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Stigma of the WindSpring, 2007 Anime | 2007/04/11 | ゴンゾ | Gonzo | Episodes | Blogs

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Stigma of the Wind

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Stigma of the Wind (Anime)

Spring, 2007 Anime | Episodes

Stigma of the Wind Image
Series ID 1132
English Title Stigma of the Wind
Romaji Title Kaze no Stigma
Furigana Title かぜのすてぃぐま
Japanese Title 風のスティグマ
Japanese Studio Name ゴンゾ
English Studio Name Gonzo
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags supernatural, romance, comedy, action, shounen
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 18
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Number of Episodes 24

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Ayano Kannagi
Kazuma Yagami


Bernhardt Rhodes

Main Character

Kirika Tachibana
Ren Kannagi
Katherine McDonald


Nanase Kudou
Yukari Shinomiya
Kanon Suzuhara
Tatsuya Serizawa

Sub Characters

Juugo Kannagi
Genma Kannagi


Daiki Isurugi
Miracle C
Michael Harley
Ayumi Tsuwabuki
Hyoue Kazamaki
Izumi Kurahashi
Kiyoshi Takamatsu
Kousuke Utsumi
Kureha Tsuwabuki
Masayuki Oogami
Mayumi Tsuwabuki
Mie Sugino
Ryuuya Kazamaki


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5 5 Star Review of Stigma of the Wind by Mitsugu

Mitsugu Mouryou’s Anime Review

Stigma of the Wind, or Kaze no Stigma was great fun me to watch again. With the well written plot, and classic materialistic jerk of a protagonist paired up with the “hot tempered” no pun intended, Ayano (a fire magic user) makes for great humor! At first all the characters appear to be “one deep”, but as the story progresses so does the character development. I very much like the concept of element magic users, it keeps any one character from getting too big for their britches, so to speak. One thing that continued to bug me is Kazuma’s bloody eye color! It changes from blue to orange, bright red, but mostly settles on pink…. Pick a color, would ya! Other than that, there’s not much negative to be said about Kaze no Stigma… except the ending… no real conclusion was reached, thus leaving it open to a sequel, but in 7 years now I don’t think one is coming. So if good laughs and elemental combat are your thing, you’ll love it!
Containing little blood, and violence 4.8(out of 10) Highly recommended, a should see, and great for background noise.

Thank you

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