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Ryouma Takebayashi : This is Gimul, the mining town. (0:00:08.75)
Ryouma Takebayashi : After three years in the forest, I was invited
to leave with the Jamil ducal family.
Ryouma Takebayashi : This is the first town I've visited
since arriving in this world, Seilfall.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Even though it's called a "mining town," (0:00:29.20)
Ryouma Takebayashi : the productivity of the mines
has been falling for a few years.
Ryouma Takebayashi : One of the goals of Mr. Reinhart's trip here (0:00:39.50)
Ryouma Takebayashi : is to assess which mines to keep working on,
and which mines to close down.
Ryouma Takebayashi : I went to the church
with Reinhart and the others.
Ryouma Takebayashi : I needed to go there to get issued
an item called a status board.
Ryouma Takebayashi : The status board, as the name suggests,
displays a person's stats.
Ryouma Takebayashi : It also functions as a form of ID. (0:02:41.87)
EXTRA : Here for a status board?
This way please, to the baptism room.
EXTRA : This is the status board. (0:02:53.41)
EXTRA : Place it on that pedestal, and touch
the crystal to complete the baptism.
Ryouma Takebayashi : I understand. (0:03:02.66)
Kufo : Ryoma! (0:03:22.16)
Gain : Long time no see. (0:03:23.41)
Lulutia : It's so great to see you again! (0:03:25.12)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Gain, Kufo, Lulutia... (0:03:27.16)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Did I die again? (0:03:31.50)
Kufo : What?! (0:03:33.29)
Gain : What?! (0:03:33.29)
Lulutia : What?! (0:03:33.29)
Ryouma Takebayashi : I see, so I'm not dead. What a relief. (0:03:36.41)
Gain : We just pulled your mind
over to our side momentarily.
Lulutia : You'll be back where you were without a problem. (0:03:46.08)
Ryouma Takebayashi : But why was I able to
see you again? I thought...
Kufo : When you make it to town, go to the church. (0:03:53.62)
Kufo : With the oracle skill, you can talk to us,
though just for a short time.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Isn't that what you said?
I never trained the oracle skill...
Gain : You led what can be considered
a monastic life for three years,
Gain : and you prayed to us every day. (0:04:13.04)
Lulutia : That's why we're able to give you
the oracle skill, so that we can meet.
Kufo : Yeah! It'll be brief, but we should be able to
communicate with you from now on.
Ryouma Takebayashi : I see. I'm glad to see you again. (0:04:27.00)
Lulutia : Likewise! Thanks for coming
to the church, as promised.
Kufo : That house in the forest was awesome! (0:04:34.62)
Lulutia : Especially the toilet. (0:04:37.00)
Lulutia : I don't think this world has ever seen
a toilet so clean and odorless.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Well, that was thanks to the slimes... (0:04:42.95)
Gain : Actually, no. The cleaner and scavenger slimes (0:04:46.20)
Gain : are new species, invented by you. (0:04:51.54)
Ryouma Takebayashi : What?! (0:04:54.25)
Ryouma Takebayashi : No wonder Reinhart and the others
never heard of them...
Gain : Slimes were originally created by me. (0:04:59.25)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Really? (0:05:02.50)
Gain : But all I did was give them the ability
to adapt to the environment and reproduce.
Gain : Their evolutionary possibilities were infinite. (0:05:08.87)
Gain : But after a few species emerged, (0:05:12.66)
Gain : the types of slimes suitable to
a specific environment got locked in,
Gain : making it difficult for
a brand new species to emerge.
Gain : You were the one that unlocked
the potential of the slimes
Gain : that even I, their creator, forgot about! (0:05:27.62)
Ryouma Takebayashi : I see... It was surprising to get
showered with praise from the ducal family,
Ryouma Takebayashi : but praise from a god is a whole other level... (0:05:36.33)
Gain : Actually, even gods have
strengths and weaknesses.
Lulutia : But who would have thought
you'd meet with that ducal family?
Ryouma Takebayashi : "That" ducal family? (0:05:49.54)
Lulutia : Well... One of the previous
transferred people from Earth
Lulutia : got married to an ancestor of the Jamil family. (0:05:56.08)
Gain : Yes, I remember fondly.
