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Holo : Isn't it obvious when you look at my ears and tail? (0:01:35.74)
Holo : I'm a proud wolf. (0:01:38.70)
Holo : These ears hear everything from lies to cries for help. I have saved countless people from peril because of them. (0:01:45.00)
Holo : When people speak of Holo, the wise wolf, it is none other than me! (0:01:53.92)
Holo : There are still a few fleas. (0:02:14.57)
Kraft Lawrence : Well, it is the finest of furs, after all. (0:02:18.36)
Holo : You must be knowledgable to be able to appreciate the virtues of this tail. (0:02:24.08)
Kraft Lawrence : I suppose so. (0:02:29.83)
Holo : It looks like you're going to become clean as well, (0:02:34.17)
Holo : from the top of your head all the way to the bottom of your feet. (0:02:37.88)
EXTRA : Let us thank God for today's encounter. (0:02:50.14)
EXTRA : Pardon me for asking, but who is this? (0:02:55.65)
Kraft Lawrence : She's my wife. (0:03:00.49)
Kraft Lawrence : She has a burn on her face. (0:03:01.70)
EXTRA : I see. (0:03:04.12)
Kraft Lawrence : I'll meet with you after I tend to the wet goods. (0:03:08.62)
Kraft Lawrence : We really did get soaked down to our skin. (0:03:26.60)
Holo : The cold rain cooling my burn feels good. (0:03:30.31)
Kraft Lawrence : That aside, what am I supposed to do with the wheat? (0:03:35.15)
Holo : What do you mean by that? (0:03:39.65)
Kraft Lawrence : I-In other words, should I thresh it or leave it as is? (0:03:41.86)
Kraft Lawrence : That's assuming you really do live within the wheat. (0:03:46.99)
Holo : As long as I'm here, that wheat will never rot or wither. (0:03:51.04)
Holo : If it's eaten, burned, or milled and mixed into the soil, (0:03:56.54)
Holo : I may disappear, but it isn't a problem if it's just threshed. (0:04:00.88)
Kraft Lawrence : Then I'll separate the grains and put it in a pouch for you. (0:04:06.01)
Kraft Lawrence : I'm sure you'd like to keep some for yourself. (0:04:09.72)
Holo : That would help, but it'd be even better if I could hang it from my neck. (0:04:11.39)
Kraft Lawrence : Your neck, huh? (0:04:15.56)
Holo : Yes. (0:04:16.52)
Kraft Lawrence : Is it okay to set some of the wheat aside? (0:04:17.94)
Kraft Lawrence : I'd like to sell some of it in another land. (0:04:20.90)
Holo : Crops from a certain place grow well because that is where they belong. (0:04:27.78)
Holo : It would whither quickly. (0:04:30.75)
Holo : It is a waste of time going to those places. (0:04:33.04)
Holo : In any case, (0:04:36.46)
Holo : you still stink even after being out in the rain. (0:04:39.13)
Kraft Lawrence : You little... (0:04:43.88)
Holo : I consider you to be a good man. (0:04:48.43)
Holo : Try to keep yourself more clean. (0:04:51.56)
Kraft Lawrence : I'll make sure it doesn't get in the way of business. (0:04:55.27)
Holo : Well, I do think your beard looks nice. (0:04:58.44)
Kraft Lawrence : Oh, you noticed it after all. (0:05:02.11)
Holo : I'd prefer if it was a little longer. (0:05:04.40)
Holo : More like this. (0:05:08.16)
Holo : Would you like whiskers like that? (0:05:15.33)
Kraft Lawrence : There are other people here. Don't give yourself away. (0:05:18.33)
Holo : I am Holo, the wise wolf. I used to travel in this form all the time. (0:05:21.09)
Holo : Leave it to me. (0:05:25.63)
Holo : In any case, I never would have thought of a story about hiding a burned face. (0:05:27.51)
Kraft Lawrence : Then how would you think? (0:05:34.89)
