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Rook Holmes : Have the player killers left
all the hunting grounds?
Ray Starling : Yeah. (0:00:14.37)
Rook Holmes : You said Figaro would figure something
out about the PKs in the south.
Rook Holmes : I wonder if he did anything
to clear out the others, too.
Ray Starling : Highly unlikely. (0:00:26.70)
Rook Holmes : Why's that? (0:00:28.70)
Ray Starling : Since he's based in Duel City, (0:00:30.04)
Ray Starling : he'd likely open up the southern
grounds, on the way there.
Ray Starling : But he has no reason
to clear out any other area.
Nemesis : He did say it was a bother
that the road there was blocked.
Rook Holmes : So why did all the other PKs vanish off the map? (0:00:43.87)
Ray Starling : Either they retreated once
the southern group got done in...
Babylon : Or... (0:00:51.83)
Ray Starling : Or someone else just happened
to defeat them at the same time.
Rook Holmes : I see. (0:00:58.54)
Marie Adler : And you've hit the nail on the head! (0:00:59.87)
Rook Holmes : "Chapter 3: Superior"
Um... and you are?
Marie Adler : "Chapter 3: Superior"
Oh, I beg your pardon!
Marie Adler : This is who I am. (0:02:42.16)
EXTRA : "Name: Marie Adler"
"Job: Journalist"
"Affiliation: DIN"
Ray Starling : "Name: Marie Adler"
"Job: Journalist"
"Affiliation: DIN"
Marie Adler... and your job is Journalist.
Ray Starling : "Name: Marie Adler"
"Job: Journalist"
"Affiliation: DIN"
What's "DIN"?
Marie Adler : It stands for "Dendrogram Information Network." (0:02:51.41)
Marie Adler : In old-school lingo, we're newshounds. (0:02:55.79)
Marie Adler : If I'm being fancy,
we're a borderless information agency.
Nemesis : Do you know the facts here? (0:03:01.33)
Marie Adler : Yeah! Want to hear 'em? (0:03:03.83)
Marie Adler : Information isn't free, you know. (0:03:07.62)
Ray Starling : I'll pay. (0:03:12.58)
Rook Holmes : Oh, Ray, I'll cover half. (0:03:13.83)
Marie Adler : Much obliged! (0:03:18.45)
Marie Adler : Let's start at the end. (0:03:20.45)
Marie Adler : The bands of player killers that had
occupied the hunting grounds
Marie Adler : in all four corners of the kingdom
are now paying the penalty for dying.
Ray Starling : Bands? (0:03:30.16)
Marie Adler : That's right. (0:03:31.20)
Marie Adler : K&R in the east, Mad Castle in the south,
and Goblin Street in the west:
Marie Adler : "Mad Castle"
K&R in the east, Mad Castle in the south,
and Goblin Street in the west:
Marie Adler : "Goblin Street"
"Mad Castle"
K&R in the east, Mad Castle in the south,
and Goblin Street in the west:
Marie Adler : "Goblin Street"
"Mad Castle"
These three PK clans had staked their claims.
Ray Starling : Huh? What about the north, where I was killed? (0:03:40.87)
Nemesis : And who defeated them? (0:03:43.41)
Marie Adler : Masters who'd evolved their
Embryos to their seventh form.
Marie Adler : These four Superiors,
affiliated with the Kingdom of Altar,
Marie Adler : sprang into action to wipe out
the player killer clans.
Ray Starling : Superiors... (0:03:57.12)
Marie Adler : King of Destruction, the Unknown. (0:03:58.54)
Marie Adler : Figaro, the Endless Chain. (0:04:01.25)
Marie Adler : Tsukuyo Fuso of the Lunar World. (0:04:03.04)
Marie Adler : Lei-Lei, the Prodigal of Feasts. (0:04:05.37)
Marie Adler : Each of these four wiped out one clan apiece. (0:04:07.62)
Ray Starling : What's this? (0:04:15.12)
Marie Adler : A video, of sorts. (0:04:15.95)
Marie Adler : What you are about to see
are certain portions of this event.
Marie Adler : Let's start in the south, shall we? (0:04:24.29)
EXTRA : That's right--run! (0:04:32.66)
EXTRA : Do just one point of damage to me,
boy, and I'll let you go.
