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14043 FabidJay Nov 10, 2020


Contrary to appearance, Lovelia is actually a naive succubus apprentice.

Lovelia appears at the main character's house in order to harvest his "technoforce", the power derived from a male's lust. In the demon world, she is considered to be one of the greatest beauties in 1000 years, but Lovelia is still naive, despite being a succubus.

Lovelia has a strong tendency to day-dream, and the slightest comment from the main character leads her to have instant naughty fantasies.
13939 Rei Nov 4, 2020

Lucy Heartfilia

The sexy celestial magician and main protagonist of fairy tail.
She is always debt ridden due to going in adventures with Natsu and Erza because they end destroying almost everything this forces her to make any kind of job to get some spare money to pay the rent of her room.

Birthday: July 7th X767
14042 tabris666 Nov 4, 2020

Mitsuki Sohara

Heroine and protagonist childhood friend.
Cheerfull and somewhat perverted girl always having perverted dreams.
A girl that has problems translating the world apple,original joke for the english dub was she couldn't translate apple to spanish and she used man-semen but was deemed inappropiate due to the nature.
14041 Iwa-ChansSlut Nov 4, 2020

Hajime Iwaizumi

Hajime Iwaizumi (Japanese: 岩泉いわいずみ 一はじめ Iwaizumi Hajime) was a third-year student from Aoba Johsai High; he was the volleyball team's ace, vice-captain and a wing spiker. He is also Tōru Oikawa's childhood friend and "pillar". After graduating high school, Iwaizumi went to college and majored in sports science. In 2014, he traveled to Irvine, California intending to meet Takashi Utsui, a Japanese trainer he wanted to intern with post-college. As of 2021, he is an athletic trainer. Appearance
Iwaizumi has dark, spiked-up hair and slightly thicker than average eyebrows. His eyes are dark brown in the manga, olive green in the anime adaptation, and grey in the Haikyuu!! smartphone game. His hair is black in the manga and in the Haikyuu!! smartphone game, but dark brown in the anime. More often than not, he's shown to hold a serious or irked expression.

While playing volleyball, Iwaizumi wears a standard Aoba Johsai uniform with number four on it. He is otherwise shown wearing an Aoba Johsai school uniform consisting of khakis with dark brown details, a lavender-colored button-down shirt, a dark red tie, and a white blazer. Iwaizumi's uniform appears to be missing the cream-colored vest that goes with the rest of the uniform and appears to be slightly disheveled, with his tie loose around his neck and his shirt left untucked.

In the anime adaptation, Iwaizumi is seen wearing an outfit which consists of a pair of jeans with an oversized dark blue denim jacket over a grey hoodie. Iwaizumi is a stubborn but reliable teammate, often filling in Oikawa's spot as a morale booster if needed. He acts supportive to all, including Tobio Kageyama, and calls Oikawa out for his childish antics. He often resorts to violence with Oikawa whenever he teases or provokes him, but this does not change the fact that he cares immensely for him, as shown when he makes an effort to stop Oikawa from either working too hard or losing confidence. Iwaizumi's firm-yet-caring attitude has led some members of the Aoba Johsai team to look up to and respect him. His underclassmen often gravitate towards him and he is seen giving calm and light-hearted advice to Kindaichi, which can contrast to how he treats Oikawa. He is also very respectful and does not treat his rivals coldly, as Kageyama still treats him respectfully and Iwaizumi has acknowledged his skill.

It is also seen through some extras by Furudate that while Iwaizumi can be strong and intimidating he also has quite the goofy side where he loves monsters and gets excited when he finds an "Oikawa" (a type of fish) in a book to make fun of Oikawa with.

Knowing Oikawa since early childhood, they both went to the same school, Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High and it's rumored that they've been in the same schools until high school.

They were both bitter rivals of Wakatoshi Ushijima, although Iwaizumi didn't seem to take him as seriously as Oikawa did. Iwaizumi constantly kept his friend in check, including the time Oikawa almost hit Tobio Kageyama. He often uses violent and somewhat harsh words to Oikawa but despite all that he still strongly cares for Oikawa. Iwaizumi and Oikawa later attended Aoba Johsai High together, becoming Vice-Captain and Captain respectively by their third year.

Karasuno High Team Formation Arc
Iwaizumi plays in the starting line-up in the practice match between Aoba Johsai and Karasuno. He is initially surprised to see Kageyama on the Karasuno team. Since Oikawa was not there for majority of the match, Iwaizumi acted as captain and kept his team together when it seemed like Karasuno was getting the better of them.

In the Interhigh preliminaries, Iwaizumi's team faced off against Karasuno High. In the end, Aoba Johsai advanced, but only to be defeated in the next round by Shiratorizawa Academy. While most 3rd years from other various schools moved on and left the volleyball club behind after the Interhigh, Iwaizumi and the other 3rd years stuck around to have another chance at beating Shiratorizawa.