Holo : Such a burn would be proof of who I am. Just like my ears and tail, I would think that it is a face that belongs to no one but me. (0:05:37.69)
Kraft Lawrence : I see... (0:05:48.99)
EXTRA : Oh, you came from Yorentz? (0:05:54.16)
Kraft Lawrence : Yes. I obtained salt over there, delivered it, and exchanged it for the marten furs. (0:05:57.16)
EXTRA : But won't it be arduous going back to Yorenz from here? (0:06:04.01)
Kraft Lawrence : That's where a merchant's wisdom comes in. I don't have to go back. (0:06:08.72)
Kraft Lawrence : When I purchased salt at a trading company in Yorenz, I didn't pay there. (0:06:13.06)
Kraft Lawrence : That's because I had sold wheat of roughly the same worth to that company's branch in a different town. (0:06:18.69)
Kraft Lawrence : I didn't have to pay for the salt, but I didn't receive any payment for the wheat. (0:06:24.23)
Kraft Lawrence : In other words, I can complete two separate contracts without exchanging any money. (0:06:28.78)
EXTRA : Oh, that's rather intriguing. (0:06:33.49)
Kraft Lawrence : This is a system called exchange transactions (0:06:36.37)
Kraft Lawrence : invented by merchants dealing with people in many different areas. (0:06:38.96)
EXTRA : I own a vineyard in a town called Perenzzo, but I've never conducted payment in such a strange way. (0:06:43.25)
EXTRA : Is it something I should look into? (0:06:50.59)
Kraft Lawrence : No, you should be fine. (0:06:53.22)
Kraft Lawrence : I use it so I can prevent my money from being stolen during a long trip. (0:06:55.51)
Kraft Lawrence : If you're the lord of a manor and own a vineyard, you only need to be careful not to be cheated by traders. (0:07:01.85)
EXTRA : I get into arguments over that every year. (0:07:09.28)
Kraft Lawrence : I can imagine. (0:07:12.37)
EXTRA : Mr. Lawrence, was it? (0:07:13.49)
EXTRA : Be sure to pay a visit whenever you travel to Perenzzo. (0:07:16.24)
EXTRA : You're more than welcome. (0:07:21.58)
Kraft Lawrence : Yes, I will. (0:07:23.21)
EXTRA : Well, my wife seems to be tired, so... (0:07:24.88)
Kraft Lawrence : Very well. (0:07:36.06)
Kraft Lawrence : May God show us the way. (0:07:39.89)
Zheren : Sir, you're quite impressive. (0:07:49.94)
Kraft Lawrence : I'm just an ordinary peddler. (0:07:52.36)
Zheren : Not at all. (0:07:54.99)
Zheren : I wanted to talk to the old couple myself, but I couldn't find an opportunity to do so. (0:07:56.16)
Zheren : You, however, did so with ease. (0:08:02.16)
Kraft Lawrence : It seemed like every other peddler was on a monsterous level beyond my reach when I first started out. (0:08:05.84)
Kraft Lawrence : To this day, I still think more than half of them are. (0:08:10.67)
Kraft Lawrence : You have to work hard. (0:08:13.72)
Zheren : I'm relieved to hear that. (0:08:16.10)
Zheren : My name is Zheren. (0:08:18.60)
Kraft Lawrence : Lawrence. (0:08:22.69)
Zheren : I'm new to the trade, but it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. (0:08:23.81)
Zheren : Is this person your companion? (0:08:26.90)
Kraft Lawrence : This is my wife, Holo. (0:08:30.61)
Zheren : Wow. A family business, huh? (0:08:31.86)
Zheren : I can tell you cherish her dearly by looking at how you cover her up. (0:08:35.20)
Kraft Lawrence : It's not like that... (0:08:39.16)
Zheren : It must have been God's will for us to meet here. (0:08:40.70)
Zheren : Would you let me take a look at her? (0:08:43.83)
Kraft Lawrence : Well... (0:08:47.13)
Holo : A trip is most fun before one sets out. (0:08:48.00)
