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EXTRA : Is that true? (0:00:03.73)
EXTRA : You asked these ruffians for help? (0:00:05.60)
EXTRA : That's what the
Hero Association decided to do?
Sitch : That's right! (0:00:10.99)
Sitch : We must come together as one to scale
the wall that humanity is now facing!
Sitch : We currently have 390 C Class,
101 B Class, 38 A Class, and 17 S Class heroes!
Sitch : That's clearly not enough! (0:00:26.21)
Sitch : I'm not asking you to do this for free! (0:00:27.96)
Sitch : As long as you take care of the monsters,
I'll make sure that you're compensated!
EXTRA : Don't bother. It's a waste of money. (0:00:33.76)
EXTRA : When it comes down to it, none of these
fools are going to be worth anything.
EXTRA : I can't let that comment slide. (0:00:41.57)
EXTRA : I'm pretty sure I've killed
more guys than you.
EXTRA : Wanna try me? (0:00:46.56)
EXTRA : These fools... (0:00:47.56)
EXTRA : lack conviction! (0:00:50.52)
Sitch : B-But... (0:00:53.15)
Garo : Oh, come on. (0:00:54.84)
Garo : This thing is spot-on... Totally spot-on. (0:00:56.07)
Garo : This so-called great
prophecy really nailed it.
Garo : Guess they knew that the worst threat
level, God level, would be upon us.
Garo : The old guy's right. (0:01:05.37)
Garo : Even if everyone here worked together,
you wouldn't be able to kill me.
Sitch : Huh? And who are you? (0:01:11.25)
Garo : I'm Garo. I trained because
I admired monsters,
Garo : and I've crushed one dojo after another. (0:01:17.73)
Garo : Well, what's the holdup? (0:01:20.84)
Garo : Come at me all at once. (0:01:22.68)
Garo : Let's find out who's the strongest. (0:01:25.25)
Garo : That's why I came here. (0:01:27.31)
Sitch : Don't. This is nonsense. (0:01:30.06)
Garo : Nonsense? (0:01:31.69)
Sitch : I've had enough of you. You can leave. (0:01:32.85)
Garo : Is that how you treat your guests,
Mr. Lawman of Justice?
Garo : Welp, I've made up my mind.
Cowards need to be punished.
Garo : I'm about to commit an evil deed (0:01:43.08)
Garo : and have myself a massacre party. (0:01:45.29)
Sitch : I'm very sorry to bother you
three, but it's time to work.
Sitch : Show him the door. (0:01:50.17)
EXTRA : With pleasure. (0:01:51.34)
Garo : Come on, old man. Are you sure
you hit me with conviction?
Garo : You don't actually need that
if you're strong, though.
Garo : Moron! (0:02:13.07)
EXTRA : Not bad! (0:02:17.97)
EXTRA : Great job! Kick their asses even more! (0:02:19.28)
Garo : Huh? What the hell are you
riffraff talking about?
Garo : You're all going to die, too. (0:02:24.87)
EXTRA : What'd you say?! (0:02:26.50)
EXTRA : You're one of us, too! (0:02:27.73)
Garo : You're wrong. Heroes always arrive late,
but monsters are always first to the party.
Garo : They show up out of the blue for no reason. (0:02:35.21)
Garo : Listen up. You're all on the human side. (0:02:38.05)
Garo : I'm on the monster side. (0:02:41.03)
EXTRA : A human calling himself a
monster? You pathetic fool.
EXTRA : I'll send you to a fiery grave! (0:02:47.68)
Garo : I do enjoy little tricks like this, (0:02:57.72)
Garo : but it's a bit embarrassing when
you know how they work.
EXTRA : That bastard... (0:03:02.70)
Sitch : Yes. The multi-purpose hall on floor 7
of the central tower of Headquarters.
Sitch : Send all the heroes currently
in HQ at once. All of them!
Garo : Taking on a group of Class S heroes
would sorta suck right now.
Garo : Then again, I think this will suffice
for the debut show of the monster Garo.
Garo : You can consider this a declaration of war. (0:03:27.39)
Garo : I'll return in six months, even stronger. (0:03:29.93)
Garo : See ya. (0:03:36.75)
Blizzard of Hell : You know what you have to do? (0:05:11.66)
Eyelashes : Yes, ma'am! (0:05:12.91)
Wild Monkey : Yes, ma'am! (0:05:12.91)
EXTRA : Class Rank 2
Blizzard of Hell : What are we going to do
if he cops an attitude?
