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EXTRA : "Higurashi: When They Cry" (0:00:44.00)
EXTRA : "Friday, June 10th" (0:01:38.20)
Satoko Houjou : What's wrong? (0:01:46.58)
Rika Furude : Oh, nothing! (0:01:49.95)
EXTRA : You haven't skipped breakfast once since
we moved here! I'm so proud of you.
EXTRA : Oh, isn't it about time for you
to meet up with Rena-chan ?
Keiichi Maebara : Thanks for breakfast! (0:02:14.58)
EXTRA : Have a good day at school! (0:02:16.29)
Rena Ryuuguu : Keiichi-kun ! Good morning! (0:02:21.75)
Keiichi Maebara : Why are you always here so early? (0:02:25.33)
Keiichi Maebara : You can sleep in
every now and then, you know.
Rena Ryuuguu : But then you'd have to wait for me! (0:02:31.41)
Keiichi Maebara : I wouldn't wait for you. (0:02:33.54)
Rena Ryuuguu : But I always wait for you ... (0:02:35.70)
Keiichi Maebara : Don't care. I'd ditch you
in a heartbeat if you were late.
Rena Ryuuguu : Why are you so mean to me? Why? (0:02:41.12)
Keiichi Maebara : Just kidding. I wouldn't ditch you. (0:02:45.08)
Rena Ryuuguu : Th-Thanks. (0:02:47.91)
Keiichi Maebara : I'd wait for you till you showed,
no matter how long it took.
Rena Ryuuguu : No matter how long? (0:02:55.79)
Mion Sonozaki : Hey, there they are.
You guys sure took your sweet time!
Keiichi Maebara : Says the girl who always takes her sweet time. (0:03:08.16)
Rena Ryuuguu : Morning, Mii-chan ! (0:03:10.75)
Mion Sonozaki : Morning, Rena. (0:03:13.04)
Mion Sonozaki : Long time no see, Kei-chan !
How many years has it been?
Keiichi Maebara : I was gone for two days, jeez! (0:03:18.25)
Mion Sonozaki : Only two days? Okay. (0:03:21.58)
Mion Sonozaki : How was your trip home? Good? (0:03:23.12)
Keiichi Maebara : I went back for a funeral,
so I was busy the whole time.
Mion Sonozaki : Hey, did you get time to look for that thing? (0:03:29.20)
Mion Sonozaki : You know, that Western game catalog! (0:03:31.87)
Keiichi Maebara : Did you hear what I just said?
I didn't have any free time!
Mion Sonozaki : Aww. (0:03:38.08)
Mion Sonozaki : Well, well... (0:03:46.41)
Keiichi Maebara : Trying to test my skills, are you? (0:03:51.83)
Rena Ryuuguu : What's going on, guys? (0:03:54.37)
Keiichi Maebara : Stay back, Rena! She's at it again! (0:03:56.41)
Rena Ryuuguu : Huh? By she, you mean... (0:03:58.54)
Keiichi Maebara : Look! (0:04:00.37)
Keiichi Maebara : Could this be any more obvious,
Satoko Hojo?!
Mion Sonozaki : Guess the game is on again today. (0:04:04.50)
Keiichi Maebara : No, this is Satoko we're up against.
There must be more to it.
Keiichi Maebara : It appears to be a normal blackboard eraser. (0:04:12.58)
Keiichi Maebara : No rocks in it or anything. (0:04:15.45)
Mion Sonozaki : Like that one from your first day of school?
That bump on your head was no joke.
Rena Ryuuguu : So why don't you just open
the door and let it fall down?
Keiichi Maebara : No way! That's what she wants me to do! (0:04:26.54)
Keiichi Maebara : The eraser is a distraction! (0:04:29.66)
Keiichi Maebara : That means... (0:04:31.83)
Keiichi Maebara : It's a terrifying combination trap. (0:04:39.79)
Keiichi Maebara : Ow, ow... (0:04:55.75)
Satoko Houjou : My, what do we have here? (0:04:58.00)
Satoko Houjou : Good morning, Keiichi-san .
Causing a ruckus at this early hour?
Keiichi Maebara : That was a step up
from your usual traps, Satoko!
