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EXTRA : Contaminoids are currently
approaching the lower section of the city.
EXTRA : We will be delaying departure in order
to put the safety of our passengers first.
EXTRA : This vessel has been designed
to withstand contaminoid attack.
EXTRA : Thus, we ask that you please
remain calm and stay in your seats.
EXTRA : Are you all right? Don't go
getting nervous or anything.
EXTRA : Your stomach doesn't hurt, does it? (0:01:28.67)
EXTRA : Just relax. Relax... (0:01:29.97)
Kauntia Valmon Farnes : Quit being such a bleeding heart! (0:01:31.57)
Kauntia Valmon Farnes : If you're fightin' contaminoids, (0:01:33.97)
Kauntia Valmon Farnes : all you gotta do is dash out
there and wham, stick it to 'em right?
Queen Alsheyra Almonis : Insufficient! (0:01:38.24)
Queen Alsheyra Almonis : You must strike them with a bam! A bam! (0:01:39.58)
Queen Alsheyra Almonis : If you are a Heaven's Blade,
in battle with the contaminoids
Queen Alsheyra Almonis : you will grant no quarter, show no mercy! (0:01:45.32)
Queen Alsheyra Almonis : Utilize your strength and
techniques to the utmost
Queen Alsheyra Almonis : for an absolute, crushing victory! (0:01:49.32)
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : Getting a named sixth-stager
to polish your skills with...
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : It would seem Her Majesty
expects a great deal of you.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Restoration. (0:03:10.30)
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : Mighty Pierce and Smash... (0:03:16.07)
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : Ripping Fang! (0:03:18.34)
Lintens Savoled Harden : You idiots! Move! (0:03:30.19)
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : That was rather excessive. (0:03:39.53)
Lintens Savoled Harden : I guess that's why that old, half-dead crone (0:03:42.33)
Lintens Savoled Harden : told us to fight in the outer
areas rather than outside.
Delbone Quantis Myuura : I can hear you, Lintens. (0:03:47.37)
Delbone Quantis Myuura : Inbeeku has begun to regenerate. (0:03:52.91)
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : That's just lovely. (0:04:01.42)
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : External Ballistic Kei... (0:04:19.87)
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : Tempered Transformation! (0:04:22.04)
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : Serpent Wave! (0:04:23.47)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : It's already been decided. (0:04:41.56)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : It can't be undone.
Nor would anyone want it to be.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Not Her Majesty, and not me. (0:04:47.63)
Leerin Marfes : I want it. (0:04:56.97)
Leerin Marfes : Is my wanting it alone not enough? (0:05:00.31)
Nina Antalk : --Wait. Just wait a minute!
Nina Antalk : If you quit, what will happen to the 17th Platoon?! (0:06:31.73)
EXTRA : Having it disband would make the
decision easier for you as leader, right?
EXTRA : Using your talents in another unit
would be in Zuellni's best interest.
Nina Antalk : At least give me till the end of the competition. (0:06:42.75)
Nina Antalk : Just watch, I'll change how you feel by then. (0:06:45.15)
EXTRA : You exaggerate. (0:06:48.48)
Nina Antalk : Restoration. (0:06:52.02)
EXTRA : Once I've turned in my badge,
this won't be some training exercise.
EXTRA : I'm unarmed, so if something happens to me,
the platoon will be immediately dissolved!
Harley Sutton : Wait! (0:07:06.07)
Harley Sutton : Calm down, Nina! (0:07:07.34)
Nina Antalk : Let go of me, Harley! (0:07:08.74)
Harley Sutton : This isn't like you. (0:07:10.87)
Nina Antalk : I can't let our platoon be
disbanded, not now! Let go!
Sharnid Elipton : Bang. (0:07:22.02)
Harley Sutton : All we have to do is replace him, right? (0:07:24.09)
Harley Sutton : Today's the entrance ceremony, so
there'll be someone who can take his place.
Harley Sutton : Senior Sharnid, please help us too. You
can even use your specialty, picking up girls.
