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Kensuke Midorikawa is similar to Gajeel Redfox

He's like a baby Gajeel before he got his piercings

Yukine is similar to Soul Eater Evans

Both have the appearance of teenage boys, but have the ability to transform into human weapons, which are wielded by their partner. Both weapons are types of blade, a scythe and a katana.

Soul Eater Evans is similar to Yukine

Both have the appearance of teenage boys, but they also have the ability to [s]transform into human weapons (both types of blade: a katana/scythe), which are wielded by another person (their partner).[/s]

Hanzo is similar to Saitama

Both extremely strong bald guys with similar physiques, whose strength comes from years of tough training. Their personalities differ though. Hanzo is a show-off, whereas Saitama tries to play down his talents.

Yuuma Kuga is similar to Killua Zoldyck

They are both white haired boys who trained as fighters from a very young age. Both have very cool personalities and high intelligence. They are easy going and relaxed with their friends, but deadly in a fight.

Hozuki is similar to Sougo Okita

Both characters are sadists who are generally polite and nice to others, but they have a twisted sense of humour and take every opportunity to torture, verbally and physically abuse their powerful boss.

Bishamon is similar to Olivier Mira Armstrong

Both a strong, beautiful women with long blonde hair that wear a military uniform

Kageyama is similar to Shikamaru Nara

Both have black high spiky ponytail and control shadows

Takeru Fujiwara is similar to Haruka Nanase

Same hairstyle, hair color, and eye color, similar builds and facial structure.

Hitomi is similar to Nezumi

Similar short, high ponytail with dark hair on a bishie

Dot Pixis is similar to Olba Meiya

Bother are bald, old men with a grey moustache

Ren Kagami is similar to Kotone Momoi

Both of them are childhood friend characters who share a voice actress. However, that's where the similarities end.

Kokoro Yotsuba is similar to Ichigo Amano

They are both young teenage girls with big brown eyes and brown hair in pigtails.

Takumi Rindou is similar to Maes Hughes

Nice guy

Broccoli is similar to Petite Charat

Made to look similar, chibi neko girls.

Hanzo is similar to Alibaba Saluja

Looks similar, also a swordsman

Ren Kagami is similar to Asuka Tooyama

Devoted childhood friend characters who share a voice actress.

Ren Kagami is similar to Riisa Tatsumi

They have the same hair and eye colour and same hairstyle. They're also both quite skinny and busty.

Chii is similar to Chise Mihara

Same hair color and style. Because she is another Clamp character, this similarity is likely intentional.

Chii is similar to Chiho Mihara

Same hair color and style. Because she is another Clamp character, this similarity is likely intentional.

Chii is similar to Maromi Giouji

Same hair color & style

Utsutsu Miya is similar to Saya

Similar green tint to hair, same hair-wing things, same slender build

Nova is similar to Ciel Phantomhive

Surly, short and blue. Enough said XD

Erika Chiba is similar to Aoi Yusa

They have almost identical short, red, spiky hair and brown eyes.

Kirika Akatsuki is similar to Dark Magician Girl

Outfit is simiar.

Hinaki Kiryuu is similar to Miku Hatsune


Mariah Wong is similar to Tapioca


Mero Furuya is similar to Mako Reizei

They're almost the same, their only difference is the hair and eye color and the sleepiness levels.

Aki Sasamori is similar to Rias Gremory


Eve is similar to Yami / Golden Darkness


Rekka Nagisa is similar to Yoko Littner


Maki Nishikino is similar to Hinagiku Katsura

Somewhat similar appearance and generally similar personality - a responsible elegant character with a bit of tsundere that doesn't go too far.

Ruthkhania Nye Pardomshiha is similar to Choukun (Nanano)

A blue-haired older vassal girl of a self-confident blonde princess loli.

Theiamillis Gre Fortorthe is similar to Enjutsu Kouro (Miu)

Self-confident blonde princess loli who has a blue-haired older vassal girl.

Hitomi Takami is similar to Rias Gremory


Arisa Hourenji is similar to Hitomi Takami


Arisa Hourenji is similar to Rias Gremory


Prim Saigou is similar to Sousou (Karin)


Sakura Mikobata is similar to Fuuko Mineyama


Kurumu Kurono is similar to Ichiko Sakura

They both look and act similar except Ichiko has gray hair and is a human.

Mayumi Shinjo is similar to Mai Hitokata


Natsumi Kuribayashi is similar to Earl Tyrant


Shiori Tachibana is similar to Natsumi Kuribayashi


Naoto Shirogane is similar to Ayato Naoi

Similar outfit, similar appearance, similar voice.

Shuuyu Koukin (Meirin) is similar to Shiroe

They're both stoic strategist wearing glasses that use pretty nasty overwhelming strategies. Basically, they both perfectly fit the "Hara-guro Megane" title.

Makoto Naegi is similar to Hajime Hinata

Both are the protagonist of a danganronpa game. Both have brown hair and an ahoge.

Jeffrey Wilder is similar to Minase Daitetsu

They look almost the same - a classical ship captain

Jellal Fernandes is similar to Sieg Hart

Both can use this crazy powerful astral/heavily body magic. Each has a somewhat dark and twisted personality and back story, allowing you to both hate and love them at the same time.

Gray Fullbuster is similar to Hamrio Musica

I've seen the Musica insignia around Gray before. They also have similar abilities. Gray and mold ice, and Hamrio can mold silver.

Gray Fullbuster is similar to Haru Glory

Just a theory of mine, but I think the author of FT treats Gray a lot similar to Haru. Both have father issues. Both are pretty isolated. Both are really powerful. They also look a bit similar.

Yuuki Hatori is similar to Hachi Shiou

They have the same hair color and style and are voiced by the same Japanese voice actor Koki Miyata.

Sieg Hart is similar to Jellal Fernandes


Cana Alberona is similar to Russia


Ritsuka Aoyagi is similar to Miharu Rokujo

- Somewhat they have similar Characters. - Similar Believes. - Similar Hair Color.

Goku is similar to Bardock

Bardock is father of Goku and is physically identical to him, except from a scar in his face.

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