She was a person we sent in as well.
Kufo : Yeah, she was really a nice girl. (0:06:05.33)
Kufo : Her dream was to become an animal trainer, (0:06:08.79)
Kufo : and her wish when she transferred
was to gain a skill that tames animals.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Tames animals? So is that person... (0:06:15.37)
Kufo : Exactly! She is the one that researched
and created the taming school of magic.
Lulutia : She then achieved great things
and was given the title of a noble.
Lulutia : Then the Jamil ancestor fell in love
with her, and they married.
Gain : And from then on, we've been individually
giving our blessings to the Jamil family,
Gain : as a family of tamers. Also... (0:06:37.62)
Gain : Eliaria seems to have inherited
the blood of her ancestor very strongly.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Strong blood...? So the lady has tamer talents? (0:06:47.33)
Eliaria Jamil : I'm going to become a tamer.
I can't rely on others.
Ryouma Takebayashi : It's good to hear that. She works so hard. (0:06:59.29)
Gain : Actually, it's her mother's side
that she inherits strongly from.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Mother's side? There's another Earth
transferee on that side of the family, too?
Gain : We always bring at least one person over
whenever we take magic from Earth.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Would I ever meet one? (0:07:20.04)
Lulutia : There's usually at least 200 years of
local time separation between transfers.
Lulutia : Having multiple transferees in one era
would be close to impossible, I think.
Gain : This transferee on the mother's side
was a stereotypical otaku.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Otaku? (0:07:37.29)
Gain : He wished for strong magical powers,
and used them to become unstoppable in combat.
Gain : The power and rate of fire
of his attacks were astounding.
Lulutia : Thankfully, he was too timid
to go out of his way to do bad deeds.
Kufo : We were the ones that gave him those powers, (0:07:54.91)
Kufo : but we were really worried
until the day he died.
Ryouma Takebayashi : How troublesome was that transferee...? (0:08:02.29)
Kufo : Compared to him, you're quite a bit calmer. (0:08:05.50)
Ryouma Takebayashi : I-I see. (0:08:09.45)
Kufo : You make your own decisions calmly
and follow the right rules,
Kufo : but you're willing to try different things
within those boundaries.
Kufo : Seilfall couldn't wish for a better transferee! (0:08:19.16)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Why are you talking me up all of a sudden? (0:08:22.91)
Kufo : Well, I am a god after all. I should
do things like praising my followers.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Thanks. (0:08:31.20)
Kufo : No, thank you.
You give us endless entertainment.
Lulutia : It's time. (0:08:37.45)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Already? (0:08:39.16)
Kufo : We're always watching over you. (0:08:40.62)
Gain : Oh, by the way, the other gods
have noticed you, too.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Other gods? Who are they? (0:08:47.83)
Gain : The god of war and the
god of magic took note of you.
Gain : They generally dislike transferees,
so it's rather rare.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Huh... (0:08:57.37)
Lulutia : And the god of crafts and artisans
gave you his blessing.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Um, okay. (0:09:03.54)
Ryouma Takebayashi : So this is goodbye. It's been
so long since the last time...
Lulutia : If you visit the church again,
we should be able to meet like this.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Okay. In that case, see you soon. (0:09:14.41)
Kufo : Yes, see you! (0:09:17.62)
Gain : You really are remarkable. (0:09:19.37)
Gain : We will watch over you,
looking forward to the next meeting!
EXTRA : Please check your status board now. (0:09:30.54)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Oh, yes... (0:09:33.25)
EXTRA : It's customary to hide what's
written on your status board,
EXTRA : except for your name, age, and race. (0:09:39.29)
EXTRA : It's private information, after all. (0:09:43.33)
Ryouma Takebayashi : I understand. (0:09:45.04)
EXTRA : I will leave you now. (0:09:46.66)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Everyday skills... Combat skills... (0:09:51.58)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Magic, crafting, special... (0:09:54.83)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Hmm, a title? (0:10:00.83)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Title "Overcame an Unhappy Life,"
"Beloved Child of the Gods"...?
