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EXTRA : We've gained control of the bridge here! (0:00:12.66)
EXTRA : All platoons, head for the city. (0:00:14.32)
EXTRA : Guard the bridge exit to
the enemy city with your lives!
EXTRA : The enemy's taken the bridge. (0:00:18.66)
EXTRA : Blow it! (0:00:20.03)
EXTRA : They're coming in! (0:00:20.83)
Vanze Haldey : Have the 14th and 16th
Platoons lead the landing assault.
Vanze Haldey : And blow this bridge. Do not
let the enemy reach our soil!
EXTRA : We split into two groups,
avoid a frontal breakthrough.
EXTRA : Nina still hasn't arrived. (0:00:36.61)
EXTRA : Irrelevant. Commencing
the operation takes priority.
EXTRA : Sir! (0:00:39.85)
Nina Antalk : We can make it. (0:00:57.97)
EXTRA : Impossible for you, maggot! (0:00:58.64)
EXTRA : I'll go! (0:00:59.87)
Nina Antalk : A little more... Just a little more! (0:01:15.62)
Nina Antalk : --It's too dangerous!
--What are you doing?!
EXTRA : It's a trap! (0:01:23.96)
EXTRA : At that rate, you'd have fallen
ass-backwards down the tower!
EXTRA : Zuellni's flag has been captured! (0:01:35.57)
Nina Antalk : Why did you interfere?! We were winning! (0:01:41.18)
EXTRA : If I hadn't pulled you back
down, you'd be dead by now!
Nina Antalk : If it will save Zuellni,
I don't care about my life!
EXTRA : Please move! Please clear a path! (0:01:50.65)
EXTRA : We had refined tactics and
racked up training for this day,
EXTRA : and yet those pissant soldiers had... (0:01:57.79)
Nina Antalk : We can't lose. (0:02:25.66)
Nina Antalk : We have to win or it means nothing! (0:02:30.99)
EXTRA : Brave your truth and brave yourself (0:02:37.97)
EXTRA : So we can go somewhere with the dite (0:02:40.97)
EXTRA : Keep hope alive, now we
wanna find the new world
EXTRA : Roaming around the city having lost my map (0:02:54.48)
EXTRA : Even a dying world (0:02:57.82)
EXTRA : Let me hear a life deep
within that won't stop running
EXTRA : I seared the undying light into my eyes (0:03:08.00)
EXTRA : Refusing to shut them
even when they dried
EXTRA : I don't believe anything
I can obtain without getting hurt
EXTRA : A single emotion
directed toward someone
EXTRA : Splits the steel darkness
like the light of morning
EXTRA : One day brave your
truth and brave yourself
EXTRA : So you will drastically change (0:03:39.30)
EXTRA : Compounded strength and prayers (0:03:42.80)
EXTRA : Intersecting futures
and wishes held close
EXTRA : I will give these to no one (0:03:52.38)
EXTRA : Just tough and alive (0:03:55.95)
EXTRA : It links our hearts (0:03:57.45)
Nina Antalk : He's late! (0:04:08.46)
Nina Antalk : Don't tell me he's made a run for it! (0:04:09.73)
Sharnid Elipton : You dragged him in against his will, right? (0:04:12.33)
Sharnid Elipton : That'd make someone want to run. (0:04:14.90)
Nina Antalk : What?! (0:04:16.17)
Sharnid Elipton : Uh, nothing. (0:04:16.90)
Harley Sutton : Um, look, maybe he just got lost. (0:04:18.40)
Felli Loss : I doubt there would be
cause for him to get lost.
Harley Sutton : You don't have to contradict me, you know. (0:04:23.67)
Harley Sutton : It's okay. He'll be here soon. (0:04:26.34)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Sorry, um... (0:04:30.58)
Nina Antalk : Let me introduce you to everyone. (0:04:32.95)
Nina Antalk : This is our new member, Layfon Alseif. (0:04:34.28)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Uh, about that... (0:04:37.45)
Nina Antalk : That's Sharnid Elipton, fourth
year, our sharpshooter.
Sharnid Elipton : Heya. (0:04:42.33)
Nina Antalk : That's Harley Sutton,
third year, our dite mechanic.
Harley Sutton : A pleasure. (0:04:46.20)
Nina Antalk : --And finally...
