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Shin Wolford : Okay then, (0:00:01.81)
Shin Wolford : off I go. (0:00:03.14)
Merlin Walford : Right. Good luck. (0:00:04.19)
Merida Bowen : Remember, (0:00:06.73)
Merida Bowen : whatever you do, be prudent. (0:00:08.82)
Shin Wolford : Yeah, I know, Granny. (0:00:12.70)
Shin Wolford : Nothing's coming up on my
search magic at the moment.
Sicily von Claude : I'm sorry, Shin. (0:00:23.00)
Shin Wolford : Huh? (0:00:24.75)
Sicily von Claude : Making you come all the way
to my house to pick me up like this...
Shin Wolford : All the way? Using a gate,
it took no time at all...
Shin Wolford : ...and I can't very well let you
run into any more danger, can I?
Sicily von Claude : Shin...! (0:00:40.81)
Maria von Messina : Ugh... it's too early in the morning
for my stomach to turn.
EXTRA : "Wise Man's Grandchild" (0:00:56.20)
EXTRA : "Wise Man's Grandchild" (0:01:00.70)
August von Earlshide : Good morning, Shin. Leave it to you
to come to school with girls in tow
August von Earlshide : so soon after enrolling. (0:02:26.79)
Shin Wolford : Put a sock in it, Aug.
You know why I'm doing this.
August von Earlshide : Yeah, I know, but I couldn't
help myself from teasing you.
Shin Wolford : Hey, you... (0:02:35.13)
Thor von Flegel : Good morning, Shin. (0:02:36.63)
Julius von Littenheim : Good morning to you. (0:02:38.63)
Shin Wolford : M-Morning. (0:02:40.09)
Alice Corner : Dah! Made it! I did make it
in time, right? I'm okay, right?
Sicily von Claude : Y-Yes. (0:02:46.81)
Maria von Messina : You made it, but what gives
with you arriving at school
Maria von Messina : in the nick of time on the first day? (0:02:51.19)
Alice Corner : Oh, I was so looking forward to today's
class that I couldn't get to sleep.
EXTRA : "Alice Corner" (0:02:53.40)
Alice Corner : Then I slept in. (0:02:57.82)
Maria von Messina : What are you, a child?! (0:02:59.70)
Shin Wolford : Yeah, um... in this world,
you're an adult at age 15, so...
Alfred Marcus : You're all here, right? (0:03:06.49)
Maria von Messina : Ah, Teacher. (0:03:08.00)
Alice Corner : Good morning! (0:03:09.16)
Alfred Marcus : Yeah, good morning. Everyone take
your seats. We're starting homeroom.
Alfred Marcus : Once that's done, I'll show
you around the school.
Alfred Marcus : That's the quick tour. The school is
broadly divided into two buildings--
Alfred Marcus : one of them being the classroom
building, where your classes are,
Alfred Marcus : and the other one has the faculty offices,
the student council room,
Alfred Marcus : as well as the rooms used for
laboratories and study groups.
Shin Wolford : Study groups? Are those like clubs? (0:03:35.73)
Alfred Marcus : The Attack Magic Study Group... (0:03:39.82)
Alfred Marcus : ...the Quality of Life Study Group,
which produces magical gear...
Alfred Marcus : ...and the Body Language Study Group, (0:03:48.16)
Alfred Marcus : which deals in mastery of physical
strengthening magic, to name a few.
Shin Wolford : What was that last one? (0:03:52.83)
Shin Wolford : That's the wrong
idea of how to live as a magician.
Julius von Littenheim : The Body Language Study Group. (0:03:57.04)
Julius von Littenheim : If it weren't for my duties
guarding His Highness,
Julius von Littenheim : I would absolutely choose to join that one! (0:04:01.92)
August von Earlshide : Hey, you don't have to worry about me.
Go ahead and join if you want to.
Julius von Littenheim : No, I cannot very well do that. (0:04:10.70)
August von Earlshide : This is the magic academy. (0:04:15.19)
August von Earlshide : My authority as a royal doesn't carry here. (0:04:17.65)
August von Earlshide : There's no reason to be
tied to me the whole time.
Julius von Littenheim : Your Highness! I very much appreciate that! (0:04:24.78)
Shin Wolford : He just hates being escorted, so he's
getting them to give him some space.