Wild Monkey : We'll make sure he can never
cop an attitude again!
Blizzard of Hell : Very good. (0:05:23.67)
Eyelashes : Yes, Lady Blizzard! (0:05:24.97)
Wild Monkey : Yes, Lady Blizzard! (0:05:24.97)
EXTRA : Human Monster (0:05:27.93)
Genos : Your rank has increased to
Class B Rank 7, Master Saitama.
Genos : I've increased to Class S Rank 14. (0:05:32.82)
Saitama : All I'm doing is pummeling
monsters I stumble across.
Saitama : I've gone up that much? (0:05:39.52)
Genos : Well, monsters are appearing
on a daily basis now.
Genos : Even though you defeat monsters, you aren't
reporting them to the Hero Association.
Genos : Your rank is still increasing,
though, so that must mean
Genos : there are witnesses reporting your
victories to the association.
Genos : That means you're becoming more
recognized as a hero among the masses.
Genos : I think you might even have a
fan club soon, Master Saitama.
Saitama : Yeah, right. You're Class S,
and you don't have a fan club.
Genos : Actually, I do have a fan club. (0:06:10.53)
Saitama : Seriously? (0:06:13.20)
Genos : I detect something approaching. (0:06:15.37)
Genos : Humans can't move that
fast. Is it a monster?
Saitama : Oh, hey. An item. (0:06:20.10)
Genos : Master seems a bit busy,
so I'll go fight it.
Genos : This will be the perfect opportunity
to test out my new parts.
Genos : Show yourself. (0:06:31.61)
Genos : A human? (0:06:34.35)
Genos : What do you want? (0:06:35.33)
Speed of Sound Sonic : Tell Saitama to get out here.
I know he lives here.
Genos : Are you an acquaintance of Master Saitama's? (0:06:41.25)
Speed of Sound Sonic : I've run into you before. (0:06:43.38)
Speed of Sound Sonic : I'm Speed-o'-Sound Sonic.
I'm Saitama's rival.
Speed of Sound Sonic : I've come here today to settle the score.
If you understand, then stand aside.
Genos : Speed-o'-Sound Sonic?
So it's you, you freak.
Genos : You have the nerve to claim
that you're Master's rival?
Genos : Shameless. (0:07:00.50)
Genos : Take another step and you'll be eliminated. (0:07:01.44)
Speed of Sound Sonic : You're the one who's going
to be eliminated, sidekick.
Saitama : C-Crap... I accidentally
saved over King's save data.
EXTRA : 20 Minutes Later (0:07:11.84)
Saitama : I totally took this without asking, too... (0:07:16.04)
Saitama : Eh, it's fine. (0:07:18.67)
Saitama : No, I guess it's not... Well, shit. (0:07:20.28)
Eyelashes : Class B Rank 7 hero Saitama!
Come out at once!
Eyelashes : Class B Rank 1 hero Lady Hellish
Blizzard would like to speak with you!
Saitama : Oh, yeah, I don't need the newspaper. (0:07:35.34)
Eyelashes : We're not salesmen!
We're heroes who outrank you!
Blizzard of Hell : It's a pleasure to meet you,
Mr. Saitama, the newbie.
Blizzard of Hell : I am Hellish Blizzard... and I'm sure
I need no further introduction.
Saitama : Uh, yeah, I have no idea who you are. (0:07:49.99)
Saitama : Who are you? (0:07:51.65)
Eyelashes : She's Class B Rank 1! (0:07:53.14)
Saitama : Oh, I see. Good work, I guess. (0:07:55.33)
Saitama : So, what's up? (0:07:58.06)
Wild Monkey : This guy's attitude is huge! (0:08:01.17)
Eyelashes : It appears you're underestimating
us, so let me just warn you...
Eyelashes : It's customary for anyone (0:08:06.49)
Eyelashes : who makes it to Class B to
come greet Lady Blizzard first.
EXTRA : Emergency Alarm (0:08:10.51)
Saitama : Greet her? (0:08:11.77)
Saitama : Heya. I'm Saitama. (0:08:16.58)
Saitama : Pleasure. (0:08:19.07)
Blizzard of Hell : Whatever. (0:08:22.11)
Blizzard of Hell : Did you know there are several factions
within the Hero Association?
Saitama : Factions? (0:08:27.69)
Blizzard of Hell : You're not going to survive in this
business unless you join a faction.