--Um, I...
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : --And finally...
--Um, I...
Nina Antalk : Felli Loss, second year, our nen'i operator. (0:04:48.20)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Uh, the thing is... (0:04:51.13)
Nina Antalk : And there's me, Nina Antalk, third-year
Military Arts student, 17th Platoon leader.
Nina Antalk : What happened to your 17th
Platoon badge? I gave it to you, yes?
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : I can't join the platoon after all. (0:05:02.55)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : My part-time job cleaning at the
machinery department takes up my nights.
Nina Antalk : Don't you worry about that! (0:05:08.48)
Nina Antalk : Restoration. (0:05:11.05)
Nina Antalk : I'm going to give you a test now.
There's no need to be nervous.
Nina Antalk : Harley, get them out. (0:05:16.79)
Nina Antalk : We're just going to decide your
position for the next competition.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : The next competition? (0:05:22.13)
Harley Sutton : These are practice dites. (0:05:23.97)
Harley Sutton : They haven't been inputted with user
data, so they shouldn't have any special quirks.
Harley Sutton : Which one will you use? (0:05:29.71)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Uh, any one will do... (0:05:31.54)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Restoration. (0:05:35.14)
Nina Antalk : I'm coming after you for real. (0:05:39.85)
Sharnid Elipton : I've never seen someone
fend off Nina's initial attack before.
Nina Antalk : You're pretty good at this. (0:06:03.77)
Nina Antalk : I won't hold back either! (0:06:06.61)
Nina Antalk : Can you use External Ballistic Kei? (0:06:15.45)
Nina Antalk : External Ballistic Kei. (0:06:18.45)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Yes. (0:06:20.36)
Nina Antalk : Defend against this! (0:06:23.06)
Harley Sutton : How's Layfon? (0:06:49.95)
Nina Antalk : If he rests overnight, it looks like he
can get out of the hospital tomorrow.
Harley Sutton : Oh, that's good. (0:06:54.56)
Nina Antalk : It's not good at all. (0:06:55.96)
Nina Antalk : Was it just a fluke that
he evaded my first attack?
Nina Antalk : When we were fighting, I could
definitely feel him responding...
Nina Antalk : But what was that? Who would
just take that hit full in the face?!
Nina Antalk : Even if he couldn't totally defend
against it, that was way too slow!
Harley Sutton : Nobody's powerful right off the bat. (0:07:13.24)
Nina Antalk : You're right. There's no
point in trying to rush things.
Harley Sutton : That's right. (0:07:20.35)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Wh-What are you doing?! (0:07:50.15)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Ow... (0:07:53.32)
Felli Loss : It doesn't hurt, does it? (0:07:55.55)
Felli Loss : Not if you can repair yourself using
Internal Augmenting Kei to that extent.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Hey, I fell! From the bed!
So it hurts, as falling would!
Felli Loss : Is that so? (0:08:05.80)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Um, Senior Felli? (0:08:28.18)
Felli Loss : I know now why my brother
went so far as to deceive you
Felli Loss : to have you transferred to
the Military Arts Department.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Your brother? "Deceive" me? (0:08:37.66)
Felli Loss : Both the difficulties facing the 17th Platoon
and the skirmish at the entrance ceremony
Felli Loss : were schemes devised by my
brother, the student council president,
Felli Loss : to get you into the 17th Platoon. (0:08:49.44)
Felli Loss : I'm sure you find it unbelievable. (0:08:51.94)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Actually... (0:08:53.68)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : My left arm is slightly longer than my right. (0:08:56.05)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : This military uniform should
have been prepared in a hurry,
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : but it's a perfect fit, as if it
were tailor made. That's why, huh?
Felli Loss : So your acting slowly was intentional after all. (0:09:06.39)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Acting slowly? (0:09:09.56)
Felli Loss : Your inability to evade Nina's
attack earlier was intentional, wasn't it?
Felli Loss : You know what nen'i is of course, don't you? (0:09:16.13)
Felli Loss : Nen'i operators manipulate objects with
unseen hands, extract information from them.
Felli Loss : We see what can't be seen, and
sometimes we can project nen'i outward
Felli Loss : to speak with those located elsewhere. (0:09:30.31)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : It can't be mastered through training alone, (0:09:33.22)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : and in a real sense is the ability
of the chosen... isn't that right?