Sharnid Elipton : I would heartily welcome
some male squad members.
Nina Antalk : Liar. (0:07:37.30)
Nina Antalk : There they are! (0:07:41.50)
EXTRA : New students, please
assemble at the main auditorium.
Nina Antalk : Wa-hoooo! (0:07:50.55)
Harley Sutton : Uh, that's scary. (0:07:52.65)
Nina Antalk : That one! How about that one?!
I could use him on defense!
Harley Sutton : Look at his uniform. He's not in
the Military Arts Department, is he?
Nina Antalk : Then him! (0:08:00.72)
Harley Sutton : He's already been scouted by another platoon. (0:08:01.59)
Nina Antalk : --And him?! (0:08:03.83)
Harley Sutton : --Ditto.
--And him?!
Nina Antalk : What the hell?! There's no one even here! (0:08:05.86)
Sharnid Elipton : It looks like most of the good ones
are already committed to a platoon.
Sharnid Elipton : See? (0:08:12.37)
EXTRA : We're counting on you. (0:08:13.20)
Sharnid Elipton : What's more, I wonder if
any new student with a future
Sharnid Elipton : would even join our sad little platoon. (0:08:16.91)
Nina Antalk : You sound like this doesn't concern you. (0:08:20.34)
Harley Sutton : Now now. (0:08:21.71)
Nina Antalk : He's in Military Arts, right?! (0:08:23.05)
Nina Antalk : Dinn. Sorry, but I saw him first. (0:08:27.32)
Dinn Dee : It seems you've forgotten all about
what happened that time long ago.
Nina Antalk : What? (0:08:34.66)
Dinn Dee : Think you have the right to
say something like that, maggot?
Dalsiena Che Matelna : Dinn! (0:08:42.80)
Harley Sutton : Don't let it get to you, Nina. (0:08:50.41)
Nina Antalk : Yeah, I know. (0:08:52.14)
Harley Sutton : Let's go somewhere else. There
are still lots of new students left.
Nina Antalk : Yeah. (0:09:00.55)
Harley Sutton : In front of the auditorium would be good.
Before they're scouted by other platoons.
EXTRA : New students, please
assemble at the main auditorium.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : I'm not gonna make it! (0:09:07.02)
Nina Antalk : We're too late. (0:09:08.76)
Nina Antalk : Most of the new students
are already in the auditorium.
Harley Sutton : Let's come again once the
entrance ceremony's over.
Nina Antalk : Yeah, let's. (0:09:16.03)
Mifi Rotten : I'm with "Weekly Look'N"
magazine. Mind if I take your picture?
Mifi Rotten : Oh, I already did. Sorry. (0:09:23.47)
Mifi Rotten : Nice to meet you. You don't have a uniform,
but are you a new student? What's your name?
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Layfon Alseif. (0:09:31.91)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Um, what's "Weekly Look'N"? (0:09:34.38)
Mifi Rotten : It's an informational magazine, (0:09:37.02)
Mifi Rotten : the number one seller in
bookstores around Zuellni Academic City.
Mifi Rotten : I'm working on a "Who's the Number One
Most Handsome Uniformed Student?" feature now,
Mifi Rotten : so do you mind if I ask you a couple questions? (0:09:47.56)
Naruki Gelni : Hey, fake reporter! (0:09:50.33)
Mifi Rotten : Zoinks! (0:09:52.07)
Mifi Rotten : Don't call me a fake! (0:09:55.07)
Naruki Gelni : Working on your story, looking all smug... (0:09:57.04)
Naruki Gelni : You only just got here, didn't you? (0:09:58.87)
Mifi Rotten : Yes, true enough, I'm a new
student too. And to be honest,
Mifi Rotten : I haven't sold the article yet, so
calling myself a reporter isn't quite...
Mifi Rotten : However! Just watch, I'll be
a great reporter in the future.
Mifi Rotten : I'm plenty confident in my story,
so it'll be okay! Just leave it to--!