Holo : A dog is most frightening when he barks. (0:08:51.30)
Holo : And women look their prettiest when viewed from behind. (0:08:54.38)
Holo : Your fantasy may be gone if you uncover the hood casually. (0:08:58.39)
Holo : I could not do something like that to you. (0:09:02.64)
Zheren : My, what a splendid wife you have. (0:09:09.98)
Kraft Lawrence : I find it difficult to avoid being at her mercy. (0:09:13.32)
Zheren : It certainly must be divine will for me to have met such amazing people. (0:09:16.16)
Zheren : How about it, sir? Will you listen to my story? (0:09:20.66)
Holo : What a nice smell. (0:09:35.26)
Holo : Baked potatoes and... could that be goat cheese? (0:09:38.72)
Kraft Lawrence : Wait a second. (0:09:44.64)
Holo : Oh, is this the wheat? (0:09:47.27)
Kraft Lawrence : I attached a leather strap so you could hang it from your neck. (0:09:49.44)
Holo : Yes, thank you! (0:09:55.40)
Holo : In any case, this comes first! (0:09:59.70)
Kraft Lawrence : I told you to wait! (0:10:02.37)
Kraft Lawrence : The leather strap, pouch for the wheat, cheese, and donation to the church were pretty expensive, you know. (0:10:05.29)
Kraft Lawrence : I expect you to compensate me for all of it, okay? (0:10:12.50)
Holo : Is that all you had to say? (0:10:14.26)
Kraft Lawrence : Yeah. (0:10:19.34)
Holo : I already know that. (0:10:21.76)
Holo : Vegetables grown by humans taste much better than leaf buds, (0:10:25.72)
Holo : and I like the idea of roasting them with fire. (0:10:29.56)
Kraft Lawrence : Hey, don't eat everything all at once. (0:10:31.61)
Holo : That was surprising. Human throats are too narrow. How inconvenient! (0:10:40.32)
Kraft Lawrence : Wolves swallow everything at once, don't they? (0:10:45.41)
Holo : That's right. They don't have cheeks, so they don't have to waste time chewing everything. (0:10:48.58)
Kraft Lawrence : I see. (0:10:53.84)
Holo : When I think about it, I almost choked on a potato in the past. (0:10:55.05)
Holo : It looks like we don't get along too well. (0:11:00.05)
Holo : You evil potato! (0:11:02.39)
Kraft Lawrence : Didn't you say that you can tell when people are lying? (0:11:10.56)
Holo : Well, to a certain extent. (0:11:15.86)
Kraft Lawrence : How well? (0:11:18.24)
Holo : I could tell you didn't mean it when you complimented my tail. (0:11:21.03)
Holo : It isn't perfect, but whether or not you believe in my ability is up to you. (0:11:29.58)
Kraft Lawrence : Let's assume I believe you for now. (0:11:37.00)
Kraft Lawrence : Could you tell me about that kid? (0:11:38.67)
Holo : Kid? (0:11:40.55)
Kraft Lawrence : The guy who talked to us in front of the fireplace. (0:11:42.30)
Holo : Well, you're both kids as far as I'm concerned. (0:11:46.85)
Holo : You're just slightly more mature. (0:11:51.56)
Holo : That kid and his story, huh? (0:11:56.07)
Zheren : To tell you the truth, sir, (0:12:01.65)
Zheren : there's a rumor that a certain coin will be reissued with a greater amount of silver in it. (0:12:03.57)
Zheren : You're not surprised at all, as expected. (0:12:11.33)
Zheren : When exchanged for other countries' currency, (0:12:13.42)
Zheren : the new silver coins will be worth more. (0:12:16.00)
Zheren : In other words... (0:12:18.55)
Kraft Lawrence : In other words, if you collect the current silver pieces and exchange them once the new coins are issued, (0:12:19.00)
Kraft Lawrence : you could make a huge profit from the transaction. (0:12:24.76)
Zheren : What do you think about sharing a portion of your profit in exchange for information about the silver coin? (0:12:28.64)