Felli Loss : Even so, it seems my quantity of
nen'i cannot be considered normal.
Felli Loss : My brother sought to use this for Zuellni's sake (0:09:48.97)
Felli Loss : and had me forcibly transferred
to the Military Arts Department.
Felli Loss : I resent my brother. (0:09:57.97)
Felli Loss : He will do anything for victory,
no matter how underhanded.
Felli Loss : That's why I think you
are just fine the way you are.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : So this is the heart of Regios... (0:10:26.97)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Excuse me! This is my first day,
so I'm not sure what I should...
Nina Antalk : Ah! I'll be right up. (0:10:43.32)
Nina Antalk : I tell you, it's been rough
since our other guy left...
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Ma'am?! (0:10:51.96)
Nina Antalk : Layfon! You sneaked out of the hospital?! (0:10:53.83)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : No, I'm better already! (0:10:57.03)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Plus it's my first day, so I
couldn't very well be absent.
Nina Antalk : You mean you've recovered from all that
damage? What kind of body have you got?!
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Now I get it. This is why she wouldn't let
me quit with a reason like a part-time job...
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : What made you work in a place like this? (0:11:19.56)
Nina Antalk : It's rough, but the pay is good. (0:11:23.19)
Nina Antalk : My parents were against
the idea of Academic City.
Nina Antalk : My coming here was half running away from
home... So they don't send any tuition money.
Nina Antalk : Why did you come here? (0:11:36.01)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : This was the only school
I passed the scholarship exam for.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : I'm an orphan and I don't have any money. (0:11:43.38)
Nina Antalk : Oh. I'm sorry. (0:11:45.28)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Huh? Not at all. (0:11:47.28)
Nina Antalk : You want some? (0:11:50.45)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Thank you! (0:11:51.29)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : It's delicious. (0:11:54.89)
Nina Antalk : This is the most popular
boxed lunch you can get delivered.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Speaking of, I have a boxed lunch of my own. (0:11:59.96)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Would you care for some? (0:12:03.40)
Nina Antalk : It sure looks good. (0:12:05.23)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : It was delivered to my room. (0:12:06.54)
Nina Antalk : A new product, huh? (0:12:09.07)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : If you'd like some, help yourself. (0:12:10.41)
Nina Antalk : I appreciate it. (0:12:11.64)
Nina Antalk : Thanks very much for... (0:12:13.21)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Your lunch is delicious as well. (0:12:15.98)
Nina Antalk : This is so good! It's
delicious. It's too delicious!
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Would you like to trade lunches? (0:12:29.23)
Nina Antalk : Is that okay? Is it really
okay? It's okay, right?
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Uh, please. (0:12:33.96)
Nina Antalk : Thanks. I'm gonna enjoy this! (0:12:35.00)
Mayshen Torinden : I wonder if he'll say it's delicious... (0:12:41.07)
Mifi Rotten : What's with you, May-cchi? You're being creepy. (0:12:43.81)
Mayshen Torinden : No, nothing at all, nothing at all. (0:12:46.81)
Mifi Rotten : Yeah, fine. (0:12:48.98)
Nina Antalk : That was so delicious! (0:12:51.65)
Nina Antalk : Here's my small way of saying "Thanks." (0:12:56.79)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Thank you. (0:12:59.69)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : It's delicious. Do they sell this too? (0:13:05.96)
Nina Antalk : I made it. (0:13:08.46)
Nina Antalk : You should make your own drinks.
The drinking water here tastes terrible.
Nina Antalk : Made to live inside Regios like this,
we live our entire lives in a single city
Nina Antalk : like birds in a cage. (0:13:21.21)
Nina Antalk : On the other hand, there are those who
travel on buses that roam between cities.
Nina Antalk : They see so many different
worlds that other people don't see.
Nina Antalk : I was jealous of them.
That's why I decided to come here.
Nina Antalk : But my parents really objected... (0:13:42.46)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : That's why you left home? (0:13:46.84)
Nina Antalk : They found out I'd taken the exam anyway. (0:13:48.64)
Nina Antalk : The military arts are the
only thing I'm any good at.
Nina Antalk : That's why I enrolled in
the Military Arts Department.