Ryouma Takebayashi : Sorry to keep you waiting. (0:10:16.50)
Eliaria Jamil : Welcome back, Mr. Ryoma. (0:10:17.70)
Elise Jamil : I'm glad it went without issue. (0:10:19.79)
Reinbach Jamil : Ryoma, I'd like to take this opportunity
to give you some advice, as an elder.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Yes? (0:10:28.58)
Reinbach Jamil : Your abilities are extremely high
compared to other children of your age.
Reinbach Jamil : We can expect many unscrupulous
individuals to approach you
Reinbach Jamil : to use you for their own ends. (0:10:37.16)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Right. (0:10:40.45)
Reinbach Jamil : One way to avoid this is to hide your strengths, (0:10:41.45)
Reinbach Jamil : but given how prominent yours are,
that would be difficult to pull off.
Reinbach Jamil : Instead, my suggestion would be
to register early at a guild,
Reinbach Jamil : and raise your rank to increase your standing. (0:10:54.04)
Ryouma Takebayashi : My standing? (0:10:57.79)
Elise Jamil : Your abilities are so much higher
than what's normal for your age,
Elise Jamil : it's obvious that you have
the blessings of the gods.
Elise Jamil : Depending on the blessing, people will
seriously come after you, so watch out.
Ryouma Takebayashi : I see... That's common sense in this world. (0:11:11.20)
Ryouma Takebayashi : I should control myself, and refrain from
using too much magic in front of people.
Ryouma Takebayashi : I understand. I'll be careful. (0:11:19.50)
Ryouma Takebayashi : What's wrong? (0:11:23.58)
Eliaria Jamil : Huh?! (0:11:24.62)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Well, it seemed like you
wanted to ask me something.
Eliaria Jamil : Um... I was wondering what
your total magic capacity was.
Ryouma Takebayashi : My magic capacity? I think it was 198,000. (0:11:34.70)
Eliaria Jamil : You have so much capacity,
but you're able to use so much magic...
Ryouma Takebayashi : Well, the higher the capacity,
the more magic I can use, right?
Eliaria Jamil : Huh? No, I mean, you can use the magic properly. (0:11:53.12)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Properly? (0:11:59.12)
Eliaria Jamil : Yes...? (0:12:00.12)
Sebas : Perhaps Mr. Ryoma is not aware of
the side effects of having a high capacity.
Eliaria Jamil : Huh...? (0:12:08.58)
Ryouma Takebayashi : There are side effects? (0:12:09.95)
Sebas : Yes. Generally, people with
extremely high magic capacities
Sebas : have a hard time controlling
their powers and learning new magic.
Sebas : Most of the time, these people need to
train to limit or control their magic.
Ryouma Takebayashi : I see. (0:12:25.58)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Another common sense thing. (0:12:27.04)
Ryouma Takebayashi : I didn't realize since I had no one
to compare with until now.
Eliaria Jamil : It's actually quite impressive
how you're able to use magic so easily.
Eliaria Jamil : I am the same age as you,
and I can't use magic very well.
Ryouma Takebayashi : You, too? (0:12:44.04)
Eliaria Jamil : To be honest, my magic capacity
is around 200,000.
Ryouma Takebayashi : 200,000! (0:12:49.95)
Ryouma Takebayashi : That's more than me! (0:12:51.87)
Ryouma Takebayashi : It must come from that rampaging mage ancestor. (0:12:54.87)
Ryouma Takebayashi : I think I understand now. (0:12:59.91)
Eliaria Jamil : Mr. Ryoma, how did you become so great at magic? (0:13:01.79)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Well... If you spend your
free time playing with magic,
Ryouma Takebayashi : you should be able to teach yourself. (0:13:11.04)
Eliaria Jamil : "Play" with magic? (0:13:13.50)
Ryouma Takebayashi : You should try various things
with some basic magics.
Reinbach Jamil : I see. "Playing" with magic--
I've never thought of that.
