : That was a quick recovery! (0:16:11.36)
Fumino Furuhashi : All right! I'll do my best! (0:16:13.16)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Yeah, yeah. (0:16:15.28)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Is there something wrong, Furuhashi? (0:16:28.92)
Fumino Furuhashi : No, sorry! (0:16:31.47)
Fumino Furuhashi : It's nothing! (0:16:33.22)
Nariyuki Yuiga : O-Okay. (0:16:34.68)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Do you like the stars? (0:16:41.73)
Fumino Furuhashi : Actually... (0:16:45.60)
Fumino Furuhashi : yeah. (0:16:47.69)
Fumino Furuhashi : I've loved the stars
ever since I was little.
Fumino Furuhashi : On nights when the stars are beautiful, (0:16:55.03)
Fumino Furuhashi : I find myself looking
for my late mother's star.
Fumino Furuhashi : Oh, sorry! (0:17:06.92)
Fumino Furuhashi : That sounded really dumb, didn't it? (0:17:08.09)
Fumino Furuhashi : But that was the start
of my dream, um...
Fumino Furuhashi : I want my life
to have a connection to the stars.
Fumino Furuhashi : But for that, I need to pass
the science exam, right?
Fumino Furuhashi : So, (0:17:25.44)
Fumino Furuhashi : I'll conquer any weakness that I have (0:17:26.77)
Fumino Furuhashi : and seriously study astronomy! (0:17:29.94)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I hope you find your mother's star. (0:17:34.36)
Fumino Furuhashi : It's strange, though, isn't it?
Forget it! Forget about it!
Fumino Furuhashi : Believing something so childish
even when I'm in high school...
Nariyuki Yuiga : What's wrong with that? (0:17:45.25)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Actually, until just recently,
I believed something similar.
Nariyuki Yuiga : Well, anyway, I'll help you, um,
so you can make progress with science.
Fumino Furuhashi : Yuiga... (0:17:59.18)
Fumino Furuhashi : That was a promise! (0:18:04.60)
Nariyuki Yuiga : That was unexpected. (0:18:12.40)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I didn't realize Furuhashi was so clear
about what she wanted to do.
EXTRA : KUSUMOTO PARK (0:18:17.91)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Maybe Ogata has
the same kind of thing.
Nariyuki Yuiga : Ogata? (0:18:21.70)
Rizu Ogata : Yuiga... (0:18:24.20)
Nariyuki Yuiga : What are you doing? (0:18:25.70)
Nariyuki Yuiga : In the park this late... (0:18:27.79)
Rizu Ogata : Taking a breather
on the way back from a delivery.
Nariyuki Yuiga : Delivery? (0:18:32.09)
EXTRA : OGATA UDON (0:18:32.92)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Oh, that's right. The udon shop. (0:18:33.34)
Nariyuki Yuiga : So, what are you doing on your break? (0:18:36.30)
Rizu Ogata : A card game for between two and ten people. (0:18:38.93)
Rizu Ogata : By myself. (0:18:42.64)
Nariyuki Yuiga : That's too lonely! (0:18:43.64)
Rizu Ogata : Actually, I like
board games and card games,
Rizu Ogata : but I don't know many people
who are interested, so...
Nariyuki Yuiga : I'm not familiar with that, (0:18:52.11)
Nariyuki Yuiga : but we can do a game for two. (0:18:53.73)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Tell me the rules. (0:18:55.78)
Rizu Ogata : Yuiga, do you intend to beat me? (0:18:57.65)
Nariyuki Yuiga : A remark overflowing with confidence! (0:19:00.82)
Nariyuki Yuiga : It sounds like I'm in for a tough battle! (0:19:03.78)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I won 20 times in a row. (0:19:10.50)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Ogata, by any chance,
are you totally weak at this?
Rizu Ogata : Yes, very much. (0:19:19.18)
Rizu Ogata : That's why I asked you before
if you intended to beat me.
Nariyuki Yuiga : You meant it like that? (0:19:25.43)
Rizu Ogata : It seems I can't draw a conclusion
with probability and calculations alone.
Rizu Ogata : I guess I'm poor at competitive games
and anything related to human emotions.
Rizu Ogata : But I want to understand
more about that.
Rizu Ogata : And that's why I want to get past
the liberal arts exam and study psychology!
Nariyuki Yuiga : Oh, so there is something
that she wants to do.
Nariyuki Yuiga : Well, at any rate, stop loitering
at the park by yourself at night.
Nariyuki Yuiga : If this is your break,
I can hang out with you anytime.
Rizu Ogata : Anytime? (0:20:01.13)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Well, I meant "anytime" figuratively. (0:20:02.18)
Rizu Ogata : No. (0:20:05.14)
Rizu Ogata : I would be happy
if you would just once in a while.
Rizu Ogata : I'm looking forward to it! (0:20:09.98)
Nariyuki Yuiga : S-Sure. I'm looking forward to it, too. (0:20:11.94)
Nariyuki Yuiga : I'm back! (0:20:28.29)
Kazuki Yuiga : Welcome home, brother! (0:20:29.75)
Hazuki Yuiga : We found a lot of edible plants today! (0:20:31.37)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Good work. (0:20:34.75)
Mizuki Yuiga : Welcome home! (0:20:36.79)
Hanae Yuiga : You're late today, huh? (0:20:39.55)
Mizuki Yuiga : Dinner is almost ready. (0:20:41.76)
Mizuki Yuiga : Brother, you smell like a woman! (0:20:44.26)
Mizuki Yuiga : Especially... (0:20:49.93)
Mizuki Yuiga : here! (0:20:51.02)
Mizuki Yuiga : And here! (0:20:52.02)
Nariyuki Yuiga : What are you talking about, Mizuki? (0:20:54.77)
Kazuki Yuiga : As always, our sister
has a brother complex.
Hazuki Yuiga : Yep. (0:21:00.86)
Fumino Furuhashi : - Is Yuiga here?
- Is Yuiga here?
Rizu Ogata : - Is Yuiga here?
- Is Yuiga here?
Haruma Kobayashi : The Sleeping Beauty
of the Literary Forest...
Kanade Oomori : and the Thumbelina Supercomputer! (0:21:14.25)
Nariyuki Yuiga : Did you want something? (0:21:17.67)
Fumino Furuhashi : Um... (0:21:23.22)
Fumino Furuhashi : Yuiga... (0:21:24.30)
Fumino Furuhashi : I'm a little embarrassed
about what happened last night.
Rizu Ogata : So don't you dare tell anyone
at school about it.
Uruka Takemoto : Next episode!
"A Fish Is to Water as a Genius Is to X"!

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