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Musashi : I'm bringing this Kishin down! (0:00:00.74)
EXTRA : That miner brat is at it again?! (0:00:03.83)
EXTRA : You're wasting your time! (0:00:07.03)
EXTRA : The mighty Kishin's flames shall turn you to ash! (0:00:08.59)
Kojirou Kanemaki : I can't jump in headfirst like Musashi... (0:00:15.20)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Dammit. (0:00:18.96)
Musashi : Damn! No matter where I cut,
it just grows back!
Musashi : What the— (0:00:35.69)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Musashi! (0:00:36.75)
Musashi : What's the big idea?! (0:00:41.82)
Naotora Takeda : This is our camp. (0:00:43.61)
Naotora Takeda : We'll make sure to take care of it for you. (0:00:51.76)
Musashi : You... (0:00:55.39)
Musashi : Let me go! Why are you trying to stop me? (0:00:58.37)
Musashi : That thing is gonna be my first prize! (0:01:01.10)
Naotora Takeda : Your first prize, huh? (0:01:04.79)
Naotora Takeda : To what end, exactly? (0:01:06.91)
Musashi : It's for my dream! (0:01:09.12)
Musashi : Isn't that the kinda thing
you risk your life for?
Naotora Takeda : Your dream? Hmm... (0:01:13.22)
Naotora Takeda : Sounds like you're taking this a
bit lightly to be gambling your life.
Naotora Takeda : We're a band of Bushi. (0:01:20.67)
Naotora Takeda : We can't let some reckless kid
run out onto the battlefield.
Musashi : I'm not reckless! (0:01:25.53)
Naotora Takeda : You sure about that?! Kishin
regenerate from superficial damage!
Naotora Takeda : How were you planning to kill one by yourself?! (0:01:29.89)
Naotora Takeda : Look! (0:01:32.97)
Naotora Takeda : This is your foe. (0:01:34.18)
EXTRA : Restraint unit is in position! (0:01:35.36)
EXTRA : Keep the Kishin's legs bound! (0:01:37.36)
Naotora Takeda : You can go after it on your own,
but you'll never take it down!
Naotora Takeda : You haven't fought or thought enough
to go around talking about big dreams!
Naotora Takeda : Give up on hunting this Kishin! (0:01:50.06)
Musashi : There's no way I can beat it alone... (0:03:39.28)
Musashi : But even so! (0:03:42.80)
Aoshi Sanada : What's with him? (0:03:43.86)
Shunrai Yamamoto : Whoa there! (0:03:45.21)
Musashi : I have to go. (0:03:45.91)
Shunrai Yamamoto : If you try to break free,
you'll just hurt yourself!
Musashi : I don't know why... (0:03:51.22)
Musashi : But if I don't,
I'll regret it till the day I die.
Shunrai Yamamoto : Hey, he's getting away! (0:04:02.00)
Aoshi Sanada : You wanna grab him again, Captain? (0:04:03.65)
Naotora Takeda : It's all right. (0:04:06.90)
Naotora Takeda : He's definitely determined. (0:04:08.45)
Naotora Takeda : If the kid's got something he's
willing to risk his life for...
Naotora Takeda : then he really is a Bushi. (0:04:15.72)
Kojirou Kanemaki : I... (0:04:22.80)
Kojirou Kanemaki : What exactly can I do? (0:04:25.17)
EXTRA : Crane Wings in the Blue Sky,
targeting the enemy core.
EXTRA : Twelve seconds until firing. Eleven... Ten... (0:04:35.72)
EXTRA : This is bad! They're aiming for the core horn! (0:04:39.68)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Core horn? (0:04:42.64)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Hey, hang on! What's a core horn?! (0:04:44.35)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Musashi's risking his life!
I'm not just gonna turn tail and run!
Shunrai Yamamoto : Don't do it, Red! (0:04:53.51)
Aoshi Sanada : You're headed right into our attack! (0:04:55.08)
Aoshi Sanada : Beat it! (0:04:57.49)
Musashi : Not a chance. (0:04:58.38)
Musashi : I'm done letting people
keep me from what I want.
Musashi : I'm never doing that again! (0:05:03.19)
Musashi : This here should do it. (0:05:13.88)
Musashi : Repeatedly strike the same point (0:05:20.74)
Musashi : to breach a hole that will sink any foe! (0:05:23.34)
EXTRA : Crane Wings in the Blue Sky in... (0:05:40.79)
EXTRA : Five. Four. Three. (0:05:42.82)
Musashi : Kanemaki-Isshin Style
demolition technique...
