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Retto Enjou : Get back here, Kiseichuu! (0:00:18.29)
Retto Enjou : So you are behind the recent
lucky underwear thefts after all!
EXTRA : Pesky human! (0:00:28.29)
EXTRA : Eat this! (0:00:30.16)
Retto Enjou : What is this? (0:00:37.79)
Retto Enjou : Th-They're getting away, Momozono! (0:00:40.75)
Momoka Momozono : Not on my watch! (0:00:43.04)
Momoka Momozono : You're not getting away
with stealing girls' precious panties!
Momoka Momozono : Seductive Strike! (0:00:49.91)
EXTRA : "RESTLESS PEONY" (0:00:51.83)
Momoka Momozono : Restless Peony! (0:00:53.29)
Kirara Hoshino : Enjo and Momoka, is it over? (0:00:58.54)
Momoka Momozono : Finish her off, Pirara! (0:01:10.79)
Momoka Momozono : That bug is already at death's door! (0:01:12.66)
Momoka Momozono : The rest is up to you! (0:01:15.75)
Kirara Hoshino : G-Got it! (0:01:17.37)
Kirara Hoshino : All right! (0:01:21.54)
Kirara Hoshino : Huh? (0:01:28.20)
EXTRA : Caught you off guard, human! (0:01:35.45)
EXTRA : Super HxEROS! (0:03:14.08)
EXTRA : Episode 3: Butterfly Effect! (0:03:16.12)
Maihime Shirayuki : Don't be so down on yourself, Hoshino. (0:03:29.00)
Maihime Shirayuki : You're still learning the ropes. (0:03:32.12)
Sora Tenkuuji : But isn't that the third time? (0:03:36.87)
Sora Tenkuuji : What happened to the power
she displayed the other day?
Momoka Momozono : What a pain in the ass! (0:03:45.41)
Momoka Momozono : Hey, Pirara! (0:03:50.79)
Momoka Momozono : Are you accumulating H-energy every day? (0:03:52.45)
Kirara Hoshino : Wh-What? (0:03:55.87)
Momoka Momozono : Are you telling me
nothing's happened with Retto since then?
Kirara Hoshino : Wh-What are you talking about?
Of course not!
Momoka Momozono : You're hopeless! (0:04:05.45)
Momoka Momozono : Now that you're a HERO, you've gotta
focus on the ERO part every day!
Momoka Momozono : All right, fine. (0:04:15.95)
Momoka Momozono : I'll teach you a secret way that even you
can use to easily build up H-energy.
Momoka Momozono : Porn. (0:04:22.37)
Kirara Hoshino : I-I'm not a boy, and I wouldn't
be caught dead watching that stuff!
Kirara Hoshino : In fact, I can't imagine any girl
who would be shameless enough to view it!
Momoka Momozono : Who said that? (0:04:33.12)
Momoka Momozono : Was it these boobs? Did these boobs
dare call someone shameless?
Maihime Shirayuki : H-Hey, Momoka! (0:04:38.25)
Maihime Shirayuki : I'm sorry, Hoshino! (0:04:40.79)
Maihime Shirayuki : Momoka has no patience for people
who have bigger breasts than her own!
Momoka Momozono : What was that, Maihime? (0:04:46.37)
Momoka Momozono : Maybe to Pirara,
what we do here seems ridiculous.
Momoka Momozono : But we all have convictions,
and each one of us is a HERO!
Momoka Momozono : How dare you call that shameless? (0:04:57.54)
Sora Tenkuuji : Sorry about that. (0:05:09.33)
Maihime Shirayuki : D-Don't let any of this get to you, Hoshino. (0:05:10.91)
Momoka Momozono : What's with her? (0:05:17.95)
Momoka Momozono : Having those boobs, but no erotic
interest is like a waste of resources.
Momoka Momozono : Sonoka Momozono... Sis... (0:05:31.20)
Momoka Momozono : I'm the one who got perfect 100's on tests
and top grades in all my classes.
