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Holo : For as long as anyone could remember, (0:01:32.69)
Holo : the people of this village said that the wolf was running past the wheat whenever the wind would cause it to bend. (0:01:35.07)
Holo : The wolf was said to have trampled the wheat when the wind caused it to topple over, (0:01:42.29)
Holo : and they blamed a poor harvest on the wolf's insatiable appetite. (0:01:46.37)
Holo : In the beginning, there was nothing aside from warmth. (0:01:50.54)
Holo : A promise was then made. (0:01:56.80)
Holo : Greetings and farewells occurred time and time again. (0:02:17.82)
Holo : Human beings eventually gained the ability to obtain prosperity on their own. (0:02:20.66)
Holo : They may no longer feel the need to uphold the promise. (0:02:27.75)
Kraft Lawrence : I'm growing tired of the country roads. (0:02:40.26)
Kraft Lawrence : Right? (0:02:43.89)
EXTRA : A peddler? (0:02:49.31)
Kraft Lawrence : A half-day trip toward the east will take you to a small village in the mountains. (0:02:50.85)
Kraft Lawrence : I just came back from selling salt there. (0:02:55.36)
EXTRA : So all of this is salt? (0:02:57.44)
Kraft Lawrence : No. (0:02:59.07)
Kraft Lawrence : This is fur. (0:03:01.82)
Kraft Lawrence : Oh, that's just a bundle of wheat. (0:03:05.16)
Kraft Lawrence : It's a type that's impervious to both warm and cold weather. (0:03:07.83)
Kraft Lawrence : What's going on? (0:03:11.75)
Kraft Lawrence : Things look unusually tense. (0:03:13.42)
EXTRA : It seems that a pagan festival is going to be held in the village to the west. (0:03:15.75)
Kraft Lawrence : Pagans? (0:03:20.34)
EXTRA : Insolent people who don't believe in our omnipotent God. (0:03:23.14)
EXTRA : I think the Pope should exercise his authority like he did in the past, (0:03:27.14)
EXTRA : but it seems like he can't keep them in line. (0:03:31.69)
EXTRA : Those pagans must be deceiving him with their tricks. (0:03:33.56)
Kraft Lawrence : Pagans, huh? (0:03:36.94)
Kraft Lawrence : The people of Pasloei? (0:03:39.32)
EXTRA : Hello, Mr. Lawrence. (0:03:44.66)
EXTRA : Wow, I was really surprised. (0:03:46.41)
EXTRA : Who would have thought this new method would yield such a bountiful harvest? (0:03:48.49)
EXTRA : It's all thanks to the Earl. (0:03:51.50)
EXTRA : The wolf wasn't reliable at all. (0:03:53.08)
EXTRA : Hey, you better watch what you say. It's supposed to be a deity, you know. (0:03:56.00)
EXTRA : Hi, Mr. Lawrence. (0:04:00.80)
Kraft Lawrence : Hello. It's been a while. (0:04:02.80)
EXTRA : You couldn't have picked a better time to stop by. (0:04:05.18)
EXTRA : The harvest festival starts tomorrow. (0:04:07.68)
Kraft Lawrence : Tomorrow? It looks like it already started. (0:04:09.93)
EXTRA : To tell you the truth, it already has in this area. (0:04:14.81)
EXTRA : What do you say? (0:04:17.11)
EXTRA : Now, now. Mr. Lawrence is different from people like you and I. (0:04:17.69)
EXTRA : Sorry about that. (0:04:21.78)
Kraft Lawrence : By the way, do you know where Chloe is? (0:04:25.62)
EXTRA : Chloe? (0:04:28.37)
EXTRA : I see. I see what this is all about. (0:04:29.58)
Kraft Lawrence : She's just an apprentice of mine. I thought we'd share a drink as business partners for old times' sake. (0:04:31.79)
EXTRA : That's unfortunate. (0:04:37.84)
EXTRA : That area had the least amount of crops this year, (0:04:40.59)
EXTRA : so she might become the Holo of the festival. (0:04:43.34)
EXTRA : Look over there! A wolf's lying nearby! (0:04:49.35)
EXTRA : Who's going to catch the wolf? (0:04:52.60)
EXTRA : There it is! (0:04:57.06)
Kraft Lawrence : Chloe! (0:04:58.48)