Elise Jamil : It might be worth a try! (0:13:26.16)
Reinhart Jamil : Elia should have plenty of magic
left over for training,
Reinhart Jamil : even if you spend some of it playing. (0:13:32.08)
Ryouma Takebayashi : I can teach you any time. (0:13:35.08)
Eliaria Jamil : Okay! (0:13:36.91)
Eliaria Jamil : It's a promise! Please do teach me! (0:13:41.04)
Ryouma Takebayashi : It really shouldn't be such a big deal, (0:13:44.83)
Ryouma Takebayashi : but it feels really good to be appreciated. (0:13:47.62)
Elise Jamil : Wobble, wobble. Wobble, wobble, wobble! (0:13:51.33)
Eliaria Jamil : This can support one hundred people easily! (0:13:58.16)
Ryouma Takebayashi : After leaving the church,
we headed for the Tamer's Guild.
Ryouma Takebayashi : The Tamer's Guild is the guild for tamers
and summoners who control monsters.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Its main task is to provide job offers
and information to its members.
Ryouma Takebayashi : At the Tamer's Guild,
Lady Eliaria and I registered as tamers.
Ryouma Takebayashi : But... (0:14:25.70)
Reinbach Jamil : Hmm... Who would have thought
it would be so tough to raise his rank...
Elise Jamil : It truly was unexpected... (0:14:31.75)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Apparently, the recent trend
in the Tamer's Guild
Ryouma Takebayashi : is to determine how good a tamer is
by the strength of the monsters they control.
Ryouma Takebayashi : I found out that, as a slime specialist,
it is very tough for me to raise my rank.
Reinbach Jamil : If he can't raise his rank... (0:14:47.83)
Reinbach Jamil : I know. Let's head to the Adventurer's Guild. (0:14:54.00)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Adventurer's Guild? (0:14:57.75)
Reinbach Jamil : You said you took down some bandits
in the forest, did you not?
Reinhart Jamil : The Adventurer's Guild values
survival skills and combat abilities.
Reinhart Jamil : It's a great fit for you, Ryoma. (0:15:09.04)
Elise Jamil : Let's go right away! (0:15:10.75)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Um, okay... (0:15:12.58)
Ryouma Takebayashi : I heard my combat abilities need to be
tested to register with the guild.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Should I go all out? (0:15:20.33)
Reinbach Jamil : Yes, that would be wise. (0:15:22.70)
Eliaria Jamil : Good luck, Mr. Ryoma! (0:15:25.12)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Thanks. (0:15:28.04)
Worgan : Are you today's applicant? (0:15:29.33)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Yes, my name is Ryoma Takebayashi. (0:15:33.37)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Nice to meet you. (0:15:37.12)
Worgan : Let's begin. For starters... (0:15:44.41)
Worgan : Shoot those five targets. You get five arrows.
Don't waste a single shot.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Yes. (0:15:52.70)
Ryouma Takebayashi : I have to do well and live up to
everyone's expectations...
Worgan : Dead center, all of them. Impressive. (0:16:20.54)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Maybe all the hunting I did
in the forest helped...
Eliaria Jamil : Incredible! (0:16:31.45)
Eliaria Jamil : That was incredible, right?! (0:16:34.04)
Reinhart Jamil : Y-Yes... (0:16:35.62)
Eliaria Jamil : I didn't know bows are shot so quickly! (0:16:37.54)
Sebas : N-No, my lady, that was Mr. Ryoma's
exceptional skills on display.
Eliaria Jamil : Really?! So Mr. Ryoma is really incredible! (0:16:46.62)
Elise Jamil : Yes... We all knew he was good, but... (0:16:50.45)
Reinhart Jamil : It seems like we were still
underestimating his true abilities.
Worgan : Next is with moving targets. (0:17:01.00)
Worgan : Targets will come flying out of there. (0:17:04.00)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Like clay target shooting,
but with a bow, I guess.
Worgan : This was designed a long time ago
by an adventurer named Kengo,
Worgan : who was famous for his unique
magic weapon, called "Shotgun."
Ryouma Takebayashi : "Shotgun"...? Definitely a transferee.
He brought a gun to a world of magic...?