Musashi : Greatsword Slayer! (0:05:48.32)
EXTRA : Hold your positions! (0:06:03.34)
EXTRA : If the Kishin gets loose... (0:06:04.88)
EXTRA : Crane Wings in the Blue Sky, fire! (0:06:06.59)
EXTRA : Crane Wings in the Blue Sky missed! (0:06:13.87)
Musashi : Before they can finish things off, I will! (0:06:25.36)
Musashi : I'll put an end to this! (0:06:29.21)
Naotora Takeda : You can go after it on your own,
but you'll never take it down!
Musashi : I gotta do what I can! (0:06:40.10)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Musashi! Go for the thing
on the Kishin's navel!
Kojirou Kanemaki : That's its core horn—its weakness! (0:06:44.43)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Smash the horn on its navel
and it's dead meat!
Musashi : Kojiro? (0:06:49.64)
Kojirou Kanemaki : You always run off half-cocked.
You need somebody watching your back.
Musashi : Thanks, Kojiro! (0:06:56.55)
Musashi : So that's the Kishin's weakness?! (0:06:59.22)
Musashi : Engoku Tengu the red Kishin... (0:07:06.51)
Musashi : is mine to defeat! (0:07:08.96)
Kojirou Kanemaki : He did it! (0:07:18.83)
Musashi : My katana...! (0:07:28.02)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Musashi, look out! In front of you! (0:07:30.21)
Musashi : Dammit... (0:07:37.20)
Naotora Takeda : You've proven how serious you are,
but I'll take it from here.
Musashi : What?! (0:07:42.98)
Aoshi Sanada : The captain finished it off! (0:07:55.33)
Naotora Takeda : Sorry, kid! (0:07:59.66)
Naotora Takeda : I'm afraid I had to steal your big first step. (0:08:00.92)
Musashi : Dammit! Kojiro and I were
supposed to beat that thing!
Naotora Takeda : That's too bad. But we're
fighting for our own reasons.
Naotora Takeda : Look alive. The Kishin's body
is about to fall apart.
EXTRA : The mighty Kishin has fallen! (0:08:34.52)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Awesome... (0:08:37.03)
Musashi : What are you doing? (0:08:46.58)
Naotora Takeda : Absorbing the Kishin's power. (0:08:48.07)
Naotora Takeda : Raise your voices in celebration! (0:08:55.75)
Naotora Takeda : Engoku Tengu the red Kishin
has been slain by the Takeda Band!
Musashi : Dammit... (0:09:06.16)
Kojirou Kanemaki : I guess they beat us. (0:09:07.62)
Musashi : Kojiro? (0:09:09.44)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Our first prize... Losing it like this
is actually pretty frustrating.
Musashi : Yeah... (0:09:15.63)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Hey, is it me, or is this sight familiar? (0:09:17.24)
Musashi : It's just like the art on that
scroll about Bushi bands!
EXTRA : Thank you! You're a hero!
You've saved our city!
Kojirou Kanemaki : The only force able to stand up to the oni... (0:09:30.26)
EXTRA : If you hadn't shown up, (0:09:32.04)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Bushi really aren't villains after all. (0:09:34.01)
EXTRA : we would've been slaves to the oni
for the rest of our lives!
Kojirou Kanemaki : Everything Dad told me... It was all true. (0:09:37.29)
Musashi : I'm happy for you, Kojiro. (0:09:44.88)
Naotora Takeda : I'm Takeda Naotora of the Takeda Band,
and you have my word...
Naotora Takeda : We'll slay all of the Kishin and
make the world safe for mankind again!
EXTRA : How many people before you have
spouted that exact nonsense?!
EXTRA : It's been 150 years! (0:10:04.49)
EXTRA : The mighty Kishin have multiplied
and grown in power!
EXTRA : Meanwhile, you Bushi bands continue
your pointless resistance
EXTRA : with no thought for the innocent civilians
caught up in your conflicts!
EXTRA : Are you going to drag everyone
into the depths of despair again
EXTRA : for the sake of some impossible
dream, Takeda Naotora?!
Naotora Takeda : An impossible dream, huh? (0:10:27.21)
Naotora Takeda : I grew up hearing that over and over. (0:10:30.39)
Naotora Takeda : It's not like every Bushi among
the bands agrees either.
