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Ariane Glenys Maple : Strong... (0:00:02.17)
Ariane Glenys Maple : I seek to be stronger than anyone else. (0:00:03.98)
Ariane Glenys Maple : The pact between the humans and us elves
is little more than a farce at this point.
Ariane Glenys Maple : They continue to expand into our lands, (0:00:14.86)
Ariane Glenys Maple : and in this world filled with
deceit and injustice,
Ariane Glenys Maple : there exists no one
to offer us any salvation.
Ariane Glenys Maple : Which is why I must be a warrior. (0:00:25.92)
Ariane Glenys Maple : As daughter of our leader,
and for the sake of my oppressed kindred.
Ariane Glenys Maple : But... (0:00:43.10)
Ariane Glenys Maple : My encounter with this
warrior in silver armor
Ariane Glenys Maple : marks a new direction for my destiny. (0:00:47.57)
Arc : And where do you think you're going? (0:02:31.42)
EXTRA : Bloody hell, what is that thing?! (0:02:34.91)
EXTRA : He got the others! (0:02:37.68)
EXTRA : He's a monster! (0:02:39.28)
Arc : Hi there. It's me, Arc. (0:02:55.82)
Arc : And right about now, I've gotten used to (0:02:58.37)
Arc : running casual quests in order
to cover my daily expenses.
Arc : One group of brigands, dealt with. (0:03:10.96)
Arc : Well, well! (0:03:23.84)
Arc : It seems these rogues
have quite a war chest.
Arc : There's no doubt they were up
to all manner of villainy.
Arc : Cages? (0:03:34.54)
Arc : No matter. (0:03:41.66)
Arc : Let's take what's for the taking
and head home, Ponta.
Tryton Du Diento : Let's hear your report, Celsika. (0:03:54.86)
Celsika Dourman : Sir. (0:03:58.19)
Celsika Dourman : The attempt to assassinate
Lord Luvierte's daughter, Lauren,
Celsika Dourman : has apparently failed. (0:04:02.50)
Tryton Du Diento : How were they unable
to kill that little girl?
Tryton Du Diento : I had heard they were supposed to
be good at their jobs!
Celsika Dourman : They were able to kill all of her escorts, (0:04:13.00)
Celsika Dourman : but apparently a passing,
solitary mercenary wiped them out.
Tryton Du Diento : A single mercenary did this?! (0:04:19.96)
Tryton Du Diento : What a worthless bunch of bastards. (0:04:22.90)
Tryton Du Diento : I suppose all bandits are
the same in the end...
Tryton Du Diento : What about those beasts from the Eastern Empire
that we set onto the Luvierte lands?
Celsika Dourman : According to our contact from the east, (0:04:35.09)
Celsika Dourman : those creatures were still
in an experimental phase,
Celsika Dourman : resulting in the two basilisks
not working well together,
Celsika Dourman : leading them to be individually slain. (0:04:43.96)
Tryton Du Diento : Even if they weren't together at the time, (0:04:46.78)
Tryton Du Diento : for monsters like that to be beaten... (0:04:49.14)
Celsika Dourman : Might I ask why Prince Dakares
is targeting the Luvierte in the first place?
Tryton Du Diento : Who can say? (0:04:57.00)
Tryton Du Diento : Maybe it's a request from His Highness's
backers in the Eastern Empire.
Tryton Du Diento : If the lands in the north of the kingdom
were under the prince's control,
Tryton Du Diento : the east would be able to focus
completely on their invasion of the west.
Celsika Dourman : It is true that the Luvierte have the backing
of the Western Empire's Prince Sekt.
Celsika Dourman : And that means we can't afford to have our
allegiance to Prince Dakares come to light.
Tryton Du Diento : Yeah. (0:05:28.35)
Tryton Du Diento : If that happened, Prince Sekt
would be breathing down our necks.
Tryton Du Diento : More importantly,
see about securing our product.
Tryton Du Diento : They need to be ready
to be sent to market, soon.
Tryton Du Diento : And no matter what you do, (0:05:39.70)
Tryton Du Diento : don't do anything that could
catch the ear of Princess Yuriarna.
Celsika Dourman : I'm well aware. (0:05:44.50)
Tryton Du Diento : And have you seen that idiot boy of mine? (0:05:46.32)
Celsika Dourman : If you're looking for Master Udolan, he said
he would be escorting the product today.
Tryton Du Diento : That imbecile! (0:05:55.80)
Tryton Du Diento : He's just going to get in the way... (0:05:57.36)
Tryton Du Diento : No matter, leave me. (0:05:59.76)
Tryton Du Diento : Why?! (0:06:07.08)
Tryton Du Diento : Why is nothing ever simple?! (0:06:08.66)
Arc : Nothing beats fleecing the
ill-gotten gains of villains, eh, Ponta?