Momoka Momozono : I'm the one who broke records
in track and field,
Momoka Momozono : and then snagged a special track-and-field
recommendation for university.
Momoka Momozono : But in the end, all the boys that I liked
fell in love with my big sister.
Momoka Momozono : Maybe Pirara irritates me
because she reminds me of Sis.
Th-This is...
Momoka Momozono : I see. (0:06:06.79)
Momoka Momozono : You go like this. (0:06:08.04)
Momoka Momozono : Wait! Are you mocking me? (0:06:10.75)
EXTRA : Up next, a special report
on a secret beauty regimen!
Is a soy-milk bath really effective?
EXTRA : By direct application of isoflavones,
which have a similar effect to estrogen,
EXTRA : your mammary glands will be stimulated,
effecting successful breast enhancement.
Momoka Momozono : That's it! (0:06:31.45)
EXTRA : See you later! (0:06:34.41)
Momoka Momozono : This is the perfect day
for bosom building!
Momoka Momozono : I'll get started right away. (0:06:47.83)
Momoka Momozono : It's cold! (0:06:52.87)
Momoka Momozono : Still, this is kind of fun. (0:06:58.12)
Momoka Momozono : Then what?
Massage them in a circular fashion.
Retto Enjou : I'm back. (0:07:12.83)
Retto Enjou : Looks like I'm the first one home today. (0:07:17.12)
Retto Enjou : Guess I'll take a bath. (0:07:20.83)
Retto Enjou : Momozono? (0:07:32.25)
Retto Enjou : It smells like soy milk! (0:07:33.08)
Momoka Momozono : Oh, Retto. (0:07:35.87)
Momoka Momozono : I just took a really long bath. (0:07:38.41)
Momoka Momozono : Huh? (0:07:44.66)
Retto Enjou : H-Hey! (0:07:47.95)
Retto Enjou : Are you okay? (0:07:49.04)
Momoka Momozono : No good. I'm so dizzy
that I don't have any strength.
Momoka Momozono : Help me, Retto.
Could you lift me out of here?
Retto Enjou : Sheesh. (0:08:02.00)
Momoka Momozono : Thanks. (0:08:03.33)
Momoka Momozono : This is it... (0:08:08.54)
Momoka Momozono : What I read before, about having
your boyfriend massage you...
Momoka Momozono : This must be what it feels like. (0:08:13.91)
Retto Enjou : Here we go. One, two... (0:08:16.54)
Momoka Momozono : No! (0:08:20.25)
Momoka Momozono : My head is so fuzzy
that I keep thinking weird thoughts!
Retto Enjou : M-Momozono! (0:08:31.50)
Momoka Momozono : Hey, Retto... (0:08:35.54)
Momoka Momozono : you like girls with big boobs? (0:08:37.79)
Momoka Momozono : I-It's not what you think, Retto! (0:08:43.95)
Momoka Momozono : I was just drinking soy milk in the bath
when I got dizzy and spilled it!
Momoka Momozono : It's not like I was influenced
by a TV show about increasing breast size
Momoka Momozono : through soy-milk bath massage
and have a complex about my tiny boobs!
Retto Enjou : I see. So that's what this was about. (0:09:02.12)
Momoka Momozono : --Look, Momozono.
Retto Enjou : --Look, Momozono.
Retto Enjou : You're free to use the bath
in any way that you see fit.
Retto Enjou : But don't worry.
I won't tell anyone about this.
Retto Enjou : Also, I don't think it's a bad idea
to drink soy milk in the tub.
Momoka Momozono : I appreciate you
covering for me, Retto...
Momoka Momozono : But that's totally registering a reaction. (0:09:28.04)
Retto Enjou : Huh? Maybe it's glitching? (0:09:31.70)
Retto Enjou : Anyway, I'll bring you some water,
so just sit there!
Momoka Momozono : That's right. Erotic potential
isn't decided by boobs alone.
Jou Anno : You're Momozono, correct? (0:09:50.33)
Jou Anno : I'm Jou Anno
with the Earth Defense Force.
