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EXTRA : A girl changes... Becoming bright,
kind, and cheerful.
EXTRA : A girl changes... Becoming dark,
fierce, and cruel.
EXTRA : "Episode Eleven:
'Angel of the Starry Night'"
Origami Tobiichi : I-I... Did it happen again? (0:01:45.87)
Shidou Itsuka : D-Did what? (0:01:49.46)
Origami Tobiichi : Sorry. To be honest, my mind's been
going blank from time to time lately.
Shidou Itsuka : Your mind's been going blank? (0:01:56.55)
Origami Tobiichi : Oh, it's nothing to worry about.
I'm probably just anemic or something.
Origami Tobiichi : Anyway, I'm guessing you read
the note I left on your desk?
Shidou Itsuka : Y-Yeah. You're free Saturday? (0:02:06.98)
Origami Tobiichi : Th-That's all I wanted to say! (0:02:09.44)
Shidou Itsuka : Kurumi, I take it your true self's okay? (0:02:14.44)
Kurumi Tokisaki : You see right through me. (0:02:17.86)
Kurumi Tokisaki : The thing is, this makes it difficult
to discover why Origami turned Inverse.
Shidou Itsuka : Yeah, but this Origami came to
accept the death of her parents.
Shidou Itsuka : In which case, why did she...? (0:02:32.29)
Kotori Itsuka : Let's go over this once more. (0:02:35.59)
Kotori Itsuka : This world is a result of you using
Kurumi's time travel powers...
Kotori Itsuka : save Origami's parents,
who should've died five years ago...
Kotori Itsuka : order to rewrite
the history that follows.
Shidou Itsuka : Yeah, that's the gist of it. (0:02:49.60)
Kotori Itsuka : I see... (0:02:52.81)
Kotori Itsuka : Now I know why you've been
acting strange since yesterday.
Reine Murasame : However, Origami Tobiichi,
who shouldn't have inversed...
Reine Murasame : ...has done so in this world
and exists now as Devil.
Reine Murasame : I've analyzed her encounter with Shin
on the roof and it shows he's not lying.
Reine Murasame : Origami Tobiichi hasn't the
faintest idea she's a Spirit.
Shidou Itsuka : But how can that...? (0:03:17.67)
Reine Murasame : Shin, you managed to change the world. (0:03:19.05)
Reine Murasame : But only you and Kurumi have knowledge
of the original world, correct?
Shidou Itsuka : Yeah. (0:03:27.60)
Reine Murasame : As for Kurumi, her own powers
brought this about, so she's an exception.
Reine Murasame : And, guessing from your situation,
to retain knowledge of the original world,
Reine Murasame : two conditions must be met. (0:03:39.03)
Reine Murasame : Being hit by Kurumi's Yod Bet, and... (0:03:41.78)
Reine Murasame : ...having Spirit powers
flowing through oneself.
Reine Murasame : With both those combined, memory of
the original world may be recovered.
Kotori Itsuka : Possibly. Origami was shot by Kurumi's
Yod Bet and went back in time.
Kotori Itsuka : Thanks to Shido's world change,
she's lived a peaceful life.
Kotori Itsuka : But when Phantom showed up
and gave her Spirit powers...
Shidou Itsuka : That's when she remembered it all. (0:04:09.68)
Reine Murasame : Though, as a self-defense mechanism,
her memories were split in two.
Reine Murasame : Essentially, there's Origami
who lives in peace,
Reine Murasame : and the Spirit-Hunting Spirit, Devil. (0:04:21.03)
Reine Murasame : As soon as Origami senses Spirit power, (0:04:25.41)
Reine Murasame : she loses control of her mind and memory... (0:04:28.62)
Kotori Itsuka : ...and she's awakened as an Inverse type... (0:04:31.08)
Kotori Itsuka : The theory works and it's consistent. (0:04:34.50)
Shidou Itsuka : If it's true, what can we do? (0:04:37.42)
Kotori Itsuka : As long as Origami's a Spirit,
there's only one thing for Ratatoskr to do.
Shidou Itsuka : Make her fall for me. (0:04:45.34)
Kotori Itsuka : That's right. And seal her Spirit powers. (0:04:47.14)
Kotori Itsuka : You'll need to convince
Origami to go out on a date.
