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14036 JasonDlato Aug 10, 2020


She appeared in Pokemon sapphire
14035 Astrielli Jul 26, 2020

Ai Yashajin

Age 9
Birthdate December 10, 2007
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
14034 Dunnowho Jul 26, 2020


Her and Cattleya formed the Paltail Pirates. The daughter of a good family, she is well-spoken but also has an adversarial personality and quick temper.
14033 Dunnowho Jul 26, 2020


An unusually talented scientist. While her intelligence defies all the world's conventions, she has no memory as to how she got this way.
14032 Cloverdeer Jul 26, 2020

Kamui Shirou

Kamui a character in Tsubasa Tokyo Reservoir. His twin brother is Subaru Sumeragi.
14031 Marluxia8 Jul 26, 2020


Fun facts:
1. Kiriya is the first enemy in the franchise(but not the last) to switch sides.
2.In the fight between Pretty Cure and Kiriya they use the song "Heart to Heart" instead of the normal battle music. The lyrics are sad.
3.Kiriya is the second opponent to not be defeated by Marble Screw.
14030 Error Jul 26, 2020


HMS Formidable is an Illustrious-class aircraft carrier that was built around late 1939 during the second world war and commisioned into duty in mid 1940, where she served for 7 years before being decommissioned on the 12th of August 1947, then being sold for scrap on the 13th of January 1953. In-game she serves as a ship-girl placed in the "Main" position of a fleet. Formidable is the youngest of the 3 Illustrious-class sisters of Illustrious, Victorious, and herself.

Formidable's physical description is a pale woman resembling the description of her sisters, notably a large bust and personally tailored dress. She has crimson red eyes with very long light grey hair that reaches the floor, that is greater than or equal to her body length. Her personal dialogue is a unique variation, due to having different lines depending whether or not the player has went through the process of giving her a Promise Ring and going through a marriage, without having a special dress unlocked after undergoing the marriage.

"I, Formidable, hereby dedicate my life to the love of my Commander, through good times and bad, rich times and poor times... This is quite long, so I'll omit the rest~ Now then, Commander, it's your turn. I know it's a long vow but you are not to skip a single word."
- HMS Formidable, Promise dialogue.

Within her normal dialogue Formidable has a very casual tone with the player character and makes some casual banter along with some jokes. Revealed in post-marriage dialogue, Formidable likes to keep a very casual and playful tone in contrast to her sisters who are usually very proper and motherly in tone and personality. In her normal dialogue she acts more proper, offering tea and crumpets in Main Screen dialogue 1 and Stranger dialogue when in interacting with her in "Details." Though slightly shifting to a easily tired tone as shown in Main Screen dialogue 2 and 3 where she tries to take a nap and apologizes for taking a nap.

In her post-marriage dialogue, Formidable is now more true to you as she likes to tease and test the player character's likes along with revealing more about herself, examples like calling you "big brother" in Mission Reminder dialogue EX, referring to intimate or sexual implications in Mission Complete dialogue EX, asking which one of her sisters you like in Main Screen dialogue EX 3, and showing you her rock star posters.
14029 RositheCat Jul 26, 2020

Kayaba Akihiko

At the beginning of the series he makes a kind of scary appearance, his avatar being formed out of a red liquid coming through the red barrier. Akihiko Kayaba is the Sword Art Online game master. He is the creator of the Nerve Gear and the SAO game.
14028 DaiSenpaiSama Jul 26, 2020


He served as the end boss of KOF 2000.
14027 DaiSenpaiSama Jul 26, 2020


Souther is the successor of Nanto Koo ken and the leader of all 108 secs of South Star. As the strongest of the 6 sages of South Star, he reigns supreme over the other 5 sages who are: Shin, Rei, Shuu, and Yuda.

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