EXTRA : Our boss is one mean dude! (0:04:55.66)
EXTRA : He sure is! (0:04:58.58)
EXTRA : He's using Damage Decrease
and Damage Reduction--
EXTRA : try as he might, that kid'll never do
a lick of damage to the ol' bossman.
EXTRA : Okay, time's up! (0:05:12.20)
EXTRA : Damn , I love being a player killer! (0:05:22.66)
EXTRA : That 10K lir per player is pretty sweet! (0:05:26.87)
EXTRA : But we ain't gettin' many players lately.
Mebbe they're scared.
EXTRA : I know the gang out east
is twiddlin' their thumbs.
EXTRA : The western gang is still hunting
tians, too. Business is booming!
EXTRA : That bunch is so nuts, it's scary. (0:05:43.41)
EXTRA : I'm more interested in the north. (0:05:46.16)
EXTRA : The north? Let's see, um... (0:05:48.12)
EXTRA : There's no gang in the north--
it's just one person.
EXTRA : --And their name is-- (0:05:54.16)
EXTRA : --Boss!
--And their name is--
EXTRA : Fresh meat incoming! (0:05:56.41)
EXTRA : Ah! Send them our way. (0:05:58.87)
EXTRA : Roger that! This one looks real-- (0:06:00.66)
EXTRA : "Joke α has logged out as a penalty for dying" (0:06:05.37)
EXTRA : "Joke α has logged out as a penalty for dying"
Joke α has logged out as a penalty for dying.
EXTRA : Huh? True to your name, eh, Jo-- (0:06:09.37)
EXTRA : --Loward Beltmars has logged out
as a penalty for dying.
EXTRA : --Dread Murdaw has logged out
as a penalty for dying.
--Loward Beltmars has logged out
as a penalty for dying.
EXTRA : "Killing Intent Perception" (0:06:18.41)
EXTRA : Astro Guard! (0:06:18.66)
EXTRA : Tch. Instant defeat. (0:06:23.04)
EXTRA : Still, what can damage a foe who's quintupled
his defense with Astro Guard?
EXTRA : This chain attack... (0:06:30.79)
Figaro : So many roadblocks today. (0:06:36.37)
EXTRA : The Over Gladiator--Figaro! (0:06:39.50)
Figaro : Are you an Armor Giant?
You've got great defense.
Figaro : You don't see that kind of toughness very often. (0:06:47.87)
Figaro : Is your Embryo built for defense, too? (0:06:50.33)
Figaro : Looks like I've taken care
of all the other player killers.
Figaro : Oh, and... you're their boss? (0:07:00.37)
EXTRA : What if I am? (0:07:04.20)
Figaro : I just want to get traffic moving here again, (0:07:06.04)
Figaro : so if you retreat, I'll let you live. (0:07:10.12)
EXTRA : Equipping multiples of special
Unique Boss Monster weapons
EXTRA : like it's no big deal... (0:07:18.62)
EXTRA : Can't steal them--it'd be
a tough fight, and for what?
EXTRA : Understood. Mad Castle will withdraw completely. (0:07:26.00)
Figaro : Oh, really? Great. (0:07:30.37)
EXTRA : I do have this Contract. Should we use it? (0:07:34.16)
Figaro : Yes, let's. Since you have one and all. (0:07:37.08)
EXTRA : "Barbaroy." (0:07:43.12)
EXTRA : There, done. Take a look. (0:07:46.62)
EXTRA : Once someone like you
shows up, I mean, it's time.
EXTRA : Four meters. (0:07:56.04)
EXTRA : Our members are all wiped out. (0:07:57.33)
EXTRA : Three meters. (0:08:00.00)
EXTRA : Really, all we can do at this point is retreat. (0:08:01.29)
EXTRA : After killing you , that is! (0:08:05.41)
EXTRA : Heaven's Weight! (0:08:08.58)
EXTRA : "Heaven's Weight"
Heaven's Weight!
EXTRA : Heaven's Weight! (0:08:10.54)
EXTRA : Figures you wouldn't be crushed to death! (0:08:17.66)
EXTRA : But now it's time for
my Embryo's ultimate skill!