Naruki Gelni : Sorry if she's spoiled the mood. (0:10:20.00)
Naruki Gelni : When it comes to spirit, she has twice as
much as anyone else. Please forgive this.
Mifi Rotten : While we're here, allow me to introduce us! (0:10:26.47)
Mifi Rotten : I'm Mifi Rotten! My hobby is karaoke. (0:10:29.07)
Mifi Rotten : And! This is my childhood friend Naruki
Gelni, and over here is May-shen Trinden.
Mayshen Torinden : Nice to meet you. (0:10:37.31)
Naruki Gelni : We're from Yortem Transit City.
Where are you from, Layfon?
EXTRA : A fight, you say? (0:10:50.76)
EXTRA : What, some new students? (0:10:51.93)
EXTRA : Somebody stop them! (0:10:53.16)
EXTRA : C'mon, do it! (0:10:54.03)
Naruki Gelni : Kei energy? (0:10:56.37)
Mifi Rotten : Ooh, a scoop! (0:10:57.67)
Mayshen Torinden : Mii-chan, it's dangerous! (0:10:59.74)
Mifi Rotten : Who would've thought I'd
stumble across a scene like this?!
Naruki Gelni : But for two members of the Military
Arts Department to be fighting outside...
EXTRA : Restoration! (0:11:22.69)
EXTRA : He's got a dite! (0:11:24.03)
EXTRA : It can't be! (0:11:25.33)
Naruki Gelni : --Things are heatin' up!
--This is bad. Even the municipal
police can't stop a military artist.
Naruki Gelni : --Just stop it!
--This is bad. Even the municipal
police can't stop a military artist.
Naruki Gelni : I'll go get a senior military student. (0:11:30.80)
Mifi Rotten : And till then, I'll grab some info for a story! (0:11:32.47)
Mayshen Torinden : Mii-chan! (0:11:34.54)
EXTRA : Restoration! (0:11:44.71)
Mifi Rotten : May-cchi! (0:11:54.89)
Felli Loss : Danger. (0:11:55.89)
Felli Loss : Someone help her. (0:12:01.83)
Shante Laite : Gorneo. It's him, isn't it? (0:12:22.99)
Shante Laite : He's Layfon, right? (0:12:25.32)
Gorneo Luckens : Yeah. (0:12:27.66)
EXTRA : Over there! (0:12:28.66)
Nina Antalk : You all, stop it! (0:12:29.09)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : With your permission... (0:12:49.51)
Kalian Loss : Welcome. (0:12:51.15)
Kalian Loss : I am Kalian Loss, student council president. (0:12:53.08)
Harley Sutton : Can't we take a break from training for at
least the day of the entrance ceremony?
Harley Sutton : Senior Sharnid and Felli
aren't even coming, you know.
Nina Antalk : Harley... What do you think about him? (0:13:05.73)
Harley Sutton : "Him"? (0:13:09.20)
Nina Antalk : The new student who stopped the fight earlier. (0:13:10.80)
Harley Sutton : Nina, don't tell me... (0:13:13.17)
Harley Sutton : He wasn't even wearing a uniform. He's
probably in the General Education Department.
Harley Sutton : It looks like Mr. Student Council
President has already called for him.
Harley Sutton : He might even be expelled. (0:13:23.48)
Nina Antalk : What?! (0:13:25.88)
Nina Antalk : Why didn't you say so? (0:13:26.68)
Nina Antalk : Handle this for me! (0:13:27.52)
Nina Antalk : Nice catch! (0:13:31.69)
Harley Sutton : Hey, be careful with this! (0:13:33.39)
Kalian Loss : As you know, Zuellni Academic
City is operated solely by students.
Kalian Loss : Thus, I essentially control everything. (0:13:44.37)
Kalian Loss : The power of final authority lies with me. (0:13:49.37)
Kalian Loss : Still, that a General Education
student like you, and a freshman,
Kalian Loss : could so easily beat students
of the Military Arts Department...