Saitama : Uh, what are you talking about? (0:08:34.03)
Blizzard of Hell : I'm telling you that you can't
climb the ranks on your own.
Saitama : Why, though? (0:08:38.29)
Blizzard of Hell : Because people will get in your way. (0:08:38.99)
Saitama : Who? (0:08:40.36)
Blizzard of Hell : Your rivals! (0:08:41.26)
Saitama : I don't really know what you're talking
about, but I'm busy right now, so...
Blizzard of Hell : I'm not through talking to you yet. (0:08:46.18)
Blizzard of Hell : Join me. (0:08:48.76)
Blizzard of Hell : Then I'll let you have a
high-ranking position in Class B.
Saitama : Huh? (0:08:56.67)
Saitama : Ah... (0:08:58.39)
Saitama : That's what's going on. (0:09:00.05)
Saitama : So if I decline, you guys
are going to get in my way?
Saitama : Are you threatening all the
members of Class B like this?
Saitama : What are you, a gang leader? (0:09:08.06)
Blizzard of Hell : No, I only invite the heroes
I see potential in.
Saitama : Are you scared that I'm going
to take Rank 1 from you?
Saitama : Don't worry. I'll be in Class A in no time. (0:09:17.12)
Saitama : Actually, why don't you go to Class A? (0:09:20.61)
Blizzard of Hell : Hurry up and give me your answer. (0:09:23.51)
Saitama : Of course, I decline. (0:09:25.65)
Saitama : Heroes shouldn't care about hierarchy. (0:09:27.63)
Blizzard of Hell : Eyelashes! Wild Monkey! (0:09:30.13)
Eyelashes : Yes, ma'am! (0:09:31.80)
Wild Monkey : Yes, ma'am! (0:09:31.80)
Blizzard of Hell : Hurt him so bad that he'll never
be able to play hero again!
Saitama : You're not gonna survive like that, (0:09:46.25)
Saitama : Blizzard. (0:09:49.18)
Blizzard of Hell : So you insist on getting in my way... (0:09:51.15)
Saitama : What is this? ESP? (0:10:02.74)
Blizzard of Hell : Precisely. You don't seem very surprised. (0:10:06.48)
Saitama : You're gonna fight me by making
some rocks and pebbles float around?
Saitama : I wouldn't do that. (0:10:12.84)
Blizzard of Hell : I can tell you're mocking me. (0:10:13.67)
Blizzard of Hell : Well, you're going to regret that. (0:10:15.82)
Blizzard of Hell : I'm gonna kill you so bad,
you'll wish you were dead!
Blizzard of Hell : Hellstorm! (0:10:20.12)
Blizzard of Hell : This is a cruel attack that
rends flesh, shatters bones,
Blizzard of Hell : and breaks my opponent's
spirit in an instant.
Blizzard of Hell : You brought this upon yourself,
because you dared to surpass me.
Blizzard of Hell : I'm number one! Anyone who gets in my way... (0:10:38.41)
Saitama : So you're crazy. You don't belong on top. (0:10:41.90)
Blizzard of Hell : ...will be crushed! (0:10:44.45)
Saitama : You don't really understand what a hero is. (0:10:46.39)
Saitama : There are so many extremely
powerful villains in this world.
Saitama : A hero is someone who
takes on those villains.
Saitama : Even if they're all alone. (0:10:56.30)
Saitama : You gather lackeys that are weaker
than you so you'll feel strong,
Saitama : so you're not cut out for it. (0:11:00.76)
Saitama : You're going to cry someday. (0:11:03.53)
Saitama : Factions? Crushing newbies? (0:11:05.22)
Saitama : Securing your rank? (0:11:07.56)
Saitama : None of that matters. (0:11:09.01)
Saitama : Don't underestimate heroes, you jerk. (0:11:11.06)
Blizzard of Hell : Shut your mouth! (0:11:13.52)
Blizzard of Hell : What could you possibly know about me?! (0:11:14.60)
Saitama : Huh? (0:11:37.86)
Blizzard of Hell : Wh-What just... Ow... (0:11:46.87)
Genos : I was chasing a mouse around, (0:11:50.69)
Genos : but I somehow ended up in front
of Master's residence again.
Blizzard of Hell : That's the S Class Genos.
What's he doing here?
Genos : I apologize, Master Saitama. It's gotten
rather dusty outside your place.
Saitama : I think this is a little
more than just dust!
Saitama : I thought I just saw
Sonic for a split second.