EXTRA : Astro Guard! (0:08:23.95)
EXTRA : Atlas! (0:08:28.16)
EXTRA : "Emancipated Giant -- Atlas"
EXTRA : This converts defensive power
to offensive power--
EXTRA : and boosts offense tenfold for just ten seconds! (0:08:36.29)
EXTRA : Even if you are a Superior,
a direct blow means instant death!
EXTRA : Shatter and die! (0:08:45.50)
EXTRA : Hah! (0:08:50.83)
EXTRA : Th-This is ridiculous!
That was 500 times standard gravity!
EXTRA : C-Can't... breathe... (0:09:18.75)
EXTRA : Could all this nonsense be thanks
to his Superior Embryo?
EXTRA : It's a game ! With no pain perception! And yet... (0:09:29.25)
EXTRA : I can feel myself falling! (0:09:33.20)
Ray Starling : That was an incredibly brutal fight. (0:09:49.91)
Marie Adler : Thus Mad Castle came to a bitter end. (0:09:52.62)
Marie Adler : Now for the east. (0:09:58.33)
EXTRA : Wh-What the...? (0:10:12.45)
EXTRA : The Lunar Society... (0:10:14.33)
Marie Adler : She heads the Lunar Society clan--
which is a religious sect in Japan.
Marie Adler : Founder of the Lunar Society: Tsukuyo Fuso. (0:11:08.50)
Ray Starling : Why bring it into the game? (0:11:19.08)
Marie Adler : As the first tenet of her religion says:
"Depart your shackled physical body
Marie Adler : for a new world of the soul." (0:11:25.62)
Marie Adler : I imagine she thought Dendro
was that "new world of the soul."
Rook Holmes : Wouldn't she have fulfilled
that belief as soon as she arrived?
Marie Adler : Then you have their second tenet: (0:11:39.08)
Marie Adler : "Revel in a world of freedom
to your very soul's content."
Marie Adler : Something like that. (0:11:46.33)
Marie Adler : Incidentally, she only joined the anti-PK effort (0:11:49.75)
Marie Adler : because they picked off
one of her newbie believers.
Marie Adler : And that gets the whole clan
after you? Terrifying!
Marie Adler : Next up: The west. (0:12:06.16)
Ray Starling : Jeez, talk about terrifying! (0:12:35.58)
Marie Adler : That's Lei-Lei, Prodigal of Feasts. (0:12:38.08)
Marie Adler : Has a nasty habit of poisoning newbies
with an alcohol lookalike.
Marie Adler : We don't know why she joined the PK rout. (0:12:45.25)
Marie Adler : Now, the last one is up north. (0:12:49.29)
Ray Starling : The north... (0:12:51.62)
Ray Starling : Um, who exactly was
the player killer in the north?
Marie Adler : The identity of the PK in Noz Forest is unknown. (0:13:01.25)
Marie Adler : They're a Superior Killer. (0:13:05.70)
Ray Starling : A Superior Killer... (0:13:07.62)
Marie Adler : Here, let me play the video. (0:13:11.12)
Rook Holmes : Er, isn't this--? (0:13:25.87)
Marie Adler : Just watch, okay? (0:13:27.66)
Marie Adler : Here! Watch this part right here! (0:13:31.70)
Ray Starling : That shadow... (0:13:37.70)
Marie Adler : The mysterious King of Destruction. (0:13:39.41)
Marie Adler : We have it on good authority
that his Embryo is a battleship.
Rook Holmes : That's a thing, huh? (0:13:49.20)
Marie Adler : Well, it's all rumors, anyway. (0:13:51.83)
Ray Starling : I doubt even that unidentified Superior Killer
stood a chance against that spectacle.
Marie Adler : As it turns out, despite those flames
blasting Noz Forest to cinders,
Marie Adler : the Superior Killer made it out in one piece. (0:14:03.20)
Nemesis : Huh... (0:14:07.00)
Nemesis : That's good news, indeed. (0:14:09.83)
Ray Starling : They're still alive. (0:14:15.16)
Ray Starling : So this is the power of the King of
Destruction--and his Superior Embryo.
Nemesis : I understand the Knights put out the fire. (0:14:26.87)
Liliana Grandria : You're a Paladin now, Ray--
the least you could do is pitch in.
Ray Starling : This Superior Killer managed
to escape a forest-leveling attack.
Nemesis : We should be grateful they did. (0:14:46.29)
Nemesis : After all, we did swear
we'd defeat them ourselves.
