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14016 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Ei Yukuhashi

A 16-year old girl who can see supernatural beings. Somehow, she can also tell that "those" fans enjoy watching her performances as well. She gets possessed easily, so she always carries a large number of protective charms. She works as a shrine maiden at the shrine she lives at.
14015 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Miwako Azami

A 22-year old girl who wants to become an English teacher, and presently works part-time as a tutor. She loves hard rock, and that is the reason for her interest in English (she doesn't tell her students that, though).
14014 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Monaka Kumomaki

A cheerful, bright, and energetic girl who is always enthusiastic with her greetings... but she doesn't realize that she's pretty out of the loop. She's sensitive to the possibility of failure, but in the end she's a big klutz that messes up a lot.
14013 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Ayumu Orikasa

An energetic girl who works part-time at a maid cafe. Her friends treat her as a bundle of mystery. The number of fans who have fallen hopelessly in love with her killer "tongue out, double peace" pose are as many as there are stars in the sky.
14012 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Sawori Yamai

A girl with a lot of bandages who is always smiling and energetic. She gets into a lot of unfortunate accidents, but her wounds heal extremely quickly, so when she takes off the bandages, all that's left are scratches. No matter how badly she's wounded, she'll always be smiling on stage.
14011 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Arisu Shirayuki

A little girl from Tohoku who wants to become a "gorgeous woman." She is skilled at piano, which she has been learning since kindergarten. She wears fairytale-like clothes even in daily life, and for some reason she finds that normal.
14010 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Jedah Diamond

A lively girl who's always looking for excitement. She's very curious and is always exploring new brands and remodeled ramen shops. She charms the audience during shows with her perfect proportions and powerful singing.
14009 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Murasaki Echizen

A mature-looking 18 year old girl with a listless aura around her. She enjoys expressing her own world through song. There are countless fans who have been drawn in by her husky singing voice.
14008 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Tasha Romanovsky

A freckled little girl who came to Japan from a country in the north. She seems to still be learning Japanese, so she uses some strange phrases sometimes. She looks just like a fairy, so the other members of Nanasuta often give her ice cream in exchange for letting them dress her up.
14007 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Chacha Ootori

A pure and traditional high-class lady who is prone to saying cruel things on a whim, though her intentions are good. Her body is frail, but she has a strong sense of individuality. She speaks like an old-fashioned samurai, likely because her family owns an antique bookstore and she has been reading the old books since she was young.

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