Chloe : Lawrence! (0:05:01.73)
Chloe : You came! (0:05:03.53)
Kraft Lawrence : If you don't pay attention, Holo's going to run away! (0:05:04.74)
EXTRA : This is the last bundle. (0:05:08.70)
EXTRA : Is a greedy person hiding wheat? (0:05:10.66)
EXTRA : Be careful! Holo might run away! (0:05:12.91)
EXTRA : Who's the one who caught the wolf? (0:05:15.21)
EXTRA : It's Chloe, Chloe, Chloe! (0:05:17.42)
EXTRA : Holo the wolf has appeared! Catch her! Catch her! (0:05:43.11)
EXTRA : She's going that way! (0:05:45.86)
EXTRA : Mr. Lawrence, catch her! (0:05:47.03)
Chloe : It's been a while since we last saw each other, so I'm expecting you to treat me out tonight. (0:05:55.58)
Kraft Lawrence : What's that supposed to mean? (0:06:06.22)
Kraft Lawrence : You're going to be stuck in there for a week. (0:06:13.89)
EXTRA : We've been able to find many new clients thanks to you. (0:06:18.39)
Kraft Lawrence : It seems like Chloe's doing well as the village negotiator. (0:06:23.82)
EXTRA : Yes, she's doing a fine job. (0:06:28.15)
EXTRA : This village is in for a rapid change. (0:06:31.24)
Kraft Lawrence : Oh, Trenni silver coins. (0:06:34.04)
Kraft Lawrence : You don't see too many of these around here. (0:06:36.87)
EXTRA : We've said our farewells to the rusty, blacken Lute silver coins. (0:06:39.79)
Kraft Lawrence : This village is going to rival big towns like Pazzio in the near future. (0:06:43.79)
EXTRA : Well, we still have a long way to go. (0:06:47.72)
EXTRA : In any case, we owe everything to the new lord of the manor, Earl Ehrendott. (0:06:49.72)
EXTRA : We no longer need to pray to the wolf. (0:06:55.85)
EXTRA : The power of man has triumphed over drought and storms. (0:06:59.02)
EXTRA : I'd like to fill this up with Lumione gold coins rather than Trenni pieces. (0:07:03.69)
Kraft Lawrence : When that happens, please
continue to make use of my services.
Kraft Lawrence : An outsider will only get in the way. (0:07:28.26)
Kraft Lawrence : That aside, it's a stretch to think they can start replacing their coins with Lumione pieces anytime soon. (0:07:32.59)
Kraft Lawrence : Let's get some sleep. (0:07:40.60)
Kraft Lawrence : This can't be... (0:08:11.72)
Kraft Lawrence : Hey, you... (0:08:15.34)
Kraft Lawrence : W-Wake up! (0:08:26.81)
Kraft Lawrence : What are you doing in someone else's wagon? (0:08:28.57)
Kraft Lawrence : I told you to wake up! (0:08:38.41)
Kraft Lawrence : Y-Your ears... (0:08:42.29)
Kraft Lawrence : H-Hey... (0:09:10.98)
Holo : It's a beautiful moon, isn't it? (0:09:38.55)
Holo : Hey, you... Do you have any alcohol? (0:09:41.10)
Kraft Lawrence : I-I don't have anything like that. (0:09:46.85)
Kraft Lawrence : First of all... (0:09:48.94)
Holo : Is that so? How about something to eat? (0:09:49.65)
Holo : My, my. What a waste. (0:09:54.07)
Kraft Lawrence : You... (0:10:04.20)
Kraft Lawrence : Have you been possessed by the devil? (0:10:05.50)
Holo : How ungrateful of you, (0:10:08.50)
Holo : pointing a dagger at me. (0:10:10.88)
Kraft Lawrence : W-What did you say? (0:10:12.75)
Holo : Oh, that's right. You're not from this village. (0:10:15.30)
Holo : Sorry, I forgot. (0:10:19.22)
Holo : My name is Holo. (0:10:28.27)
Holo : It's been quite a while since I last took this form, (0:10:30.27)
Holo : but it seems to fit me just fine. (0:10:33.57)
Kraft Lawrence : Holo? (0:10:35.82)
Holo : Yes. It's a nice name, don't you think? (0:10:36.44)
Kraft Lawrence : What a coincidence. (0:10:38.70)
Kraft Lawrence : I know someone who goes by that very name. (0:10:40.36)
Holo : Oh? I don't know anyone else who goes by the name of Holo. (0:10:43.28)