Ray Starling : We sure did. (0:14:51.33)
Nemesis : What's that? (0:14:54.29)
Ray Starling : Hey, Nemesis, what's up? (0:14:55.58)
Ray Starling : Wha--? Nemesis! (0:14:58.62)
Nemesis : What took you so long? (0:15:18.16)
Ray Starling : Cheshire? (0:15:23.41)
Ray Starling : What are you doing here, Cheshire? (0:15:31.00)
Cheshire : Environmental maintenance prep, you might say. (0:15:34.08)
Cheshire : Though it's not strictly my job. (0:15:36.79)
Cheshire : I'm surprised to see the two of you here.
Players can't normally get in.
Ray Starling : Really? (0:15:46.04)
Cheshire : Yes, really. (0:15:47.16)
Cheshire : Although it looks like you've got
a Maiden Embryo there.
Cheshire : I suppose this kind of thing can happen. (0:15:51.87)
Ray Starling : What's different about a Maiden? (0:15:54.29)
Cheshire : They're closer to us in some ways. (0:15:56.75)
Cheshire : They retain ***** functionality, for example. (0:15:59.37)
Ray Starling : Huh? What was that again? (0:16:02.04)
Cheshire : Sorry! That data couldn't be put into words. (0:16:05.08)
Cheshire : It's no big deal. Just forget about it. (0:16:08.95)
Ray Starling : Some duty of confidentiality? (0:16:12.95)
Ray Starling : So you're going to fix up this area, then? (0:16:20.00)
Cheshire : Well, we won't recreate it directly. (0:16:23.00)
Cheshire : But we'll make it easier to build
a similar environment.
Ray Starling : I see. (0:16:30.00)
Cheshire : We won't engage directly with the marks
that autonomous acts leave on this world.
Cheshire : Although the control AI
for punishments is an exception.
Ray Starling : Punishments? (0:16:42.12)
Ray Starling : If player killers aren't punished, who is? (0:16:43.50)
Cheshire : Hmm. Someone on a country's
most-wanted list, say?
Cheshire : A player in state custody can always log out
or die and come back a free person.
Cheshire : We do have player gaol, you know. (0:16:56.91)
Ray Starling : Makes sense. (0:16:59.95)
Ray Starling : If the penalty for dying were the only
punishment, you'd get repeat offenders.
Cheshire : Even someone on the most-wanted list
has to be defeated before they can be jailed.
Ray Starling : Which means the toughest criminals
would remain at large.
Cheshire : It's been a while since I've met
with anyone in this form--
Cheshire : apart from registration, that is. (0:17:22.54)
Cheshire : Wish I could give you something
to mark the occasion,
Cheshire : but that's a no-no for us admin types. (0:17:27.54)
Ray Starling : That's all right. We did have tea and snacks. (0:17:30.54)
Ray Starling : Thanks! (0:17:34.12)
Nemesis : Yeah--it was delectable! (0:17:35.00)
Ray Starling : You've got something on your face. (0:17:37.08)
Cheshire : Oh, right: You're headed
for Gideon, was it, Ray?
Ray Starling : Yes. I need to thank someone out that way. (0:17:45.08)
Cheshire : Well, be careful. (0:17:48.70)
Ray Starling : Oh? Any particular reason? (0:17:50.37)
Cheshire : Let me just say this as tactfully as possible: (0:17:53.66)
Cheshire : The ogre's heart is in its stomach. (0:17:57.37)
Ray Starling : Huh? (0:18:00.25)
Cheshire : Something to keep in mind. (0:18:01.29)
Cheshire : I hope we'll run into each other again sometime! (0:18:04.04)
Ray Starling : This is seriously a ton of requests. (0:18:20.87)
Rook Holmes : It really is. (0:18:23.58)
Rook Holmes : With the roads open again, there's been
a surge in merchant security requests.
Ray Starling : Hey, I've been meaning to ask--
what job did you take, Rook?
Rook Holmes : Pimp! (0:18:34.62)
Ray Starling : Pimp? That's a job here? (0:18:35.66)
Ray Starling : What skills does that have? (0:18:38.16)
Rook Holmes : I've got these so far. (0:18:39.87)
EXTRA : "Job: Pimp"
Skills: Male Temptation
Female Monster Enhancing"
Rook Holmes : "Job: Pimp"
Skills: Male Temptation
Female Monster Enhancing"
I'm sensing a theme here.