Kotori Itsuka : --And then we can begin our-- (0:04:53.64)
Shidou Itsuka : --Uh...
--And then we can begin our--
Kotori Itsuka : What, got a problem? (0:04:56.60)
Shidou Itsuka : Well, the truth is... (0:04:57.94)
Kotori Itsuka : Huh?! You already promised
to meet this Saturday?!
Kotori Itsuka : You're telling me you hit on her
before even knowing she's a Spirit?!
Shidou Itsuka : Um, well, you see... (0:05:08.45)
Origami Tobiichi : Writing a note and stuff... Since when
did I become such a girly girl?
Origami Tobiichi : You don't think... Is this...? (0:05:26.22)
Origami Tobiichi : It's from Itsuka! (0:05:31.14)
Shidou Itsuka : "Itsuka"
"Shido Itsuka"
"Sorry to invite you out of nowhere and thanks for your answer. How does Saturday at 11 in front of the station's water fountain sound?"
Origami Tobiichi : Gotta reply! (0:05:39.81)
Origami Tobiichi : That date and time is all right with m-- (0:05:41.15)
Origami Tobiichi : Is that too impersonal? (0:05:43.82)
Origami Tobiichi : "Dear Itsuka, the winds of autumn
carry in this sentimental season.
Origami Tobiichi : "Dear Itsuka,
the winds of autumn carry
in this sentimental season. As the moon shines like a great egg in the sky, how are you faring this"
Origami Tobiichi : As the moon shines like a great egg
in the sky, how are you faring this--"
Origami Tobiichi : What kind of girl says that?! (0:05:55.16)
Origami Tobiichi : I appreciate you inviting
me out today, Itsuka.
Origami Tobiichi : Itsuka? (0:06:08.88)
Shidou Itsuka : Uh, my pleasure. (0:06:09.93)
Shidou Itsuka : Since we're classmates and all,
can we cut the formalities please?
Origami Tobiichi : U-Understood. I mean... (0:06:15.56)
Origami Tobiichi : All right. (0:06:18.64)
Shidou Itsuka : Good. That's more like the
Origami I know. Sorry, I mean...
Shidou Itsuka : I keep calling you that.
It's such a pretty name.
Origami Tobiichi : Thank you. I'm glad
my parents picked it for me.
Origami Tobiichi : If that's what you want to call me,
I'm fine with you using "Origami."
Shidou Itsuka : You can just call me Shido, too. (0:06:37.41)
Origami Tobiichi : O-Once I know you better. (0:06:39.62)
Kotori Itsuka : Good grief, this is unbearable. (0:06:41.88)
Origami Tobiichi : So? What are our plans today? (0:06:44.25)
Shidou Itsuka : Good question... (0:06:46.71)
EXTRA : "1. Head to the movie theater
and watch a love story together.
2. Go shopping somewhere fun with her. 3. Skip the boring stuff and go straight to an adult hotel."
Kotori Itsuka : Here we go. Your choices, everyone! (0:06:50.84)
EXTRA : "...story together. with her. hotel."
Kotori Itsuka : Hmm, seems right to me. (0:06:55.22)
Kawagoe : I hate to pass up choice one, but going
somewhere they can't talk is a mistake.
Minowa : What's more, two is a
safe and versatile choice.
Minowa : There's not a woman alive
who hates shopping.
Kotori Itsuka : Shido, we're ready. Two is-- (0:07:09.32)
Shidou Itsuka : Hold up a sec. (0:07:10.95)
Shidou Itsuka : I wanna test out a choice. (0:07:12.49)
EXTRA : Emotional levels unstable! (0:07:19.79)
EXTRA : Origami Tobiichi is distraught! (0:07:21.67)
Kotori Itsuka : Damn right she is! (0:07:25.00)
Kotori Itsuka : What are you thinking, Shido?!
Talk your way out of it!
Shidou Itsuka : A-All right. (0:07:29.92)
Shidou Itsuka : S-Sorry, it's this way. (0:07:31.34)
Origami Tobiichi : Oh, so that wasn't it... (0:07:33.34)
Shidou Itsuka : I thought Origami would be crazy for that... (0:07:35.43)
Kotori Itsuka : What? Are you kidding me? (0:07:38.77)
Kotori Itsuka : Anyway, go with two. Take the girl shopping. (0:07:40.89)
Shidou Itsuka : Roger. (0:07:44.06)
Kotori Itsuka : How is her happiness level now? (0:07:45.19)
Kotori Itsuka : Hopefully it didn't drop too much. (0:07:47.61)
Nakatsugawa : About that... (0:07:49.99)
Hinako Shiizaki : Her emotions are fluctuating, but her
happiness might actually be rising.
