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14026 Midariismywife Jul 26, 2020

Midari Ikishima

Her eyes are seen often as green and/or yellow.
She is missing an eye after [SPOILERS] losing it in a bet.
14025 Jaxkn Jul 26, 2020


This character is the second antagonist of the movie Spirited Away. The character's main ability that is noticeable is eating people and taking on that person's trait and background, which also means that if this character (gender is not specified due to the fact that it can devour and take on the gender of any gender) devours many people making it able to speak in many different voices and traits. The usual voice of this 'dark-spirit' is grumps and mumbles with no sign of human-like communications without the devouring of another creature.
14024 armypotaeto95 Jul 26, 2020

Kou Mabuchi

Birthday:July 16
14023 Picklemania Jul 26, 2020

Go Asahi

Age 14
14022 fairydust19 Jul 25, 2020

Hanabi Ayase

birthday: MAY 20
14021 Jaxkn Jul 21, 2020


He has been indexed as "No-Gender" as he is revealed in one of the light novels that he is "sex-less."
14020 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Makoto Tamasaka

A 14-year girl who isn't good at dealing with boys. She's cold and unsociable at first, but after she starts calling the producer her "oniichan," she does everything she can to try to win his heart. She seems to have some very passionate fans.
14019 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Tomoe Shiratori

An extremely negative girl. She likes to stand out, and often does strange things in order to shock the people around her. She wants to be noticed, but becomes hesitant when it actually happens. But she really is happy on the inside.
14018 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Honoka Nishizono

A cute and always-smiling girl from a rich family. She comes from an affluent family, but she doesn't act refined at all. She also seems to be embarrassed of her Hakata dialect, so she doesn't get along or converse well with others. What warms her heart most is being at a live performance.
14017 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Matsuri Mimori

A geeky girl that loves video games. At the arcade, they call her Big Sis Matsuri. She loves to stir up excitement using games. This experience of hers makes for interesting performances.

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