Tokyo Expedition Arc
Spring High Preliminary Arc
In the Interhigh preliminaries, Iwaizumi's team faced off against Karasuno High. In the end, Aoba Johsai lost against Karasuno, thus finishing Iwaizumi's high school volleyball career. However, he returned to watch the Shiratorizawa vs Karasuno match, and he ended up watching the match with Oikawa whom he found doing the same thing.

Final Arc
During his sophomore college year of studying sports science, Iwaizumi had traveled to Irvine, California for a meeting with Takashi Utsui. While on his way to the meeting, he ran into Ushijima and explained that he was there hoping to intern under Utsui once he graduated college. It was then that he learned Utsui is Ushijima's father. After the meeting, Iwaizumi and Ushijima spoke about Ushijima's performance on the world team and the two looked over video's together. Before they parted, Iwaizumi requested they take a photo together so he could send it to Oikawa.

As of 2021, Iwaizumi is now an athletic trainer and is last seen with the Japan Men's Volleyball Team at the Olympics. Iwaizumi is Aoba Johsai's ace, and his spikes are incredibly strong. He is a dependable player with faith in his own abilities, which leads Oikawa setting to Iwaizumi whenever he feels that he's in a pinch. He is shown to have solid receives; often getting the ball when Shinji Watari, Seijō's libero, is unable to. Iwaizumi stated that when he was little he only found spiking to be fun, but as he has gotten older he's grateful that he knows the "thrill" of receiving his opponents' flawless hits.[1] It has been noted by Keishin Ukai that Iwaizumi has a powerful serve. Being hit continuously by his and Oikawa's serves throughout a match can be incredibly taxing on their opponents. He is also fearless enough to exploit Koganegawa's technical flaw as a blocker despite his height.

Jumping Reach: 327 cm

Aoba Johsai High
Tōru Oikawa:Vlcsnap-2014-05-18-06h16m17s42.png
Oikawa and Iwaizumi have been best friends since childhood, Oikawa dubbing the latter "Iwa-chan". Due to knowing him so long, Iwaizumi is one of the few who is able to tell when Oikawa is genuinely happy and not faking it for show and is able to tolerate his nonsense for the most part. Though Iwaizumi often insults Oikawa (dubbing him "Shittykawa","Trashykawa","Assikawa" , "Crappykawa", "Kusokawa","Lazykawa", "Loserkawa", "Dumbass".) and the two bicker, they work together brilliantly on the court and are completely in sync. Oikawa tends to toss to Iwaizumi if he feels as if he's in a tricky situation. Iwaizumi is often the one to keep Oikawa in check and drag him away from fangirls, much to the latter's dismay. Though Iwaizumi often lashes out at Oikawa for his stupidity, he genuinely cares about him and his health, as shown by him consistently reminding Oikawa to take breaks and not overdo himself. Iwaizumi hates it when Oikawa undermines himself, and angrily reminds him "you're a setter, aren't you!" when Oikawa insists that Kageyama was better at tosses.
Takahiro Hanamaki:Hanamaki.png
Hanamaki and Iwaizumi seem close, though the former is concerned about beating the latter in arm wrestling. He seems to wish to surpass Iwaizumi in strength. He likes to watch (or even join in with) Oikawa teasing Iwaizumi, or the other way around.Favorite food: Agedashi tofu
Current concern: "Just 1cm more..or 7mm, at least..!" (In regard to his height.)
He is the oldest in Seijō out of all the members whose birthdays have been revealed.
He is very athletic as shown by him beating Kyōtani in several events such as running, batting, and arm-wrestling.
His star sign is Gemini.
When combined, Iwaizumi and Oikawa's first names (Hajime and Tōru respectively) form "一徹" meaning "obstinate" or "dauntless".
Iwaizumi's birthday is the death date of Alexander the Great, matching with Oikawa's birthday which is the birthdate of Alexander the Great.
Iwaizumi is one of the few characters whose color palette varies in the manga to anime. In the manga, his hair is black and his eyes are dark brown, but in the anime, his hair is dark brown and his eyes are green.
Iwaizumi's skills have been commended by Karasuno's players and coaches and his total stats add up to the same total as Ushijima, one of the top 3 aces in Japan.
It has been confirmed in Chapter 395 of the manga that Iwaizumi and Oikawa are attending different universities.
While Iwaizumi is taller than average, he's the shortest of the Seijō third years and appears to find frustration in this. In the Haikyuu Cross Team Match game, Iwaizumi states his goal is to grow to 185 cm so he'll be taller than Oikawa (who responds that he will push on Iwaizumi's pressure points so he can't grow taller than him).
There is a running gag that whenever he and Oikawa are in the same camera shot, Oikawa will block Iwaizumi's face somehow, whether it be him holding a peace sign in front of him, or standing directly in front of him.
Iwaizumi was voted the top wing spiker by readers in the "Best Lineup" poll with 1240 votes.
In the Cross Team Match game, Iwaizumi says he used to capture cicadas during childhood but he always let them go afterward (when asked, he said cicadas had a short lifespan so he took pity on them).
He's not very good at drawing.
In Haikyuu's first popularity poll, Iwaizumi placed 11th with 3,097 votes.[2] In the second, he rose to 9th with 6,111 votes.[3]
Hajime (一) - One
Iwaizumi (岩泉) - Rock (Iwa) Spring/Fountain (Izumi)
12670 tabris666 Nov 3, 2020