Saitama : What the hell are you two doing? (0:12:13.12)
Blizzard of Hell : You've got connections with S Class heroes? (0:12:15.96)
Saitama : Huh? You mean Genos? (0:12:18.21)
Genos : I'm Master Saitama's disciple. (0:12:20.41)
Blizzard of Hell : D-Disciple? (0:12:22.51)
Blizzard of Hell : An S Class, a B Class's disciple? (0:12:24.70)
Genos : You're B Class Rank 1... (0:12:26.56)
Genos : Hellish Blizzard. (0:12:28.26)
Genos : I see. (0:12:30.05)
Genos : So you've finally made Master a
target of your newbie crushing.
Genos : And now, the tables have
turned and you almost died.
Saitama : No... We both just got caught
up in your attack just now.
Genos : I see. I do apologize about th— (0:12:44.51)
Speed of Sound Sonic : Exploding Shuriken! (0:12:46.20)
Blizzard of Hell : A monster?! (0:12:49.98)
Saitama : Not exactly, but... (0:12:50.62)
Saitama : It's starting to get crowded,
so you should go already.
Genos : You could throw a hundred of these
at me. They won't do a thing.
Speed of Sound Sonic : You haven't even been able to hit
me once, so stop talking big,
Speed of Sound Sonic : you stupid puppet. (0:13:02.36)
Speed of Sound Sonic : Saitama, make sure you watch closely! (0:13:06.61)
Speed of Sound Sonic : After I turn your disciple
into scraps, you're next!
Blizzard of Hell : Such murderous intent... (0:13:12.11)
Blizzard of Hell : And he radiates combat skill
just by standing there.
Blizzard of Hell : This guy's dangerous. (0:13:18.78)
Genos : Master, this guy is an annoying stalker. (0:13:20.32)
Genos : I'll make sure he disappears so that
he can never come back again.
Speed of Sound Sonic : As if a slowpoke like you
could ever erase me.
Speed of Sound Sonic : You still intend to fight me
with that level of ability?
Genos : When did I ever show you my true abilities? (0:13:33.87)
Genos : You lose. (0:13:36.83)
Genos : Accelerate. (0:13:53.97)
Saitama : Genos is a little faster from
the last time we messed around.
Saitama : Huh? Did he get new parts? (0:14:01.20)
Blizzard of Hell : I can't see them at all. (0:14:04.66)
Speed of Sound Sonic : Why do you keep going behind me? (0:14:15.22)
Speed of Sound Sonic : Does this brat think he's
actually faster than me?
Genos : You had some lint in your hair. (0:14:24.20)
Speed of Sound Sonic : Why, you little— (0:14:29.43)
Genos : You let your guard down,
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic.
Genos : Machinegun Blows! (0:14:33.85)
Genos : He dodged? (0:14:37.27)
Genos : What?! (0:14:39.19)
Speed of Sound Sonic : You pathetic fool. (0:14:40.99)
Speed of Sound Sonic : How does it feel to hit nothing but air? (0:14:42.92)
Speed of Sound Sonic : My special footwork and fast
movement create an afterimage.
Speed of Sound Sonic : I call it Fourfold Funeral! (0:14:50.95)
Speed of Sound Sonic : Die! Scatterflash Slash! (0:14:54.41)
Genos : I can't see his movements. (0:14:57.95)
Genos : Then I'll just have to
blast this whole area!
Genos : Incineration Cannons! Full power! (0:15:03.65)
Blizzard of Hell : Is it over? (0:15:07.31)
Speed of Sound Sonic : I won? No... (0:15:10.31)
Speed of Sound Sonic : He collapsed before I cut him. (0:15:12.46)
Speed of Sound Sonic : Saitama, you saved your disciple? (0:15:16.62)
Speed of Sound Sonic : You're too soft. (0:15:19.67)
Saitama : It'd suck if he set off any more
explosions in front of my house.
Saitama : Besides, there's no reason
for you two to fight.
Saitama : Genos, are your parts supposed to be
used in some stupid street brawl?
Saitama : I'm the one Sonic's after. (0:15:31.10)
Saitama : You're persistent, so I'll fight
you seriously once in a while.
EXTRA : Menacing (0:15:36.33)
Saitama : Come at me. (0:15:39.24)
Speed of Sound Sonic : I've been waiting for this moment! (0:15:41.75)
Speed of Sound Sonic : I've developed the ultimate
technique just to finish you off!