Kalian Loss : You have knowledge of the fighting arts? (0:14:02.75)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : To a certain extent. (0:14:05.69)
Kalian Loss : Layfon Alseif. A working student. Your work
is... cleaning for the machinery department.
Kalian Loss : It pays well, but the work is hard. (0:14:15.63)
Kalian Loss : Also, your scholarship money is at D ranking. (0:14:18.57)
Kalian Loss : I think your tuition will
take most of what you earn.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : I'm aware of that. (0:14:24.81)
Kalian Loss : Six years of this will be quite demanding... (0:14:26.54)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : I'm confident I have the physical strength. (0:14:29.04)
Kalian Loss : I am thinking of moving you
to the Military Arts Department.
Kalian Loss : Your stipend would become an A
ranking and your tuition would be waived.
Kalian Loss : I don't think these are unfavorable conditions. (0:14:40.89)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Wait just a moment! I'm not
interested in the Military Arts Department.
Kalian Loss : For the past two years,
Zuellni has lost sernium mines
Kalian Loss : through defeat in the municipal
challenges, leaving it now with just one.
Kalian Loss : In other words, there are no more chances. (0:14:55.50)
Kalian Loss : Right now, Zuellni needs the kind
of fighting strength that you possess.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : I came here to pursue normal studies. (0:15:02.14)
Kalian Loss : That's assuming that this school,
that Zuellni can continue to exist.
Kalian Loss : This is not a proposal. (0:15:11.89)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : What do you-- (0:15:14.22)
EXTRA : Pardon me. (0:15:15.09)
Kalian Loss : Begin. (0:15:17.86)
Kalian Loss : He is an important guest.
Treat him with hospitality.
EXTRA : Yes, sir. (0:15:26.47)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Wait a minute! (0:15:27.07)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : I'll do that myself! (0:15:28.47)
EXTRA : Yaay! (0:15:29.91)
Nina Antalk : With permission, Mr. President,
I come to request of you...
Kalian Loss : You are the leader of the 17th Platoon. (0:15:41.22)
Kalian Loss : I'm in the middle of something right now,
but... Ah, you seem to be in a hurry, uh...
Nina Antalk : Nina Antalk. My request is that I take this... (0:15:48.89)
Nina Antalk : What's your name, maggot? (0:15:53.73)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : It's Layfon. (0:15:56.53)
Kalian Loss : What may I help you with, Nina Antalk-kun? (0:15:58.00)
Nina Antalk : Please let me have Layfon! (0:16:01.54)
Nina Antalk : All right, see you
tomorrow at the training room.
Nina Antalk : The men's dorms are that way. See you. (0:16:19.92)
Nina Antalk : That military uniform suits you! (0:16:24.66)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Huh? (0:16:40.38)
Felli Loss : Worthless. Worthless. (0:16:53.49)
Felli Loss : Dammit! Don't think I'm just gonna let this go! (0:17:00.36)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Huh? (0:17:04.13)
Felli Loss : Help her. (0:17:04.90)
Felli Loss : Cowardly vermin! (0:17:09.91)
Felli Loss : I'll [BEEP] you, and [BEEP] you
and then I'll friggin' [BEEP] you!
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Um... (0:17:20.15)
Felli Loss : Did you hear that? (0:17:21.65)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Uh, yes. (0:17:24.05)
Felli Loss : When I'm so angry I can't stand it,
hurling abuse at this hole makes me feel better.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Um, could you be the person
who sent me that nen'i energy earlier
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : and let me know what was happening? (0:17:36.63)
Felli Loss : Did you transfer to the
Military Arts Department?
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Not so much transfer as,
I was forced to transfer.
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : That badge... You're in the
17th Platoon as well, aren't you?
Mifi Rotten : Ta-daa! I'm on a roll! (0:18:21.41)
Mifi Rotten : No doubt about it, next week's sales of
Look'N will be twice as much as usual!
Naruki Gelni : Fine, let's just hurry and go to bed. (0:18:29.55)
Naruki Gelni : May-cchi, your face is red.