Jou Anno : I'm here to recruit you. (0:09:57.58)
Momoka Momozono : I think you're mistaking me
for my sister.
Momoka Momozono : I'm just ordinary Momoka.
My sister Sonoka is the gifted one.
Jou Anno : No, I came to see you, Momoka Momozono. (0:10:07.20)
Jou Anno : You may not realize it, (0:10:14.58)
Jou Anno : but you're the one who is capable
of being a HERO, not your sister.
Jou Anno : I require your strength. (0:10:21.91)
Momoka Momozono : When I was chosen to be a HERO,
I thought that for the first time...
Momoka Momozono : I'd found something
I could beat my sister at.
Kirara Hoshino : I'm home! (0:10:36.79)
Kirara Hoshino : Huh? I smell soy milk. (0:10:40.87)
Momoka Momozono : Kirara Hoshino! (0:10:44.66)
Momoka Momozono : I admit that I lack your curves... (0:10:49.41)
Momoka Momozono : ...but I'm a HERO! (0:10:53.16)
Momoka Momozono : And as far as erotic appeal is concerned,
I can lick you any day of the week!
Momoka Momozono : That's all! (0:10:59.70)
Kirara Hoshino : O-Okay. (0:11:01.75)
Momoka Momozono : Incidentally, I haven't given up
on developing my body, either!
Kirara Hoshino : Okay. (0:11:11.87)
EXTRA : Yesterday, this program reported on using a
soy-milk bath as a technique to increase breast size,
EXTRA : but that has proven to be a false rumor. (0:11:18.62)
EXTRA : We deeply apologize
for the error in our reporting.
Momoka Momozono : What's that?! (0:11:25.25)
EXTRA : I'm Panchuu.
What color are your lucky panties?
EXTRA : "GIRLS' LOCKER ROOM" (0:11:56.70)
EXTRA : Huh? (0:11:59.33)
Kirara Hoshino : What's wrong, Yuna? (0:12:00.66)
EXTRA : What the... My panties are gone! (0:12:02.45)
EXTRA : Are you serious? (0:12:06.41)
EXTRA : What should I do? (0:12:08.04)
EXTRA : I wore those especially
because I have a date today!
Kirara Hoshino : Hold it! (0:12:17.00)
EXTRA : What? Kirara? (0:12:18.00)
EXTRA : What's the matter? (0:12:21.29)
EXTRA : What is that? (0:12:22.45)
EXTRA : Panchuu! (0:12:24.25)
Kirara Hoshino : Out of the way! (0:12:26.41)
Kirara Hoshino : Oh man! What am I doing? (0:12:32.08)
Kirara Hoshino : Huh? (0:12:39.58)
EXTRA : Caught you off guard, human! (0:12:46.83)
Kirara Hoshino : I don't have what it takes
to be a HERO after all.
Retto Enjou : Sorry, Hoshino. I'm late! (0:12:54.08)
Kirara Hoshino : Enjo? How did you know? (0:12:56.33)
Retto Enjou : News travels fast when a girl
runs through the halls in a swimsuit!
Retto Enjou : I never thought you would
accumulate H-energy that way!
Kirara Hoshino : I'm not! (0:13:07.20)
Retto Enjou : But I'm glad! (0:13:08.50)
Retto Enjou : I thought maybe you were still kicking
yourself for what happened last time!
Retto Enjou : It's fine, though. Leave the rest to me! (0:13:13.83)
Kirara Hoshino : What's with him?
Always appearing at just the right moment!
Kirara Hoshino : It's not like he's cool or anything! (0:13:26.16)
Retto Enjou : There. I got them back. (0:13:40.45)
Retto Enjou : They're yours, right? (0:13:42.54)
Kirara Hoshino : N-No! I don't wear
flashy panties like that!
Classmate B : What was that flash of light? (0:13:47.79)
Yuuna Asana : What are you doing, Enjo? (0:13:49.75)
Retto Enjou : Wait, I think you've got
the wrong idea here!