Speed of Sound Sonic : And now I'll show you! (0:15:47.69)
Saitama : Yeah, go for it. (0:15:49.13)
Speed of Sound Sonic : Ultimate technique! Tenfold Funeral! (0:15:50.67)
Genos : Ten afterimages?! (0:15:55.72)
Genos : He's a joke, but he must've
trained like crazy!
Blizzard of Hell : His combat skills are definitely Class S. (0:16:00.92)
Blizzard of Hell : As a B Class hero,
Saitama shouldn't stand a chance...
Blizzard of Hell : But... (0:16:08.28)
Speed of Sound Sonic : I always feel like I don't stand
a chance when I face you.
Speed of Sound Sonic : I need to win so I can get
rid of that mentality...
Speed of Sound Sonic : or I'll never be able to move on from this! (0:16:17.28)
Saitama : Killer Move: Serious Series... (0:16:19.68)
Saitama : Serious Sideways Jumps! (0:16:23.45)
EXTRA : Hurgh (0:16:25.60)
Speed of Sound Sonic : Hurgh! (0:16:25.71)
Speed of Sound Sonic : Wh-What did you just— (0:16:34.37)
Saitama : I just passed by while doing sideways jumps. (0:16:36.45)
Speed of Sound Sonic : Damn it... A powerful shock wave
and countless afterimages...
Speed of Sound Sonic : He was faster than me! (0:16:43.76)
Speed of Sound Sonic : I'll get you next time... (0:16:45.81)
Genos : Is he dead? (0:16:48.23)
Saitama : No, I didn't kill him. (0:16:50.02)
Blizzard of Hell : He's too strong. (0:16:53.03)
Blizzard of Hell : This isn't normal. (0:16:56.77)
Blizzard of Hell : I couldn't be number one. (0:17:01.45)
Blizzard of Hell : Not in intelligence,
physical strength, practical smarts,
Blizzard of Hell : or natural psychic ability... (0:17:07.99)
Blizzard of Hell : I was supposed to be someone
who stood at the top...
Blizzard of Hell : If it weren't for her. (0:17:15.21)
Blizzard of Hell : My older sister and the strongest esper... (0:17:18.47)
Blizzard of Hell : Tornado. (0:17:22.42)
EXTRA : S Class Rank 2 (0:17:23.33)
Blizzard of Hell : Because of my sister, I've never been
number one at anything in my whole life.
Blizzard of Hell : That's why, when I became Class B Rank 1, (0:17:32.58)
Blizzard of Hell : I decided that I would stay at this rank, (0:17:35.65)
Blizzard of Hell : manipulate heroes under Class B into a group, (0:17:37.50)
EXTRA : Sun Man (0:17:38.99)
Blizzard of Hell : and surpass my sister, who
always worked on her own.
Genos : That stupid brat—
Terrible Tornado is S Class.
Genos : Why don't you just aim
for Class A Rank 1, then?
Blizzard of Hell : Class A is impossible. (0:17:49.25)
Blizzard of Hell : It's not impossible to get in
the upper ranks of Class A,
Blizzard of Hell : but I won't make it to Rank 1. (0:17:54.04)
Blizzard of Hell : There's no way. (0:17:56.38)
Blizzard of Hell : Class A Rank 4 Bushi Drill. (0:17:58.20)
Blizzard of Hell : Class A Rank 3 Okama Itachi. (0:18:00.29)
Blizzard of Hell : Class A Rank 2 Iaian. (0:18:02.72)
EXTRA : Class A Rank 4
Bushi Drill
EXTRA : Class A Rank 3 Okama Itachi (0:18:04.33b)
Blizzard of Hell : These three swordsmen are disciples of
the S Class hero Atomic Samurai,
Blizzard of Hell : and there's a reason they can't
become S Class heroes...
Blizzard of Hell : The man who's Rank 1 in Class A...
Handsome Kamen Amai Mask.
Blizzard of Hell : No one can surpass him. (0:18:16.58)
Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask : You must be Suppon. The savage
they found in an ice floe,
Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask : who was thawed and returned to life. (0:18:23.18)
Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask : You escaped the laboratory and started
attacking anyone who came close to you.
Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask : A villain. (0:18:32.05)
Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask : The Hero Association asked
me to take you in alive...
Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask : But I'm not that soft. (0:18:36.31)
EXTRA : A Class Rank 1 (0:18:38.74)
Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask : Pipe down. (0:18:45.62)
EXTRA : Amai Mask! (0:18:54.36)
EXTRA : You're the best! (0:18:56.29)
EXTRA : You're so strong! (0:18:57.42)
Blizzard of Hell : There are a lot of monsters in this
world that are beyond human reasoning.