Alice Corner : Say, Shin, do you have a study
group that you want to join?
Shin Wolford : No, not especially. (0:04:36.08)
August von Earlshide : Yeah, I suppose not. You wouldn't
find any of them to be a challenge.
Shin Wolford : No, it's not that. (0:04:41.63)
August von Earlshide : Here's a better idea--why not start your own? (0:04:43.47)
Shin Wolford : Huh? (0:04:46.59)
Alfred Marcus : Ho, a study group created by Wolford?
That would be fascinating.
August von Earlshide : Sure it would, Teacher. (0:04:52.39)
August von Earlshide : It would be interesting to see what
kind of study group Shin would start,
Lyn Hughes : and what activities it would have. (0:04:57.77)
EXTRA : "Lyn Hughes" (0:04:59.11)
Lyn Hughes : Indeed, it would be interesting. (0:04:59.36)
Alice Corner : If you make one, I'd like to join it, too! (0:05:01.11)
EXTRA : "Yuri Carlton" (0:05:03.19)
Yuri Carlton : I might join, too. (0:05:03.61)
EXTRA : "Tony Freyd" (0:05:05.82)
Tony Freide : Nice. If I joined, I'd probably stay
in S-Class all the way through.
August von Earlshide : Teacher, what does it take
to start a study group?
Alfred Marcus : Five or more members, and a faculty adviser. (0:05:14.54)
Alfred Marcus : Then you just need to submit a
request form, and you can start one.
Alfred Marcus : If you really want to do it,
I'll be your adviser.
Shin Wolford : Hey, guys, just a minute! (0:05:25.38)
Sicily von Claude : Shin, if you're going to start a
study group, I'll have to join it, too.
Shin Wolford : Huh? (0:05:32.47)
Maria von Messina : Well, think about it. If you're
going to take her home,
Maria von Messina : it makes sense to do things together. (0:05:36.39)
Shin Wolford : Yeah, that's true... (0:05:38.77)
Thor von Flegel : If you're the group's president,
what would we even do?
Shin Wolford : I never said I was going to! (0:05:45.86)
Alice Corner : How about the Hero Study Group? (0:05:47.74)
Shin Wolford : Huh? What does that mean? (0:05:50.16)
Alice Corner : You'd tell us all about Master Merlin
and Mistress Melida!
Shin Wolford : Huh?! (0:05:56.00)
Alfred Marcus : Unfortunately, there's already a study group (0:05:57.50)
Alfred Marcus : that follows the exploits
of the wise man and the guru.
Shin Wolford : There is?! (0:06:02.46)
Lyn Hughes : Then how about we work on
mastering all kinds of magic,
Lyn Hughes : with Wolford as our focus? (0:06:06.72)
Shin Wolford : Huh? (0:06:08.38)
Lyn Hughes : We'll call it the Ultimate Magic Study Group. (0:06:09.68)
EXTRA : "Ultimate Magic Study Group" (0:06:10.97)
EXTRA : "Ultimate Magic Study Group" (0:06:13.51)
Shin Wolford : You're killing me! You're killing me, Lyn! (0:06:13.56)
August von Earlshide : Sure. The Ultimate Magic Study Group.
That would be perfect for you, Shin.
Shin Wolford : Huh? (0:06:22.23)
Alice Corner : Great! The Ultimate Magic Study Group!
That sounds super-duper!
Shin Wolford : No, wait, hold on! Hold on! (0:06:27.32)
Alfred Marcus : Can you decide on your
subject matter after class?
Shin Wolford : Huh?! (0:06:31.87)
Alfred Marcus : All who want to join, raise your hands. (0:06:33.08)
EXTRA : Me! (0:06:34.95)
Shin Wolford : It's not "ultimate" anything... (0:06:36.33)
EXTRA : Demon appearances have increased
this much in the last year?
EXTRA : Why is that? If demons are proliferating, (0:06:47.38)
EXTRA : there should be more of a
commotion throughout the kingdom.
EXTRA : However, I haven't even heard
any rumors of that happening.
Diseum von Earlsheid : What's the meaning of this, Dominic? (0:06:58.02)
EXTRA : "Dominic Gastor" (0:07:00.35)
Dominic Gastor : If you will look over the daily reports,
I'm sure it will be clear.
Dominic Gastor : The daily increase in demons
has been extremely slight.