Satoko Houjou : I haven't the faintest idea what you mean! (0:05:09.75)
Keiichi Maebara : Why, you little-- (0:05:12.79)
Keiichi Maebara : Ow, ow... (0:05:15.25)
Rika Furude : Pain, pain, go away. (0:05:20.41)
Rena Ryuuguu : Good morning, Rika-chan ! (0:05:24.50)
Rika Furude : Good morning, Rena. (0:05:26.70)
Rika Furude : Good morning, everyone. (0:05:28.87)
Keiichi Maebara : Rika-chan 's so sweet. (0:05:31.41)
Keiichi Maebara : Unlike some kids I know. (0:05:34.29)
Satoko Houjou : Lies and slander! What proof do you have that... (0:05:35.83)
Keiichi Maebara : Fair warning, my forehead flick
can split plywood in half.
Satoko Houjou : No! Don't touch me, you brute! (0:05:44.83)
Keiichi Maebara : Hey, people are gonna get the wrong idea! (0:05:48.04)
Rika Furude : Don't cry, Satoko! (0:05:57.20)
Rika Furude : Chin up, okay! (0:05:59.37)
Rika Furude : You'll get Keiichi next time with
an even bigger and better trap!
Keiichi Maebara : Hold on a sec. (0:06:07.83)
Rena Ryuuguu : Satoko-chan is crying... (0:06:10.45)
Rena Ryuuguu : But it's so kyute! (0:06:12.29)
Rena Ryuuguu : --I wanna take her home! (0:06:13.79)
Mion Sonozaki : --Please don't.
--I wanna take her home!
Rena Ryuuguu : --Please don't.
--I wanna take her home!
EXTRA : "Sunday, June 12th" (0:06:17.58)
Mion Sonozaki : Sorry to bother you on a Sunday, Kei-chan . (0:06:20.83)
Keiichi Maebara : Bother me? You're gonna give me
a tour of Hinamizawa.
Keiichi Maebara : I should be thanking you for your time. (0:06:27.20)
Keiichi Maebara : Hey, where's Rena? (0:06:29.29)
Keiichi Maebara : She's never late like this. (0:06:32.12)
Mion Sonozaki : She said she's making lunch for you,
so she's probably pulling out all the stops.
Mion Sonozaki : Though I hope she doesn't go too overboard. (0:06:38.54)
Rena Ryuuguu : Sorry I'm late! (0:06:41.70)
Rena Ryuuguu : Here we go. (0:06:43.54)
Mion Sonozaki : Kei-chan , you'd better take responsibility
for all that, seeing as it's your fault.
Keiichi Maebara : Y-You're right. I'm a man. (0:06:47.75)
Keiichi Maebara : I'll take care of it! (0:06:50.54)
Rena Ryuuguu : Huh? R-Responsibility for what? For what?! (0:06:52.58)
Rena Ryuuguu : This is the Furude Shrine! (0:07:26.41)
Mion Sonozaki : They're gonna hold a festival here next Sunday. (0:07:29.41)
Keiichi Maebara : Really? Isn't it a little early
for summer festivals, though?
Mion Sonozaki : Watanagashi is a festival
celebrating the end of winter.
Rena Ryuuguu : Eat up! (0:07:57.41)
Mion Sonozaki : And make sure you eat all of it. (0:07:59.87)
Mion Sonozaki : You're in for a world of pain
if you make Rena cry.
Keiichi Maebara : I'm a man. I'll try my best, but... (0:08:04.66)
Keiichi Maebara : This is a lot of food! (0:08:07.33)
Satoko Houjou : What in the world is happening here? (0:08:08.87)
Rika Furude : Hello, everyone. (0:08:14.75)
Keiichi Maebara : We're going to eat this gourmet meal
that Rena made for us.
Satoko Houjou : Yes, I can see that! (0:08:21.66)
Satoko Houjou : Why have you laid out a tarp on our property?! (0:08:24.54)
Keiichi Maebara : Shrines are public places!
You can't keep us from picnicking here!
Rika Furude : Keiichi's right. Everyone can use this space. (0:08:31.70)
Keiichi Maebara : Boy, Rika-chan really is such a sweetheart! (0:08:35.91)
Keiichi Maebara : Come have a seat and dig in! (0:08:39.45)
Rika Furude : --Thank you so much! (0:08:41.75)
Satoko Houjou : --Stop right there, peon!