Blizzard of Hell : You're quite the monster yourself, (0:19:04.01)
Blizzard of Hell : but you're no match for
Handsome Mask or my sister.
Blizzard of Hell : There's also the strongest
man in the world, King,
Blizzard of Hell : and the person who stands
atop the hero world, Blast.
Blizzard of Hell : They're monsters even among monsters. (0:19:14.52)
Blizzard of Hell : It's difficult for us to move
up the ranks on our own.
Blizzard of Hell : So what's wrong with creating factions? (0:19:20.91)
EXTRA : Sun Man (0:19:22.51)
Saitama : Nothing, really. (0:19:23.67)
Saitama : I just have no intention of
becoming one of your lackeys.
Blizzard of Hell : Just because you're a little strong? (0:19:28.58)
Blizzard of Hell : You'll never make it to the top. (0:19:30.81)
Blizzard of Hell : I was trying to be nice when
I invited you to my faction.
King : Hey, Saitama. (0:19:37.88)
King : Did you happen to take my video game? (0:19:41.57)
Blizzard of Hell : K-K-K-King?! (0:19:44.31)
Saitama : My bad. I did. (0:19:46.10)
King : I knew it. Give it back. (0:19:48.29)
Saitama : Uh... I really am sorry. (0:19:50.57)
King : It's fine, as long as you return it. (0:19:52.17)
Saitama : I erased your save data. (0:19:54.66)
King : Huh? Did you just say something? (0:19:55.57)
Blizzard of Hell : Why? Why does an S Class look like
he's having fun with a B Class?
Genos : Master doesn't team up with anyone, (0:20:00.92)
Genos : nor does he compare himself to anyone. (0:20:03.52)
Genos : He doesn't care about ranks. (0:20:05.44)
Saitama : Sorry. (0:20:07.01)
King : Nah, it's okay. (0:20:07.97)
King : Whoa, the button's smashed in. (0:20:09.47)
Genos : But he attracts strong people. (0:20:11.71)
Blizzard of Hell : Maybe I could join them... (0:20:14.91)
Genos : Because... (0:20:17.45)
Genos : He's strong. (0:20:19.67)
EXTRA : S Class Rank 14 Genos and
B Class Rank 7 Saitama.
EXTRA : Do we agree on their hero names? (0:21:59.28)
EXTRA : No objections! (0:22:02.90)
EXTRA : Because Genos aggressively attacks
the most heinous monsters,
EXTRA : his hero name is Demon Cyborg. (0:22:08.60)
EXTRA : And based on his appearance,
Saitama's hero name is Bald Cape!
EXTRA : People who want to become heroes
love getting proper hero names!
EXTRA : I'm sure they'll be thrilled. (0:22:19.09)
EXTRA : Let's look forward to the future endeavors
of Demon Cyborg and Bald Cape!
Sitch : They spent two hours on
names no one cares about.
Sitch : But the meeting concerning Garo
was finished in fifteen minutes.
Sitch : Those idiotic optimists! (0:22:37.29)
EXTRA : You mean the crazy guy who called himself
a monster and caused some trouble?
EXTRA : Don't panic, Sitch. (0:22:43.71)
EXTRA : S Class Rank 3 Silverfang is currently
pursuing that human monster.
EXTRA : There's no reason to worry with
that old man on the case.
EXTRA : If all else fails, we still
have Tornado and Blast.
EXTRA : In the end, he's only human, Sitch. (0:22:57.81)
EXTRA : I'm sure he has nothing
to do with the prophecy.
Sitch : Damn it! Is that all we really
need to do to deal with Garo?
EXTRA : Damn it... Wh-Who the hell are you? (0:23:09.61)
EXTRA : I'm an A Class hero. (0:23:13.75)
EXTRA : Why are you attacking me? (0:23:15.95)
Garo : A Class Rank 9 Tank-Top Vegetarian. (0:23:17.67)
Garo : I spotted you by chance,
so I decided to go after you,
Garo : but I'm seriously disappointed
at how weak you are!
EXTRA : I hope you're prepared. (0:23:25.67)
EXTRA : I'll show you what happens when
you make a hero your enemy...
Garo : Looking forward to it... (0:23:34.06)
Garo : Fighting a monster class hero, that is. (0:23:37.79)
EXTRA : The Hunt Begins (0:23:44.98)

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