Miu Takanashi

The second eldest of the three sisters, she is 10 years old and attends elementary school as a 5th grader. She is blonde as her biological mother has a Russian lineage. She normally refers to Yūta as "uncle (Oji-san)". She has a preference for guys who are older and manly specially dark skinned really tall muscular man.
(From wikipedia)
14040 Anime_chan Nov 2, 2020

Charlotte Katakuri

Charlotte Katakuri is the second son and third child of the Charlotte Family and the elder triplet brother of Daifuku and Oven. He is also one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates and serves as Totto Land's Minister of Flour, governing over Komugi Island. Katakuri is a calm, serious, and diligent man who devotes himself to protecting his family and crew and achieving their objectives. He frequently uses his advanced Kenbunshoku Haki to quickly address any problems or threats that he foresees, and whenever possible he will work to change the future he foresees and stop the problem before it happens.
14039 NoriakiKakyoin Nov 1, 2020

Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli

Caesar Is A Hetrosexual Italian Male With A Great Build
14038 HenryWong122 Sep 16, 2020


Wormmon is a main character in Digimon Adventure 02, and also appears in the movie Revenge of Diaboromon.

Wormmon's story begun when a young Ken Ichijouji was sucked into the Digital World for the first time via his brother's computer. Ken, along with Ryo Akiyama, traveled together with their Digimon through the Digital World desert, where they battled and defeated Millenniummon. With its death, Millenniummon released the Dark Spores, one of which burrowed inside Ken's neck.

The next time Wormmon met Ken he assumed the guise of the Digimon Emperor. Although Ken, as the Digimon Emperor, treated Wormmon cruelly, Wormmon still chose to stand by him out of friendship and loyalty. During this part of the series, Wormmon mostly served as a comic relief character. However, when Kimeramon was finally created and went on a swathe of destruction across the Digital World, Wormmon finally decided to make a final attempt to save Ken by defying him. Wormmon led Davis and Veemon to the Digi-Egg of Miracles, which turned Veemon into Magnamon. With Ken still refusing to give up and Magnamon losing, Wormmon took drastic measures and surrendered all his life force to Magnamon. This gave Magnamon enough power to kill Kimeramon, but it cost Wormmon his life. This last noble act, however, was enough to finally make Ken realize his evil doings and resign from them.

Wormmon was reborn as a Digi-Egg in Primary Village and reunited with his partner Ken. Ken then vowed to fix the damage he had caused and discovered that he was had been used by Arukenimon to establish the Control Spires that she was now turning into dark digimon. To fight the monsters created from the towers, Wormmon achieved the power to Digivolve to his champion form—Stingmon. The two became official members of the team when Stingmon merged with ExVeemon to form Paildramon. With Azulongmon's power, Paildramon was later able to Digivolve further into Imperialdramon Dragon Mode.

Of all the protagonist Digimon of Digimon Adventure 02, Wormmon is the only one to have the Virus attribute; in fact, Wormmon was the first known Virus type partner Digimon in the Digimon anime series; the second being Guilmon of Digimon Tamers. He is also the only one to be able to digivolve to the champion level when a control spire is present, though this ability is sporadic as he occasionally is affected by the spires just as other Digimon are. Also unlike the other protagonist Digimon in the series (not counting the ones from the original DigiDestined), Wormmon was able to enter the human world without reverting to his In-Training form.
14037 Saliliya Aug 26, 2020


Magie is Schwan royal servant. The goal is to stalking the girl (Lotta) that Prince Schwan likes.
13937 weast746 Aug 14, 2020

Mitsuko Takayanagi

In her early 30s. Wife to Ichiro and mother of Achan. She moves to the Takayanaki family estate from Tokyo when her husband desides to return to the area of his birth after several years of marriage. Her husband's family is so powerful they nearly own the small village. Her husband has very little time for his daughter and none for his wife, as a result she feels lonely and neglected. Seeing all this happen in secret is Ichiro's college age brother Kouji who decides he is up to the task and blackmails Mitsuko into having sex with him. Needless to say he is more than capable. Over time the indifference of her husband and the abusiveness of her father in law leads her to crave more time with her brother in law.

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