Holo : I can't elaborate any further, but his story isn't true. (0:12:38.90)
Kraft Lawrence : Currency speculation itself isn't rare. (0:12:43.49)
Kraft Lawrence : However... (0:12:46.82)
Holo : You don't understand why he would lie to you. (0:12:47.74)
Holo : Right? (0:12:51.08)
Holo : When people lie, it isn't the lie itself that's important, (0:12:52.29)
Holo : but the reason why they lied in the first place. (0:12:56.29)
Kraft Lawrence : How many years do you think it took me to realize that? (0:13:01.00)
Holo : There's no need to feel depressed. (0:13:05.55)
Holo : You're just a kid. (0:13:07.72)
Holo : That aside, what would you have done if I wasn't here? (0:13:12.31)
Kraft Lawrence : I'd hold off on deciding whether it's true or not, and act as if I was going along with Zheren's proposal for now. (0:13:17.90)
Holo : Why's that? (0:13:25.28)
Kraft Lawrence : If it's true, I can just go along with the prospect of a profit. (0:13:27.24)
Kraft Lawrence : If it's a lie, that means someone is up to something. (0:13:30.28)
Kraft Lawrence : Which means there's an opportunity to profit from it if I carefully analyze the situation. (0:13:34.71)
Holo : What if I told you it was a lie? (0:13:40.84)
Holo : You would not hesitate from the start. (0:13:46.43)
Holo : Either way, you would probably pretend to go along with it, right? (0:13:49.55)
Holo : I am Holo, the wise wolf. (0:13:56.10)
Holo : How much longer than you do you think I have lived? (0:13:59.48)
Kraft Lawrence : That beast... (0:14:44.48)
Holo : Please make my husband become a bolder person. (0:15:09.51)
Kraft Lawrence : Geez... (0:15:24.82)
Holo : Those people sure have become powerful. (0:15:27.53)
Kraft Lawrence : The church has been powerful for quite some time. (0:15:30.74)
Holo : It wasn't like that at all when I first came down from the north. (0:15:33.95)
Holo : They didn't preach about how God Almighty created the world and how he entrusted it to people. (0:15:39.66)
Holo : Nature isn't something that someone can simply create. (0:15:48.92)
Holo : I wonder when the church started meddling in comedy. (0:15:52.88)
Kraft Lawrence : That's enough of that for now. (0:16:01.14)
Holo : Is this proof of how things have changed with time? (0:16:03.81)
Holo : I suppose many things have changed drastically since I left. (0:16:06.57)
Kraft Lawrence : Have you changed at all? (0:16:12.45)
Kraft Lawrence : Then there's no reason to believe that your homeland has either. (0:16:21.04)
Holo : Being comforted by you is a disgrace for the wise wolf. (0:16:33.18)
Holo : Hey, hurry up! What are you doing? (0:16:41.64)
Zheren : Really? Do we have a deal? (0:16:53.15)
Kraft Lawrence : However, I cannot front the money right now. (0:16:56.28)
Kraft Lawrence : There's little I can do until I exchange these furs for money. (0:16:58.58)
Zheren : Let's meet at the port town of Pazzio. (0:17:01.08)
Zheren : Once you arrive in Pazzio, seek out a tavern called Yorrend. (0:17:04.62)
Zheren : You'll be able to find me there. (0:17:08.04)
Kraft Lawrence : Very well. Yorrend, is it? (0:17:10.59)
Zheren : Yes, Yorrend's the name. (0:17:12.42)
Zheren : I'll be on my way. (0:17:14.09)
Zheren : My regards to you as well, madam. (0:17:16.13)
Holo : What a noisy human. (0:17:20.31)
Holo : Why don't you go with him? (0:17:22.72)
Kraft Lawrence : Can't you see that the road is muddy? (0:17:24.94)
Kraft Lawrence : Travelling by foot is much faster. (0:17:27.10)