Arc : Come on, let's head back to town
and have ourselves a feast of a dinner.
Arc : A surviving bandit? (0:06:36.71)
Arc : So fast! (0:06:41.96)
Arc : Where have I seen this girl before? (0:06:49.16)
Arc : It's that elf! (0:06:52.72)
Ariane Glenys Maple : You will return the children you've taken! (0:06:58.90)
Arc : S-Stay your hand!
I don't know what you mean!
Ariane Glenys Maple : You'd play dumb? (0:07:05.27)
Arc : This is some kind of misunderstanding! (0:07:06.60)
Arc : Let's discuss the matter! (0:07:09.36)
Ariane Glenys Maple : I have nothing to say to a human,
much less a bandit!
Arc : Do I look like a bandit to you?! (0:07:15.20)
Ariane Glenys Maple : To think a knight would
lower himself to banditry..
Arc : Wrong! (0:07:22.24)
Ariane Glenys Maple : No more talk! (0:07:24.71)
Ariane Glenys Maple : A ventu vulpis? (0:07:34.89)
Arc : Vent a what now? (0:07:37.03)
Ariane Glenys Maple : Why? (0:07:39.61)
Ariane Glenys Maple : Why would a spirit creature be
with a mere bandit...?
Arc : Ponta, were you a spirit all along? (0:07:44.59)
Ariane Glenys Maple : A spirit creature, not a spirit. (0:07:48.66)
Ariane Glenys Maple : Specifically, a cottontail fox. (0:07:51.60)
Ariane Glenys Maple : Spirit creatures are known to be cautious, (0:07:54.35)
Ariane Glenys Maple : and rarely even take a liking to elves. (0:07:57.06)
Ariane Glenys Maple : So to see one with a human... (0:07:59.88)
Arc : She took a liking
to me after I helped her out.
Arc : She's keeping me company for now. (0:08:06.46)
Ariane Glenys Maple : One who communes with spirit creatures, eh? (0:08:09.52)
Arc : S-Something wrong? (0:08:17.06)
Ariane Glenys Maple : It seems you're not the liar I took you for. (0:08:21.53)
Ariane Glenys Maple : I apologize for attacking you so suddenly. (0:08:26.38)
Arc : As long as you understand now. (0:08:29.47)
Arc : I had actually been
fighting bandits for a job.
Arc : What brings you here? (0:08:35.43)
Ariane Glenys Maple : I had heard that the bandits
who operate here had been hunting elves.
Arc : Hunting... elves? (0:08:43.33)
Arc : Oh, that's what that was. (0:08:46.43)
Arc : Unfortunately, there were no captive elves
to be found inside of that cave.
Ariane Glenys Maple : I'm too late, then. (0:08:57.05)
Arc : What did they intend to do
with the elves they had captured?
Ariane Glenys Maple : Elves fetch a high price
on the slave markets.
Ariane Glenys Maple : Surely you know that. (0:09:09.71)
Arc : Can't say I do. (0:09:12.22)
Ariane Glenys Maple : Very well, then. Excuse me. (0:09:15.09)
Arc : Wait a moment! (0:09:18.96)
Arc : The truth is,
you're the first elf I've ever met.
Arc : If you could use some assistance,
I'd be glad to offer it.
Ariane Glenys Maple : That won't be necessary. (0:09:26.79)
Ariane Glenys Maple : This is an issue for elves to deal with. (0:09:30.33)
Ariane Glenys Maple : I would not ask the help
of men, silver knight.
Arc : Hey... (0:09:38.05)
Arc : Doesn't need my help, huh? (0:09:42.22)
Arc : Still, any way you slice it... (0:09:45.34)
Arc : This is one of those event quests
where you help out a beautiful elf girl!
Arc : And no gamer would pass that up! (0:09:51.03)
Arc : Be that as it may... (0:10:11.46)
Arc : She barely spoke to me at all,
much less told me her name.
Arc : How do I find that elf again? (0:10:21.72)
Arc : Still! (0:10:25.68)
Arc : That girl was the first
elf I've ever spoken to!
Arc : I can't just give up now. (0:10:30.86)
Arc : Okay! (0:10:35.99)
Arc : Ponta, I know what we're
going to do tomorrow.
Arc : The Elf Forest should be around here. (0:11:04.04)
Arc : It's a lot more dense than
the forest I visited with Miss Marca...
Arc : According to the guild, there should be
plenty of elves living in these woods.
Arc : What's the matter, Ponta? (0:11:22.24)
EXTRA : One of them got away! (0:11:24.86)
EXTRA : Catch her! (0:11:26.65)
Arc : Ponta. (0:11:28.16)
Arc : It looks like these bones
have caught their dog.