Do you feel light-headed?
Mayshen Torinden : I'm all right. (0:18:38.39)
Mifi Rotten : Yeah, I know you're not sick. (0:18:42.10)
Mifi Rotten : You're all red because of him! (0:18:44.70)
Naruki Gelni : May-cchi! Get a hold of yourself! (0:18:55.01)
Mifi Rotten : She's got it pretty bad, huh? (0:18:58.21)
Felli Loss : My older brother and... Who are they? (0:19:05.19)
Felli Loss : Scum. (0:19:18.33)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : Are you trying to kill me, Savalis-san?! (0:19:39.72)
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : If you could die that easily,
it might be your best quality.
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : It can't be... (0:20:05.55)
Lintens Savoled Harden : This bugger doesn't give up, does he? (0:20:06.48)
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : The more we attack it, the
harder we make things for ourselves!
Layfon Wolfstein Alseif : At this rate, this will never end! (0:20:11.32)
Delbone Quantis Myuura : Inbeeku would seem to be a colonial life form (0:20:12.59)
Delbone Quantis Myuura : composed of matter such
as cells or something smaller.
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : I get it. It didn't blow itself up... (0:20:20.23)
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : It acted out of self preservation, to
reconnect itself with the main body, eh?
Lintens Savoled Harden : Through ultra high-pressure attacks
delivered in a short amount of time,
Lintens Savoled Harden : all of Inbeeku will be crushed to death. (0:20:28.97)
Lintens Savoled Harden : The whole thing at the same time... (0:20:31.37)
Lintens Savoled Harden : Everyone, fire off techniques while
employing the greatest amount of kei.
Lintens Savoled Harden : If we don't stop it on the
first try, we won't get another.
Lintens Savoled Harden : Let's go! (0:20:38.35)
Savaris Qaulafin Luckens : You could try to escape up
here, but it'd do you no good!
EXTRA : Well... Whatever works,
right? So long as they win.
EXTRA : What are you saying?! For a Heaven's
Blade, it is only natural that one employs
EXTRA : unmatched power and technique
to result in overwhelming victory.
EXTRA : You're a pain, old man, a big pain... (0:21:39.01)
EXTRA : --What? (0:21:40.71)
Queen Alsheyra Almonis : --Shut up!
Queen Alsheyra Almonis : Just wave that Heaven's Blade of
yours around, and yourself while you're at it.
Queen Alsheyra Almonis : Like a child with a new toy,
given that you are a child.
Leerin Marfes : We live in worlds called Regios. (0:22:00.60)
Leerin Marfes : This fact becomes even
clearer when someone leaves.
Leerin Marfes : But I can't just be lonely. (0:22:09.54)
Leerin Marfes : Right now, I want to
respect your feelings, Layfon,
Leerin Marfes : for wanting to start all over again. (0:22:17.68)
Leerin Marfes : One day, once again... (0:22:24.22)
Leerin Marfes : I pray you can step foot on Glendan soil. (0:23:13.14)
EXTRA : Beyond memory (0:23:35.16)
EXTRA : A map of the ideal future
you'd been searching for
EXTRA : Scared of something, not
understanding, trembling alone
EXTRA : Unable to see you,
I'm always wearing a fake smile
EXTRA : I was held in your arms (0:24:09.06)
EXTRA : Fall in love like
you're waking up
EXTRA : And then take me into dreamland (0:24:23.64)
EXTRA : You always, you always (0:24:29.18)
EXTRA : You always told me tender lies (0:24:34.85)
Kalian Loss : Layfon, who has been
assigned to the 17th Platoon,
Kalian Loss : tackles his first competition at Zuellni. (0:24:56.87)
Kalian Loss : While the platoon members lack cohesion, (0:24:59.17)
Kalian Loss : platoon leader Nina has
her heart set on victory.
Kalian Loss : Next time, "Capture the Flag!" and... (0:25:04.48)
Kalian Loss : Restoration! (0:25:06.48)

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