Holo : Where is that person from? (0:10:48.41)
Kraft Lawrence : It's the name of a deity that has been revered by the surrounding villages for countless generations. (0:10:50.04)
Kraft Lawrence : Are you trying to say you're a god? (0:10:54.04)
Holo : I am considered a god and have been bound to this land for some time, (0:10:59.51)
Holo : but I am not God almighty. (0:11:03.68)
Holo : I am simply Holo. Nothing more, nothing less. (0:11:07.10)
Holo : Did you think I was a poor crazy woman who's been confined to her home all her life? (0:11:10.52)
Holo : You did, didn't you? (0:11:16.82)
Holo : I was born in the plains of the north. (0:11:19.70)
Kraft Lawrence : North? (0:11:22.36)
Holo : Yes, a place where the summers are short and the winters are long. (0:11:23.45)
Holo : My home is the forest of Yoitz. (0:11:27.66)
Holo : It is a snowy world where everything sparkles. (0:11:31.67)
Holo : You're a traveling merchant, aren't you? (0:11:43.76)
Holo : Will you take me with you? (0:11:47.35)
Kraft Lawrence : Why should I? (0:11:49.48)
Holo : I have a talent for evaluating people. (0:11:50.68)
Holo : I can tell you're not a cold-hearted man who will decline a request. (0:11:53.48)
Kraft Lawrence : Don't come any closer! (0:11:58.94)
Kraft Lawrence : I'm not a good-natured man! (0:12:00.36)
Holo : Won't you treat me kindly? (0:12:01.86)
Holo : You're so naive. (0:12:04.91)
Holo : I don't dislike this appearance, but it's too cold for my liking. (0:12:09.91)
Kraft Lawrence : Holo! (0:12:21.84)
Kraft Lawrence : If you're really Holo, the wise wolf, prove it to me! (0:12:24.80)
Holo : Are you asking me to reveal my true form? (0:12:30.52)
Kraft Lawrence : Yes. (0:12:33.48)
Holo : I don't want to. (0:12:35.27)
Kraft Lawrence : W-Why? (0:12:36.61)
Holo : That's what I'd like to ask! (0:12:38.61)
Kraft Lawrence : Well, if you're a human being, I'm going to turn you over to the church. (0:12:41.11)
Kraft Lawrence : Associating with someone who's been possessed is nothing but bad news. (0:12:45.82)
Kraft Lawrence : However, if you really are Holo, the goddess of the harvest, (0:12:48.20)
Kraft Lawrence : I'm willing to reconsider your request since you may be able to bring luck and fortune to me. (0:12:51.79)
Holo : Do you really want to see it? (0:13:01.17)
Kraft Lawrence : Yes, I do. (0:13:03.72)
Holo : I'm going to ask you one last time. (0:13:06.05)
Holo : Do you really want to see it? (0:13:08.30)
Kraft Lawrence : Absolutely. (0:13:11.01)
Holo : Every transformation requires a form of compensation. (0:13:14.18)
Holo : In my case, it's either life blood (0:13:18.86)
Holo : or a small amount of wheat. (0:13:22.99)
Kraft Lawrence : I'll settle for the wheat. (0:13:25.53)
Kraft Lawrence : H-Hey... (0:13:41.88)
Kraft Lawrence : What's wrong? (0:13:45.51)
Kraft Lawrence : Sorry for coming back so suddenly. (0:14:06.32)
EXTRA : It's not a problem. I'm going to the festival, but you can take it easy. (0:14:09.03)
Kraft Lawrence : Who is it? (0:14:20.96)
Chloe : It's Holo. (0:14:21.75)
Kraft Lawrence : Holo? (0:14:22.75)
Chloe : Since you never showed up, I came to pick you up. (0:14:27.13)
Kraft Lawrence : Aren't you supposed to stay in the barn? (0:14:30.18)
Chloe : It's not like a real Holo exists anyway. (0:14:33.39)
Chloe : Come on, let's go. (0:14:36.60)
Kraft Lawrence : Where are we going? (0:14:38.35)
Chloe : Didn't you promise to treat me out? (0:14:39.81)
Chloe : You smell differently than before. (0:14:42.02)
Chloe : Did you make your rounds at Sauschbasch? (0:14:44.11)
Kraft Lawrence : You still have a good nose. (0:14:46.36)