Kotori Itsuka : Are you serious? (0:07:55.66)
Origami Tobiichi : Where are we going shopping? (0:07:57.12)
Shidou Itsuka : Um, let's see... (0:07:59.20)
EXTRA : "1. Find her an outfit at a clothing store.
2. Play with animals at the pet shop.
3. Go to a shady pharmacy selling aphrodisiacs and love potions."
Kotori Itsuka : Your choices, everyone! (0:08:02.83)
Shidou Itsuka : Wait. This has gotta be three. (0:08:04.79)
Kotori Itsuka : Huh?! (0:08:07.25)
Kotori Itsuka : Wh-What are you talking about?! (0:08:08.05)
Kotori Itsuka : You can't take a girl there on a first date! (0:08:09.96)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami and aphrodisiacs go together
like peanut butter and jelly, you know?
Shidou Itsuka : Origami, this way. (0:08:19.97)
Shidou Itsuka : How's this, Origami? (0:08:26.77)
Origami Tobiichi : I'm sorry, Itsuka. (0:08:30.57)
Origami Tobiichi : I don't really understand
what this store's all about.
Shidou Itsuka : O-Oh, really? (0:08:35.82)
Shidou Itsuka : Hmm? (0:08:37.91)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami, you're... (0:08:39.12)
Origami Tobiichi : Huh? (0:08:40.58)
Origami Tobiichi : What?! W-Why do I have all this stuff?! (0:08:43.54)
Origami Tobiichi : What's the matter with me? (0:08:46.92)
Origami Tobiichi : Why did I grab all that? (0:08:49.34)
Shidou Itsuka : Don't worry about it. It's my fault for
taking you to that weird store anyway.
Shidou Itsuka : I'll buy you an outfit as
an apology. What do you want?
Origami Tobiichi : What? No, I can't let you-- (0:09:00.31)
Shidou Itsuka : It's fine, I got it. (0:09:02.52)
Shidou Itsuka : In exchange, let me be the
first to see you wearing it.
Shidou Itsuka : That's the only payment I need. (0:09:09.06)
Origami Tobiichi : Itsuka, do you make girls cry? (0:09:11.65)
Origami Tobiichi : You seem too used to this. (0:09:14.86)
Shidou Itsuka : Th-That's not true at all! (0:09:16.86)
Origami Tobiichi : Then, I guess I'll take you up on that offer. (0:09:19.03)
Origami Tobiichi : And while I'm at it, I should pick out
an outfit you might like.
Kotori Itsuka : You make girls cry!
She sees right through you!
Shidou Itsuka : Gimme a break. (0:09:32.38)
Kotori Itsuka : I never said it's a bad thing. (0:09:33.84)
EXTRA : Shin, Origami went into
a dressing room in the back.
EXTRA : Don't lose sight of her. (0:09:40.68)
Shidou Itsuka : Right. (0:09:42.56)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami! (0:09:44.73)
Shidou Itsuka : What's wrong, Origami?! (0:09:46.27)
Origami Tobiichi : I... What am I doing? (0:09:48.06)
Shidou Itsuka : Sorry, I'm coming in! (0:09:49.94)
Origami Tobiichi : Please don't, Itsuka! (0:09:51.98)
Shidou Itsuka : O-Origami? (0:10:01.12)
Shidou Itsuka : Did you pick that out because
you thought I'd like it?
Origami Tobiichi : No! Don't get me wrong! (0:10:06.16)
Origami Tobiichi : I don't even remember taking
these clothes off the rack!
Origami Tobiichi : Sorry, yet again... (0:10:13.88)
Origami Tobiichi : For some reason, I'm weird today. (0:10:16.51)
Shidou Itsuka : Don't let it bother you.
It doesn't even faze me.
