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14006 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Yumeno Sakaiya

A beautiful and energetic girl, who is totally an old man on the inside because she absolutely loves cute girls. One theory says that she became an idol so that she could be surrounded by them...
14005 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Manon Hoshigaki

A magical elementary school girl who believes that idols are magical girls. This is because the way that idols make everyone happy with their singing and dancing is just like magic in her eyes. She's very innocent, so she gets tricked easily.
14004 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Xiao Fei Hung

A girl that's very skilled at kenpo, but is actually very weak. In order to change herself, she makes strange resolutions like vowing to let another Nanasuta member take the last piece of candy.
14003 liliumregxle Jul 19, 2020

Rishuri Maezono

An Osaka-born girl who likes to sew. She makes strange "unsettlingly cute" stuffed toys for the friends she likes. Those that fall for her charm are called "Prisoners of Zonorishu World."
14002 Tnox Jul 19, 2020

Genjirou Tanigaki

Tanigaki’s backstory is more or less what inspired this article. It’s incredibly sad and deals with his sister going to live with his new bride. Unbeknownst to him, his sister falls ill and dies of a disease that would have alienated his whole family in their hometown of Ani. When the groom, his friend, burns their house down with her inside of it, he leaves in search of this man. After drifting, he hears rumors that a man just like the groom is in Hokkaido. Years later, in a bitter battle, he sees a man mortally wounded. Tanigaki realizes that this is the same person, and moves to kill him since no one would know. When Tanigaki learns the truth, he is crushed. His revenge has moved him so far, but realizing that his friend was not the monster he thought, he forgives him as the man dies. Crushing, but so wonderfully written. https://honeysanime.com/5-genjirou-tanigaki-highlights-from-golden-kamuy-2-tanigaki-is-loyal-to-a-fault/
13938 Sh4dow556 Jul 19, 2020

Felix Argyle

His name is Felix/Ferris Argyle and he is male, despite his looks, he is Crusch Karsten's knight.
14001 Animemaster1 Jul 18, 2020


She has a bare midriff
14000 liliumregxle Jun 14, 2020

Madoka Enami

A timid 13-year old girl who enjoys playing the horn and walking her dog. Her Hiroshima dialect encourages her to be afraid of strangers, but she wants to be able to express herself through Nanasuta's activities.
13999 liliumregxle Jun 14, 2020

Miu Aihara

A girl that loves fashion, shopping, and sweets. She is very tenacious as well as very womanly, so people are drawn to her. Being praised and recognized are her motivation to keep going.
13998 liliumregxle Jun 14, 2020

Rena Araki

A sporty girl that's a member of the track and field club. Her ambition and ability to concentrate are helpful for live performances, but she gets unbelievably nervous if there's a sports rally before the live. She's at the age where she likes to poke fun at boys.

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