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Sword Art Online - Episode 5

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EXTRA : March 6, 2024 Floor 56: Pani Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : We'll lure the field boss into the village. Line ID
Kirito : W-Wait a second. Line ID
Kirito : If you do that, the villagers... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : That's the idea. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : While the boss is killing NPCs, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : we'll attack and destroy it. Line ID
Kirito : NPCs aren't just 3-D objects
like trees or rocks.
Line ID
Kirito : They're... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Alive? Is that it? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : They're only objects. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Even if they're killed, they'll just respawn. Line ID
Kirito : I can't go along with this. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I, Asuna, Vice Commander of the
Knights of the Blood Oath,
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : will oversee this operation. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : You will obey my orders. Line ID
Agil : Hey. Line ID
Agil : Another fight, huh? Line ID
Kirito : Egil? Line ID
Agil : Why are you and the
second-in-command always that way?
Line ID
Kirito : I guess we just don't get along. Line ID
Kirito : You'll be really strong. Line ID
Kirito : So if someone you trust ever
invites you to join a guild,
Line ID
Kirito : don't turn them down. Line ID
Kirito : That's what I said,
but I never expected her
Line ID
Kirito : to start clearing floors with a top guild. Line ID
EXTRA : A Crime Within the Walls Line ID
EXTRA : April 11, 2024 Floor 59: Danac Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : What are you doing? Line ID
Kirito : What? Line ID
Kirito : It's you. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : The other lead group members are all
working hard to clear the dungeon.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Why are you out here taking a nap? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Even if you're a solo player,
you need to be serious-
Line ID
Kirito : It's Aincrad's nicest season, Line ID
Kirito : and today is its nicest weather setting. Line ID
Kirito : Entering the dungeon on a
day like this is a waste.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Do you not understand? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Every day we spend here is one
we've lost in the real world.
Line ID
Kirito : But right now,
we're alive here, in Aincrad.
Line ID
Kirito : See? Line ID
Kirito : The wind and sunlight feel so good. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Do they? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : There's nothing special about this weather. Line ID
Kirito : If you'd lie down for a bit,
you'd understand.
Line ID
EXTRA : Hey, look. Line ID
EXTRA : Asleep already? Line ID
EXTRA : Some people don't work too hard. Line ID
EXTRA : Who are they? Jeez... Line ID
Kirito : I didn't think she'd really fall asleep. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : What... Line ID
Kirito : Morning. Line ID
Kirito : Sleep well? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : One meal... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : One meal! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I'll buy you one meal of any kind. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Then we'll be even, okay? Line ID
EXTRA : Floor 57: Martin Line ID
EXTRA : That's Asuna from the
Knights of the Blood Oath.
Line ID
EXTRA : That's the Lightning Flash... Line ID
EXTRA : Who's the guy in black? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Well, anyway... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Thanks for today. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : For watching over me. Line ID
Kirito : Ah, no problem... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : The towns are safe areas,
so no one can attack
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : or player-kill you. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : But it's different when you're asleep. Line ID
Kirito : Yeah. Line ID
Kirito : Sleep-PKs, dirty tricks that
use the duel system.
Line ID
Kirito : Normally, duels are just
tests of strength.
Line ID
Kirito : But during a duel, Line ID
Kirito : HP can go down, even in a safe zone. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : So you can challenge a sleeping person, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : using their own finger to
press the OK button.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Then you just keep attacking. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : It's happened before. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : So, well... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Thank you. Line ID
Kirito : W-Well... Line ID
Kirito : Y-You're welcome. Line ID
Kirito : Hurry and pull it out! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : You stay down here and catch him. Line ID
Kirito : Got it. Line ID
Kirito : Hang on! Line ID
Kirito : Damn it... Line ID
Kirito : A duel is the only way to kill
someone inside a safe zone.
Line ID
Kirito : That means... Line ID
Kirito : Everyone! Line ID
Kirito : Look for the "Duel Winner" notification! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : There's no one inside. Line ID
Kirito : Just what Line ID
Kirito : is this? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : The obvious conclusion Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : is that the challenger
impaled the victim with that spear,
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : put a noose around his neck,
and pushed him out this window.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Wouldn't you say? Line ID
Kirito : But no one had the Winner message. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : That's impossible. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : The only way to hurt someone
in a safe area is via duel.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Either way, we can't ignore this. Line ID
Kirito : Yeah. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : If someone's found a way to
PK within safe areas,
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : it will be dangerous inside towns as well as outside. Line ID
Kirito : You're right. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : We'll have to leave the front lines
for now, but we have no choice.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I'll need you to help me until we solve this. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Just so we're completely clear,
there won't be any time for napping.
Line ID
Kirito : You're the one who was napping. Line ID
Kirito : Excuse me. Line ID
Kirito : Did anyone see the whole thing? Line ID
Kirito : If you did, please speak up. Line ID
EXTRA : By the time I got here... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Sorry, I know you've just had
a frightening experience.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : What's your name? Line ID
Yoruko : My name is Yoruko... Line ID
Kirito : Was that first scream yours? Line ID
Yoruko : Y-Yes. Line ID
Yoruko : I just came here to eat dinner Line ID
Yoruko : with the man who was killed. Line ID
Yoruko : His name is Kains. Line ID
Yoruko : We used to be in the same guild. Line ID
Yoruko : But we got separated in the plaza. Line ID
Yoruko : I looked around, Line ID
Yoruko : and I saw him hanging from
the church window...