Dominic Gastor : It's been little by little,
within the margin of error,
Dominic Gastor : but it definitely has been increasing. (0:07:10.86)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Hmm... (0:07:13.16)
Dominic Gastor : The way it's been increasing,
slowly enough to avoid our notice--
Dominic Gastor : This is nothing more than
my own personal speculation,
Dominic Gastor : but I get the impression
that it's artificially induced.
EXTRA : Ridiculous! There's no way this increase
in demons could be man-made!
Dominic Gastor : Your Majesty, these are
unusual circumstances.
Dominic Gastor : We need an immediate investigation. (0:07:30.97)
Diseum von Earlsheid : All right. (0:07:33.84)
Diseum von Earlsheid : Enlist the Demon Hunters' Society
and thoroughly investigate this!
Dominic Gastor : As you command. (0:07:41.19)
EXTRA : "Rietsburg Estate" (0:07:43.44)
Russel von Rietsburg : Kurt! (0:07:44.65)
Russel von Rietsburg : Kurt, are you here?! (0:07:46.15)
Kurt von Rietsburg : What is it, Father? (0:07:49.49)
Russel von Rietsburg : Don't "What is it" me! I've received
a summons to His Majesty.
Russel von Rietsburg : You know why, don't you? (0:07:56.62)
Russel von Rietsburg : What were you thinking?! (0:08:00.62)
Russel von Rietsburg : You know that throwing your standing
around at the magic academy
Russel von Rietsburg : is forbidden, don't you?! (0:08:06.75)
Kurt von Rietsburg : With all due respect, Father,
we are a chosen people.
Kurt von Rietsburg : It's not right for us to be treated
on the same level as commoners.
Russel von Rietsburg : Kurt, what are you... what are you saying? (0:08:15.59)
Kurt von Rietsburg : I am a chosen person! (0:08:19.81)
Kurt von Rietsburg : I am a special person! (0:08:22.39)
Kurt von Rietsburg : And yet everyone else
disrespects and defies me!
Kurt von Rietsburg : There's no way I can stand for that! (0:08:27.52)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Yeah, it's him . Everything started
going wrong after he showed up.
Kurt von Rietsburg : I can't do as I please with my girl, (0:08:36.70)
Kurt von Rietsburg : and moreover, if His Highness is taking
his side, it's all the more reason to--
Russel von Rietsburg : Kurt! (0:08:43.21)
Russel von Rietsburg : I can't turn a blind eye
to a statement like that!
Russel von Rietsburg : I'm going to have to think
about how to punish you!
Russel von Rietsburg : Somebody, lock Kurt in his room! (0:08:53.22)
Russel von Rietsburg : What's gotten into you, Kurt? (0:09:01.47)
EXTRA : "At the academy the next day" (0:09:08.31)
Shin Wolford : Kurt has been grounded? (0:09:10.57)
August von Earlshide : Yeah. Apparently, the Rietsburg family
contacted the academy this morning.
Shin Wolford : Listen, (0:09:17.45)
Shin Wolford : if I can ask, why does
Kurt have that attitude?
Shin Wolford : He's not allowed to throw the weight
of his family name around, right?
Julius von Littenheim : Honestly, we're at a loss, ourselves. (0:09:27.21)
Thor von Flegel : We went to the same
middle school that he did,
Thor von Flegel : but his behavior was
never anything like this.
August von Earlshide : He was pretty sure of himself,
but he was always a normal student.
Thor von Flegel : He did start acting differently after
he started going to Mr. Schtrom's lab.
August von Earlshide : Come to think of it, you're right. (0:09:46.14)
Shin Wolford : Schtrom? (0:09:48.31)
Thor von Flegel : In our third year of middle school, (0:09:49.86)
Thor von Flegel : he transferred in as a magic teacher,
claiming to be exiled from the empire.
August von Earlshide : He took anyone who was
half-decent with magic
August von Earlshide : and invited us all to come over
and visit his laboratory.
August von Earlshide : It sounded shady to us,
so we turned down his invitation.
Thor von Flegel : He might be blind, because he has
a patch covering both his eyes,
Thor von Flegel : but he acted normally. (0:10:10.83)
Thor von Flegel : He might have been using
a special kind of magic
Thor von Flegel : which let him sense inorganic
objects that had no magic.
Shin Wolford : A magician with an eyepatch over
both eyes, in exile from the empire?