--Thank you so much!
Satoko Houjou : Wherever am I supposed to sit? (0:08:44.29)
Keiichi Maebara : Nowhere, because you're not
getting any of this food!
Rena Ryuuguu : N-No, it's fine! You can
have some, too, Satoko-chan ...
Keiichi Maebara : Not! I'm gonna eat it first! (0:08:53.08)
Satoko Houjou : Rika... (0:08:59.20)
Rika Furude : Here, take these chopsticks! (0:09:00.45)
Mion Sonozaki : Boy, Kei-chan , you're pretty good
at roping people into stuff.
Rika Furude : We'll need to work fast too,
or they'll eat everything!
Mion Sonozaki : No kidding. (0:09:15.29)
Mion Sonozaki : Us old farts better get in on
the action while we can!
Keiichi Maebara : You're mine! (0:09:20.87)
Keiichi Maebara : Hey! Elbows are cheating! (0:09:24.29)
Satoko Houjou : No hamburg steak for you! (0:09:30.54)
Keiichi Maebara : The hour of your defeat is nigh, Satoko Hojo! (0:09:34.29)
Satoko Houjou : Not the meatballs! (0:09:37.70)
Keiichi Maebara : My, they're so plump and juicy,
just phenomenal!
Satoko Houjou : Fine, then I'll take these tamagoyaki ! (0:09:43.00)
Satoko Houjou : Wow, they really melt in your mouth! (0:09:48.25)
Keiichi Maebara : Man, Rena's cooking is so good! (0:09:52.79)
Rika Furude : It's delicious! (0:09:55.37)
Keiichi Maebara : It's the best. (0:09:57.12)
Mion Sonozaki : Bye, guys! See you all tomorrow. (0:10:05.45)
Keiichi Maebara : Thanks for showing me around today, Mion. (0:10:07.12)
Rena Ryuuguu : Bye! (0:10:08.87)
Rena Ryuuguu : Thanks for hanging out with me, Keiichi-kun . (0:10:10.83)
Rena Ryuuguu : Did you have fun today? (0:10:13.45)
Keiichi Maebara : Yeah, loads! I'm kinda bummed
we're all going home.
Rena Ryuuguu : Well... would it be okay if we stopped
somewhere on our way back? Would it?
Keiichi Maebara : Sure, but where? (0:10:23.50)
EXTRA : "NO TRESPASSING" (0:10:35.04)
Rena Ryuuguu : Wonder what's here, wonder what's here! (0:10:43.08)
Keiichi Maebara : You wanted to go climb a pile of trash, Rena? (0:10:50.04)
Rena Ryuuguu : It's not trash! To me, it's a pile of treasure! (0:10:53.04)
Rena Ryuuguu : Maybe I'll find something kyute...
I can't wait, I can't wait!
Keiichi Maebara : Hey, hold up! (0:11:01.45)
Rena Ryuuguu : It's okay, you just wait over
there, Keiichi-kun !
Keiichi Maebara : Sheesh. (0:11:08.50)
Jirou Tomitake : Whoa, you scared me! (0:11:27.54)
Keiichi Maebara : What?! You scared me ! (0:11:29.62)
Jirou Tomitake : Sorry about that. I didn't mean to startle you. (0:11:31.54)
Jirou Tomitake : Do you live here in Hinamizawa? (0:11:34.41)
Jirou Tomitake : The name's Tomitake.
I'm a freelance photographer.
Jirou Tomitake : I come by Hinamizawa every now and then. (0:11:42.04)
Jirou Tomitake : There's so much beauty
just waiting to be captured on film.
Keiichi Maebara : Shouldn't you know better than to take
someone's photo without asking permission?
Jirou Tomitake : Oh, don't worry, I'm all about
taking pictures of birds!
Jirou Tomitake : After all, I don't need their permission! (0:11:56.20)
Rena Ryuuguu : Keiichi-kun ! (0:12:02.16)
Rena Ryuuguu : Sorry to keep you waiting! I'm all done! (0:12:05.12)
Jirou Tomitake : Oh, I didn't know you were here with a friend. (0:12:09.25)
Jirou Tomitake : What on earth is she doing in a place like this? (0:12:13.41)
Keiichi Maebara : No clue. Maybe she's checking in on
a dismembered corpse or something.