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Did you see anyone else? Line ID
Yoruko : It was just for a second, Line ID
Yoruko : but I thought I saw someone behind Kains. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Did that person look familiar? Line ID
Yoruko : No... Line ID
Kirito : I hate to ask this... Line ID
Kirito : But do you know why anyone
would've wanted to kill Kains?
Line ID
Yoruko : Thank you Line ID
Yoruko : for walking me here. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Don't worry about it. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : We can talk more tomorrow. Line ID
Yoruko : Okay... Line ID
Kirito : So, now what? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Let's review what we know. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : If we learn where that spear came from, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : it might lead us to the perpetrator. Line ID
Kirito : Then we'll need someone
with an appraisal skill.
Line ID
Kirito : You don't... Line ID
Kirito : have one, obviously. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Of course not. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Nor do you. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Also, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : must you address me so curtly? Line ID
Kirito : U-Um... Line ID
Kirito : Well, maybe... Line ID
Kirito : "Miss," then? Line ID
Kirito : Or, "Vice Commander-sama"? Line ID
Kirito : "Lightning Flash-sama"? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Just call me Asuna. Line ID
Kirito : R-Roger. Line ID
Kirito : Anyway, do you have any friends
with an appraisal skill?
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : A weapons merchant friend has it... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : But this is their busiest time, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : so it may take a while. Line ID
Kirito : I see. Line ID
Kirito : Then let's ask an item merchant I know. Line ID
EXTRA : Floor 50: Arcade Line ID
Agil : Thank you! Come again. Line ID
Kirito : Seems you're Line ID
Kirito : just as greedy as ever. Line ID
Agil : Hey, Kirito. Line ID
Agil : Buy cheap and sell cheap.
That's my motto.
Line ID
Kirito : I don't know about that second part. Line ID
Agil : Don't go slandering my good name. Line ID
Agil : Wh-What's happened, Kirito? Line ID
Agil : You're a solo player, so what're
you doing here with Asuna?
Line ID
Agil : Didn't you two not get along? Line ID
Agil : Someone's HP dropped to
zero within a safe area?
Line ID
Agil : And it wasn't a duel? Line ID
Kirito : No one saw a Winner message. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : If he was walking with
Yoruko-san right before,
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : then it's not a sleep-PK. Line ID
Kirito : The method is too involved
for some random duel.
Line ID
Kirito : We can assume it was
a premeditated PK.
Line ID
Kirito : And so, we come to this. Line ID
Agil : It's a player-made weapon. Line ID
Kirito : Really? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Who made it? Line ID
Agil : Grimrock. Line ID
Agil : Never heard of them... Line ID
Agil : Not any top-ranked bladesmith,
I can tell you that.
Line ID
Agil : And there's nothing particularly
unusual about the weapon.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : But it should still be a clue. Line ID
Kirito : Tell us its item name, too. Line ID
Agil : Let's see... Line ID
Agil : Guilty Thorn is its listed name. Line ID
Kirito : Guilty Thorn... Line ID
Kirito : Okay... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Wait! Line ID
Kirito : Why? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Why do you think? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Are you stupid?! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : That weapon's already killed someone! Line ID
Kirito : But we won't be sure unless we try. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : That's crazy! Don't do it! Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Egil-san can hold onto it! Line ID
Agil : Huh? Sure... Line ID
EXTRA : The Next Day Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Hey, Yoruko-san, Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : have you ever heard
the name "Grimrock"?
Line ID
Yoruko : Yes. Line ID
Yoruko : He was a member of the guild that Line ID
Yoruko : Kains and I were once in. Line ID
Kirito : When we had the spear stuck in
Kains-san's chest appraised,
Line ID
Kirito : we found out that it was
made by Grimrock-san.
Line ID
Kirito : Can you think of any reason
why that would be?
Line ID
Yoruko : Yes, I can. Line ID
Yoruko : I'm sorry I wasn't able to
tell you yesterday.
Line ID
Yoruko : I wanted to forget. Line ID
Yoruko : It's something I don't really
want to remember.
Line ID
Yoruko : However, I'll tell you. Line ID
Yoruko : What destroyed our guild... Line ID
Yoruko : Our guild's name was Golden Apple. Line ID
Yoruko : Six months ago, Line ID
Yoruko : a rare monster we defeated Line ID
Yoruko : dropped a powerful ring
that raised agility by 20.
Line ID
Yoruko : We were divided on whether
to use it for the guild,
Line ID
Yoruko : or sell it and split the earnings. Line ID
Yoruko : But in the end, we put it by vote. Line ID
Yoruko : The vote went 5-3 in favor of selling it. Line ID
Yoruko : Our leader, Griselda-san,
was going to stay overnight
Line ID
Yoruko : at a large town on the front lines,
to give it to a broker.