Arc : We may have lost that girl,
but we've come across something else.
EXTRA : Wait! (0:11:40.12)
EXTRA : You gonna run off without your friends? (0:11:43.08)
EXTRA : I caught her, Mr. Udolan! (0:11:47.11)
Udolan : Get the shackles on her. (0:11:49.08)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:11:51.05)
Udolan : Aw, another brat? (0:11:52.69)
Udolan : How am I supposed to have any fun now? (0:12:02.65)
Udolan : What's that look supposed to mean? Huh? (0:12:08.88)
Udolan : Do you get the position you're in? (0:12:12.08)
Udolan : Say, why don't you beg me? (0:12:19.36)
Udolan : Do a good job and maybe
I'll spare your friends.
EXTRA : U-Um... please... (0:12:29.86)
Udolan : Re-jected! (0:12:32.76)
EXTRA : Mr. Udolan, we're meant to sell them... (0:12:42.37)
Udolan : You telling me what to do?! (0:12:47.77)
Udolan : You people work for my father! (0:12:49.80)
Udolan : Do I need to tell him about this?! (0:12:52.00)
EXTRA : Real sorry, sir. (0:12:53.60)
Udolan : Hurry up and load these bloody
brats into the cart already.
EXTRA : Sir! (0:12:59.16)
Arc : I guess those are the elf hunters... (0:13:04.37)
Arc : Seems like they don't treat
other races like people.
Arc : It's like something out
of the age of exploration...
EXTRA : Make sure to find any elves
that are missing!
EXTRA : We don't have nearly enough
to bring to the market!
Udolan : Go on, better run before I stab you. (0:13:20.65)
Arc : That girl said that I should
stay out of elf issues, but...
Arc : I can't just stand back and ignore this! (0:13:32.66)
Arc : Oh, here we go! (0:13:45.56)
Ariane Glenys Maple : I have you now. (0:13:52.00)
Udolan : Wh-Who are you? (0:13:53.92)
Ariane Glenys Maple : I'll be taking those children back. (0:13:55.74)
EXTRA : Mr. Udolan, she's a dark elf. (0:13:58.44)
EXTRA : A rare find! (0:14:01.85)
EXTRA : She'll fetch a high price. (0:14:03.84)
Udolan : I'm not into feisty women. Do what you want. (0:14:06.12)
EXTRA : In that case... (0:14:20.88)
EXTRA : We'll just have to show
her a good time instead...
EXTRA : M-My arm! (0:14:29.71)
Udolan : Wh-What the hell is she?! (0:14:39.02)
EXTRA : No doubt about it,
she's one of them elf warriors!
Arc : That elf really is strong. (0:15:06.27)
Arc : She said she didn't need any help,
and she was right.
Udolan : Don't move! (0:15:14.92)
Udolan : Unless you don't care what happens to them. (0:15:17.14)
Ariane Glenys Maple : You'd use children as shields? Coward! (0:15:20.86)
Udolan : Do you really wanna see what happens
if you keep talking back?
Udolan : See? (0:15:29.77)
Udolan : Did that one get under your skin? (0:15:34.52)
Udolan : Then how about this...? (0:15:37.12)
Udolan : Oh, I love that look. (0:15:42.36)
Ariane Glenys Maple : You filth! (0:15:46.09)
Udolan : So, so good. (0:15:47.80)
Udolan : Maybe conquering a strong woman
would be a nice change of pace...
EXTRA : Don't move, now. (0:16:01.00)
EXTRA : Just gonna examine the merchandise. (0:16:02.32)
Arc : I may have promised otherwise,
but I'm here to help.
Arc : Armor Lariat! (0:16:31.20)
Arc : You have my aid, elf warrior! (0:16:42.23)
Arc : Prepare yourselves. (0:16:48.00)
EXTRA : Sister! (0:17:04.73)
EXTRA : Sister! (0:17:06.88)
Ariane Glenys Maple : Is everyone all right? (0:17:09.32)
Ariane Glenys Maple : Just wait. This won't take long. (0:17:11.15)
Ariane Glenys Maple : The key... (0:17:14.40)
Arc : Let's see about getting them out of there. (0:17:16.20)
Ariane Glenys Maple : I told you I didn't need help. (0:17:18.75)
Arc : I assumed that the safety
of these children was more important.