Keiichi Maebara : Oh, uh, I was just kidding. (0:12:23.00)
Jirou Tomitake : What a grisly incident. (0:12:27.87)
Jirou Tomitake : I hear one of his arms is still missing. (0:12:29.95)
Keiichi Maebara : Huh? (0:12:32.66)
Keiichi Maebara : Wait, what did you just say? (0:12:44.50)
Rena Ryuuguu : Thanks for waiting, Keiichi-kun ! (0:12:47.79)
Rena Ryuuguu : I'm sorry that took so long, so sorry! (0:12:50.41)
Rena Ryuuguu : Oh, hello. (0:12:52.83)
Jirou Tomitake : Hi there. (0:12:54.41)
Jirou Tomitake : Don't want to be a third wheel here,
so I'll see you around.
Jirou Tomitake : Sorry to scare you there, Keiichi-kun ! (0:12:59.50)
Rena Ryuuguu : Keiichi-kun ? (0:13:04.41)
Keiichi Maebara : Oh, uhh, did you find any buried treasure? (0:13:06.41)
Rena Ryuuguu : I did! I found a Kenta-kun statue! (0:13:09.54)
Keiichi Maebara : Kenta-kun statue? You mean the ones you see
in front of those fried chicken joints?
Rena Ryuuguu : Yeah, a Kenta-kun ! (0:13:18.16)
Rena Ryuuguu : It's so kyute! I wanna take him home! (0:13:20.62)
Keiichi Maebara : He's in the trash, so you can
take him home if you want.
Rena Ryuuguu : Well, I would if I could, but he's stuck
in the bottom of the pile.
Rena Ryuuguu : And it's getting dark, too. (0:13:31.95)
Keiichi Maebara : How about we come by again
and I'll help you get him out?
Keiichi Maebara : Then I can pay you back for that
awesome lunch you made us.
Rena Ryuuguu : Thank you! (0:13:41.00)
Rena Ryuuguu : Keiichi-kun 's gonna help me... (0:13:42.37)
Rena Ryuuguu : And Kenta-kun 's gonna come home with me! (0:13:44.75)
Jirou Tomitake : What a grisly incident. (0:13:50.29)
Keiichi Maebara : Hey, Rena, did something big
happen around here a while back?
Rena Ryuuguu : Yeah, they were gonna build a dam here. (0:13:56.50)
Keiichi Maebara : Did anything happen at the build site? (0:14:00.33)
Keiichi Maebara : Like an accident, or some kind of incident... (0:14:04.45)
Rena Ryuuguu : I don't know. (0:14:06.66)
Rena Ryuuguu : I only moved here a year ago, you see! (0:14:09.37)
Keiichi Maebara : Huh? You're a transfer student, too?
I had no idea.
Rena Ryuuguu : Yeah, that's why I dunno about stuff
that happened before then! Sorry!
EXTRA : "Monday, June 13th" (0:14:27.75)
Mion Sonozaki : Okay! I am pleased to announce that,
despite coming in dead last,
Mion Sonozaki : our applicant showed incredible promise
during his evaluation game, and as such,
Mion Sonozaki : I, Mion Sonozaki, president of this club,
do hereby welcome our newest member...
Mion Sonozaki : Keiichi Maebara! (0:14:46.83)
Mion Sonozaki : You ready to face the music today? (0:14:49.66)
Keiichi Maebara : It's your-- No, it's all of your faults! (0:14:51.37)
Keiichi Maebara : Do you know how embarrassed I was
after playing that crazy card game?!
Rena Ryuuguu : I mean, you lost, so you had to
face the penalty--
Keiichi Maebara : Penalty?! It was way worse than that! (0:14:59.66)
Keiichi Maebara : Mion! You used that torture device
you snuck in to completely ruin my face!
Mion Sonozaki : By torture device, you mean this? (0:15:08.41)
Keiichi Maebara : Of course I mean that!
And it's permanent ink, too!