Origami Tobiichi : Okay, thank you. (0:10:23.06)
Shidou Itsuka : Sorry, but I need to use the restroom. (0:10:27.06)
Origami Tobiichi : Sure, go ahead. (0:10:29.60)
Shidou Itsuka : Sorry to keep you waiting, Origami. (0:10:44.41)
Shidou Itsuka : O-Origami? (0:10:50.92)
Origami Tobiichi : Th-This isn't what you think! (0:10:55.88)
Origami Tobiichi : Your spoon fell off the table,
so I was just picking it up!
Origami Tobiichi : Sorry! (0:11:03.05)
Shidou Itsuka : This is nothing, don't sweat it. (0:11:04.64)
Shidou Itsuka : It'll dry in a jiffy. (0:11:06.60)
Shidou Itsuka : O-Origami?! (0:11:11.85)
Origami Tobiichi : Huh? Why am I...? No! Believe me, Itsuka! (0:11:14.02)
Origami Tobiichi : My body's moving on its own! (0:11:17.78)
Origami Tobiichi : Please, believe me! (0:11:19.95)
EXTRA : Origami Tobiichi's emotional
levels have stabilized.
EXTRA : Her happiness meter still remains high. (0:11:30.75)
Kotori Itsuka : The mood isn't bad either, so maybe
we can wrap it up in one day.
Kyouhei Kannazuki : However, she seems to be
anxious about something.
Kyouhei Kannazuki : Perhaps whether Shin will
accept her for who she is or not?
Kotori Itsuka : I'm not surprised, after all she did... (0:11:45.97)
Kotori Itsuka : All we need is one more push. (0:11:48.64)
Shidou Itsuka : Really? So you're done with the AST then? (0:11:51.60)
Origami Tobiichi : Yeah, my anemia and mind going
blank are both reasons for it, too.
Origami Tobiichi : But I just don't know anymore... (0:12:00.69)
Origami Tobiichi : ...if wiping out Spirits
is the right thing to do...
Origami Tobiichi : I'm sorry. It was a Spirit responsible
for killing your brother, too.
Shidou Itsuka : Don't be sorry for it! (0:12:15.71)
Origami Tobiichi : Huh? (0:12:17.34)
Shidou Itsuka : I'm saying you're not wrong
to think that way to begin with!
Shidou Itsuka : I... I mean, my brother would
say the same thing, too!
Origami Tobiichi : Itsuka... I'm sorry! (0:12:26.10)
Origami Tobiichi : I... I... (0:12:29.43)
EXTRA : Happiness meter climbing! (0:12:32.89)
EXTRA : Maximum value was reached! (0:12:34.60)
Reine Murasame : Hmm. That must have been
the source of her earlier anxiety.
Kotori Itsuka : Shido, it's looking good. (0:12:42.82)
Kotori Itsuka : It's about time you dove in for the kill! (0:12:44.95)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami! (0:12:56.96)
Shidou Itsuka : You all right, Origami? (0:13:06.72)
Origami Tobiichi : Yeah... (0:13:09.10)
Origami Tobiichi : Thanks. (0:13:11.02)
Shidou Itsuka : O-Origami... (0:13:20.44)
Origami Tobiichi : Spirit... (0:13:32.62)
EXTRA : Shoot. Her Spirit power is-- (0:13:36.75)
Kotori Itsuka : Shido! Run away! (0:13:38.38)
Shidou Itsuka : O-Origami? (0:13:41.05)
Shidou Itsuka : That was... (0:13:48.64)
Kotori Itsuka : Inverse type... (0:13:55.60)
Kotori Itsuka : ...Devil... (0:13:57.52)
Tohka Yatogami : What's this I'm sensing? (0:14:02.57)
Yuzuru Yamai : Shiver. My heart is restless. (0:14:04.78)
Kaguya Yamai : Look, that way! (0:14:07.07)
Kotori Itsuka : What are you doing?! It's dangerous! (0:14:17.08)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami is after me! (0:14:19.42)
Shidou Itsuka : The only chance to seal her is while
her Spirit armor is incomplete!
Shidou Itsuka : If I run away, the city will get demolished! (0:14:30.55)
Shidou Itsuka : I won't let Origami... (0:14:34.60)
Shidou Itsuka : something like that ever again! (0:14:36.73)
Kotori Itsuka : Step back, Shido. (0:14:39.77)
Shidou Itsuka : Yggdrafolium?! (0:14:43.52)
Kotori Itsuka : We'll use Fraxinus' main battery to break
her Spirit barrier for three seconds.
