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He should've known that's what a kiss would get him.

- Yuuji Sakamoto

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13934 Saliliya Jul 2, 2019


Constance is a male giftia. He is now Kazuki's partner, ever since Isla and Kazuki disbanded. He is as tall as Tsukasa and though he is a giftia, he looks like he is in his late teens/early 20s. Constance and Tsukasa get along very well, but do not talk as much. (Source : Wikipedia)
13933 Saliliya Jul 2, 2019

Elliot Craig

Elliot Craig is a main character of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel tetralogy. A commoner son of “Craig the Red,” one of the Imperial Army's bravest generals. He was a member of Class VII and Rean Schwarzer's first and closest friend since orientation. (Source : Wiki Fandom)
13932 Saliliya Jul 2, 2019

Shuuji Ozu

Shūji Ozu is another friend of Haruto's and is also a member of the CUM society. He has feelings for Asuka Hina. (Source : Wikipedia)
13931 Saliliya Jul 2, 2019

Kyouichi Sano

Kyouichi Sano (Watson) is second-year student, a member of the newspaper club. The job of a newspaper club member is to investigate something strange that happened at school with his best friend Daichi Kurosawa (Holmes).
13930 Saliliya Jul 2, 2019

Isaac Morton

Isaac Morton is William's friend from school, who loves supernatural phenomena. Although William achieves astounding grades, Isaac has none such luck and even gets held back a year (in the lower fifth grade).
(Source : Wikipedia)
13929 Saliliya Jul 2, 2019

Yayoi Chigiri

Flower arrangement boy. He is a 17 years old and Yonaga's twin brother. He appeared in episode 10 along with his twin brother. (Source : Wikipedia)
13928 Saliliya Jul 2, 2019

Yonaga Chigiri

Flower arrangement boy. He is 17 years old and Yayoi's twin brother. He appeared in episode 10 along with his twin brother. (Source : Wikipedia)
13927 Saliliya Jul 2, 2019

Ren Nikaidou

Ren Nikaidou is a wolf from the East. Earlier he was a leading member of Gabriel Ratchett but now he has become a Wolf himself after defecting from Tadaaki Endou's army. (Source : Wiki Fandom)
13926 Saliliya Jul 2, 2019

Sakuya Morimura

Morimura is a kind-hearted honor student. He's the only son of a doctor, but as he is interested in plants wants to become a botanist. His way of thinking and plans for the future bring him into conflict with his father and his mother doesn't live with them. He's very knowledgeable on many subjects, and he often offers explanations on physics. His hobby is playing video games and is friendly with many people, including Reiichi Himuro and Ikkaku Amanohashi. He loves video games. (Source : Wikipedia)
13925 pgj1997 May 29, 2019

Sumireko Usami

Sumireko is a high schooler with somewhat of a superiority complex. She considers herself above her peers and can't stand being near those she considers beneath her. Sometimes filled with unabashed bravado and confidence, a night in Gensokyo changes her tone to something a bit more humble. Following her defeat and the end of her Incident, Sumireko gains a sense of respect for the people of Gensokyo and decides to pursue friendship with them. Despite her somewhat naive personality, she is an intelligent and cunning young woman.

She is a strong psychic, an individual capable of various powers associated with the paranormal, including but seemingly not limited to levitation, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, telekinesis, psychokinesis and teleportation.
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He should've known that's what a kiss would get him.

Yuuji Sakamoto
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