Keiichi Maebara : My mom caught me wiping all that crap off
in the bathroom! Have a little sympathy!
Satoko Houjou : Don't be so dramatic, Keiichi-san . (0:15:18.66)
Rika Furude : Poor, poor Keiichi! (0:15:22.66)
Keiichi Maebara : So what're we playing today?
Old Maid again? Tycoon?
Mion Sonozaki : You've got too much of a handicap
to be playing cards with us.
Mion Sonozaki : Why don't we do a scavenger hunt instead? (0:15:34.20)
Keiichi Maebara : Down here?! (0:15:43.04)
Keiichi Maebara : Dammit, where'd Mion hide it?! (0:15:45.58)
Mion Sonozaki : I'm gonna go hide this somewhere at school. (0:15:51.25)
Mion Sonozaki : Whoever finds it first, wins.
That's fair, isn't it?
Keiichi Maebara : So you're not gonna play?
Who gets penalized, then?
Mion Sonozaki : We'll play with special rules. (0:16:02.83)
Mion Sonozaki : If you find it first, Kei-chan ,
then you get to draw all over my face.
Keiichi Maebara : Stay cool, Keiichi Maebara! (0:16:16.75)
Keiichi Maebara : Knowing Mion, she wants to make
sure anyone but me finds it.
Keiichi Maebara : "STORAGE"
Knowing Mion, she wants to make
sure anyone but me finds it.
Keiichi Maebara : And because I'm new here, she probably
hid it somewhere I don't know about yet!
Keiichi Maebara : --Rena!
--Keiichi-kun !
Rena Ryuuguu : --Rena!
--Keiichi-kun !
Keiichi Maebara : You're not gonna let me win, are you... (0:16:38.12)
Rena Ryuuguu : Sorry, Keiichi-kun , but it's Club Rule #2: (0:16:40.95)
Rena Ryuuguu : "Always strive for victory
with everything you've got!"
Satoko Houjou : --Pardon me!
--Excuse us!
Rika Furude : --Pardon me!
--Excuse us!
Satoko Houjou : I don't think so! (0:16:55.58)
Satoko Houjou : Victory is mine today, Rika! (0:17:04.00)
Satoko Houjou : You're still no match for my
ingenious traps, my sweet, little Rika!
Mion Sonozaki : Satoko, I think that's enough... (0:17:13.91)
Rika Furude : It's okay, I lost. I'm not mad about it at all. (0:17:17.54)
Rika Furude : In fact, because you won,
I've got a present for you, Satoko!
Satoko Houjou : Oh, Rika, I knew you, of all people,
would understand!
Rika Furude : Congratulations, Satoko! (0:17:30.00)
Satoko Houjou : Wh-What on earth just happened?! (0:17:41.50)
Keiichi Maebara : Satoko, look at your face... (0:17:43.83)
Satoko Houjou : What in the world?! (0:17:50.00)
Rika Furude : I brought it to fight back
against your traps, Satoko!
Mion Sonozaki : Looks like you're no match for Rika-chan . (0:17:57.25)
Mion Sonozaki : Rena? (0:18:04.04)
Rena Ryuuguu : Oh, sorry, I'm a little tired.
Maybe all that fun wore me out!
Keiichi Maebara : You okay? (0:18:11.20)
Rena Ryuuguu : Yeah. I think I'm gonna go rest
in the nurse's office, then go home.
Rena Ryuuguu : --But what about Kenta-kun ...?
--Don't worry!
Keiichi Maebara : --But what about Kenta-kun ...?
--Don't worry!
Keiichi Maebara : Once you're feeling better,
I'll come help out!
Satoko Houjou : I'm going to go wash my face. (0:18:29.87)
Satoko Houjou : There's no way I can go out in public like this! (0:18:32.50)
Mion Sonozaki : Guess that's it for today. (0:18:39.95)
Mion Sonozaki : A Kenta-kun statue? (0:18:43.33)
Mion Sonozaki : Yeah, that's right up Rena's alley. (0:18:45.12)
Keiichi Maebara : Hey, Mion. You know about
that dam construction site?
Keiichi Maebara : Did something go down there way long ago? (0:18:51.08)
Mion Sonozaki : Sure did. A war, practically. (0:18:53.00)
Mion Sonozaki : They demanded for the construction to stop,
hosted sit-ins, and held big protests.