Kotori Itsuka : Use that chance to get close and seal-- (0:14:50.70)
Shidou Itsuka : Kotori, run! (0:14:53.41)
Shidou Itsuka : Kotori! (0:14:56.87)
Shidou Itsuka : Why...? Again...? (0:15:06.13)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami! (0:15:09.17)
Shidou Itsuka : Tohka! (0:15:16.52)
Tohka Yatogami : You all right, Shido? (0:15:17.85)
Yuzuru Yamai : We're here, too! (0:15:19.31)
Shidou Itsuka : You guys! (0:15:21.27)
Tohka Yatogami : Shido, who in the world is that? (0:15:29.99)
Tohka Yatogami : I sense dreadful Spirit power. (0:15:32.70)
Shidou Itsuka : That's... Origami. (0:15:34.66)
Tohka Yatogami : The transfer student?! (0:15:36.79)
Shidou Itsuka : It's too dangerous to fight her. (0:15:38.29)
Shidou Itsuka : I should probably tell
you to run away, but...
Shidou Itsuka : Will you help me try to save her?! (0:15:44.38)
Tohka Yatogami : Isn't it obvious? (0:15:48.46)
Tohka Yatogami : Shido is the one who saved me.
Shido made my world possible.
Tohka Yatogami : This time, it's my turn to help you! (0:15:56.14)
Shidou Itsuka : Thank you, everyone. (0:16:00.48)
Shidou Itsuka : Wait for me, Origami! (0:16:02.77)
Origami Tobiichi : Where am I? (0:16:08.65)
Origami Tobiichi : Did I lose consciousness again? (0:16:10.61)
Origami Tobiichi : I thought I was just with Itsuka... (0:16:13.70)
Origami Tobiichi : You're... (0:16:18.62)
Origami Tobiichi : (0:16:21.83)
Origami Tobiichi : What's going on? (0:16:26.71)
Origami Tobiichi : These are... (0:16:34.93)
Origami Tobiichi : (0:16:37.18)
Origami Tobiichi : ...memories? (0:16:39.39)
EXTRA : "Middle School Entrance Ceremony" (0:16:44.56)
Kaguya Yamai : Shido, we'll distract her! (0:16:57.45)
Yuzuru Yamai : Suggestion. Go while you can! (0:16:59.16)
Shidou Itsuka : Keep it up, Kaguya! Yuzuru! (0:17:01.70)
Natsumi Kyouno : Gabriel! (0:17:04.92)
Miku Izayoi : Gabriel! (0:17:04.92)
Miku Izayoi : Rondo! (0:17:07.13)
Natsumi Kyouno : March! (0:17:11.76)
Miku Izayoi : What the heck, Natsumi?!
You're such a copycat!
Natsumi Kyouno : I've always wanted to try that once. (0:17:18.93)
Yoshino Himekawa : Here we go! (0:17:21.52)
Yoshino Himekawa : At this rate, he can't even get close... (0:17:30.86)
Yoshino Himekawa : Shido, you've got to reach her! (0:17:36.24)
Yoshino Himekawa : Zadkiel, Shiryon! (0:17:39.49)
Shidou Itsuka : Yoshino?! (0:17:41.99)
Yoshino Himekawa : Now's your chance! (0:17:53.30)
Tohka Yatogami : Save the transfer student! (0:17:54.72)
Shidou Itsuka : Thanks, everyone! (0:17:56.26)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami! (0:17:58.26)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami! (0:18:06.19)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami! (0:18:07.56)
Shidou Itsuka : Open up... your heart! (0:18:09.02)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami! (0:18:11.94)
Origami Tobiichi : I'm the one who killed my dad and mom. (0:18:14.99)
Origami Tobiichi : That never happened in this world! (0:18:17.86)
Origami Tobiichi : Because Itsuka's brother...
No, because Itsuka himself saved them.
Origami Tobiichi : And what about my memories? (0:18:25.37)
Origami Tobiichi : Can I ever take back
the truth that I killed them?
Origami Tobiichi : That's... (0:18:31.13)
Origami Tobiichi : I am you. You are me. (0:18:38.63)
Origami Tobiichi : Even if the world is remade,
these memories will always remain.