Naotora Takeda : Some think stability should take
priority over eliminating the oni.
Naotora Takeda : Some want a future with no oni at all. (0:10:40.68)
Naotora Takeda : But the thing we all have in common (0:10:43.66)
Naotora Takeda : is that the oni force us to base our
lives and dreams around them.
Naotora Takeda : So we dream impossible dreams (0:10:49.37)
Naotora Takeda : before having to give up,
passing it all on to those who come after.
Naotora Takeda : We inherit wishes, (0:10:54.80)
Naotora Takeda : as well as the names
and techniques of our forbears.
Naotora Takeda : The strength of the dead comrades
passes from their swords to ours,
Naotora Takeda : and in our hands now,
they're stronger than ever before!
Naotora Takeda : To look up and behold
the blue sky without fear...
Naotora Takeda : Isn't that what you want for your children? (0:11:16.96)
Naotora Takeda : I mean to put an end to this. (0:11:23.30)
Naotora Takeda : Our generation will finally be victorious. (0:11:27.52)
Naotora Takeda : We'll make a world free of the monsters
that came to this land 150 years ago!
Naotora Takeda : I'll continue to fight for the
sake of my comrades and my clan.
Naotora Takeda : And I ask that you all
lend us your strength.
EXTRA : Freedom for Hinomoto! (0:11:43.02)
Kojirou Kanemaki : He's just like the Bushi that my dad used
to talk about! Don't you think, Musashi?
Musashi : I can't stand this! (0:11:56.36)
Musashi : He stole my glory! (0:12:05.34)
Kojirou Kanemaki : He's looking this way! (0:12:12.29)
Musashi : I'm done lying about how I really feel... (0:12:13.31)
Musashi : I'm gonna let him have it! (0:12:16.56)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Uh, hi! I'm Kanemaki Kojiro, and this is Musashi. (0:12:17.34)
Naotora Takeda : Kojiro and Musashi, huh?
I feel bad about taking your first prize.
Kojirou Kanemaki : It's okay! We just weren't strong enough. (0:12:26.47)
Kojirou Kanemaki : We're not really in any position to complain. (0:12:30.00)
EXTRA : That's right, Red!
The captain saved your life.
EXTRA : Can't complain about that, can you? (0:12:36.89)
EXTRA : The oni are our real enemy. (0:12:39.84)
EXTRA : Only third-rate Bushi fight other Bushi. (0:12:42.17)
Musashi : Maybe they're right. (0:12:47.77)
Musashi : Everyone's so happy. (0:12:49.73)
Musashi : Maybe I should just...
keep a lid on how I feel.
Naotora Takeda : Musashi. (0:12:58.74)
Naotora Takeda : You've got a lot of potential, kid. (0:13:00.66)
Naotora Takeda : You're weak now, but keep working hard.
Maybe you'll catch up to me one day!
Aoshi Sanada : Hey, the captain gave you his approval! (0:13:09.45)
Shunrai Yamamoto : Good for you, Red! (0:13:12.48)
Musashi : Don't say it... Don't say it... (0:13:13.97)
EXTRA : He saved your hide, y'know!
The least you could do is thank him.
Kojirou Kanemaki : He's right, Musashi. (0:13:20.02)
Musashi : Shut it! (0:13:21.95)
Musashi : Quit acting so high and mighty,
you kill-stealing samurai!
Aoshi Sanada : Hey! Show the captain some
respect, you little brat!
Musashi : Shut up! (0:13:30.04)
Aoshi Sanada : What was that?! (0:13:31.31)
Musashi : I swore I'd never just
go with the flow again, so listen up!
Musashi : I'm super pissed we lost our first prize! (0:13:36.40)
Shunrai Yamamoto : Aw, the little redhead is such a weirdo! (0:13:41.96)
EXTRA : Yeah, that's something all right. (0:13:43.82)
EXTRA : Sure is. (0:13:45.62)
Naotora Takeda : You weren't sure whether or not to complain
out of consideration for those around you.
Naotora Takeda : It took guts to come clean, didn't it? (0:13:53.16)
Naotora Takeda : I like people with guts. (0:13:58.03)
Naotora Takeda : You can have this, Musashi. (0:14:04.86)
Naotora Takeda : I'm Takeda Naotora. (0:14:08.64)
Musashi : What is this thing, Naotora? (0:14:11.33)
Naotora Takeda : Your "sucks that you didn't get
to kill a Kishin" consolation prize!
