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14065 Autumn_Craft17 Feb 6, 2021


"Desert King" Sir Crocodile is the former president of the mysterious crime syndicate Baroque Works, formerly operating under the codename "Mr. 0", with Nico Robin, formerly known as "Miss All Sunday", operating as his Vice-President and partner. He was the primary antagonist of the Arabasta Arc, and the central antagonist of the Arabasta Saga.

He is one of the longest running and most noteworthy primary adversaries of the series, as he was the first enemy to hand Luffy a complete and utter defeat. He was originally introduced as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea but was later stripped of his title after attempting to take control of the desert kingdom Arabasta.

Thanks to Luffy, he managed to escape from Impel Down and went to Marineford to participate in the war. After the war, he and his subordinate Daz Bonez decided to head out to the New World.
14064 surina Jan 23, 2021

Kichimura Washuu

Kichimura Washuu (和修 吉福, Washū Kichimura) was the primary antagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul series and the former Bureau Director of the CCG. He was involved in numerous organizations and responsible for several major events of the series.
14062 surina Jan 23, 2021

Donato Porpora

Donato Porpora (ドナート ・ ポルポラ, Donāto Porupora) was a Russian ghoul and a former prisoner who had special treatment, in the 23rd ward's ghoul detention centre, Cochlea, before being freed during the Third Cochlea Raid. In the past, he ran a Catholic orphanage and preyed upon the children under his care, earning the nickname Priest (神父, Shinpu). And during that time, he was Koutarou Amon's foster father.

14063 surina Jan 23, 2021


Nico (ニコ, Niko) is a member of the Clowns and a close friend of Itori. He used to act with Yamori and participated in Aogiri Tree. As of now, he has grown to become more involved with the other Clowns.
14061 ManamiShiotsuki Jan 5, 2021

Manami Shiozuki

I'm MANAMI SHIOZUKI and at the age of 15 I realized that my physics class teacher was interested in me and we had been in a relationship for several months until I realized that I gradually became interested in femdom and forced her to become my slave.
14060 liliumregxle Dec 25, 2020

Kawakami Princess

A beautiful horse girl who left her hometown to become a true princess. She’s quite prideful, but has the skills to back it up. She normally has a pragmatic personality, but is a romanticist at heart and has earnestly wished she could run away with a knight ever since she was young. In order to shine like a princess in the Twinkle Series, she hopes to fulfill her dreams by working hard at self-improvement.
14059 liliumregxle Dec 25, 2020

King Halo

A prideful and resilient horse girl whose motto is “I won’t give up!” She’s a top-class and egotistical lady with fine taste whose jealously often gets the better of her. She holds true to her motto and gives her all whenever she steps foot on the track.
14058 liliumregxle Dec 23, 2020

Agnes Tachyon

A super genius horse girl who’s one of the smartest horse girls of her time. Because of her great intellect, she’s never had to reveal her maximum ability. Thus her true skills are still unknown. Her personality is logical, intelligent, and eccentric. She’s not at all malicious, and in fact has a jovial, playful disposition. She has an Ultimate Super Ultra Sweet Tooth. She’s constantly eating sugar to keep her grey matter full of energy.
14057 liliumregxle Dec 23, 2020

Agnes Digital

A horse girl known as a “Super All-Rounder.” Any distance, weather conditions, or track type, she can attain victory no matter the situation, and has super high stats all-around. However, she also can never stick to one hobby, always getting in over her head in every kind of peculiar pastime, making her kind of an oddball. Her personality is oblivious, but optimistic.
14056 liliumregxle Dec 23, 2020

Admire Vega

A thoroughbred who was predicted to have great skill from a young age. She seems unusually indifferent towards racing, but doesn’t go a day without practicing. She seems to hold great hostility towards not only trainers, but all officials in the Twinkle Series, which may have something to do with the circumstances of her youth…?

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