Nina Antalk : Not that I'd expect you to understand. (0:14:01.88)
Nina Antalk : The competition is tomorrow. (0:14:07.16)
Nina Antalk : Let's finish up work early tonight. (0:14:09.16)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : It's tomorrow?! (0:14:12.73)
Nina Antalk : Huh? Didn't I mention that? (0:14:14.00)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : We shouldn't have eaten leisurely and
traded life stories today, should we?
Nina Antalk : Hey, sometimes you want
to just try and be serious!
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : I have to finish quickly... I have to
sleep or the match will be too hard to--!
Nina Antalk : Oh, shut up! You got time to talk,
you got time to work, new boy!
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : That's just... (0:14:32.11)
Nina Antalk : Look, just work! (0:14:33.18)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : I am! (0:14:34.12)
Nina Antalk : Work more! (0:14:35.28)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : So... sleepy... (0:14:40.96)
Nina Antalk : Good thing you're made of such strong stuff. (0:14:43.13)
Nina Antalk : Otherwise, we'd have had
to withdraw from this match.
Nina Antalk : I look forward to our match. (0:14:52.80)
EXTRA : You think we're equals just
because you lead a platoon?
EXTRA : Let's see how long your
motley crew can stick it out.
Nina Antalk : The outcome of this match
will affect our city's position.
Nina Antalk : Stay sharp out there. (0:15:15.12)
Mifi Rotten : I wonder if Lay-ton's all right... (0:15:20.16)
Naruki Gelni : Sure he is! After all, he ate
May-cchi's handmade boxed lunch!
Mifi Rotten : Oh, my. (0:15:27.97)
Nina Antalk : What is this cold feeling?! (0:15:31.14)
Vanze Haldey : We will now begin the competition. (0:15:34.24)
Vanze Haldey : The 17th Platoon will attack
and the 16th Platoon will defend.
Sharnid Elipton : That's the head of the Military
Arts Department, Vanzeh himself.
Vanze Haldey : Treat this match as if it
were a real intermunicipal battle.
Nina Antalk : Sir. (0:15:44.49)
Vanze Haldey : Both platoons, take your positions! (0:15:45.19)
EXTRA : The competition between the 16th
and 17th Platoons will now commence.
EXTRA : Stray bullets and so on may cause injuries,
so audience members, please stay cautious.
Nina Antalk : The only way we can win is
to wipe out the enemy platoon
Nina Antalk : or take down the flag
planted behind their lines.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : As defense, what
conditions have to be met to win?
Nina Antalk : Protect the flag till time runs out,
or knock down the enemy leader.
Nina Antalk : Till he can't get up anymore. (0:16:15.22)
Nina Antalk : The enemy will be after me.
I'll act as a decoy to lure them in.
Sharnid Elipton : Looks like our leader's feeling aggressive. (0:16:22.16)
Nina Antalk : Layfon, you run in front of the enemy line. (0:16:23.73)
Nina Antalk : Sharnid, you cover him. (0:16:25.39)
Sharnid Elipton : Roger that. (0:16:26.80)
Felli Loss : Enemy detected. They're approaching. (0:16:28.16)
Nina Antalk : Restoration! (0:16:31.83)
EXTRA : Got you! (0:16:39.21)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Ma'am! (0:16:46.72)
Nina Antalk : Don't worry about me! (0:16:48.65)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Restoration! (0:16:49.55)
Nina Antalk : Sharnid, I'm fine, but give Layfon some backup! (0:16:51.89)
Sharnid Elipton : Easier said than done... (0:16:54.82)
Vanze Haldey : That new student's moves are pretty bad. (0:16:59.19)
Vanze Haldey : His kei channeling looks bad, too. (0:17:02.03)
Kalian Loss : His prowess is guaranteed. (0:17:04.07)
Vanze Haldey : What are you hiding? (0:17:06.70)
Kalian Loss : Zuellni only ever gets the fighters
who haven't come into their own yet.
Kalian Loss : To him, this may appear
little more than child's play.
Vanze Haldey : Well, we're giving this
child's play everything we've got.
Kalian Loss : All cities have the same desperation to survive. (0:17:18.88)
Kalian Loss : That fact doesn't seem to be reaching him... (0:17:23.05)
Vanze Haldey : It's not just him.
There's your younger sister.
Vanze Haldey : The two of them have no motivation, and
Sharnid there has no sense of cooperation.