EXTRA : "Rietsburg Estate, entry hall" (0:10:24.14)
Mrs. Rietsburg : Ah, Mr. Schtrom, thank you for coming over! (0:10:24.97)
Oliver Schtrom : It has been too long, Mrs. Rietsburg. (0:10:28.69)
Oliver Schtrom : How is your son doing? (0:10:31.90)
Mrs. Rietsburg : Oh, I don't know what is happening anymore! (0:10:33.89)
Mrs. Rietsburg : How could my boy end up like this? (0:10:38.36)
Mrs. Rietsburg : My husband is trying to discipline Kurt. (0:10:41.45)
Mrs. Rietsburg : The way things are going,
I'm afraid my boy will...
Oliver Schtrom : I see. He looked up to me as his teacher.
Oliver Schtrom : I'll go and have a word with him. (0:10:52.42)
Mrs. Rietsburg : Please do. You're the only one I can turn to. (0:10:54.50)
Mrs. Rietsburg : Please, bring him back to his senses! (0:10:58.01)
Oliver Schtrom : What's going on, Kurt? (0:11:07.02)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Mr. Schtrom? (0:11:10.31)
Oliver Schtrom : Well, isn't this a pretty pathetic sight? (0:11:13.81)
Oliver Schtrom : I told you that you're
somebody special, didn't I?
Kurt von Rietsburg : Yes. (0:11:25.70)
Oliver Schtrom : Your station and your abilities are special. (0:11:27.20)
Oliver Schtrom : There is nothing you can't obtain. (0:11:30.58)
Kurt von Rietsburg : But I didn't manage to get the girl! (0:11:33.54)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Because he ... Because he stood in my way! (0:11:36.71)
Oliver Schtrom : I see. So he is a hindrance to you, is he? (0:11:40.09)
Oliver Schtrom : Listen to me. I want you to teach
this hindrance a lesson.
Oliver Schtrom : You are special, after all. (0:11:53.35)
Oliver Schtrom : Kurt, (0:12:06.16)
Oliver Schtrom : dance as best you can for me. (0:12:08.04)
EXTRA : "School cafeteria" (0:12:19.51)
August von Earlshide : Shin, what are you going to do now
about coming and going to school?
Shin Wolford : What am I going to do? (0:12:26.51)
August von Earlshide : Kurt has been grounded at home. (0:12:28.26)
August von Earlshide : There's no longer any danger at the
academy or on the street now, right?
Shin Wolford : Well, I guess not. (0:12:33.81)
Shin Wolford : There might not be any
need for an escort now.
Sicily von Claude : I suppose that's true...
He's an escort, after all.
Shin Wolford : Then again, is there any harm walking
her to school not as an escort?
Shin Wolford : Our houses are in the same direction. (0:12:48.99)
Sicily von Claude : There's no reason why not! (0:12:50.91)
Sicily von Claude : Y-You're right! We do live
in the same direction!
Sicily von Claude : There's nothing weird about us
walking to school together!
Sicily von Claude : Ah! I beg your pardon... (0:13:01.88)
Maria von Messina : Jeez, Sizilien, are you ever overexcited. (0:13:04.68)
Sicily von Claude : I-I am not! (0:13:07.39)
August von Earlshide : Impressive, Shin. (0:13:08.97)
Shin Wolford : Huh? (0:13:10.31)
August von Earlshide : Saying "be with me" like that,
in front of everyone.
August von Earlshide : That's something I could never do. (0:13:13.98)
Shin Wolford : That isn't what I said, right? (0:13:17.27)
August von Earlshide : Well, all joking aside, walking to
school together is a good thing.
August von Earlshide : Klode and Messina are both
fine-looking young ladies.
August von Earlshide : They are bound to attract
some unsavory characters.
Shin Wolford : Well, if they ever do,
my search magic will detect them.
Maria von Messina : Huh? How so? (0:13:37.12)
Shin Wolford : How so? You can usually tell when someone
is directing ill will at you, right?
Thor von Flegel : No, we can't sense ill
will with search magic.
Shin Wolford : Well, um... Thor, have you
ever hunted a demon?
Thor von Flegel : No, of course I haven't. I just
barely got out of middle school.
Shin Wolford : The magic power of a demon is sort
of sinister, sort of gross, and not normal.