Classmate B : How could we possibly get the wrong idea? (0:13:56.45)
Kirara Hoshino : It is, though. (0:14:00.45)
Kirara Hoshino : Enjo and I tried to apprehend the thief,
but after a struggle,
Kirara Hoshino : they escaped out the window. (0:14:06.95)
Kirara Hoshino : But at least we got back what was stolen,
so don't worry.
Kirara Hoshino : Now we're even. (0:14:14.75)
Retto Enjou : O-Okay. (0:14:17.00)
Classmate B : Well, since you vouch for him... (0:14:17.91)
Classmate A : True, I can't imagine
Hoshino covering for a boy.
Kirara Hoshino : Here. (0:14:23.75)
Yuuna Asana : Thank you, Kirara! (0:14:26.16)
Yuuna Asana : Now I'll make it in time
to my after-school date!
Kirara Hoshino : Okay, okay. Just spare me
the details of your love life.
Kirara Hoshino : Although I do actually want
your advice, Yuna.
Classmate B : Still, I can't believe Kirara wanted advice
on getting her own lucky panties!
Kirara Hoshino : All right, already! (0:14:52.25)
Kirara Hoshino : You laughed
from school to all the way here!
Yuuna Asana : We're not laughing at you, we're happy! (0:14:56.83)
Yuuna Asana : You've finally expressed interest
in this kind of thing.
Kirara Hoshino : It's not what you're thinking. (0:15:02.95)
Yuuna Asana : Okay, here. I chose these for you. (0:15:07.41)
Kirara Hoshino : Thank you. (0:15:10.00)
Yuuna Asana : So, does he go to another school? (0:15:12.70)
Classmate B : The boys in our class are all so immature. (0:15:16.12)
Kirara Hoshino : I-I said it's not like that! (0:15:19.41)
Classmate B : Then a college student? (0:15:21.66)
Classmate B : He's not an adult, is he? (0:15:24.62)
Kirara Hoshino : Of course not! (0:15:27.12)
Classmate B : Well, I'll leave it there for now. (0:15:29.00)
Kirara Hoshino : Y-You really think these are the ones? (0:15:31.58)
Yuuna Asana : They're lucky panties,
so they're supposed to be risqué!
Classmate B : It's fine! You'll only show them
to the guy you like, anyway.
Kirara Hoshino : I-I'm not going to show them
to "the guy I like"!
Yuuna Asana : That's even weirder then, Kirara. (0:15:47.75)
Kirara Hoshino : Come to think of it,
didn't you have a date after school, Yuna?
Yuuna Asana : Yeah, but it's okay.
We're going to meet around here.
Classmate B : I'm dying with curiosity
about who Yuna has a date with!
Kirara Hoshino : True... (0:16:10.41)
Yuuna Asana : Senpai! (0:16:12.45)
Yuuna's Senpai : Hey there, Yuna! (0:16:18.33)
Yuuna Asana : Come on! Let's get going! (0:16:20.58)
Yuuna's Senpai : --You're as adorable as ever, Yuna.
--Not as much as you, Senpai!
Yuuna Asana : --You're as adorable as ever, Yuna.
--Not as much as you, Senpai!
Classmate B : I-I guess that is like Yuna. (0:16:28.12)
Kirara Hoshino : Yeah. (0:16:31.33)
Retto Enjou : Back again, Runba? (0:16:51.54)
Kirara Hoshino : Please don't tell anyone
what I'm going to do.
Kirara Hoshino : F-For now, lie down. (0:17:09.66)
Kirara Hoshino : Okay? (0:17:12.25)
Retto Enjou : Sure. (0:17:14.95)
Kirara Hoshino : Just to be clear,
don't get any weird ideas.
Kirara Hoshino : This isn't for the sake of your H-energy,
but for mine.
Retto Enjou : Still, you're wearing... (0:17:29.50)
Kirara Hoshino : Even so, don't face this way. (0:17:33.37)
Retto Enjou : G-Got it. (0:17:36.04)
Retto Enjou : This reminds me. I believe Hoshino and I
have slept like this before.
Kirara Hoshino : Come to think of it,
a long time ago, Enjo and I...