Rook Holmes : "Job: Pimp"
Skills: Male Temptation
Female Monster Enhancing"
Maybe Pimp is some kind of monster-taming job.
Ray Starling : Something like that... (0:18:49.45)
Ray Starling : Now, I can't have you show me
yours without showing mine.
Rook Holmes : Paladin's Aegis and Instant Wield?
How cool is that?!
Rook Holmes : Say, can Nemesis use Counter Absorption
and Vengeance Is Mine on her own?
Nemesis : Not Vengeance Is Mine. (0:19:06.75)
Nemesis : For that, I become a weapon and am equipped. (0:19:09.16)
Ray Starling : Oh, is that right? (0:19:12.79)
Nemesis : But hey, Master, check this out! (0:19:14.95)
Nemesis : The big-money boss monsters
Lobohta, King of the Pack,
Nemesis : and Great Miasmic Ogre Gardranda
can show up on the road to Gideon!
Nemesis : I hope we see them! (0:19:25.04)
Ray Starling : I'm not big on such blatant danger... (0:19:26.37)
Babylon : Say, Rook! (0:19:29.87)
Babylon : Wouldn't the Special Pudding à la Mode
be yummy with Death Sauce?
Babylon : You want some, too? (0:19:36.33)
Rook Holmes : I'm not big on such blatant danger... (0:19:37.87)
Ray Starling : Huh? (0:19:44.16)
Ray Starling : Stands to reason. (0:19:49.50)
Ray Starling : When three of the five of us
are stunners, we'll draw attention.
Ray Starling : Wait... (0:19:57.33)
Ray Starling : Five ?! (0:19:58.37)
Ray Starling : Where'd you come from?
And what are you doing here?
Marie Adler : I just happened to have some business in Gideon. (0:20:04.12)
Marie Adler : I figured I'd pick up a request along the way (0:20:06.91)
Marie Adler : when I heard you two discussing
your own trip to Gideon.
Marie Adler : And well, I just had to tag along. (0:20:13.00)
Ray Starling : I don't particularly mind. What about you, Rook? (0:20:15.91)
Rook Holmes : That's fine by me. I'd feel better, actually. (0:20:19.41)
Ray Starling : True. It'll be the first time
we've traveled to another city.
Marie Adler : I'm used to long-distance travel.
Leave it to me!
Ray Starling : Okay, how about this one? (0:20:31.95)
Ray Starling : A level 2 quest. (0:20:34.45)
Rook Holmes : Deliver goods from the local Guild
to the one in Gideon. For 30 thousand lir!
Rook Holmes : I like the sound of that. (0:20:43.50)
Ray Starling : Okay by you, Marie? (0:20:45.08)
Marie Adler : Just dandy! (0:20:46.58)
Nemesis : Then it's settled. (0:20:48.62)
Babylon : Is it? But Babi hasn't had her pudding yet! (0:20:49.91)
Ray Starling : Okay, I'll go sign us up. (0:20:54.25)
Ray Starling : Let's split up for today.
We'll head out tomorrow morning.
Ray Starling : You don't have any plans, do you? (0:21:06.75)
Rook Holmes : No--nothing in particular. (0:21:08.75)
Marie Adler : I'm fine, too, seeing as
I'm jobless at the moment.
Ray Starling : Then we start our quest tomorrow! (0:21:17.54)
EXTRA : Goblins? (0:21:30.04)
EXTRA : A-And so many of them! (0:21:30.91)
EXTRA : There's no way we can handle this crowd, sir! (0:21:33.16)
EXTRA : Just take the cart and go! (0:21:36.62)
EXTRA : Are they trying to intimidate us? (0:21:46.20)
EXTRA : Looks like we'll ma-- (0:21:50.04)
EXTRA : Wh-What?! (0:21:57.62)
EXTRA : It can't be... (0:21:59.08)
EXTRA : Gardran-- (0:22:01.54)
EXTRA : "Like a Flag Flying the Reversal" (0:23:43.91)
EXTRA : "Like a Flag Flying the Reversal"
"Like a Flag Flying the Reversal."
EXTRA : "Like a Flag Flying the Reversal" (0:23:47.62)

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