Origami Tobiichi : There's no hope for me now.
So that means you, too...
Origami Tobiichi : Stop... Enough, stop! (0:18:57.61)
Origami Tobiichi : I... I can't... (0:19:00.45)
Origami Tobiichi : Someone... (0:19:05.58)
Origami Tobiichi : Someone! (0:19:07.12)
Origami Tobiichi : Someone help me! (0:19:08.66)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami! (0:19:12.96)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami, can you hear me?! (0:19:16.96)
Origami Tobiichi : Itsuka? (0:19:19.01)
Origami Tobiichi : What? Why is Shido...? (0:19:20.13)
Shidou Itsuka : Don't carry the burden alone! (0:19:22.76)
Shidou Itsuka : I told you five years ago!
You're not alone! I'm here for you!
Shidou Itsuka : All of your sadness and hate--
I'll carry all of it for you!
Shidou Itsuka : If you're lost, lean on me! (0:19:34.52)
Shidou Itsuka : When something happens
and it's too much, rely on me!
Shidou Itsuka : Everything... It's okay
to dump everything on me!
Shidou Itsuka : So... So... (0:19:44.49)
Shidou Itsuka : Don't let despair take over you! (0:19:46.91)
Shidou Itsuka : No matter how many worlds you try to break,
I'll come and do something!
Shidou Itsuka : I'll come and save you, no matter
how much despair you're in!
Origami Tobiichi : Shido... (0:20:00.59)
Origami Tobiichi : I... (0:20:02.05)
Shidou Itsuka : Reach out to me, Origami! (0:20:04.18)
Shidou Itsuka : I need you, too! (0:20:05.93)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami! (0:20:20.49)
Origami Tobiichi : I... (0:20:28.16)
Origami Tobiichi : Thank you, Shido. (0:20:31.08)
Origami Tobiichi : If you weren't here for me, (0:20:33.54)
Origami Tobiichi : I would've done something else
I couldn't take back...
Origami Tobiichi : The fact that I killed my dad
and mom will never go away...
Origami Tobiichi : Nor will my sin of all those
I killed in the original world...
Origami Tobiichi : It'll stay with me forever. (0:20:52.06)
Origami Tobiichi : Even if it's made to never happen at all. (0:20:54.90)
Shidou Itsuka : Origami... (0:21:00.40)
Shidou Itsuka : You're right. That's a burden
you'll always have to bear.
Origami Tobiichi : Shido, I have to apologize to you, too. (0:21:22.21)
Origami Tobiichi : The feelings I've had towards you
were not love or anything like that.
Origami Tobiichi : I was just relying on you. (0:21:32.02)
Origami Tobiichi : When I lost my parents, I had
no choice... but to cling to you.
Shidou Itsuka : I'm honored. (0:21:40.23)
Shidou Itsuka : It's because you relied on me
that I was able to free you like this.
Origami Tobiichi : Shido... (0:21:47.41)
Shidou Itsuka : Oh, yeah, I've got something
of yours to give back.
Shidou Itsuka : I held onto more than
just tears for you, right?
Shidou Itsuka : Origami... (0:21:56.92)
Origami Tobiichi : Shido, I... (0:22:09.68)
Kotori Itsuka : Good grief. We're never
gonna learn our limits.
Origami Tobiichi : Good morning, Shido. (0:22:51.76)
Shidou Itsuka : Morning, Origami. (0:22:53.68)
Origami Tobiichi : Shido, I have something
to wipe your tears with.
Shidou Itsuka : Thanks. (0:22:59.90)
Tohka Yatogami : Wh-What are you doing, Origami?! (0:23:02.98)
Origami Tobiichi : School swimsuit. (0:23:07.49)
Origami Tobiichi : Retains moisture well. (0:23:09.66)
Origami Tobiichi : I got these for you, too. (0:23:14.91)
Shidou Itsuka : When all that happened, didn't you say
you never loved me and stuff?
Origami Tobiichi : Yeah, which is why... (0:23:22.21)
Origami Tobiichi : true love begins now. (0:23:24.04)
Tohka Yatogami : You better stay away from Shido, Origami! (0:23:27.55)
EXTRA : "Episode Twelve:
'Make Shido Itsuka Swoon'"

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Date A Live III

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