Shin Wolford : Regular people can have that vibe, too,
so you can distinguish them.
Thor von Flegel : So what you're saying is... (0:14:05.90)
Lyn Hughes : Wolford, you've hunted demons before? (0:14:07.53)
Shin Wolford : Yes, I have. (0:14:10.62)
Tony Freide : Just curious, how old were
you when you first did it?
Shin Wolford : Ten. (0:14:15.29)
EXTRA : Ten?! (0:14:16.16)
Shin Wolford : It was a bear, as I recall. (0:14:17.83)
EXTRA : A bear?! (0:14:19.75)
Shin Wolford : It was about three meters tall.
I cut off his head.
Shin Wolford : H-Huh? (0:14:27.68)
Shin Wolford : Have I done it again? (0:14:30.01)
EXTRA : "Yuri"
"Alice" "Lyn" "Thor" "Aug" "Tony"
Shin Wolford : Huh? Which part are you surprised at? (0:14:33.51)
EXTRA : All of it. (0:14:37.02)
Yuri Carlton : We have study group
orientation in the afternoon.
Alice Corner : But we've already decided we're going
to start the Ultimate Magic Study Group.
Yuri Carlton : It's a waste of time to have them
tell us about study groups
Yuri Carlton : that we have no intention of joining. (0:14:53.08)
Julius von Littenheim : Don't say that. If we all refuse
to participate, it will incur resentment.
Shin Wolford : There's ill will directed at us. (0:15:02.42)
Shin Wolford : Where is it coming from? (0:15:06.17)
Shin Wolford : Kurt! (0:15:12.93)
Shin Wolford : Damn it! (0:15:19.98)
Shin Wolford : Sizilien! Aug! Channel magic
energy into your uniforms!
Tony Freide : A magic barrier? (0:15:37.16)
Sicily von Claude : Shin, your hands! (0:15:40.41)
Shin Wolford : It's all right. My
auto-healing is kicking in.
Shin Wolford : I couldn't completely defend against it. (0:15:49.05)
Shin Wolford : It happened so fast,
my visualization was incomplete.
August von Earlshide : What's he doing here? (0:15:54.05)
Maria von Messina : I thought he was grounded. (0:15:56.22)
Shin Wolford : He was positively trying to kill us just now. (0:15:58.56)
August von Earlshide : Yeah, that was attempted murder. (0:16:01.27)
August von Earlshide : There's no way we can let this slide. (0:16:03.98)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Damn you, damn you, damn you,
damn you, damn you, damn you...
Kurt von Rietsburg : Damn you! (0:16:12.28)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Damn you! (0:16:15.20)
Shin Wolford : Hey, Aug, (0:16:17.99)
Shin Wolford : do you think he's in control? (0:16:20.00)
August von Earlshide : No, I don't. (0:16:22.96)
Shin Wolford : It's bad, right? (0:16:25.13)
August von Earlshide : Yeah, it's bad. (0:16:26.71)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Damn you, damn you, damn you, damn you! (0:16:28.00)
Shin Wolford : Are you for real?! (0:16:38.56)
Shin Wolford : He's demonized...! (0:16:44.06)
Shin Wolford : Aug, take the others and get out of here. (0:16:46.81)
August von Earlshide : Shin, you're not going to... (0:16:49.69)
Shin Wolford : I'll stop him one way or another. (0:16:51.61)
August von Earlshide : That's crazy! You get out of here, too! (0:16:53.78)
Shin Wolford : We can't let a demonoid
run loose in the capital.
August von Earlshide : Then I'll help you. (0:16:58.87)
Shin Wolford : What are you talking about?
You've never hunted a demon before.
August von Earlshide : So we're just in your way? (0:17:04.58)
Shin Wolford : Yeah. You're in the way. (0:17:09.67)
August von Earlshide : Is that right? (0:17:12.88)
August von Earlshide : We're getting out of here! (0:17:17.18)
Sicily von Claude : No way! We can't just
leave Shin here all alone!
August von Earlshide : We'll only slow him down! (0:17:21.68)
Sicily von Claude : But...! (0:17:23.35)
August von Earlshide : Messina, take Klode away,
even if you have to drag her away!
Maria von Messina : R-Right! (0:17:27.15)
Maria von Messina : Sizilien! (0:17:28.69)
August von Earlshide : The rest of you, hurry up! (0:17:31.03)
August von Earlshide : You two, go tell the teachers
about this, right now.