Line ID
Yoruko : However, she never came back. Line ID
Yoruko : Later, Line ID
Yoruko : we learned that she'd died. Line ID
Yoruko : I still don't know why. Line ID
Kirito : No one would leave a safe zone
with that kind of rare item.
Line ID
Kirito : Which means a sleep-PK? Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Six months ago would have been just
before the method really spread.
Line ID
Kirito : But it's hard to think it's a coincidence. Line ID
Kirito : Whoever attacked her must have been
a player who knew about the ring.
Line ID
Kirito : In other words... Line ID
Yoruko : One of the other seven
members of Golden Apple...
Line ID
Kirito : The most suspicious ones would be
those who opposed selling it.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : You mean they attacked Griselda-san Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : to get the ring before it was sold? Line ID
Kirito : Probably. Line ID
Kirito : Who's Grimrock-san? Line ID
Yoruko : He was Griselda-san's husband. Line ID
Yoruko : Just within the game, naturally. Line ID
Yoruko : Griselda-san was a powerful swordsman. Line ID
Yoruko : Pretty. Line ID
Yoruko : And smart. Line ID
Yoruko : Grimrock-san was a kind man
who was always smiling.
Line ID
Yoruko : They made a great couple,
and they got along well.
Line ID
Yoruko : If he was the one responsible
for yesterday's murder,
Line ID
Yoruko : he must be after the three
who opposed selling the ring.
Line ID
Yoruko : Two of the three were myself and Kains. Line ID
Kirito : Then who's the other? Line ID
Yoruko : A tank named Schmidt. Line ID
Yoruko : I've heard he's on the front lines now,
with the Holy Dragon Alliance.
Line ID
Kirito : Schmidt? Line ID
Kirito : I've heard that name... Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : He leads the Holy Dragon
Alliance's defense forces.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : He's a big lance-user. Line ID
Kirito : Oh, him. Line ID
Yoruko : You know Schmidt? Line ID
Kirito : I've only seen him a few times
while clearing bosses.
Line ID
Yoruko : Could you let me talk to him? Line ID
Yoruko : He probably hasn't heard
about what occurred.
Line ID
Yoruko : And what happened to Kains
could happen to him...
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Let's call Schmidt-san. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : I know someone at the
Holy Dragon Alliance.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : If we go to their HQ,
perhaps we can talk to him.
Line ID
Kirito : Then first, we should get
Yoruko-san to an inn.
Line ID
Kirito : Yoruko-san, Line ID
Kirito : don't leave the inn until we return. Line ID
Yoruko : All right. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : How do you think the
murder was carried out?
Line ID
Kirito : I see basically three possibilities... Line ID
Kirito : The first is a fair duel. Line ID
Kirito : The second is through an exploit
that combines known methods.
Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Yeah, I can see that. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : And the third? Line ID
Kirito : Some skill we don't know about,
which bypasses safe areas.
Line ID
Kirito : Or possibly an item. Line ID
Kirito : No, the third is impossible. Line ID
Asuna Yuuki : Why? Line ID
Kirito : It's unfair. Line ID
Kirito : I kind of hate to admit it, Line ID
Kirito : but SAO's rules are essentially fair. Line ID
Kirito : I can't imagine this game
allowing murders in safe areas.
Line ID
Schmitt : Is it true that Kains was killed
with Grimrock's weapon?
Line ID
Yoruko : It is. Line ID
Schmitt : Why would Kains be killed
after all this time?!
Line ID
Schmitt : He... Line ID
Schmitt : Did he steal the ring? Line ID
Schmitt : Was he the one who killed Griselda? Line ID
Schmitt : Does Grimrock plan to kill the three of us Line ID
Schmitt : who opposed selling the ring? Line ID
Schmitt : Is he after you and me, too?! Line ID
Yoruko : It could be another member, Line ID
Yoruko : and Grimrock-san just made them the spear. Line ID
Yoruko : Or perhaps Line ID
Yoruko : it may be Griselda-san's revenge... Line ID
Yoruko : Only a ghost could kill someone Line ID
Yoruko : inside a safe zone. Line ID
Yoruko : I stayed awake Line ID
Yoruko : all last night, thinking... Line ID
Yoruko : In the end, all of us were
the ones who killed her!
Line ID
Yoruko : When that ring dropped,
we shouldn't have ever voted...
Line ID
Yoruko : We should've just done what she wanted! Line ID
Yoruko : Grimrock-san was the only one Line ID
Yoruko : who said we should simply
let Griselda-san decide.
Line ID
Yoruko : So he has the right to take revenge Line ID
Yoruko : for Griselda-san on the rest of us. Line ID
Schmitt : You're kidding me. Line ID
Schmitt : You're kidding me... Line ID
Schmitt : After all this time, Line ID
Schmitt : six whole months... Line ID
Schmitt : Why now? Line ID
Schmitt : You're okay with this, Yoruko? Line ID
Schmitt : You're okay with being killed like this? Line ID
Kirito : Yoruko-san! Line ID
EXTRA : Next Time:
Illusionary Avenger
Line ID
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