Chloe : The scent of each town is easy to distinguish once it settles in. (0:14:48.03)
Kraft Lawrence : You've changed. (0:14:52.28)
Kraft Lawrence : You look really confident. (0:14:54.41)
Chloe : I do, don't I? I'm doing pretty well. (0:14:56.04)
Chloe : I just might surpass you before you know it, Lawrence. (0:14:59.96)
Kraft Lawrence : Oh? (0:15:02.83)
Kraft Lawrence : Allow me to offer my services when that time comes. (0:15:04.84)
Chloe : How cruel! You didn't mean that at all! (0:15:07.26)
Kraft Lawrence : Of course I did. (0:15:10.55)
Kraft Lawrence : This liquor tastes great. (0:15:12.18)
Kraft Lawrence : Hey, hey. Take it easy. (0:15:16.72)
Chloe : If you really do believe in me, I have a good deal you might be interested in. (0:15:18.56)
Chloe : If everything goes well, you may even own a store and become the master of a household. (0:15:22.44)
Kraft Lawrence : That sounds wonderful. (0:15:28.57)
Chloe : This isn't a joke! (0:15:30.11)
Chloe : This is a huge business opportunity, and we'll become rich if everything goes according to plan. (0:15:31.91)
Chloe : Lawrence? (0:15:38.75)
Kraft Lawrence : You're becoming more and more like your father. (0:15:42.33)
Kraft Lawrence : He was always exaggerating when it came to business. (0:15:45.29)
Chloe : It's not like that this time. (0:15:49.34)
Chloe : That's why I'm only telling you, Lawrence. (0:15:51.47)
Kraft Lawrence : Every opportunity comes with its own share of problems. (0:15:54.68)
Kraft Lawrence : That's why you want to hire me, right? (0:15:58.68)
Chloe : I want to work with you because I respect you in my own way, Lawrence. (0:16:02.69)
Chloe : Lawrence, I've engraved the things you've taught me in my heart. (0:16:06.82)
Chloe : I was able to come as far as I have because of you. (0:16:11.74)
Chloe : It's all thanks to you, Lawrence. (0:16:15.03)
Kraft Lawrence : It's risky. (0:16:22.58)
Kraft Lawrence : Risky, risky... (0:16:24.63)
Kraft Lawrence : You're still young. (0:16:27.34)
Kraft Lawrence : You should gain more experience before you commit yourself to an all-or-nothing situation. (0:16:29.55)
Chloe : How disappointing! (0:16:37.26)
Chloe : Chances like these don't come often. (0:16:38.68)
Kraft Lawrence : I'll find a risk-free business deal for you next time. (0:16:41.52)
Kraft Lawrence : I'll work with you under those circumstances. (0:16:45.56)
Chloe : I've grown up in more ways than you know of. (0:16:48.19)
Kraft Lawrence : You still have a lot to learn as a merchant. (0:16:57.03)
Chloe : If you think lightly of me, you'll regret it some day. (0:17:01.54)
Kraft Lawrence : I look forward to that moment. (0:17:05.79)
Chloe : A woman? (0:17:09.42)
Chloe : It seemed like you were lost in thought. (0:17:11.17)
Chloe : Did you find a better partner? (0:17:13.55)
Kraft Lawrence : I was just wondering how it'd be to have Holo as a partner. (0:17:15.38)
Chloe : Holo? (0:17:19.39)
Chloe : Are you talking about me? (0:17:20.76)
Kraft Lawrence : No, I was thinking about the real Holo. (0:17:22.10)
Chloe : How disturbing. You have such a wild imagination. (0:17:24.64)
Kraft Lawrence : Imagination? (0:17:27.94)
Chloe : Imagination. (0:17:29.23)
Kraft Lawrence : Imagination, huh? (0:17:30.86)
Chloe : Yes, imagination. (0:17:32.40)
Kraft Lawrence : What if Holo did exist? (0:17:35.61)
Chloe : Again with the delusions? (0:17:37.99)
Kraft Lawrence : I wonder if it could feel sorrow. (0:17:39.37)
Chloe : That can't be. (0:17:40.95)
Chloe : Holo is a deity, after all. (0:17:43.20)
Kraft Lawrence : You're right. (0:17:46.92)
Kraft Lawrence : There's no way she really exists. (0:18:00.85)
Holo : Who are you looking for? (0:18:03.68)