Vanze Haldey : The whole platoon's nothing but trouble. (0:17:37.23)
Vanze Haldey : You need to assign Nina Antalk to a
different platoon, let her get brought up right.
Kalian Loss : She herself opposed the idea. Also, it
can't be said that failure produces nothing.
Vanze Haldey : So the whole platoon is to
be sacrificed for a greater gain?
Kalian Loss : Whether or not that's the
case will depend on the outcome.
EXTRA : Restoration! (0:17:59.12)
Nina Antalk : Sharnid, why aren't you covering Layfon? (0:18:03.13)
Sharnid Elipton : I just couldn't shoot an enemy battling
so spectacularly with one of our own...
Nina Antalk : Felli, you're taking too long to find the
enemy's location. Can't you do it faster?
Felli Loss : This is my limit. (0:18:13.40)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : What a terrible shade of kei... (0:18:40.80)
Nina Antalk : Layfon! (0:18:49.47)
Felli Loss : Layfon has withdrawn. Damage unknown. (0:18:59.55)
Nina Antalk : What?! (0:19:01.98)
Sharnid Elipton : Yes... (0:19:11.39)
Sharnid Elipton : Darn it! (0:19:13.36)
Sharnid Elipton : It's no problem shooting
enemies when they're by themselves...
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : It'd be all right if we lost, right? (0:19:27.48)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Ma'am! (0:19:45.86)
EXTRA : You haven't changed at all
from two years ago, maggot.
EXTRA : It can't be! She still had
that much strength left?!
Nina Antalk : Now to put my remaining energy
into a single, focused blast... All of it!
EXTRA : Is that the way a platoon leader fights?! (0:20:10.62)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Ma'am! (0:20:19.73)
Vanze Haldey : Start the countdown.
Sound the siren at 30 seconds.
Kalian Loss : I think you've judged a little quickly... (0:20:28.80)
Vanze Haldey : At this rate, the 17th
Platoon will become useless.
EXTRA : Fight alone and die alone, huh?! (0:20:34.54)
EXTRA : Don't go thinking that's the right way! (0:20:37.45)
Nina Antalk : Dammit! I can't lose... (0:20:40.05)
Nina Antalk : I mustn't lose! (0:20:42.55)
Nina Antalk : I can't lose... I mustn't lose! (0:20:46.89)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : She's going to be beaten! (0:20:50.56)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : External Ballistic Kei! (0:21:02.47)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Dragon-Spiral Kei! (0:21:05.81)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Internal Augmenting Kei, Spiral Kei! (0:21:13.58)
Nina Antalk : You... (0:21:20.02)
Sharnid Elipton : The hell? (0:21:22.29)
Mayshen Torinden : --Yes!
--We did it!
Mifi Rotten : --Yes!
--We did it!
Naruki Gelni : --Yes!
--We did it!
Harley Sutton : Layfon, that was incredible! (0:22:04.70)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : More to the point, sorry...
This dite can't be used anymore.
Harley Sutton : I've never seen that before!
Your kei was too strong for the dite to contain.
Harley Sutton : We're going to have to think of
different dite settings for you, huh?
Sharnid Elipton : Dude! Where were you hiding
those claws of yours? Strokey strokey...
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Ma'am! (0:22:31.16)
Felli Loss : Traitor. (0:22:55.28)
EXTRA : Beyond memory (0:23:37.16)
EXTRA : A map of the ideal future
you'd been searching for
EXTRA : Scared of something, not
understanding, trembling alone
EXTRA : Unable to see you, I'm
always wearing a fake smile
EXTRA : I was held in your arms (0:24:10.69)
EXTRA : Fall in love like
you're waking up
EXTRA : And then take
me into dreamland
EXTRA : You always, you always (0:24:30.98)
EXTRA : You always told me tender lies (0:24:36.69)
Kalian Loss : Nina makes plain her anger at Layfon having
hidden his extraordinary strength.
Kalian Loss : In the midst of this, Nina goes missing while in
pursuit of an enemy in the machinery department
Kalian Loss : because Zuellni has suddenly come to a halt. (0:25:04.48)
Kalian Loss : Next time, "Electronic Spirit Zuellni" and... (0:25:06.31)
Kalian Loss : Restoration! (0:25:08.32)

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