Keiichi Maebara : Makes sense that everyone would fight.
The dam would've flooded your homes.
Mion Sonozaki : The government cronies were dead set
on seeing the project through.
Mion Sonozaki : Once they found out they
couldn't bribe their way to victory,
Mion Sonozaki : they resorted to some really nasty tactics! (0:19:10.25)
Keiichi Maebara : I'm surprised the villagers
still ended up winning,
Keiichi Maebara : especially against the government. (0:19:13.95)
Mion Sonozaki : The mayor and all the village bigwigs
signed petitions.
Mion Sonozaki : They went to Tokyo and
struck deals with politicians.
Mion Sonozaki : Thanks to all that hard work,
the dam project was cancelled.
Mion Sonozaki : The sweet taste of victory was ours! (0:19:24.00)
Keiichi Maebara : There wasn't, like,
any violence or anything, right?
Keiichi Maebara : No one got assaulted or murdered? (0:19:32.29)
Mion Sonozaki : Of course not. (0:19:35.79)
Mion Sonozaki : Okay, see you tomorrow! (0:19:38.04)
EXTRA : "Tuesday, June 14th" (0:19:44.37)
EXTRA : "Hinamizawa" (0:19:49.87)
EXTRA : "Wednesday, June 15th" (0:19:53.87)
Keiichi Maebara : There she is. (0:20:04.08)
Keiichi Maebara : Yo, Rena! Working up a sweat? (0:20:06.45)
Rena Ryuuguu : Keiichi-kun ?! Why are you here?! (0:20:13.54)
Keiichi Maebara : I received word of an emergency
in the area and rushed to the scene!
Keiichi Maebara : Where's the man in need of grave assistance?! (0:20:18.79)
Rena Ryuuguu : Huh?! What?! An emergency?! (0:20:20.75)
Keiichi Maebara : Yes, a report about a Kenta-kun statue
buried deep in a pile of trash?
Rena Ryuuguu : O-Oh! C'mon, Keiichi-kun , you scared me! (0:20:27.91)
Keiichi Maebara : I'm just messing around.
I promised I'd help, remember?
Rena Ryuuguu : You came all the way here for me...? (0:20:36.62)
Keiichi Maebara : So where's that Kenta-kun at? (0:20:43.29)
Rena Ryuuguu : Over here! (0:20:46.33)
Rena Ryuuguu : Right there. See him underneath? (0:20:47.91)
Keiichi Maebara : You were really going to try to get him
out from there all by yourself?
Keiichi Maebara : Here, get out of the way. (0:20:55.54)
Keiichi Maebara : Man, I wish we had an axe
or a saw or something.
Rena Ryuuguu : It's fine, Keiichi-kun ! (0:21:23.00)
Keiichi Maebara : I don't mind, Rena. You want it, right? (0:21:25.16)
Keiichi Maebara : O-Okay, let's take a break. (0:21:33.00)
Rena Ryuuguu : H-Hey, let me go get us some barley tea!
My house is super close!
Rena Ryuuguu : Stay there, okay! (0:21:40.58)
Jirou Tomitake : I hear one of his arms is still missing. (0:22:01.54)
EXTRA : "Weekly News"
"Construction Worker Lynched,
Murdered, and Dismembered
at Hinamizawa Dam Construction Site"
Keiichi Maebara : "At the construction site for
the planned Hinamizawa Dam,
Keiichi Maebara : a construction worker was lynched,
murdered, then dismembered"?!
Keiichi Maebara : I knew it! Something did happen! (0:22:29.95)
EXTRA : Who was behind me when I turned to look?
(Who's in front now?)
EXTRA : I raised my claws to the darkness
(and slashed through the night)
EXTRA : The rain turns to droplets of blood
that stream down my cheeks
EXTRA : If you have nowhere to return to now (0:23:06.45)
EXTRA : Come to me, to my finger (0:23:16.58)
EXTRA : I'll take you away (0:23:21.04)
EXTRA : To the forbidden forest where the cicadas cry (0:23:25.66)
EXTRA : You can no longer turn back (0:23:30.25)

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