Naotora Takeda : You'll have to find the next one yourself. (0:14:31.40)
Naotora Takeda : That should come in handy. (0:14:33.68)
Shunrai Yamamoto : See ya! (0:14:35.65)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Hey, what exactly is that, Musashi? (0:14:36.85)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Musashi? (0:14:41.76)
Musashi : This sucks! (0:14:46.15)
Musashi : This sucks... This sucks so bad... (0:14:48.82)
Kojirou Kanemaki : What's your problem?
Naotora seems nice enough.
Musashi : How do you figure?! (0:14:57.53)
Musashi : Didn't you see what a jerk he was being?
Don't be fooled, Kojiro!
Musashi : That nasty gloryhog!
Are you even listening, Kojiro?!
Musashi : Hey, that's the Aki Province seal, which means... (0:15:08.40)
Musashi : This belongs to an official! (0:15:11.55)
Musashi : What kind of a reward is this?! (0:15:13.85)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Hey, don't! (0:15:14.27)
Musashi : It's... (0:15:16.98)
Musashi : a kaleidoscope! (0:15:18.38)
Kojirou Kanemaki : A kaleidoscope? (0:15:20.74)
Musashi : I think so! It's really sparkly. (0:15:22.12)
Musashi : Why would an official have a toy, though? (0:15:25.48)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Huh... I feel like I've seen
this somewhere before.
Musashi : Yeah? Where? (0:15:35.24)
Kojirou Kanemaki : I know! (0:15:38.98)
Kojirou Kanemaki : The Bushi scrolls, huh? (0:15:43.30)
Kojirou Kanemaki : I haven't seen this in a while. (0:15:45.58)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Right here! (0:15:47.48)
Kojirou Kanemaki : See? It looks like he's using that thing. (0:15:48.64)
Musashi : I can sorta see the resemblance... (0:15:52.03)
Musashi : Huh? (0:15:54.32)
Kojirou Kanemaki : What is it? (0:15:54.99)
Musashi : That pattern on the scroll...
It's the same as inside the kaleidoscope.
Kojirou Kanemaki : Really? (0:16:00.66)
Kojirou Kanemaki : But this isn't a pattern. It's an oni. (0:16:01.87)
Musashi : It's an oni? (0:16:04.65)
Musashi : I get it! (0:16:07.52)
Musashi : This is a tool that lets you see oni! (0:16:11.34)
Kojirou Kanemaki : A tool that let's you see oni? (0:16:13.83)
Musashi : Yeah! (0:16:15.83)
Musashi : Remember what Naotora said? (0:16:16.67)
Musashi : We'll have to find our next Kishin ourselves! (0:16:18.90)
Musashi : And this is gonna help us do it! (0:16:20.95)
Musashi : He might've taken our first prize,
but now we can make up the lost ground.
Musashi : Just you wait, Naotora! (0:16:27.72)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Maybe this is something, too... (0:16:29.83)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Like those flying, glowing katanas
that the Takeda Band was using.
Musashi : It might be! Maybe if we keep reading,
we can find out a bunch more.
Kojirou Kanemaki : This is... (0:16:41.02)
Kojirou Kanemaki : impossible to read! (0:16:43.62)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Can you take it from here, ace student? (0:16:45.33)
Musashi : You bet! (0:16:46.92)
Musashi : Let's see here.
"Hinomoto was once a human land...
Musashi : But with the sudden appearance of the
enigmatic oni, their rule came to an end.
Musashi : The famous Warring States generals
fell one after another,
Musashi : but the domination of oni must be resisted.
The Kishin in Hinomoto now...
Musashi : number upward of a hundred." (0:17:09.91)
Kojirou Kanemaki : There're that many? (0:17:12.33)
Musashi : Hey, Kojiro, look! (0:17:14.57)
Musashi : It's the names of different Kishin! (0:17:17.47)
Musashi : See? Engoku Tengu is here! (0:17:19.35)
Musashi : There're so many... Just look at all of 'em! (0:17:21.88)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Well, we'll have plenty of chances
to make up for this time.
Musashi : You bet we will! (0:17:28.21)
Musashi : "To the samurai who would defy the oni, (0:17:30.28)
Musashi : Kishin are supernatural beings that come
in a multitude of shapes and sizes.