Julius von Littenheim : --Yes, Highness!
--Yes, Highness!
Thor von Flegel : --Yes, Highness!
--Yes, Highness!
Shin Wolford : Let's do this, Kurt! (0:17:43.62)
Shin Wolford : Huh? Did that actually do some damage? (0:18:04.56)
Shin Wolford : I was just trying to slow him down. (0:18:07.19)
Kurt von Rietsburg : Wolford, damn you! (0:18:13.82)
Shin Wolford : A demonoid that can speak? (0:18:18.41)
Shin Wolford : This isn't like what Grandpa told me about. (0:18:20.57)
Shin Wolford : I thought demonoids were supposed
to lose all sense of reason.
Kurt von Rietsburg : I'll kill you! I will kill you, Wolford! (0:18:25.87)
Shin Wolford : It really is hurting him. (0:18:40.51)
Shin Wolford : Which means that he hasn't
totally become a demonoid.
Shin Wolford : Then there ought to be
a way to turn him back.
Shin Wolford : If I can control the out-of-control magic
that is demonizing Kurt...
Kurt von Rietsburg : Wolford! (0:18:58.78)
Shin Wolford : It can't be! (0:19:05.49)
Shin Wolford : He's gathering up magical power
into himself to create an explosion!
Shin Wolford : I won't let you! (0:19:10.50)
Shin Wolford : Damn! With that much magic power,
he'll blow up the whole academy!
Kurt von Rietsburg : It's over! (0:19:19.09)
Shin Wolford : What do I do? What should I do? (0:19:20.68)
Shin Wolford : There's no more time. (0:19:27.52)
Shin Wolford : Forgive me, Kurt! (0:19:38.49)
Shin Wolford : I've never killed a person before... (0:20:04.68)
Shin Wolford : Damn it, what's going on? What is going on? (0:20:09.81)
August von Earlshide : Are you all right, Shin?! (0:20:15.48)
Sicily von Claude : Shin! Are you... Are you hurt?! (0:20:22.53)
Shin Wolford : No, I'm fine. (0:20:26.58)
Maria von Messina : I can't believe you actually
defeated a demonoid.
Shin Wolford : You guys all watched that? (0:20:33.46)
August von Earlshide : Yeah. (0:20:35.38)
Shin Wolford : Wasn't there anything else I could do? (0:20:41.13)
Shin Wolford : He was stalking you, Sizilien... (0:20:45.43)
Shin Wolford : ...and even turned into a demonoid... (0:20:49.06)
Shin Wolford : But even so... (0:20:52.81)
Sicily von Claude : Shin... (0:20:54.44)
August von Earlshide : Shin, things are going
to get rough for you now.
Shin Wolford : Huh? (0:22:38.58)
August von Earlshide : This is the second demonoid
appearance in all of history.
August von Earlshide : It's a huge deal, and will
shake the whole kingdom,
August von Earlshide : but you resolved it just like that . (0:22:46.01)
Julius von Littenheim : Your Highness! (0:22:47.34)
Thor von Flegel : Are you all right? (0:22:49.59)
EXTRA : We got a report of a demonoid! (0:22:51.01)
EXTRA : Where is the demonoid? (0:22:53.35)
August von Earlshide : He's the one lying over there. (0:22:55.68)
EXTRA : You don't mean... (0:23:00.65)
EXTRA : You don't mean you brought him down?! (0:23:01.98)
August von Earlshide : No, it wasn't me. (0:23:04.98)
August von Earlshide : Listen up, everyone! (0:23:07.32)
August von Earlshide : The demonoid was brought down (0:23:09.74)
August von Earlshide : by Shin Wolford, grandson
of Merlin the Wise Man!
EXTRA : He took down a demonoid by himself?! (0:23:19.04)
EXTRA : That's the wise man's grandson for you! (0:23:21.25)
EXTRA : Our new hero! (0:23:23.75)
EXTRA : Shin Wolford! (0:23:25.34)
EXTRA : Shin! Shin! Shin! Shin! (0:23:27.13)
Shin Wolford : Uh, no, I mean... (0:23:31.55)
Shin Wolford : Is this what he meant by "rough"? (0:23:36.56)

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Wise Man's Grandchild

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