Kraft Lawrence : Holo! (0:18:05.89)
Holo : You don't have to act so surprised. (0:18:07.19)
Kraft Lawrence : Where were you hiding? (0:18:13.48)
Holo : I exist in the harvested wheat during this season. (0:18:15.28)
Holo : Usually, I cannot leave there because people would see me. (0:18:18.95)
Holo : However, there is an exception. (0:18:23.12)
Kraft Lawrence : Exception? (0:18:25.12)
Holo : If there is more wheat than the last reaped wheat nearby, I can move there. (0:18:25.87)
Holo : Well, in other words... (0:18:34.50)
Holo : How should I put it? You're like my savior, so to speak. (0:18:36.76)
Kraft Lawrence : At that time, (0:18:43.22)
Kraft Lawrence : when I saw your true appearance, (0:18:45.14)
Kraft Lawrence : I was struck with disbelief. (0:18:48.23)
Kraft Lawrence : Is that why you disappeared? (0:19:03.49)
Holo : A long time ago, a young villager asked me to produce a good crop of wheat. (0:19:08.00)
Holo : I have protected these fields since that time. (0:19:16.42)
Holo : However, bountiful harvests in succession burden the soil. (0:19:19.30)
Holo : It is necessary to produce a poor harvest on occasion. (0:19:22.80)
Holo : The villagers blamed it on my capricious nature. (0:19:25.81)
Holo : Resentment escalated year by year. (0:19:30.39)
Holo : Nobody needed me anymore. (0:19:33.48)
Holo : Even when I was needed, people feared the mere sight of me. No one would dare to come close. (0:19:36.32)
Holo : That wasn't what I wanted. (0:19:43.78)
Kraft Lawrence : Assuming that I believe your story for the time being... (0:19:53.17)
Holo : You're such a skeptical man. (0:19:56.42)
Kraft Lawrence : Do you have anywhere to go once you leave the village? (0:19:59.05)
Holo : I want to go back north. (0:20:07.18)
Chloe : Lawrence! (0:20:24.61)
Kraft Lawrence : It's okay. You can come out now. (0:20:34.67)
Holo : Tying shoelaces in there was rather difficult. (0:20:39.21)
Kraft Lawrence : That's to be expected... (0:20:46.14)
Kraft Lawrence : Shoelaces? (0:20:47.80)
Kraft Lawrence : Hey, those are my... (0:20:54.35)
Holo : Yeah. Do they look good on me? (0:20:57.02)
Kraft Lawrence : Those are my best clothes. I spent ten years collecting those garments. (0:20:59.32)
Holo : It seems like it. (0:21:01.69)
Holo : The tailoring is wonderful. (0:21:02.78)
Holo : You're not so bad as a merchant. (0:21:04.99)
Kraft Lawrence : Either you take those clothes off and leave... (0:21:08.37)
Holo : You're not the type of person who would follow through on that threat. (0:21:11.08)
Kraft Lawrence : You'll regret it if you underestimate me. (0:21:13.96)
Holo : Well, nice to make your acquaintance. (0:21:16.71)
Holo : Um... (0:21:18.59)
Kraft Lawrence : Lawrence. (0:21:19.63)
Kraft Lawrence : Craft Lawrence. (0:21:21.25)
Holo : Lawrence, I see. (0:21:22.84)
Holo : From this moment forward, your name will become a legend that will be retold for all of eternity. (0:21:25.05)
Kraft Lawrence : You should concern yourself with earning your own food rather than reciting fairy tales. (0:21:30.76)
Kraft Lawrence : This isn't an easy job. (0:21:36.56)
Holo : I'm not so foolish as to believe that I can survive by living off your labor. (0:21:38.52)
Holo : I'm Holo, the wise wolf, (0:21:43.86)
Holo : and a proud one at that. (0:21:45.86)
Holo : In any case, (0:21:49.95)
Holo : it's a little tight. (0:21:51.95)
Kraft Lawrence : You little... (0:21:53.75)
Holo : Well, I suppose it'll keep me warm, and that's all I can ask for. (0:21:54.91)
Holo : Next Episode,
"Wolf and Distant Past"
Kraft Lawrence : Next Episode,
"Wolf and Distant Past"

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