Arc : I'm a friend. No need to be scared. (0:17:29.64)
Arc : Come on, nothing to be afraid of. (0:17:32.80)
Ariane Glenys Maple : It's all right now. (0:17:36.69)
EXTRA : Sister! (0:17:38.59)
Ariane Glenys Maple : You don't need to worry now. (0:17:41.32)
Arc : I'm glad they're safe. (0:17:44.20)
Ariane Glenys Maple : Mana-eater collars? (0:17:57.42)
Ariane Glenys Maple : They had these things... (0:17:59.28)
Arc : What is a mana-eater collar? (0:18:02.12)
Ariane Glenys Maple : It can keep us from using our spirit magic. (0:18:04.75)
Ariane Glenys Maple : These are why they couldn't escape. (0:18:08.97)
Ariane Glenys Maple : But what do I do? (0:18:12.68)
Ariane Glenys Maple : I won't be able to remove them out here... (0:18:14.75)
Arc : Well, let's see about taking them off. (0:18:17.82)
Ariane Glenys Maple : I just said that I wouldn't be able to— (0:18:20.81)
Arc : Uncurse. (0:18:23.89)
Arc : Well, that must have been painful. (0:18:29.78)
Arc : Heal. (0:18:32.66)
EXTRA : The pain's gone... (0:18:36.96)
Arc : No scars, then? (0:18:39.09)
Arc : And nothing else that hurts? (0:18:41.59)
EXTRA : No, thank you. (0:18:43.69)
Arc : You're quite welcome. (0:18:47.10)
Ariane Glenys Maple : Healing magic and curse dispelling,
with minimal incantations...
Ariane Glenys Maple : This human is no ordinary knight. (0:18:54.10)
Arc : Up you go! Look how high! (0:19:02.62)
Ariane Glenys Maple : Four children have been safely rescued. (0:19:14.60)
Ariane Glenys Maple : Send someone to recover them. (0:19:17.38)
Ariane Glenys Maple : They're in the Elf Forest near Diento. (0:19:18.87)
Ariane Glenys Maple : It's not far from the main road,
so they should be easy to find.
Arc : What in the world is that bird? (0:19:32.08)
Arc : It looked like you were speaking to it... (0:19:35.11)
Ariane Glenys Maple : It's a Whispering Fowl. (0:19:37.94)
Ariane Glenys Maple : It's a type of spirit creature that can
remember speech and deliver messages.
Arc : Like a messenger pigeon crossed
with a voice recorder...
Ariane Glenys Maple : A voi... What? (0:19:49.41)
Arc : Nothing to concern yourself with. (0:19:51.88)
Arc : So? (0:19:54.28)
Ariane Glenys Maple : Well... (0:19:55.05)
Ariane Glenys Maple : It's hard for any human
to tame a spirit creature.
Ariane Glenys Maple : So we use Whispering Fowl as a way
to communicate among elves.
Arc : I see! That is truly fascinating. (0:20:06.34)
Arc : And truly fantastical. (0:20:09.36)
Ariane Glenys Maple : Here they come. (0:20:19.00)
Ariane Glenys Maple : You're all going home! (0:20:20.96)
EXTRA : Right! (0:20:23.53)
Arc : Well, I suppose this
is where we part, my friends.
Arc : Oh, I wouldn't worry. (0:20:29.75)
Arc : If you run into more villains,
I will come running to your aid.
EXTRA : Thank you, Mr. Armor! (0:20:38.72)
EXTRA : Goodbye! (0:20:41.35)
EXTRA : Bye-bye! (0:20:43.77)
Arc : Right. Fare thee well. (0:20:45.55)
Ariane Glenys Maple : You are a very strange person. (0:20:50.43)
Ariane Glenys Maple : I've only ever heard of barbaric,
dangerous humans...
Ariane Glenys Maple : And you're capable of using
the legendary teleportation magic, as well.
Ariane Glenys Maple : Just who in the world are you? (0:21:04.36)
Arc : No one of importance. (0:21:07.20)
Arc : My name is Arc. (0:21:08.64)
Arc : And I'm simply a traveling mercenary. (0:21:10.50)
Arc : This is Ponta. My traveling companion. (0:21:13.79)
Ariane Glenys Maple : I am Ariane Glenys Maple. (0:21:17.88)
Ariane Glenys Maple : An elf warrior. (0:21:20.60)
Ariane Glenys Maple : You have my gratitude
for what you've done.
Arc : I did only what needed to be done. (0:21:25.56)
Ariane Glenys Maple : That's Danka's Whispering Fowl... (0:21:30.37)
Danka : Ariane. (0:21:33.64)
Danka : They've made their headquarters
in the village of Diento.
Danka : Please, come at once. (0:21:40.44)
Danka : We're going to rescue the others. (0:21:42.93)
Ariane Glenys Maple : You said you were a mercenary? (0:21:53.04)
Arc : Indeed I am. (0:21:56.43)
Ariane Glenys Maple : In that case, Arc, (0:21:58.01)
Ariane Glenys Maple : would I be able to hire you right now? (0:22:01.05)

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