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Ghost Stories Image
Series ID 100379
Media Type Anime
English Title Ghost Stories
Romaji Title Gakkou no Kaidan
Furigana Title がっこう の かいだん
Japanese Title 学校の怪談
Japanese Studio Name スタジオぴえろ
English Studio Name Studio Pierrot
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags horror, comedy, drama
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 229
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Story & Information -

When urban development releases a bunch of ghosts that were bound in magical slumber, it is up to a group of kids to put them back to sleep. One of the kids is the daughter of the person that put them to sleep in the first place and she has her mothers' book on how to do it. Armed with the book and the reluctant help of a possessed cat, they have their work cut out for them.

This anime did not do well in Japan. When they sold it to a U.S. company they said to keep the names but do what you want with the dubbing. And did they ever! Do not bother with the original dialog, it's boring. Imagine if people like you and I got license to do anime dubbing? Totally hilarious. WARNING!!! Not Politically Correct in any way. Without giving spoilers, it's difficult to explain just how off the wall and funny the U.S. dubbing makes this anime. Nothing is sacred, race, sex and religion are all treated with a grand indifference to anyone's sensitivities. Oh yes, the third wall gets broken quite a few times as well. I own the complete series and recommend it to anyone that likes offbeat, non-PC humor.

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Ghost Stories


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Ghost Stories


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Ghost Stories


I wouldn’t real recommend watching the English version seeing as the characters lines have been drastically changed. But I do recommend the english sub.

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