Retto Enjou : Oh, that's not good. Falling asleep
in the middle of doing homework...
Retto Enjou : Hoshino is the one who invited me over,
but she's sleeping, too.
Retto Enjou : She always teases me, so I'll
get her back by writing on her face!
Kirara Hoshino : That's hilarious! (0:18:33.66)
Kirara Hoshino : What?
It's like you were frozen stiff, Ret!
Kirara Hoshino : What were you going to do? (0:18:39.00)
Retto Enjou : Y-You looked so funny sleeping there
that I was just gonna write on your face!
Kirara Hoshino : Go ahead. You can do it. (0:18:49.29)
Kirara Hoshino : Here. Go right ahead. (0:18:54.29)
EXTRA : "PERSON" (0:19:04.62)
Retto Enjou : Okay, that'll do it! (0:19:06.91)
Retto Enjou : Now good night! (0:19:09.62)
Kirara Hoshino : Wuss. (0:19:12.75)
Kirara Hoshino : To think this situation
dredged up that old memory!
Kirara Hoshino : It was nothing back then, but we're
not elementary school students anymore.
Kirara Hoshino : E-Enjo? (0:19:29.54)
Kirara Hoshino : I-I know I just said not to face this way. (0:19:31.95)
Kirara Hoshino : I didn't specify not to touch me... (0:19:34.70)
Kirara Hoshino : ...but I didn't think Enjo would do this! (0:19:37.70)
Kirara Hoshino : I know it's to build up H-energy, (0:19:42.62)
Kirara Hoshino : but if I can't keep from crying out,
the other girls will hear!
Kirara Hoshino : This has gone too far! (0:19:52.29)
Kirara Hoshino : Keep your hands to yourself! (0:19:54.62)
Sora Tenkuuji : I'm stuffed. (0:19:59.25)
Retto Enjou : You again, Tenkuji? (0:20:03.29)
Sora Tenkuuji : Huh? What are you two doing in my room? (0:20:08.45)
Retto Enjou : Your room is over there! (0:20:12.79)
Kirara Hoshino : My question is,
how long have you been here?
Sora Tenkuuji : I went to the bathroom
and came right back to bed.
Kirara Hoshino : Then she was here from the start? (0:20:22.75)
Sora Tenkuuji : What were you two doing? (0:20:24.75)
Kirara Hoshino : I also mistakenly took this for my room. (0:20:28.04)
Retto Enjou : Oh, you've gotta be more careful! (0:20:30.50)
Kirara Hoshino : Well, excuse me. (0:20:34.00)
Retto Enjou : Go on, Tenkuji.
Get back to your own room, too.
Kirara Hoshino : After steeling myself for that, it was
over without accomplishing anything.
Kirara Hoshino : In the first place, what was another girl
doing there ahead of me?
Kirara Hoshino : Enjo, you... (0:21:00.33)
Kirara Hoshino : Enjo, you idiot! (0:21:01.75)
Kirara Hoshino : The H-energy I built up, (0:21:24.66)
Kirara Hoshino : and the panties I just bought,
wasted in one shot!
Kirara Hoshino : After doing my best
to work up the courage.
Jou Anno : You punched right through
two reinforced ceilings!
Jou Anno : You're truly talented! (0:21:45.87)
Kirara Hoshino : It doesn't make me happy to hear that! (0:21:49.00)
Momoka Momozono : Looks like you were able
to accumulate H-energy, huh?
Kirara Hoshino : Yes. (0:21:57.70)
Maihime Shirayuki : Good for you. (0:21:58.83)
Momoka Momozono : Those videos came in handy, didn't they? (0:22:00.58)
Kirara Hoshino : N-No, it wasn't that. (0:22:02.79)
Momoka Momozono : What's that? Then what did you do? (0:22:05.33)
Kirara Hoshino : I-It's a secret! (0:22:09.83)
Momoka Momozono : Why? Tell me! (0:22:11.20)
Momoka Momozono : Spill it! (0:22:13.37)

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