Worgan : Fifty targets, fifty arrows. Good luck. (0:17:26.54)
Reinhart Jamil : His concentration is incredible... (0:17:47.83)
Worgan : Last one! (0:17:50.37)
Reinhart Jamil : Four at once?! (0:17:52.41)
Eliaria Jamil : What?! (0:17:58.50)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Earth Needle. (0:18:08.00)
Worgan : Stop! (0:18:11.91)
Worgan : My bad! My bad! The test is over. (0:18:12.95)
Ryouma Takebayashi : I'm sorry, I was startled
and reacted without thinking.
Worgan : It's me who's sorry. That knife throw
is just a thing I do to warn archers,
Worgan : as a little cautionary experience. (0:18:28.25)
Ryouma Takebayashi : I see, it's completely dull.
So that's how that test works.
Worgan : Some have dodged the knife,
but you're the first one who struck back.
Worgan : I'm Worgan, the master of the Gimul branch
of the Adventurer's Guild.
Worgan : Nice to meet you. (0:18:47.29)
Ryouma Takebayashi : The master runs the tests? (0:18:48.37)
Worgan : Huh? (0:18:50.83)
Worgan : I mean, come on. (0:18:52.29)
Worgan : I don't know why, but the duke
brought his whole family to watch.
Worgan : I can't just let someone else handle the test. (0:18:59.70)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Fair point. (0:19:02.16)
Worgan : He passes the test with flying colors. (0:19:04.70)
Eliaria Jamil : Congratulations, Mr. Ryoma! (0:19:10.33)
Ryouma Takebayashi : M-My lady... (0:19:13.00)
Worgan : Now your registration at
the Adventurer's Guild is complete.
Worgan : Here's your guild card. (0:19:21.79)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Thank you. (0:19:24.66)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Rank G... (0:19:26.87)
Worgan : Given your skills, I could let you
start at around rank E...
Worgan : But I'm also worried that others would
push back if I start you off too high.
Worgan : Start at G and work your way up,
and show everyone what you're capable of.
Worgan : If you keep at it, I'm sure
you'll go up in rank in no time.
Ryouma Takebayashi : Thank you for your thoughtfulness. (0:19:44.95)
Worgan : Come on, don't be so super-polite with me.
It's a waste of breath.
Worgan : Since you've registered, why don't you
take a look to see what jobs there are?
Ryouma Takebayashi : I will. (0:19:59.54)
Maylene : Generally speaking, you can only take on jobs
that are at the same rank as you.
Maylene : However, if you can gather
a party to go with you,
Maylene : or for jobs where the guild
is recruiting adventurers,
Maylene : there are cases where you can
take on jobs at higher ranks than yours.
Ryouma Takebayashi : I understand. (0:20:15.83)
Maylene : The message board for rank G jobs is over there. (0:20:17.29)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Thank you. (0:20:20.75)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Cleaning the communal toilet... (0:20:26.70)
Ryouma Takebayashi : House cleaning, with trash
including food waste and timber...
Ryouma Takebayashi : If I have the scavenger slimes eat them,
and the cleaner slimes clean...
Ryouma Takebayashi : Right! Let's try taking on this job! (0:20:42.00)
Ryouma Takebayashi : And the next day... (0:20:45.91)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Everyone, gather around! (0:20:49.45)
Ryouma Takebayashi : This is our first job at the guild. (0:20:52.54)
Eliaria Jamil : Have a nice day, Mr. Ryoma! (0:20:59.12)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Thanks! You, too! (0:21:01.37)
Ryouma Takebayashi : This must be the place. My very first job. (0:21:05.91)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Hmm, are they not here? (0:21:16.37)
Ryouma Takebayashi : Excuse me! I'm from the Adventurer's Guild,
for the cleaning job!
Miya : Is it true?! Are you here to clean?! (0:21:30.50)
Ryouma Takebayashi : A cat beastkin! I've never seen one before! (0:21:34.25)
Ryouma Takebayashi : The stench of food waste
is coming from inside...
Ryouma Takebayashi : M-My name is Ryoma Takebayashi,
I've been sent from the Adventurer's Guild.
Miya : You're really here! (0:21:50.20)
Miya : I almost gave up! (0:21:54.00)
Miya : I'm Miya! Thank mew so much for coming! (0:21:57.33)
Ryouma Takebayashi : I'm starting to worry if I can
really finish this first job of mine...

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