Musashi : Their power is like that of the gods. (0:17:37.16)
Musashi : But if these gods seek to crush
man under their feet,
Musashi : then let them all be slain so that
humanity may retake the world."
EXTRA : It is a dream that has yet
to be fulfilled by anyone.
EXTRA : It is the one true duty of the Bushi. (0:17:56.05)
Musashi : A dream so big no one
has been able to achieve it!
Kojirou Kanemaki : A Bushi's duty... (0:18:01.69)
EXTRA : Samurai of the land, (0:18:03.73)
EXTRA : let your ambitions contend with one
another as you seek to fell the Kishin.
EXTRA : When the deed is done,
the fractured nation will be healed.
EXTRA : The divine treasures will return to the hands
of the top Bushi who slay the top Kishin.
EXTRA : And when that happens,
the land will be unified.
Musashi : The land will be unified?! (0:18:23.36)
Kojirou Kanemaki : The land will be unified?! (0:18:23.36)
EXTRA : And the one responsible
for this new union, the Great Unifier,
EXTRA : will reign as the new king of Hinomoto! (0:18:29.93)
Musashi : The Great Unifier will unite the country! (0:18:33.70)
Kojirou Kanemaki : They never mentioned this in school... (0:18:36.39)
Musashi : Yeah, but the Takeda Band knew about it. (0:18:38.58)
Musashi : Remember what he said? (0:18:41.80)
Musashi : They have their own reasons for fighting. (0:18:43.72)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Hey, Musashi! Where are you going? (0:18:47.26)
Jisai Kanemaki : After everyone else in this country cast aside
their pride and gave up resisting the oni,
Jisai Kanemaki : the Bushi continued to fight
for humanity's place in the world.
Jisai Kanemaki : That is their way of life. (0:19:02.40)
Musashi : You wanna unite the country, right?! (0:19:05.60)
Musashi : That's what you're fighting for! (0:19:12.01)
Naotora Takeda : I'm impressed you figured it out, Musashi. (0:19:14.05)
Naotora Takeda : Every last Kishin in Hinomoto needs to go.
And we're going to make it happen!
Naotora Takeda : Fighting those things isn't some game.
You won't be able to do it.
Musashi : Yeah, well, you guys haven't
managed it yet either, have you?
Aoshi Sanada : This kid... (0:19:30.76)
Shunrai Yamamoto : He's pretty bold! (0:19:32.00)
Musashi : It's been 150 years. (0:19:33.83)
Musashi : This dream is so big that
no one's been able to accomplish it!
Musashi : And if no one else is up to the task,
then I'm gonna do it!
Musashi : I don't care how strong these monsters are!
I'm gonna take down all of the Kishin!
Musashi : That'll unify the country, right?! (0:19:47.51)
Naotora Takeda : Go ahead and try! (0:19:51.41)
Musashi : I wonder what the world
is like outside of town.
Kojirou Kanemaki : No one's gonna be around
to help us next time.
Musashi : I still wanna go. (0:20:22.00)
Musashi : Because... this is what I've wanted
to do all this time!
EXTRA : Musashi! Kojiro! (0:20:27.65)
EXTRA : Be safe! (0:20:30.63)
EXTRA : Good luck fighting the oni! (0:20:32.35)
Musashi : Yeah! We're heading out now! (0:20:34.34)
Musashi : It's huge! So this is what it's like... (0:20:52.31)
Kojirou Kanemaki : Look! Tatsuyama is downright tiny from here. (0:20:55.09)
Musashi : We spent our whole lives
in that little place.
Musashi : If you and your dad hadn't
taught me swordsmanship,
Musashi : I would probably still be digging up rocks
with nothing to dream of.
Kojirou Kanemaki : Musashi... (0:21:12.66)
Musashi : Thinking about it now, I'm really
glad that I met the two of you.
Kojirou Kanemaki : I see. (0:21:24.05)
Musashi : A flying fortress! (0:23:25.35)
Kojirou Kanemaki : I wonder how it works. (0:23:26.98)
Aoshi Sanada : You're wondering how
the flying fortress works?
Shunrai Yamamoto : You ride a Kitetsu Mount and you don't know? (0:23:31.02)
Musashi : Hey, yeah, Kojiro!
How's this thing run, anyway?
Kojirou Kanemaki : No clue. We'll probably find
out soon enough, though.

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