Kraft Lawrence : We don't want to make him travel at our pace. (0:17:30.07)
Holo : It's true what they say about merchants and punctuality. (0:17:32.73)
Kraft Lawrence : Time is money, as they say. (0:17:35.32)
Holo : "Time is money." That's an interesting saying. (0:17:38.28)
Kraft Lawrence : If you have time, you can use it to earn an equivalent sum of money. (0:17:41.28)
Kraft Lawrence : The farmers you've looked after for hundreds of years were precise with time. (0:17:45.25)
Holo : Your eyes must have been deceiving you. (0:17:50.88)
Holo : They were never precise with time. They are adept at sensing things. (0:17:53.00)
Kraft Lawrence : I don't understand. (0:18:02.06)
Holo : Listen. They wake up when they sense daybreak (0:18:03.81)
Holo : and pull weeds when they sense the afternoon. (0:18:08.27)
Holo : They rejoice the buds sprouting when they sense spring, (0:18:11.06)
Holo : enjoy crops growing when they sense summer, (0:18:13.82)
Holo : celebrate the harvest when they sense fall, (0:18:16.99)
Holo : and await the spring when they sense winter. (0:18:19.66)
Holo : They never cared about time, (0:18:22.20)
Holo : and neither do I. (0:18:24.83)
Holo : You may be quick-witted, but you lack experience. (0:18:26.79)
Holo : To put it another way... (0:18:37.88)
Holo : you might become wise when you're older. (0:18:40.22)
Kraft Lawrence : How many hundreds of years am I away from that? (0:18:45.85)
Holo : You indeed have sharp wits. (0:18:50.60)
Kraft Lawrence : Your mind might be so old that it's started to fail you. (0:18:53.57)
Holo : Do you know why wolves attack people in the woods? (0:18:59.53)
Kraft Lawrence : No. (0:19:04.53)
Holo : It's because we gain the powers of humans when we devour their heads. (0:19:05.37)
Holo : You still have a lot to learn. (0:19:12.75)
Holo : You're no match for me. (0:19:15.80)
Holo : Have you ever been attacked in the forest? (0:19:22.97)
Kraft Lawrence : I have, (0:19:26.77)
Kraft Lawrence : about eight times. (0:19:28.10)
Holo : I bet they were tough. (0:19:33.44)
Kraft Lawrence : Yeah. I managed to stave off the wild dogs, but the wolves were overwhelming. (0:19:35.52)
Holo : That's because they feast on people in order to gain their powers... (0:19:43.78)
Kraft Lawrence : Stop it! (0:19:48.41)
Kraft Lawrence : I apologize for saying that your mind has dulled. (0:19:51.58)
Kraft Lawrence : So... please stop it. (0:19:54.75)
Holo : I'm sorry. (0:20:09.89)
Holo : Are you upset? (0:20:32.41)
Kraft Lawrence : I'm upset, (0:20:34.46)
Kraft Lawrence : so never talk about that again. (0:20:37.38)
Holo : Wolves have lived in the forest for their entire lives, but dogs have lived with people at least once in their lifetimes. (0:20:47.76)
Holo : That's why there's such a difference in ferocity between wolves and dogs. (0:20:53.56)
Holo : Wolves only know about the fear of being hunted. (0:20:58.82)
Holo : Humans are something to be feared. (0:21:02.03)
Holo : That's why we often think about how we should act when people enter the woods. (0:21:04.65)
Kraft Lawrence : Does that mean you've also... (0:21:17.25)
Holo : Everyone has something they'd rather not talk about, and I'm no exception. (0:21:19.79)
Kraft Lawrence : Sorry. (0:21:26.93)
Holo : That makes us even, right? (0:21:28.47)
Holo : I guess the worlds we lived in are different. (0:21:55.62)
Holo : Next Episode,
"Wolf and Business Talent"
Kraft Lawrence : Next Episode,
"Wolf and Business Talent"

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